Charismatic Charlie Wade

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Chapter 2566
“This, I’m not good.” Dan said truthfully: “The other party’s fate is too strong, I can’t see through.”

With a somewhat unconvincing attitude, Chengfeng asked, “Is this man better than me?!”

Dan nodded and solemnly said: “This kind of fate is the most powerful. It is described as strong and invincible in two words. It is absolutely impossible for anyone to beat him in fate!

While Chengfeng was horrified, he couldn’t help but mutter in his heart: “I have always suspected that Zhiyu and Liona are likely to be still alive, and it is very likely that they were saved by the mysterious expert in Japan. Now, what is the old man saying? The dragon came into the world, could it be that he was talking about?!”

Thinking of this, Chengfeng felt a panic in his heart. If all this was as he had guessed, then this mysterious expert would definitely become himself, and even the enemy of the Su family!

In a panic, he suddenly thought of Regnar, and hurriedly asked the butler Anson: “Where is Regnar Wu? Is he here?!”

Anson hurriedly said, “Master, Regnar has come. I have arranged for him to rest in the living room and wait for your instructions.”

Chengfeng blurted out, “Quick! Call Regnar over!”

Anson hurriedly said, “OK Lord, I will!”

After Anson left, Chengfeng said to Dan: “Uncle Mai, this Regnar is the patriarch of a large family in Suzhou. Some time ago, something very strange happened to their family…”

With that, Chengfeng explained Wu Qi’s glorious deeds to Dan.

After hearing this, Dan looked terrified and blurted out, “Is there really such a thing?!”

“Yeah!” Chengfeng said, “I didn’t fcuking believe it at first, but after watching the video, I believed it. It’s so fcuking disgusting!”

Dan frowned and analyzed: “According to common sense, even if a person undergoes some changes and is psychologically devastated, his seizures should be random. It is impossible to have such a strict uniform frequency… ….”

“Yeah!” Chengfeng said, “That’s why I suspect that 80% of the people behind this are ghosts! But Regnar hasn’t found out by himself, so I want Uncle Mai to show him and see if you can find any clues. , Can these clues be merged and unified.”

Dan nodded lightly and said, “I will try it!”

At this time, Anson walked in with Regnar.

Chengfeng immediately greeted Regnar and said, “Mr. Wu, this is the famous Feng Shui master in the United States, Dan Mai!”

Regnar respectfully said, “Hello, Master Mai!”

Dan nodded slightly at him, and then went straight to the topic: “Mr. Wu, has your son’s situation improved?”

Regnar shook his head and sighed: “There is no improvement, it’s still the same as before.”

Dan said, “In this way, you can bring him here and let the old man take a look.”

Regnar was overjoyed and hurriedly said, “Master Mai, wait for a while, and I will inform the family and ask them to send the boy here!”

Zynn hurriedly pulled him aside and said, “Mr. Wu, remember to tell your family to let him eat before letting your son go out. Don’t let him have an attack in front of Mr. Dan!”

Regnar said embarrassingly, “OK President Su, don’t worry!”

Having said that, he hurried to the side, took out his mobile phone, and called the housekeeper.

Ten minutes later, a helicopter slowly landed in the courtyard of the lakeside villa. Wu Qi, who had just finished eating, was helped by his brother Roger and walked off the helicopter.

Anson handed Wu Qi a mask and a bottle of mouth wash, and instructed: “Chew this bottle of mouthwash, don’t leave anyone, then put on the mask and go in!”

Knowing that the other party disliked him, Wu Qi was depressed and did not dare to delay any time. He hurriedly opened the bottle and poured the whole bottle into his mouth.

After gurgling hard for a long time, until the cheeks hurt, Anson greeted: “Hurry up and put on the mask and follow me in!”

Wu Qi could only put on a mask obediently and walked into the villa with his brother Roger…
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Chapter 2567
Since the incident, Wu Qi has not been out of the house or seen outsiders for a long time.

Originally, he had always been very reluctant to go out, wishing not to step out of the house for the rest of his life, but when he heard that there are experts today who might be able to heal his unspeakable concealment, hope suddenly rekindled in his heart.

After entering the villa, Anson took the two brothers to the living room by the way.

Regnar hurriedly introduced to everyone: “Master Su, Master Mai, this is my youngest son Wu Qi, next to my elder son Roger Wu!”

Both the Chengfeng and his son looked at Wu Qi with interest.

Because Wu Qi is indeed as famous as his name, he is a strange person, because he was popular on the short video platform at the beginning, and his popularity is no less than that of any star.

Wu Qi was stared at by the Chengfeng and his son, feeling uncomfortable all over his body and lowered his head unconsciously.

Regnar hurriedly said to Dan Mai at this time: “Master Mai, please show my little son to see what is going on with him.”

Dan walked in front of Wu Qi, stretched out his hand on his forehead and the back of his head, carefully touched for a moment, then grabbed the coins, muttered something in his mouth, whispered a few words, and then The copper coins were dropped on the ground, staring at the location of each coin intently.

After a while, he spoke: “Mr. Wu, this boy’s problem should not be his own.”

Chengfeng on the side hurriedly asked: “The problem is not with himself, that is to say, is it coming from others?”

“Yes.” Dan nodded and said seriously: “I suspect that boy should have been hypnotized or suggested subconsciously.”

Regnar was not surprised at this conclusion, because he knew that the reason why his son became like this was because of Charlie.

Even the Eight Great Heavenly Kings are not Charlie’s opponents at all, let alone his own little son who has no power to restrain the chicken.

So he hurriedly asked, “Master Mai, since you can see the root of my child’s problem, I wonder if there is a way to cure him?”

Dan thought for a while and said, “It just so happens that I have some research on hypnotic suggestion. I can give the boy a try, but I can’t give you a package if he can be cured or not.”

Regnar hurriedly said, “This is natural! As long as you are willing to try, I will be grateful for it!”

After speaking, he saw Wu Qi standing there without saying a word, and hurriedly scolded, “Hurry up, thank you, Master Mai!”

Wu Qi hurriedly bowed again and again, and said nervously, “Thank you…Thank you, Master Mai…”

Dan nodded slightly, took a red string from his pocket, took another ancient coin, and threaded it with the red string.

Immediately afterwards, he merged the inner strength in his body into his fingertips and slammed Wu Qi’s forehead.

This force was relatively strong, so Wu Qi suddenly felt a little dizzy.

Afterwards, Dan placed the tied ancient coin in front of Wu Qi, swaying slowly, and said, “Looking at this coin, from now on, what do I ask and what do you answer, absolutely Can’t lie to me, do you know?”

Wu Qi nodded repeatedly: “I see…”

Dan asked him again: “Then tell me now, what kind of hypnosis and hints did the other party give you?”

Wu Qi vaguely said, “He…he told me every hour…must…must…must eat once… ..”

Before the last word came out, Dan immediately said, “Okay, you don’t need to say the last word!”

After speaking, he said again: “Wu Qi, from now on, no matter what others have asked you to do, what kind of hints they have given you, you have to completely forget it, do you understand?”

Wu Qi nodded ignorantly and stammered: “I…I understand…”
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Chapter 2568
Dan gave a hum, and asked in a deep voice, “Then do you still remember what hint the other party gave you?”

Wu Qi nodded blankly and said, “Remember, he asked me every hour…”

Dan hurriedly blurted out: “Stop talking! You will pay close attention to the copper coins in my hand. From now on, forget all the orders others gave you. Do you understand?!”

Wu Qi continued to nod: “I understand…”

Dan wiped his sweat, and asked with some uncertainty, “Then do you still remember any hints that the other party gave you?”

Wu Qi said without hesitation: “Remember, he let me…”

Dan’s expression was very ugly, and he scolded loudly, “You…you…you…hurry up!”

Wu Qi was taken aback, and immediately awoke from the hypnotic state, and immediately closed his mouth.

Regnar asked nervously in the clouds and mist he was watching, “Master Mai, what is going on?!”

Dan shook his head, and said with horror, “The man who gave your son hypnotic hints seems to be far more capable than me…The hypnotic hints he gave, I can’t erase it at all, and I can’t even shake it. …”

“What?!” Regnar was speechless in shock.

He couldn’t believe that a ninety-year-old master of Feng Shui and Metaphysics would have nothing to do with Charlie’s tricks!

What’s even harder to believe is that Dan would take the initiative to admit that Charlie’s ability is far greater than him!

Chengfeng on the side was even more shocked. He blurted out, “Uncle Mai, what did you mean? Looking at the whole country, there is absolutely no possibility that any metaphysical master can be compared to you!”

Dan’s face is somewhat unbearable. Just now, he was envied and hated by the divine dragon in the hexagram. He did not expect that there is another mysterious master who is better than himself in professional skills. It made him feel more shocked.

So he said angrily: “This… can only be said that there is a sky outside the sky, and there are people outside the world…”

Chengfeng was shocked!

Originally, he inferred that in Aurous Hill, there must be a very powerful master against him.

Now Dan also said that what made Wu Qi look like a ghost was a person who was stronger than him in Feng Shui metaphysics, and Wu Qi happened to be in Aurous Hill again, which means that Feng Shui metaphysics master is also in Aurous Hill? !

If the two are the same person, wouldn’t it be more difficult for him? !

So he hurriedly asked Regnar: “Mr. Wu, who did your son offend when he was in Aurous Hill?!”

“This…” Although Regnar knew that Charlie was the one who had offended his son at the beginning, now he dare not say 10,000.

After much deliberation, he could only hesitate to explain: “Mr. Su, to tell you, my son looks harmless to humans and animals, but it’s not a good thing!”

“Fcuking, I sent him to school. He was fine. After he went to school, the good ones didn’t learn bad ones. He just wanted to do some PUA on the female classmates, so that several girls suffered a lot of harm because of him. …..”

“So I have always suspected that he ended up like this because he offended a certain big person, or made a big person displeased.”

Chengfeng hurriedly asked, “Could that master hide in the university in Aurous Hill?”

Regnar said awkwardly, “This…I don’t know…”

Dan paced back and forth on the spot, muttering in a low voice, “Aurous Hill…Aurous Hill…I really can’t figure out how could Aurous Hill’s three-square-meter land have such strength. A strong person? Is this place outstanding, or is there any treasure…”

The great-grandson Mike of Dan, who has never spoken much, said at this moment: “Grandpa, don’t you always hope that you will have another breakthrough in your lifetime? I think this is definitely a great opportunity!”
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Chapter 2569
Mike’s words, let Dan’s whole person cheer!

He has studied Yijing Bagua and Fengshui Metaphysics all his life, and it seems that he has reached the pinnacle. In fact, he has just passed the entry-level in Feng Shui Metaphysics.

True metaphysics is far more than feng shui and gossip, but a large school of wisdom and inheritance of Chinese ancestors.

Among them, many advanced metaphysics have been lost, and almost no one knows.

In this life, Dan has been quite accomplished in Feng Shui, but he has been crushed by several other masters. Among them, Lai Qinghua, who is ten years older than him, is the most cruel.

Lai Qinghua can be regarded as the most accomplished in the field of Feng Shui metaphysics among all Chinese Americans.

There are still two high-level masters, but they are no longer alive.

Dan has been hoping that after Lai Qinghua enters the soil, he will become a leader in Feng Shui metaphysics.

However, seeing that he was in his nineties, Lai Qinghua, who was over a hundred years old, was not dead yet.

A few years ago, Qinghua left the United States and returned to China for three years.

And those three years were the three years in which Dan had the strongest sense of accomplishment.

Because no one could find Lai Qinghua, he temporarily became the strongest in the field of geomancy and metaphysics in the United States.

He once felt that the reason why Lai Qinghua wanted to leave the United States and return to China was probably that he had reached the end of his life, so he wanted to return to his roots, return to China to spend the last time in his life, and would not live back to the United States.

What he did not expect was that Lai Qinghua returned to the United States some time ago.

What made him even more unexpected and unacceptable was that Lai Qinghua was in excellent condition. Although he was over a hundred years old, he looked better than him.

For a time, Lai Qinghua, who was nearly twenty years old, became the focus of discussions in the entire American Chinese circle. Countless people regarded Lai Qinghua as an old god. For a time, legends about him spread throughout the Chinese community.

During that time, Dan was extremely depressed.

Although depressed, he was also very curious and yearning for Lai Qinghua’s changes, so he made a special trip to visit him very humbly.

During the visit, he tentatively asked why he became young. Lai Qinghua only said to him in eight words: “There is a sky outside the sky, and there are people outside the world.”

Dan also understood the meaning of his words. He knew that Lai Qinghua was telling himself that he met an expert in China, so he also encountered great luck.

Although Dan didn’t know what kind of destiny Lai Qinghua encountered, he speculated that Lai Qinghua could suddenly be twenty years younger when he was about to die, and he might have mastered a higher level of metaphysics.

In addition to the feng shui mystery, metaphysics also has the Fu seal formation. The nine-character mantra spoken by the ancestors: Lin, Bing, Fight, Zhe, Ji, formation, column, forward, and line are the core of the Fu seal formation.

However, these are not the true top techniques of metaphysics.

Because, in the field of metaphysics today, there has always been an unproven legend, that is aura!

In ancient literature records, Reiki is often mentioned, as well as the chain repair method based on Reiki.

There are even relevant records in many folklore and famous stories.

It is said that aura is the highest among all powers, and if you master aura, you can master everything.

However, since modern times, the metaphysical circle has not found any cultivation method that can harness spiritual energy.

Countless people in the metaphysical circle searched desperately, but did not find any practical clues.

Although Dan was also full of longing, but he was also very clear in his heart that he certainly did not have such good luck.

However, the words of great-grandson Mike reminded him.
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Chapter 2570
Aurous Hill, maybe it’s his own opportunity!

Thinking of this, he immediately said to Chengfeng: “Chengfeng, your second son, eldest daughter-in-law, and eldest granddaughter all disappeared in Aurous Hill, and Mr. Wu’s son was hypnotized by masters in Aurous Hill. In my opinion, this Aurous Hill must have a Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger, if this is the case, I will personally go to Aurous Hill to see if I can find a clue!”

Chengfeng suddenly became excited when he heard this.

What he worries about most now is that he doesn’t know the situation in Aurous Hill at all.

Since Dan was willing to go, he certainly couldn’t ask for it.

So, he said excitedly: “Uncle Mai, you are willing to go to Aurous Hill, it would be better there. If I need to prepare in advance, please speak!”

Dan waved his hand: “You don’t have to prepare anything specifically for us. The more you prepare, the more likely it is that someone will discover the connection between us.”

Chengfeng hurriedly said, “Uncle Mai, then I will help you arrange food, clothing, housing and transportation to Aurous Hill in advance.”

“You don’t have to.” Dan refused: “You don’t need to prepare anything. Tomorrow morning, Mike and I will take a train to Aurous Hill together. When we get there, we will find a hotel again.”

Seeing Dan’s resolute attitude, Chengfeng no longer insisted, and said, “Then everything will be Uncle Mai’s!”


An hour later, a Gulfstream G650 private jet landed at Aurous Hill Airport.

Ito Nanako was so excited, her heart was already surging when she thought that she had finally come to the city where Charlie lived.

After passing the customs inspection, the group came to the exit of the corporate jet building. A convoy of luxury cars has been waiting here for a long time.

Warnia saw Ito Nanako pushing Ito Takehiko out of the wheelchair, and immediately smiled and waved at her: “Nanako!”

When Ito Nanako saw her, she was naturally very happy, and quickly responded, “Sister Warnia, why are you here to pick us up yourself!”

Warnia smiled and said, “You and uncle came all the way. As the host, I didn’t come to meet you personally. Wouldn’t it be a bad etiquette?”

With that, she hurriedly bowed slightly to Ito Takehiko, and said politely, “Uncle Ito, welcome to Aurous Hill!”

Takehiko folded his hands together, squinted slightly, and said with a smile: “Thank you, Miss Song, you made a special trip to pick us up.”

Warnia hurriedly said, “Uncle Ito, you are welcome! This time, you have to stay in Aurous Hill for a few more days. Then I will accompany you and Nanako around!”

While talking, Warnia said again: “Nanako, Uncle Ito, the team is ready, let’s go to my house to take a rest, the rooms are ready, I specially prepared a dinner party for you to start with!”

Ito Yuihiko hurriedly said, “Miss Song, I have already booked a hotel. Emi, Tanaka, and I are staying in the hotel together, so I won’t come to bother you!”

Warnia hurriedly said, “Uncle Ito, you have arrived in Aurous Hill. As the host, how can I let you stay in a hotel! The rooms at home are ready, and there are enough rooms, so you can live in peace!”

Ito Yuihiko smiled and said, “Miss Song, we are not the last resort. We don’t want to cause trouble to anyone. Nanako is a good friend to you. She lives in your house. I naturally don’t have any opinions. People don’t come to disturb your house, otherwise, if a dozen people disturb your home, I really feel sorry for it.”

Although the Japanese are very polite and polite on the surface, they are actually a little cold in their bones. This indifference is actually not a weak human trait, but they don’t like to cause trouble to others. If they can do things by themselves, try their best to do it themselves. , Not to trouble others as a last resort, this is basically the norm in Japanese social life.

Therefore, Ito Yuhiko prefers to stay in a hotel, being free, without restraining himself, and without causing trouble to others.

Warnia wanted to persuade him again, and Nanako Ito hurriedly said, “Sister Warnia, you don’t have to persuade my dad. He has a stubborn temper. You can’t convince him.”

Seeing this, Warnia stopped insisting.

At this moment, Emi Ito stepped forward, took the wheelchair from Ito Nanako, and said to her, “Nanako, give me the handle. You can talk to Miss Song.”

Nanako Ito nodded repeatedly and smiled, “Then please, Aunt-sama!”

After finishing speaking, she hurriedly took Warnia’s arm and ran far away, throwing everyone away 20 or 30 meters. Then she asked with excitement, “Has Sister Warnia seen Charlie recently? How is he?”
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Chapter 2571
“Charlie?” Warnia heard Nanako’s question, and then saw her big eyes full of expectation, she couldn’t help feeling a little bit: “It seems that this little girl’s feelings for Charlie are really deep in her bones, but she is Living in Japan most of the time, I really don’t know what she should do in the future.”

Immediately afterwards, she thought of herself again, and could not help but secretly laughed at herself: “I patronized her with emotion, so why am I not the same? Although Charlie and I live in the same city, he has married after all. I usually think It is not so easy to meet him.”

Thinking of this, she really sighed and said to Nanako: “I haven’t really seen Charlie these days. The last time I saw him was the time I went to Aoxue’s house for dinner.”

Nanako nodded in disappointment, and sighed: “Well, I don’t know if I will have the opportunity to see him more this time…”

Warnia asked in surprise, “Did you not tell him this time?”

Nanako shook her head: “I haven’t told him yet.”

Warnia hurriedly said, “Why don’t you tell him in advance? Would you like me to call him now and invite him to dinner at home in the evening?”

Nanako said with some embarrassment, “I…I actually want to give Charlie a surprise…”

After that, she looked at Warnia and asked expectantly, “Sister Warnia, can I trouble you with something?”

Warnia smiled slightly and asked her, “Do you want me to call Charlie and invite him to eat at home without telling him that you have arrived in Aurous Hill.”

“Yes!” Nanako said with excitement, “Sister Warnia, can you help me?”

In fact, Warnia herself, like Nanako, has been enamored of Charlie for a long time.

So, in the final analysis, the two people are actually rivals in love.

It’s just that Nanako was a few years younger than Warnia, and she was pretty and cute. Now she is looking forward to Warnia and her eyes are shining, which makes Warnia feel affectionate.

Seeing her in love, this little cute girl, Warnia really couldn’t bear to refuse, so she said helplessly, “Well, since you want to surprise him so much, then I will trick him into coming home.”

“Great!” Nanako was so excited, she said with excitement, “Thank you Sister Warnia! Thank you so much!”

Warnia shook her head helplessly, she had to admit that this little Japanese girl was so coquettish that she could not resist herself as a woman.

So, she had to take out her phone and called Charlie.

At this time, Charlie was busy in the greenhouse vegetable garden at home.

The barrels of compost made by Claire years ago are almost decomposed. This organic fertilizer made from leaves, vegetable leaves, and kitchen waste is green and pollution-free and is very suitable for growing flowers and vegetables at home.

Originally, Charlie and Claire worked together in the greenhouse at home, but now Claire took over the renovation project of the Emgrand Group and was very busy every day, so Charlie took the initiative to take care of all these things.

While he was busy fertilizing, his cell phone kept shaking in his pocket. Charlie took out his cell phone. Seeing that it was Warnia’s call, he connected and asked, “Warnia, do you have anything to do with me?”

“Master Wade…” Warnia glanced at Nanako and hurriedly said, “I want to ask if you have time to come to my house for a meal tonight?”

Charlie had already learned from Issac that Ito Yuhiko was going to stay at Shangri-La today, so he speculated that Nanako would definitely go to Warnia’s house. At this time Warnia called to invite him to dinner. It is estimated that she is likely to be with Nanako.
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Chapter 2572
However, Warnia did not expressly say on the phone that Charlie was not good to directly show that he knew the specific situation, so he pretended to be curious and asked, “Why are you asking me to have dinner?”

Warnia hurriedly said, “That’s right. Grandpa said that I haven’t had a chance to invite you to sit at home recently, so he wants me to ask you if you have time to come to your house for dinner tonight.”

Charlie didn’t expect that Warnia’s remarks turned out to be that Mr. Song wanted to invite him to dinner, and never mentioned Nanako. It was estimated that Nanako wanted to surprise him.

Thinking of the beautiful and generous, gentle and quiet Nanako, Charlie inevitably missed her a little, and for a while, the scene of walking with her on a snowy night in Kyoto came to mind.

After a moment of contemplation, Charlie said to Warnia, pretending to be confused, “Since it’s the old gentleman’s invitation, I can’t refuse it. Please tell him, I will pass tonight.”

Seeing Charlie’s promise, Warnia said happily, “That’s great, do I need to drive over to pick you up?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Don’t bother, my father-in-law happened to be at home, and I will drive his car over in a while.”

“Okay.” Warnia said with joy, “Then I will wait at home for Master Wade to come!”

Warnia bid farewell to Charlie, and then ended the call.

Nanako, who was already dancing with excitement, hugged Warnia’s waist and said happily, “Sister Warnia, you are so kind!”

Warnia smiled and said, “Don’t patronize and thank me. This is the first time I lied to Master Wade since I knew him. When you meet him later, you have to explain to him why I lied to him.”

Nanako Ito said with a smile: “Sister, don’t worry, I will definitely explain it. My sister has helped me so much. How can I let my sister carry a scapegoat for me?”

As she said, Nanako Ito said again, “By the way, Sister Warnia, please help me make an appointment with Aoxue. I picked an Akita for her from home and stayed with the accompanying bodyguard.”

Warnia smiled and said, “That’s great. You don’t know how much she like the Akita you gave me. As long as I post the little guy’s photo to the circle of friends, she will definitely like it and leave a comment. Yes, I will let her know!”

Nanako hurriedly reminded: “Then you must tell her to keep Mr. Charlie a secret before she comes, and don’t disclose the information about my coming to Aurous Hill to him in advance.”

Warnia nodded: “Don’t worry, I will tell her.”


At this moment, Charlie saw that it was almost time for dinner, Claire said hello in advance, and did not come back for dinner tonight, so after finishing his work, he returned to the villa.

Elaine had already prepared a few dishes at this time, and when Charlie came in, she said hurriedly, “Oh my son-in-law, are the things in the vegetable garden finished?”

Charlie nodded: “It’s over.”

Elaine hurriedly said, “Oh, it’s really hard work for you! Mom is going to make the meal, so you can wash your hands and eat.

Charlie said, “By the way, Mom, I have a dinner at night, so I won’t eat at home.”

“Ah?” Elaine asked a little surprised: “Why are you going out to eat all of a sudden? Mom has almost prepared this meal, and I have cooked a prairie lamb chop for you!”

While talking, Jacob walked downstairs and said in a hurry, “I’m not at home to eat at night, Charlie has to come with me and eat with people from the Calligraphy and Painting Association!”
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Chapter 2573
Charlie was amazed when he heard what the old man said.

“When am I going to eat with the old man?”

Just wondering, Jacob kept winking at him, and at the same time urged: “Oh, Charlie, why are you still wearing an apron for work? Go back to the house and change your clothes, we will be too late!”

Elaine asked at this time: “Jacob, you don’t have to do business in that painting and calligraphy association all the time, why do you still get your son-in-law together? How can people have time to socialize with you?”

Jacob curled his lips and said, “What do you know? Charlie knows Orvel. Orvel is very famous in Aurous Hill. President Pei of our Painting and Calligraphy Association gives Orvel the most face. It just so happens that the leadership of our Painting and Calligraphy Association is about to change. This time I have to let President Pei run an executive vice president for me. In that case, I will be the second in command of the Calligraphy and Painting Association!”

Elaine said with a look of contempt, “You used that calligraphy and painting association all day long. I didn’t see you earn a cent to bring home!”

Jacob said disdainfully: “The Calligraphy and Painting Association was not originally a profit organization. This is the elegance among the literati. You do not know a sh!t!”

Elaine snorted coldly, “Jacob, did I give you a face? I tell you, hurry up and quit that sh!t association! Stay at home honestly in the future!”

“The beauty you want!” Jacob blurted out: “The Calligraphy and Painting Association is the second spring of my career. Why should I quit when you say to quit?”

Elaine slapped the table: “No retreat, right? Okay, I won’t let you go out of this door today! If you dare to go out, I will go to your Calligraphy and Painting Association tomorrow!”

Jacob was in a hurry and said hurriedly, “Are you sick? What do I do to you?”

Elaine said coldly: “Stop the fcuking nonsense with me. I and you are still a legal couple. If you irritate me, I will go to the Calligraphy and Painting Association to sue you for messing with men and women! I see if you have any face in the future. Stay there!”

“You…” Jacob was a little scared at once, and said hurriedly, “Elaine, why are you doing this? I don’t usually provoke you, but occasionally go out to socialize. You have to confront me. What do you mean?”

Elaine said coldly: “I’m not against you, I’m just letting you know who has the final say between the two of us!”

Charlie hurriedly came out at this time and said, “Oh Mom, Dad has liked antique calligraphy and painting for so many years, and finally found a development opportunity in the Calligraphy and Painting Association, so don’t stop him.”

Elaine said seriously, “Good son-in-law, mom tells you the truth, my leg was broken for so long, and your dad, an old guy, didn’t care about me even once! Do you think he still has a conscience?”

“Not only that, my legs and feet are uncomfortable. I rarely go out every day. I even use my mobile phone to buy food. He is good. He runs out all day long without staying at home. If I don’t care about him, maybe I’m going to get better with which fox!”

Jacob was taken aback and blurted, “Elaine, don’t talk nonsense! There are eight leaders in the Calligraphy and Painting Association, and all eight are men!”

Elaine curled her lips and said, “I’ll take care of you guys, but I won’t let you go in the future!”

Charlie said helplessly, “Mom, don’t be familiar with dad. If you are bored at home, let dad take time to accompany you every day, take you out for shopping, or do rehabilitation training, but dad is here and really needs a little personal space, so don’t interfere too much.”

When Jacob heard this, he hurriedly said, “That’s it! I’ll spare more time to accompany you in the future. Is this the head office?”

Elaine felt a little better, and said to Jacob, “I won’t be as knowledgeable as you in the face of my son-in-law, but don’t forget what you just said!”

Jacob quickly said: “Don’t worry, I will never forget it! So, tomorrow I will take you to the China World Shopping Mall. You had no chance to go shopping during this time. You must be tired of staying at home.”

Only then did Elaine calm down and said, “What you said, remember for yourself, if you dare to let me dove, I will never end with you!”

Jacob hurriedly smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I will accompany you tomorrow!”

Seeing that Elaine had really calmed down, Charlie took the opportunity to say, “Mom, if there is nothing else, I will go out with dad first.”

Elaine nodded: “Go, be careful when driving on the road!”

Jacob couldn’t wait to say, “Charlie, go and change your clothes, I will wait for you in the car!”
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Chapter 2574
Charlie responded, went back to the room to change clothes, and came to the garage. Jacob was already anxiously gearing up on the co-pilot.

Charlie sat in and asked him, “Dad, are you really going to have dinner with President Pei tonight?”

Jacob waved his hand: “No, I have something delicious with him. This guy has been following my but.t to fawn on me, and I don’t even bother to care about him.”

Charlie asked curiously, “Then which one are you singing?”

Jacob hurriedly said: “Just now, your Aunt Meiqing said on WeChat that she seemed to have a fever. It happened that Paul went on a business trip again. Your Aunt Meiqing was not taken care of at home, so I wanted to buy some medicine quickly and buy something to eat and take it over.”

Charlie was taken aback, and immediately asked: “Are you going to Aunt Meiqing’s house?”

“Yes.” Jacob nodded and blurted out: “You drive me over quickly, and then we two will be busy.”

Charlie didn’t think much, he Even nodded and said, “Where is Aunt Meiqing’s house? I’ll see you there first.”

Jacob immediately handed the phone to Charlie and said, “Here, this is the location, Meilun Villa District.”

Charlie glanced at it. This location was in the same direction as Warnia’s house, and not too far away, so he started the car and drove Jacob away from the house.

On the way, Jacob directed Charlie to buy some anti-fever medicine at the pharmacy, and then directed him to drive to the door of an authentic local restaurant.

As soon as the car stopped at the entrance of the restaurant, Jacob hurriedly said, “Charlie, you are waiting for me in the car!”

After speaking, he couldn’t wait to push the door down.

Seeing this, Charlie said hurriedly: “Dad, I’ll go, you sit in the car and rest.”

As soon as Jacob heard this, he said: “Then please help me buy some duck siu mai, and also a pickled Tuk fresh and a millet porridge.”

Charlie nodded, pushed the door and got out of the car, and entered the restaurant.

He suddenly felt a little worried when he headed out with the packed food.

The old man is going to Meiqing’s house.

But Paul is now on a business trip, and Meiqing must be at home alone, and she is now sick again. The old man is going to take care of her at this time. Whether it is real or fake, he is not sure.

In case, if something is taken care of, it might be difficult to end.

Thinking of this, he simply took out a rejuvenating pill from his pocket, scraped off a little powder with the key, and melted it into the millet porridge.

It is estimated that if Han Meiqing drank this bowl of millet porridge, the ordinary headache and brain fever would definitely be fine on the spot.

The main reason why Charlie did this was to prevent something that shouldn’t happen between the old man and her tonight.

He didn’t worry about Han Meiqing’s character, but he was very worried about the concentration of the old man, and how determined Han Meiqing was when she was sick.

In case the old father-in-law is taking care of her while thinking about it, and Han Meiqing is physically ill, and still somewhat dependent on Jacob psychologically, if the old father-in-law takes the initiative, maybe she will let him take advantage of the void and enter.

Although Charlie also hopes that Jacob will one day be married to his lover, but he has not divorced Elaine after all. If he is really cheated in marriage and is known by Elaine, then the family will definitely be furious. Claire and himself have no good life.

Therefore, Charlie can only hope that Han Meiqing will immediately recover after drinking this bowl of millet porridge.

In that way, if the old man, really moved his eyes, at least there would be no chance to get in…
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Chapter 2575
As soon as Charlie drove away with his front foot, Jacob became a little impatient and quickened his pace.

In fact, since the time when Meiqing told him on the phone that she was coming back to China, his heart was full of her shadow.

After she returned to China, he ignited the sparks that had been buried for many years.

In the past two to three decades, Jacob’s happiest moment was the moment when Meiqing came back to cook at home and he embraced her in the kitchen.

However, Meiqing’s mentality is very sensible. She knows that Jacob and Elaine are not divorced, so she has always held a firm sense in her heart and is unwilling to make substantial progress with Jacob.

Jacob often scratched his head for this, but he never found any chance to breakthrough.

Although He was very useless all his life, he was at least a normal man. He had been looking forward to Meiqing for so many years, not only was he obsessed with her psychologically, but also physically.

Therefore, he has always been eager to relive his old dreams with his first love girlfriend, but the occasions where the two of them have the most contact are at the university for the elderly, so he has always been in estrus and stopped at courtesy.

However, things are different today this time.

Suddenly Meiqing fell ill and had a fever, and there was no one around to take care of her. Jacob felt that a woman was the most vulnerable at this time, and she also needed it the most, with solid support.

Coupled with the fact that the two of them have had a past where they were in harmony, and now they still have feelings in their hearts, in this case, it is easier for the sound of the waves to remain.

Therefore, Jacob hurried over, looking forward to a breakthrough today.

As for Elaine, he didn’t bother to think about it, nor did he want to think about it.

After all, in his opinion, Elaine is the saboteur of his life. He has no feelings or loyalty towards Elaine.

Excited, he ran all the way to the door of Meiqing’s villa.

This is a single-family villa with a small footprint but looks very European-style. Jacob stood at the door and immediately pressed the electronic doorbell next to the door.

At this time, Meiqing in the villa, wrapped in a thick down jacket, came to the security monitor inside the door weakly. Seeing Jacob standing outside the door, she pressed the open button and said, “Jacob, I feel really sick, so I won’t come out to receive you. Come in by yourself.”

Jacob hurriedly said, “Meiqing, don’t come out, lest you suffer the wind and chill again. I have brought you some food, so I will bring it in.”

With that, he hurriedly opened the door of the villa, walked through the small courtyard, and came to the entrance door of the villa.

When Meiqing opened the door, a heatwave rushed into his face.

Jacob was surprised and said, “Why is it so hot in your room?”

Meiqing wrapped her down jacket tightly, and said weakly, “I was too cold, so I turned on the floor heating to the maximum, and then turned on the air conditioner.”

Seeing her sluggish and pale, Jacob couldn’t help but said distressedly, “What the hell is going on? Okay, why did she suddenly have a fever?”

Meiqing said helplessly: “Hey, it seems that the weather this year is too humid. Although the temperature is not cold, it is really easy to make people sick…”

Jacob hurriedly stretched out his hand and grasped Meiqing’s soft hand tightly, and said distressedly: “Oh, why are your hands so hot? Have you taken your temperature? How much fever?”
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