Nothing to Give but My Heart

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Re: Nothing to Give but My Heart 19-20

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Chapter 19
Ana Shen’s eyes widened: “Don’t touch me!”

After speaking, Ana Shen bit down Walter’s thin lips forcefully.

With a muffled hum, a bloody smell filled the lips and teeth of the two.

Walter was in pain and returned to his lips.

“It seems that Mrs. Ye not only barked, but also likes to bite.”

Walter sneered as he stretched out his hand to wipe his lips. He was born handsome, and he always had a cold face. His smile was very beautiful. But now his smile was bloodthirsty, like an angry lion, and the bright red on his lips made Walter’s face more beautiful and evil.

Ana Shen finally found a gap and pushed him away, and her petite body shrank into the corner.

“Walter, what on earth do you want to do? Don’t forget that you made a three-chapter appointment with me. Didn’t you let me touch you? What were you doing just now?”

Walter was silent, staring at her coldly.

Ana Shen pulled his collar, bit his lip and looked at him stubbornly.

The more she was like this, the more Walter wanted to attack her. It’s just a second-married girl with a wild species. Why should he be merciful to such a woman?

After he heard that her life was in danger, he cancelled the abortion operation and brought her back.

Walter, you must be crazy!

Staring at her for a moment, Walter left a sentence: “Oh, even if I want to play, I am only interested in clean women.”

After speaking, Walter turned the wheel and left the room.

The room returned to quiet, and Ana Shen’s tight string finally loosened. She slid weakly along the cold wall, hugging her knees and crying quietly.

Walter, who arrived outside the door, heard the sobbing cry and paused, then sneered disdainfully.


Although there was a lot of noisy that day, he didn’t even mention the words to get her out of the night house.

But Ana Shen still flies, because she still wants to go to the company to be his assistant.

But Walter would still deliberately embarrass her.

Ana Shen could only find a way to crack each time. Although she was not smart enough, she was very resilient and determined, so no matter how Walter humiliated her, she clenched her teeth and held on.

On this day, the old man Ye Jia called her to the study, standing in front of the old man Ye, Ana Shen was afraid from the heart.

“How are you doing with Walter’s assistant recently?”

Hearing, Ana Shen thought about it for a moment, and replied happily: “It’s okay.”

Old man Ye raised his eyebrows and narrowed his dark eyes: “What is okay? Have you gained his trust?”

Ana Shen didn’t know why: “Huh?”

“Do you think anyone can sit in the assistant position? Erika Shen, I have known your parents for a long time. I heard that you are smart and you should be able to understand what Grandpa means.”

With a heartbeat, Ana Shen asked uncertainly.

“Old man, what do you mean…”

“Walter has leg problems, which caused his mood to change, so he was extremely cruel and acted very improperly. The Ye Clan is a big group and cannot be destroyed in his hands. What you have to do is to prevent him from opposing the Ye Clan. Unfavorable things, but you, a woman, don’t know much, so you must report to me in time for his daily itinerary.”

Although Ana Shen is not smart, she is not stupid either.

She understood what Elder Ye said, and subconsciously replied: “Master, let me… monitor him?”


The word surveillance angered the old man Ye, and he was so angry that he grabbed the ashtray on the table and slammed it against Ana Shen.


Chapter 20
Ana Shen’s eyes widened in fright and watched the heavy ashtray flying towards her.

Between the electric light and flint, a figure rushed into the study, pulling Ana Shen away from the place.


The ashtray fell into pieces where Ana Shen stood just now.

The loud voice shook Ana Shen’s heart.

Ana Shen widened her eyes and looked at Old Man Ye incredulously.

Acts improperly and exceptionally cruel.

Doesn’t this sentence mean that Old Man Ye belongs to him?

“Grandpa, my younger siblings are outspoken, and she has misunderstood what you mean.”

Only when Ana Shen discovered that the person who had pulled her away just now was Curtis Ye.

“Sister, my grandfather and I are just worried about Walter’s body. After all, he manages such a large group very hard by himself. Besides, you must have learned a little about his character these days. He is indeed acting a little perverse. Grandpa will be with you today. This is not to monitor Walter, because no matter what we say in the future, this Ye Clan will be his. What we have to do is to help him.”

Ana Shen bit her lower lip and said nothing.

The old man ye snorted and said angrily: “I thought the Shen family’s daughter was very smart, but I didn’t expect that even this kind of surveillance word could be said, and I still want Ye Bing’s reputation to go out? Marry such a granddaughter? “

“Grandpa, don’t be angry, I will tell her well.”

After speaking, Curtis pulled Ana Shen away from the study.

Ana Shen was probably shocked by the scene just now, and she hasn’t recovered yet. She followed Curtis Ye and said nothing.

It wasn’t until a secluded place that Curtis’s steps stopped, turning around and staring at her gently.

“Sister, did you scare you just now? Did you hurt anything?”

With that, Curtis stepped forward and wanted to hold her shoulder.

Ana Shen took a step back reflexively.

Curtis threw his hand into the air and paused in the air for a long time. Ana Shen opened her lips and lowered his head: “I’m sorry…”

Curtis smiled and put his hand back.

“It’s okay, don’t take things to heart today. Grandpa really has no other meaning. There is a gap between him and Walter. He can’t directly ask Walter about many things, so he can only let you convey it. I say that. Can you understand?”

Ana Shen nodded.

“It seems that you may not have listened to what I said. Maybe your mind is too messy now. You should go back first. When you figure it out, you will know that Grandpa is for the good of Walter.”

“Then I will go first.” Ana Shen turned and left.

After walking for a long time, Ana Shen always felt Curtis Ye’s sight glue on his back.

It wasn’t until the corner that the feeling of being sharp on the back disappeared.

Ana Shen paused, looking at the ground and thinking deeply.

Unexpectedly, the water in this night’s house was so deep, she was not a fool, and she naturally knew what the Lord Ye meant.

On the surface, it was a concern for Walter, but in reality it was to monitor him.

And that Curtis always has a gentle smile, giving him a kind of gentle and polite gentleman. Suddenly discovered that he was on the same line as Old Man Ye, and he told her those high-sounding words.

Ana Shen suddenly felt cold all over.

Sure enough, people… can’t look at the surface?

Just like Ben Lin back then.

I kept saying that I was indifferent and asked him to forgive her but one day, he took Xiaosan and drove her out of the house…

Two years, hidden for two full years.

The human heart is really the most terrifying thing in this world.

Suddenly, Ana Shen didn’t hate Walter that much.

Because, like himself, he was rejected by his family.

Around the corner, Ana Shen’s steps suddenly stopped because two people suddenly appeared in front of her.

Phillip pushed Walter to stand there, and Walter stared at her coldly.

If it were the previous mentality, Ana Shen would probably turn around and leave, but after knowing that he was rejected by his own grandfather and brother, Ana Shen’s eyes on Walter suddenly changed from before.

However, she still failed to forget the fact that her child had been knocked out by him, and turned around and left.

“Stop!” Walter drank her.

Ana Shen stayed on the spot, turned her head and looked at him angrily: “What’s the matter?”

“As an assistant, just absent from work for two days for no reason? Don’t want to be mixed up?”

Hearing, Ana Shen remembered the words Old Man Ye told her in the study before, thinking that he was not going to be an assistant at all, but to monitor her, and simply said: “Don’t you need an assistant? Then I won’t go. The shaking in front of you is blocking you.”

“Do you think Ye’s came as he wanted, and left as he wanted?”

Ana Shen frowned, “Then what do you want?”

Phillip who was on the side saw her attitude, and his eyes widened suddenly: “I said why you are such a woman who doesn’t know what’s good or what’s wrong. Fortunately, Young Master Ye is still thinking about you and leaving the wild species in your belly. You are so right. …”

“Shut up!” Walter scolded, Phillip silenced.

“What did you say?” Ana Shen’s eyes widened in disbelief for an instant.
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Re: Nothing to Give but My Heart 21-22

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Chapter 21
In the hospital that day, she was already fish on the cutting board, and the feeling of cold equipment entering the body is still fresh in my memory. Was it the last moment she stopped the doctor? She didn’t remember the memory of Anesthesia Jin coming up, and it was Yejia when she woke up again.

“Don’t think too much, for a woman like you, I’m too lazy to do it.” Walter finished speaking in a cold voice, letting Phillip push him away.

Looking at the back of the two, Ana Shen was confused.

how could be? She thought… the child was gone. Now that Phillip mentioned it, she suddenly remembered that when she woke up that day, there was indeed no change in her stomach.

Thinking about this, Ana Shen took out her cell phone and called Karla Han.

After Karla Han came, she took her directly to the hospital for an examination. When the doctor congratulated her on her pregnancy, Ana Shen was still confused.

How did that happen? She thought Walter would not accept this child, but she didn’t expect…

“It seems that Walter in your mouth is not the kind of cold-blooded and ruthless person.”

Ana Shen didn’t refute, she lowered her eyes and didn’t know what she was thinking.

“What are you going to do next?”

“I don’t know, let’s take one step at a time.” Ana Shen herself has no life plan. Her life has been for Ben Lin from the moment she married, and then she was divorced and asked by her parents to marry Yejia. , Now there is only one purpose, and that is to stay in Yejia.

“But… that strange man, who is it?” Karla Han was curious: “You said he put you to sleep, so you are not afraid of your pregnancy or something? Why didn’t you look for you? Ana, do you think Have you ever looked for this person?”

Looking for that strange man? Ana Shen’s eyes were a little dazed: “What do you want to do with him? I have no impression of him, and I don’t know what kind of person he is. It was too rainy that day, and the night was too dark, and I couldn’t see everything clearly. Plus, I am now It’s Walter’s wife. If you find another man, Ye Family will not be able to tolerate me.”

“Well, I’ll ask someone to inquire for you to see if I can get any news.”

“Karla, thank you.”

“What do you want to thank me for? I thank you when you want to thank you. I was bullied by everyone at school, but you stood up to save me and beaten me.” Speaking of this, Karla Han remembered that period. When she was in school, she had not yet come to Han’s house. She was still a poor woman. She was bullied at school and it was Ana Shen who came forward to rescue her.

After that the two became good sisters.

After returning to Yejia, Ana Shen went back to the room directly.

When entering the door, she found that Walter hadn’t gone to the company. She was a little surprised. After closing the door with her backhand, she thought about it and walked towards him.

Walter was sitting in a wheelchair, holding a financial magazine in one hand, and next to it was a raised mobile table with a notebook.

After Ana Shen approached, she discovered that he was wearing a Bluetooth headset on his ear, and the video was showing on his laptop.

It seems… a video conference.

Upon seeing this, Ana Shen stopped talking to his lips, standing aside quietly listening to him.

“Well, this proposal is good, go ahead.”

“Yes, take it as soon as possible.”


Walter didn’t say much, most of them were short sentences. He had never looked up, and his eyes focused on the magazine. At this moment, he said: “The plan is sent to the mailbox.”

In about half an hour, the meeting finally ended.

Ana Shen came in and stood until the end of his meeting.

Seeing the portrait on the screen disappear, Ana Shen took a step forward, not wanting Walter, but said coldly: “Don’t come near me.”

“…” Ana Shen stopped in place.

Walter seriously and attentively opened the login mailbox and checked the mail.

Well, it turns out he was going to handle work.

Ana Shen stopped disturbing him and turned around to leave.


Ana Shen turned her head and stared at him for unknown reasons.

“Wait here.”

Walter said again.

Ana Shen’s beautiful eyes widened a bit, not letting him approach or letting her go, so he wanted her to wait here?

Nothing wrong?

However, because Ana Shen knew that she had blamed him, that night she grabbed him by the collar and said that he was a beast, cruel, and that an animal had more feelings than him. I felt f3ae33d2 guilty.

So Ana Shen didn’t move and could only continue to stand.

Time passed by, and Ana Shen didn’t know how long she had been standing, only that Walter was very serious when handling work.

And she also suddenly felt that men who deal with work seriously are really handsome.

Gradually, Ana Shen’s legs were a little numb, but Walter still didn’t mean to end.

Is he taking revenge on herself? Because she said that to him before, so he did this on purpose?

Thinking of this, Ana Shen couldn’t help frowning her eyebrows, bending down to rub her numb calf.

Finally, Walter raised his eyes and looked at her.

Ana Shen quickly stood up straight, like a kid doing something wrong.

“You can’t stand in less than an hour?” Walter raised his hand and glanced at his watch, his thin lips pursed with a cold smile.

Ana Shen moved her lips, but said nothing.

“looking for me?”

Ana Shen still did not speak, Walter snorted coldly, closed his notebook with a snap, and when he was about to leave, Ana Shen felt anxious and said nervously: “I’m sorry!”

The sharp eyes narrowed, Walter looked sideways at her.

“I apologize to you for what happened in the previous two days!” Ana Shen said solemnly, and bent down especially sincerely, and bowed to Walter!

After straightening her waist, Ana Shen saw Walter staring at him with cold eyes.

“I thought…”

“Why?” Walter’s tone was cold and mocking: “You don’t think I left this wild species because I have any thoughts about you, do you?”

“I…” Ana Shen originally wanted to say something apologetic to him, but she didn’t expect that she would speak so venomously, and her face turned pale in embarrassment.

“Woman, I advise you to dispel this idea as soon as possible.” Walter said, suddenly threw a kraft paper bag to her, “The contract is signed.”

Chapter 22
As soon as Ana Shen wanted to reach out to take it, the bag fell to her feet with a slap, and it took a moment for Ana Shen to bend down and pick it up.

After she opened the bag, she discovered that it was a post-marriage manual.

“Sign!” Walter’s voice was cold and not warm. She looked up at him, and saw that his eyes were dark, and quickly scanned the contract.

“Whether it is you or your sister, it is troublesome, so I only give you half a year. After half a year, you leave Yejia with this contract and check, and don’t come back again.”

After that, Walter put a check on the table again.

Seeing the check, Ana Shen felt a pot of cold water poured on her head.

When she came, she had been thinking about the wording of the apology, but he had already prepared the contract and check.

“This money should be enough to fill your inner vanity, right?”

Ana Shen squeezed the contract in her hand, her fingertips turned white, she opened the cap, signed her name at the end, then put the contract back, got up and walked towards him slowly.

Walter raised his eyebrows with satisfaction: “The easiest woman who can spend money to send.”

The next second, Ana Shen slapped the contract hard on the table, and Walter frowned in dissatisfaction.

“You don’t need to take money to buy me. I stayed at Yejia to get what I needed. You didn’t force me to kill the child. I am grateful to you, but it doesn’t mean you can use money to humiliate me!”

“Sneez.” Walter sneered, his eyes sneered: “Should a woman like you treat money as fate?”

“You!” Ana Shen clenched her fists, trying to argue with him. After a while, she released it again and chuckled: “Yes, since you think of me this way, then I am this kind of person. Anyway, we just take what we need. I have signed the contract. Don’t worry, time I will leave by myself.”

She must think of a solution within this time.

“Very well, I look forward to the day you leave.”

The next second, the petite figure turned around and left without going to pick up the check on the table.

Walter narrowed his narrow eyes.

There was a lot of money in that cheque. She didn’t even look at it. Did it pretend to be, or… was she really not interested in money?

If she is not interested in money, then, what is the purpose of her marrying Yejia?

After signing the contract, Ana Shen and Walter got along in a contractual relationship. There was a lot less quarrel, and she still followed Walter to the company as an assistant under the appointment of Father Ye.

Ana Shen is not stupid, and the work ability is not bad, give her the opportunity to learn, she can always seize the opportunity by herself.

Within a week, Phillip had already developed a different view of this woman.

“Mr. Walter, 89ccd3e7 she still has two brushes.”

Walter sneered, “Really?”

Phillip nodded, “She did a good job of everything Mr. Walter confessed to her.”

It’s really good and orderly.

“Will it be a fool to marry into the night house by means?”

What this said… Phillip was choked to death and did not answer. He lowered his head and checked the schedule. “There is a banquet in the evening. Do you want to take Miss Shen with you?”

“Take her?” Walter squeezed the desk between his fingers, still staring at the contents of the notebook: “Take her to shame?”

Phillip dared not say anything, so he could only shut up.

Later the two said some other things, and Phillip was ready to go out.

Walter suddenly said, “Call Ana Shen in.”

“Oh.” Phillip walked outside the office and couldn’t help but curl his lips.

Mr. Walter seems to have been doing face slaps frequently recently. I just said that Ana Shen was embarrassing. Now let him call her in. Is it possible that he is going to take her to the banquet?

Ana Shen’s office is next door. When Phillip called her, she was working on some documents.

“Wait for two minutes and it will be all right.”

“You don’t want your life?” Phillip leaned behind her and said solemnly, “Young Master Ye asked you to go over, can you try another minute?”

Ana Shen could only put down the file with a frown, and after taking a deep breath, “I got it.”

Then got up and walked towards the office.

As soon as Ana Shen entered the office, Phillip hid behind the door and listened to the wall.

“Mr. Walter, are you looking for me?” Walter asked her to work in the company. Don’t let others know their relationship. In the company, she is just his assistant, nothing more. When you meet, you should call him Mr. Walter like others, and use honorifics.

At first, Ana Shen was not used to it, but later she called more often and gradually became numb.

Walter silently threw a golden invitation letter to her.

Ana Shen stepped forward and picked it up for a moment. After taking a look, he asked, “Young Master Ye is going to this banquet?” Ana Shen’s brain turned quickly, and the beautiful eyes flashed with strange light: “I remember Lu The Lu family of the group is also on the list of invitations. Not surprisingly, he should also attend the banquet. Shao Ye can take this opportunity to talk to him about his intention to cooperate in advance.”

A faint expression of appreciation flashed through Walter’s ink eyes.

Oh, this woman’s reaction is very fast, and her memory is also good.


“That night, I will go and prepare it for you right away.”

“You go with me.”

As soon as Ana Shen turned around, she heard Walter say, she stopped walking quickly, and looked back at him questioningly: “Young Master Ye asked me to go with you?”

“I didn’t talk about cooperation with people at the banquet, you go.”

Hearing this, Ana Shen understood and nodded: “I know, I will go to greet Mr. Lu then, if I’m fine, I will go out first.”

“Something’s going on.” Walter looked at her coldly, and looked at her from the beginning to the end, making Ana Shen feel uncomfortable, and subconsciously clamped her legs.
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Re: Nothing to Give but My Heart 23-24

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Chapter 23
“Change your clothes.”

He frowned.

Ana Shen lowered her head and glanced at the clothes on her body. They were all her previous clothes, which were not very valuable.

But she is comfortable to wear, and he hasn’t said anything these days, so Ana Shen always wears it.

She bit her lower lip, “I know, I’ll go to the nearby mall to change one after get off work later.”


Standing outside the door listening to the root of the wall, Phillip shivered abruptly.

Nani, why was he caught again?

Twice listening to the wall root was discovered twice, Phillip vowed never to listen to the wall root again.

Xiao Xiao didn’t dare to dare, and walked inside.

“Young night.”

Walter stared at him coldly. Phillip received the information from his gaze and interpreted it. After a while, he tentatively asked: “Mr. Walter, then I will take Miss Shen to choose the dress for the banquet tonight?”


Sure enough, he was right, Phillip breathed a sigh of relief, “Then I’ll go and prepare.”

Half an hour later

The three appeared in the mall together

Ana Shen followed Walter and the others into a high-end store, the store was decorated very high-end, but also played melodious music.

Although Walter was sitting in a wheelchair, the clothes on his body were very valuable at first glance, and his aura was strong. The clerk quickly came up to entertain him with a warm smile.

“Hello, gentleman, welcome to our shop.”

Walter’s expression was indifferent, his ink-colored eyes didn’t even glance at the clerk, but Phillip behind him said: “Pick her a dress suitable for the banquet.”

Ana Shen hid behind Phillip, but she was actually a little scared.

The first time I went to such a store, the decoration in the store and the bright lights made her look up. In fact, she used to visit this place often with good friends, but during the days when she married Ben Lin , She had forgotten these days.

The clerk was still smiling on his face, but after seeing the clothes on Ana Shen, the smile on his face couldn’t hold.

“This lady?”

“Yes!” Phillip nodded and said solemnly: “Choose for her, don’t make any mistakes.”

“Yes, lady, come with me.”

The clerk took Ana Shen and walked inside.

After a while, Ana Shen changed into a black-and-white dress and walked out, because it was the big man who brought her here, so the clerk led her to refer to Walter’s opinion.

Walter’s eyes were cold: “Change!”

Ana Shen’s face changed slightly, and she turned and changed another one.

This time it was changed to pure black, Walter frowned.

Ana Shen tightened her fingers silently and continued to turn around.

Changed and changed, Walter’s brows frowned, the temperature in the store seemed to be covered by the cold air pressure on his body.

When the clerk led her out again, Walter snapped the magazine on the table.

Ana Shen was startled and bit her lower lip subconsciously.

“Or… don’t try, I…”

Walter’s gaze that couldn’t catch her at all made Ana Shen almost unable to lift her head. She knew that she had no aura and was not suitable for wearing these skirts. According to her temperament, she couldn’t support it at all.

Wearing these expensive skirts on her Ana Shen’s body is a joke.

However, Walter unexpectedly said, “Don’t give it to her old-fashioned, she is thirty years old, not fifty years old.”

After speaking, Walter’s sharp eyes fell on the clerk.

The clerk suddenly felt a wave of pressure on her shoulders, her face turned pale, and she nodded stupidly, “I see.”

She felt the warning in the man’s eyes that if she chooses clothes carelessly, she might be in danger of being fired. The man in front of him had a deep and deep look in his eyes, but he felt very powerful. He had such an ability.

So the clerk quickly took out the calming money from the store, and then went into the fitting room with Ana Shen.

“This dress is very expensive. Let me try it with you.”

“No need, I can do it myself.”

Ana Shen is not used to being someone watching her undress.

The clerk heard this and complained dissatisfiedly: “What’s the matter with you? You won’t let me help you with such an expensive dress. If you break it, can you afford it?”


“What are you doing? Look at what you were wearing before, a bunch of stalls, and you are embarrassed to come here to try on clothes? Is it great just because someone supported you?” After changing clothes a few times, the clerk knew that Ana Shen was a man Soft Persimmon didn’t dare to offend Walter, so he caught her and pinched a few.

Ana Shen didn’t speak, because she was stabbed at the center, so she was a little embarrassed.

“Okay, okay, try it yourself, so that you won’t be sued for a while.” The clerk threw the clothes to her directly, then slammed the door and went out.

Ana Shen took the skirt and stood there in a daze. After a while, I changed into that skirt.

The skirt was indeed as expensive as the clerk said, and it was very different from the old-fashioned skirts she tried before.

After the change, Ana Shen walked out with the skirt hem and looked in the direction that Walter had previously stayed in, but it was empty and there was no one.

Ana Shen felt a little bit in her heart: Why are people missing?

I was about to look for Walter’s figure, but suddenly heard a familiar voice.

“Honey, how do I wear this dress?”

“I have to ask? Bo’er wears the most beautiful things.”

Ana Shen stopped for a while, and then walked to the other side uncontrollably. The huge clothes hanger blocked her body, but she could see the two people in front of her clearly.

It’s Ben Lin and the pregnant mistress!

Chapter 24
The two cuddled closely together, the woman’s belly was already big, and it was obvious that the skirt she was holding in her hand could no longer fit.

“Unfortunately I can’t wear it now.”

“It’s okay, as long as Bo’er likes it, buy it and wear it after you give birth.”

“Thank you husband, you are so kind to me.”

Ana Shen clenched her fists silently. How could Ben Lin say such sweet words to her before? I didn’t expect to meet them here today.

Xiao San looked here, Ana Shen was startled, and subconsciously hid back.

When she turned around, she accidentally bumped into the clerk who came to look for her. The clerk subconsciously reached out and grabbed Ana Shen’s skirt.

Then there was a “hiss”, and the skirt cracked.

The making noise attracted other customers in the store, including Ben Lin and his junior.

After the clerk fell down and found that the skirt was broken, she was panicked. She quickly got up and accused Ana Shen: “Do you know how much this skirt cost? You actually broke it on purpose.”

Ana Shen fell into a daze, she just didn’t want the two to find out that she was here, but she didn’t expect to turn around and bump into someone.

After being accused by the clerk, she got up and looked down, only to find that the decoration on the skirt had fallen off and her white shoulders were exposed.

Seeing everyone else in the store crowding around, Ana Shen was so scared that she stretched out her hand to cover her shoulder and said anxiously: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it!”

The clerk sneered: “Excuse me? This dress is a rare item from the store. It was sent from Italy yesterday. It is worth more than 300,000 yuan. Are you sorry? Can you restore this dress to its original state?”

Ana Shen bit her lower lip and whispered: “I’ll make it up for you, definitely!”

“Make up? How to make up?” The clerk complained louder and louder, and everyone else in the store gathered around.

Surrounded by everyone pointing and pointing like this, Ana Shen almost made no sense of herself, and there was a dizziness in front of her.

“Oh, isn’t this Ana Shen?” The mistress who came with Ben Lin saw Ana Shen’s embarrassed appearance. She couldn’t help but smiled, and said with a mockery: “A person who only wears street goods, a piece of clothing. A woman with ten dollars actually came to the brand store? She broke her skirt, Ana Shen, are you here to tear down the stage?”

When the clerk next to you heard this, his eyes widened, “What did you say? So you did it deliberately? This skirt costs at least 300,000 yuan, you pay!”

Xiao San’er laughed softly, and the laughter was as clear as Yinling, “Where can she afford to pay? She used to work only more than 3,000 yuan per month, but now she has lost her job, I am afraid it is even a stall. I can’t afford the goods.”

Hearing this, Ana Shen bit her lower lip harder.

She knew so deeply about herself, did Ben Lin tell her?

“I said Ana Shen, if you really can’t afford to pay, you might as well beg Ben Lin, maybe Ben Lin will help you with his previous love.”

Hearing, Ana Shen shook her hand and looked at Ben Lin subconsciously.

When the two of them met, Ben Lin was taken aback, and a trace of uncomfortable flashed through his eyes.

“Ben Lin, do you want to help her?”

Ben Lin lowered his head, looked at Shi Qinbao with a beautiful face, and coughed tightly around her: “Boer, how could I help women other than you? Especially like this kind of deliberately coming to the store to tear down Woman, it’s not worth helping.”

These words fell into Ana Shen’s ears, like needles.

Coldly, Ana Shen’s lower lip was bitten by her and bleeding.

“Oh, my dear, although she is very annoying to come here to do things, but how pitiful she is now, that skirt is 300,000 yuan, she can’t afford to pay today, will she be held here?”

This sentence reminded the clerk, and the clerk immediately took out his mobile phone: “I will call the police now!”

Ana Shen raised her head quickly and called the police?

“A woman like this has a strong vanity, and she doesn’t have money to try on other people’s clothes. She can’t afford it and destroys it! You must call the police!”

A few watched the excitement and echoed the road.

“Yeah, yeah, look at her, her hair is still messy, how come you let this kind of person into the store?”

“A woman nowadays doesn’t know what she is. She doesn’t think that she is really a famous brand when she comes in to try her skirt, right? Shit, now the clothes are broken, can’t you pay for it? It’s really funny to me. The police are here for a while, and this kind of woman has to be arrested and educated for a while, or else it will happen again next time!”

Laughing and contemptuous eyes rushed from all directions, making Ana Shen feel ashamed.

Walter, where are you Walter? Why did you leave me alone? Am I making you so embarrassed?

Ana Shen felt terribly uncomfortable and her eyes gradually turned red.

She lifted her head slightly and looked at the people around her pointing and pointing. The swearing voice and contemptuous eyes made her unable to lift her head, and her petite body was trembling. This desperate feeling made her almost dizzy.

Ana Shen has a problem, that is, dizziness occurs when she is nervous or desperate to the extreme.

It was obvious that her eyes had gradually darkened, and she could hardly see the faces of those people in front of her…

The darkness almost enveloped her.

Just when Ana Shen couldn’t support it and fell to the side, a big hand supported her in time…
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Re: Nothing to Give but My Heart 25-26

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Chapter 25
Those big hands were warm and powerful, and firmly supported Ana Shen’s body lying down.

The surroundings seemed to be quiet for a while, Ana Shen’s face was terribly pale, and her eyes regained light a little.

The straight and tight legs rushed into her sight first, and Ana Shen’s gaze gradually went up, only to see the person holding her clearly.

The man’s eyes were deep, his eyebrows were cold and sharp, his thin lips pressed tightly like a knife, and the whole body exuded a sullen air. Even though he was sitting in a wheelchair, the natural aura on his body slammed into the person next to him.

The crowd took two steps back under the pressure of this momentum, and looked at the man who suddenly appeared in surprise.

Who is he? !

Ana Shen didn’t have much energy, and she was still sitting there for a long time, looking up at Walter blankly.

“You…you didn’t leave?”

She thought that he felt that her clothes were too ugly, so he left. Who knew he was still here?

“Can’t get up yet?” Walter asked her in a low voice with his black eyes tightening.

Hearing, Ana Shen came back to her senses and wanted to stand up following his gestures. However, when she got up, she found that the skirt cracked loudly. The hem of the skirt was heavy and rusty, and it was quite heavy. Sliding down.

“No, no.”

Walter frowned, staring at her displeasedly.

Ana Shen bit her lower lip and said embarrassingly: “The skirt, the skirt will fall off, and it will go out.”

Walter’s narrow eyes narrowed slightly, looking at her.

Ana Shen felt that she was really useless, why was she so embarrassed at this time? Will Walter leave her alone? Leave directly?

As she was thinking, a coat was over her body, and Ana Shen raised her head in shock, and a pair of panic-stricken eyes slammed into Walter’s eyes unconsciously.


“Not getting up yet?”

Ana Shen had to quickly pull on his suit jacket, and then stood up with Walter’s hand.

His hands were wide and warm, and the temperature was transferred to Ana Shen’s body through the blood along the palm of his palm, and penetrated strongly into her heart. After Ana Shen stood up, Walter withdrew his hand indifferently, and Ana Shen suddenly had a feeling Feeling empty.

The coat on her body enveloped her with a strong masculine aura. Ana Shen, who was originally nervous and worried, suddenly felt that she seemed to rely on it.

After so many years, it was the first time I tried to feel protected.

“Who pushed her down?”

Walter’s voice was as cold and stern as the water across the bluestone in the mountains, cold and thin.

The clerk had already finished the phone call. At this moment, seeing the situation in front of her suddenly reversed, her eyes widened in fear. Previously, her attitude towards Ana Shen was okay because the man in the wheelchair looked unattractive, but after she came out just now, she obviously saw that man is gone. She thought the man thought Ana Shen was not saved. So I just left her and left.

It appeared again now, what’s the matter?

The clerk rolled his eyes, thinking of the scene just now, and dare not make a sound.

“I’ll ask again, who pushed her down?”

This time, Sen Han in Walter’s voice rushed toward his face like a broken bamboo, and the crowds were surprised.

This man is clearly sitting in a wheelchair, how can he have such a strong momentum? It makes people shiver.

Someone who had accused Ana Shen of eating melons just saw it, for fear of being hurt by Chi Yu, he quickly pointed to the clerk and said, “It’s none of our business, it was the clerk who made a loud accusation, so we just came to watch.”

“Yes, yes, the clerk said that the lady had broken her skirt on purpose and had already called the police.”

The arrogant and arrogant clerk just now was too awkward to speak, and she didn’t dare to speak at all. After being pushed out by others, she hurriedly waved her hands and said, “No, this gentleman, this lady and her It’s none of my business if I accidentally bumped into it and fell over and broke my clothes.”

Ana Shen lowered her eyes when she heard that she did accidentally fall and broke her skirt, no wonder others.

“Really?” Walter sneered disdainfully, his voice increased a little, “Really she fell by herself?”

The clerk was trembling with the cold pressure on her body, her lips moved, and she dared not speak.

Seeing the situation reversed, Shi Qinbao felt a little unconvinced. How did it become like this? Who is the man in the wheelchair? Just a lame, what are you thinking about?

Thinking of this, Shi Qinbao couldn’t help but say: “Ana Shen, you fell down and broke things. Now someone runs out to support you. Do you think that you can just pass the blame on others? No wonder Ben Lin doesn’t want you, because you are not only very vain, but also so irresponsible?”

When the words were over, Walter caught some information, his eyes lit up suddenly, and he swept towards Shi Qinbao.

Ben Lin, who was holding Shi Qinbao, felt the air pressure around him cool down, and raised his head to meet the man’s eyes. The sharp eyes of the man and the dark shadows under his eyes made Ben Lin slightly frightened, his arms around Shi Qinbao tightened a little, and he whispered: “Boer, or let’s go first, leave them alone.”

“No way.” Shi Qinbao took his arm and pursed her red lips and said coquettishly: “Ben Lin, if we go straight away, wouldn’t anyone speak up for the clerk? It’s obviously not her fault. It was Ana Shen who broke the skirt herself. That skirt cost 300,000 yuan. Ana Shen and the man definitely didn’t want to take responsibility.”

Since Ben Lin won the 5 million lottery, Shi Qinbao has always felt that he has reached the pinnacle of his life and they are rich people!

Shi Qinbao has a small vision, plus she is a pregnant woman, and she has a big belly where she has been letting her go. She has begun to swell slowly, plus now that Ben Lin is rich, she has thrown away the original general She supported the main room, Shi Qinbao can be said to be more swollen.

Having said that, Shi Qinbao looked at the man in the wheelchair and snorted: “Seeing you are in a wheelchair, you must not even have a job? I tell you, this dress is not an ordinary dress. It is worth three. One hundred thousand. If you want to help her, you have to weigh whether you have that ability.”

After speaking, Shi Qinbao sighed, “Is anyone who can come to this store these days? Do you really think that you are a rich man by pretending to be yourself? Don’t look at his pocket, Ana Shen Ah Ana Shen, I thought how good a man you found after leaving Ben Lin, it turned out to be just a lame man in a wheelchair. Your vision is too bad, right?”

Walter hates people saying that he is disabled.

This topic is taboo in Yejia, no one dares to say.

But Shi Qinbao said it so grandiosely!

Walter’s eyes were raging, and Phillip knew that he was angry, and just wanted to step forward to stop…

“You are not allowed to say that to him!”

Chapter 26
Ana Shen, who was standing next to Walter with low eyebrows, suddenly raised her head and resisted loudly.

The sudden sound shocked everyone.

No one thought that the pitiful Ana Shen, who was bullied so much that she could not answer her mouth, would actually change in order to maintain Walter!

“Why do you say that to others?”

Since the last time Mr. Ye called her to the study, Ana Shen found out that this family was not sincere to Walter, plus Walter didn’t really let her knock out the child in his stomach, so Ana Shen was right. His attitude changed.

She knows that feeling of inferiority.

A man who sits in a wheelchair all the year round, this was originally the trauma in his heart, but it was mentioned like a waste by others!

How hurt was Walter’s heart?

“Ana Shen, why can’t I say? I kindly persuade him to dismiss him. Do you know how much your damaged skirt is worth? You can’t afford it. Do you want that disabled person to pay for it?” Shi Qin After Bao sighed, he looked very distressed: “In fact, for the sake of taking care of Ben Lin for so many years, if you kneel down and beg me, I might let Ben Lin help you.”

Ana Shen trembled with anger.

“Don’t be so angry. It’s only 300,000 yuan. As long as I am willing to speak, Ben Lin will still be willing to give it to me. After all, he has been spoiling me for so many years. It is nothing compared to you.”

A junior, although she has been corrected now, but let her show off in front of her, Ana Shen is still very angry, and she wants to hit her in the face.

“Ah!” Before Ana Shen could meet her, Shi Qinbao exclaimed and fell backwards, exclaiming: “I’m so kind to help you, but you still beat people, how come there are such people? , My husband!!!”

Ben Lin hurriedly stepped forward to support her, Shi Qinbao grabbed Ben Lin’s arm and said out of breath: “Husband, she beats me, this person is so ignorant to promote, you hurry up and teach her for me!”

Ben Lin was a little embarrassed. After all, anyone with a discerning eye could see that Ana Shen’s hand hadn’t touched Shi Qinbao just now. If he stepped forward to teach her this time, it would not be…

“Husband, my stomach hurts, so hurry up and teach her for me.”

Ben Lin was a little helpless and whispered: “Baoer, she didn’t hit you just now, let’s go first, and don’t cause trouble.”

Hearing, Shi Qinbao’s eyes reddened all at once: “Ben Lin, did you see her renewed love, don’t you love me? She bullied me and my baby.”

No way, Ben Lin had to pursed his lips, and then walked towards Ana Shen.

Standing in place, Ana Shen just watched him walk in front of her with his eyes intently, his eyes held back: “Ana, I’m sorry.”

Ana Shen smiled bitterly: “So are you going to teach me for her?”

“I’m really sorry, but I… must vent my anger for Boa!”

Speaking of this, Ben Lin slowly raised his hand, and Ana Shen bit her lower lip, tears already rolling in her eyes, “Why did I fail to do this? For two whole years, did you treat me like this?” “

Seeing her tears, Ben Lin’s eyes flashed unbearable, but the woman behind her coquettishly urged, Ben Lin raised his hand and hit her face.

The tears in Ana Shen’s eyes stopped, and she looked at the slap in the face in disbelief and closed her eyes in despair.

Crystal tears fell from the corners of her eyes.

I thought that Ana Shen’s face would swell up with Ben Lin’s slap, but after Ana Shen closed her eyes, the pain never came.

“The woman who wants to hit me at Walter, have you asked me?”

Ana Shen opened her eyes quickly!

I don’t know when, Walter actually came to her side, raising his hand to block Ben Lin’s wrist.

I usually see him sitting, so Ana Shen doesn’t know his height, but now he raised his hand to stop Ben Lin, and Ana Shen realized that Walter was very tall, even though he was sitting in a wheelchair. In front of Ben Lin who was standing, his aura was not weak at all!

Instead, he pressed Ben Lin’s head.

“Walter!!! Did I hear it wrong?”

“The second youngest of the Ye family! Is that the president of the Ye family? My God!”

“I have long heard that the second young master of the Ye family was sitting in a wheelchair. Oh my God, why didn’t we expect that? This man has such a strong aura, I am afraid that only Walter has it!”

“He looks so handsome, I just wanted to ask who this man is, but I didn’t expect it to be Ye’s nightclub! So who is the woman he just helped?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen it… But seeing him guarding this way, he must be a very important person, right?”

The comments from others fell into Ana Shen’s ears.

When she heard the last sentence, Ana Shen’s heart seemed to be hit hard by some heavy object.

Ben Lin stared at Walter blankly, obviously not reacting, Phillip stepped forward in time, threw Ben Lin’s hand away, and sneered: “We Ye Shaohui can’t afford to pay for a 300,000 skirt? Don’t say it. It is three hundred thousand, even thirty million, three hundred million, the Ye Family Group will not take it seriously!”

Ben Lin stepped back a few steps to stabilize himself, Shi Qinbao hurriedly stepped forward to help, “husband, are you okay? Is there anything hurt?”

“I’m okay.” Ben Lin was so shocked by Walter’s dark eyes with gloomy eyes that he didn’t come back to his senses until Shi Qinbao spoke next to him.

Seeing that his face was not good, Shi Qinbao stepped forward and argued with Phillip: “Who are you? You dare to do something to my husband, do you believe me or call the police?”

Phillip originally wanted to reason with her. After all, in his eyes, there were no distinctions between men and women, but when he saw her coming with a big belly, Phillip still hesitated.

One thing is good for pregnant women.

If she quarrels with you, you can’t do anything to her, otherwise, if there is something wrong with her and the child, it will all depend on you.

Phillip took two steps back.

Shi Qinbao smiled triumphantly, gave Walter a glance, then looked at Ana Shen, mockingly said: “Ana Shen, where did you find the lame actor? Sitting in a wheelchair as the CEO? Looking for an actor to support the scene for you, can you be more reliable? I know that Ben Lin abandons you and you are very angry, but don’t you have such a low taste? What empire president, is it all made by you? The purpose is not to lose money!”

Speaking of this, Shi Qinbao looked at the clerk who was stunned by the side, “Don’t you come here, this skirt is 300,000 yuan, don’t they say that you can afford it? You hurry up and find them to pay, I’m sorry. We have to see if we can really afford it or just talk about it!”

Under Shi Qinbao’s reminder, the clerk girl reacted and stepped forward.

“I’m really sorry, this skirt is really expensive, if you can afford it, please pay it to me as soon as possible.”

Ana Shen’s lips moved, but she was speechless.

Walter sat there with a cold face and didn’t make any movement. Phillip naturally didn’t move because his master didn’t move either!

“I’m so ridiculous, can you not afford it? How about pretending to be the president?”
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