Nothing to Give but My Heart

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Nothing to Give but My Heart

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Nothing to Give But My Heart Read Online

The family business is in shambles. Father tried to reinvigorate it by taken shark loans. Yet, the venture failed and the debt collectors are at the home daily, asking for money. There is no way to return this large sum of money.

To get the family out of the trouble, there seems away. There is a man who is looking for a bride. He is wealthy and can really help the family pay the loans back. Yet the downside is he is paralyzed in the legs. It is said that he has a bad temper as well.

The man is interested in marrying their younger daughter. Yet the parents cannot sacrifice the innocent girl, thus they decide to send the elder, divorced daughter. The rich man recognizes her as someone different from the girl promised by the father.

From here begins her days when her patience will be tested. Can she overcome the difficulties and find a place for herself? Can she save her marriage to save her parents? To find out you will have to read Nothing to Give But My Heart full novel.
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Re: Nothing to Give but My Heart 1-2

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Chapter 1
In the darkroom, Ana Shen was lying alone on the soft big bed, she was barely covered under the quilt.

Tonight is her wedding night with the second young master of Yejia.

There is no wedding, no banquet, only the back of a man in a wheelchair waiting to come, and his deserted words, wash her clean and send me to bed, I want to inspect…


To him, she was just a cargo, each taking what she needed.

Suddenly, the door opened, and Ana Shen’s whole body was so tight that she couldn’t do it in an instant, pinching the quilt.

Rumor has it that the second young master of Yejia has a hateful face and a violent temper. After his leg disease caused the defect in that area, he became even moodier.

There are even rumors that he has killed five full wives, so that even people in the city who are greedy for the wealth of the Ye family will not dare to marry their daughter.

But Ana dare.

The Shen family was extremely short of money, and the group’s capital chain broke and was on the verge of bankruptcy. Her father borrowed loan sharks, and the result was profitable, which plunged the group and the Shen family into a greater crisis.

The debt collectors came to the door, and everyone shouted and screamed at them fiercely.

At this time, the life-saving straw of Yejia appeared, and the parents were reluctant to sacrifice their innocent sister, so they gave her second marriage to Yejia.

Unable to bear his father’s pleading, the grace of more than 20 years of nurturing finally made Ana Shen come here to replace his sister to marry the terrible No. 2 Young Master.

The sound of the wheelchair rubbing the floor gradually became clear, and Ana Shen didn’t dare to make it out.

Through the darkness, one can see a figure getting closer and closer…

The quilt was suddenly opened, and then a big hand stroked it up. Rough and cold, just like him.

“Ah!” Ana Shen couldn’t help screaming.

Only heard a sneer, the man came out in a low and indifferent voice: “Afraid?”

The movements of her hands were non-stop, slender fingers went all the way down her cheeks, across her slender neck, delicate clavicle… and down, it was an infinitely alluring scene.

Ana Shen held onto the quilt tightly, not allowing herself to escape.

But after the big hand passes through the flat lower abdomen, there is still no tendency to stop, and it is still going down…

“Stop, stop!” When he was about to touch her sensitive parts, Ana Shen finally couldn’t bear to grab his big hand.

It is said that men who have problems in that aspect are easily psychologically distorted, which breeds some special hobbies, such as abuse!

Thinking of this, Ana Shen’s body shuddered more severely, and she stumbled and said: “Ye, Ye Xiao, can you not do this, I…”


Ana Shen’s body became stiff, and she could obviously feel her trembling through the hands between the two.

“Hehe, such a young reaction, pretending to be like a baby.” The cold voice was full of mockery.

Hearing his words, Ana Shen’s pupils on the bed shrank suddenly. Could it be that he…

The next second, the lights were bright, and Ana Shen closed her eyes subconsciously.

The man withdrew his hand, his sharp eyes fell on her, his thin lips lightly opened: “Should I call you Erika Shen or Ana Shen? My wife.”

The dangerous tone made Ana Shen on the bed tremble severely, and when he opened his eyes, he ran into a pair of deep and cold eyes.

Chapter 2
The man’s eyebrows and eyes are sharp, and under his wolf-like eyes is a tall nose, and his thin, slash-like lips are pursed with a sneer arc. Although he was sitting in a wheelchair, he had a forceful aura around him, and he couldn’t let anyone approach him.

Is this the disgusting face in the rumor?

Ana Shen was a little stunned for a while, until the surrounding air suddenly dropped a few degrees, she hurriedly sat up from the bed under the quilt, did not dare to look directly at the man’s eyes, and said with a guilty conscience: “Of course I, I am Erika Shen… …”

“Heh.” Walter’s eyes grew colder, and he took out an envelope from his pocket and threw it in front of Ana Shen.

Ana Shen carefully picked it up and opened it, only to find that it was full of photos and materials of her sister Erika Shen.

So, he knew her identity from the beginning?

Ana Shen’s hand holding the envelope tightened a little bit, and she bit her lower lip, and she glanced at Walter with her eyes like a black glaze, calmly.

“The Shen family thought that Walter had leg problems, so he could not find someone to stop them from doing so…”

Ana Shen lowered her eyes to defend in a low voice: “I am also the daughter of the Shen family…”

“Daughter who just got divorced? Is the Shen family using Yejia as a recycling station?” Walter’s eyes were cold again.

The ironic and straightforward words reminded Ana Shen of the nightmare night a month ago. she bit her lower lip tightly, letting the pain remind her not to lose temper…

Before she calmed down, the man’s cold voice was like a pot of cold water hitting it again: “I’ll give you five minutes, get out of the night house.”

“What?” Ana Shen raised her eyes quickly, and looked into his black eyes.

If she is driven away, the Shen family will definitely offend Ye family. The whole family put their hopes on her, even if she is reluctant, she can’t just watch the Shen family fall into her own hands.

Ana Shen calmed down, and plucked up the courage to look directly at him and said, “I know this is also the marriage arranged by your parents. It is the same for you to marry anyone, otherwise you would not agree to this marriage.”

“Instead of marrying you again, let me stay, I promise we have nothing to do with each other.”

Having said this, Ana Shen raised her hands and made sure that her eyes were filled with determination, but her white face was cautious, afraid that he would not accept it.

It looks like…

Walter narrowed his eyes and looked at her.

In the end, Walter lifted his thin lips: “Just want to stay?”

Seeing his grinning expression, Ana Shen’s heart groaned, with an ominous premonition, but she nodded.

The corner of Walter’s mouth was even more contemptuous. It was not the first time that he saw this kind of woman who replaced his sister and married into the Ye family in the hope of prosperity and wealth.

Fixedly staring at the person on the bed, opening his lips: “I will give you a chance to stay…”

As soon as the light of joy appeared in Ana Shen’s eyes, she heard the man’s devilish afterword: “Please me…”

Ana Shen was stunned, staring at the man beside the bed in disbelief.

“Why, don’t you understand?”

Walter sneered, “Don’t tell me, a second-married woman still doesn’t know how to please a man.”

Hearing his words, Ana Shen clenched her fists severely.

She and Ben Lin did have a two-year marriage, but the other party has always used the excuse to be busy and never touched her. Until the night a month ago, she ran into Ben Lin and an enchanting pregnant woman lingering on their wedding bed.

Her nightmare started from that moment…

“Speak!” The silence of Ana obviously made Walter lose his patience. He stretched out his hand and tore off the bedding in front of her, and the woman’s snow-white ketone body was revealed…

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Re: Nothing to Give but My Heart 3-4

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Chapter 3
Ana Shen grabbed the quilt to cover her body in a panic, and wrapped herself like a bullied white rabbit.

Although the alluring beauty was fleeting, Walter’s eyes darkened a bit, and his cold voice was also a little hoarse, but he still laughed softly: “The pure white rabbit’s human settings are not suitable for you.” Frowning, “Since you can’t do it, just get out of here!” After speaking, he turned away while pushing the wheelchair.

“and many more!”

Looking at Walter’s indifferent and ruthless back, Ana Shen was so anxious that she got out of the bed wrapped in a quilt and shouted at Walter’s back, “If you can’t, why are you torturing me like this? Isn’t it good for us to live in peace?” It also saves you the trouble of marriage.”

Her words caused Walter to pause even when he was wearing a wheelchair.

He didn’t move, but his head turned slightly, the corner of his eyes was cold, and his voice seemed to come from hell: “Who can’t you say?”

Walter’s dangerous eyes are like a beast stung in the dark night, it seems that as long as Ana Shen says one more thing, he will immediately jump on you and kill you.

How is this going? He is obviously a person with leg problems, but why is the aura on his body so strong?

Walter had already adjusted the direction of the wheelchair back, and slowly approached her, his eyes were dark and oozing.

Ana Shen, who was wrapped in the quilt, took two steps back subconsciously.

Walter, who was sitting in a wheelchair, had already arrived in front of her. He moved quickly. He raised his hand and clasped her thin white wrists and waved away the bloated bedding on her body.

“Ah!” Ana Shen just fell to his lap “frankly”.

“You just said who can’t do it?” Walter opened his lips coldly, and his sharp eyes tightened her.

“Aren’t there rumors about you, you can’t do it…” Ana Shen said with a flushed face, not knowing where to cover her hands in a panic, “You let me go…”

The sudden approach caused Ana Shen to panic, and the hot masculine aura on him surrounded her.

Vigorous, domineering, and dangerous.

This feeling…

It reminded Ana Shen of the man in the car at the time, and the aura on his body was as domineering as the person in front of her.

Ana Shen’s face turned pale, and she would never forget the shameful night.

A month ago, after witnessing her husband’s betrayal, she was lost on the street and was suddenly caught in the car by a man, and then everything went out of control.

She struggled and screamed, but all the resistance was resolved under those big hot palms.

She was separated and smashed into pieces like a rag doll until she was dying.

The first time she was taken away on such a desperate night, she didn’t even see who that man was…

“Just want Mrs. That Night so unscrupulous?”

The male voice in her ear pulled Ana Shen’s mind back, and then she stiffened.

Because she found that Walter was pressing against her hotly somewhere. She had just experienced something like that a month ago, how could she not know what it was?

Ana Shen suddenly sweated on her forehead, covering his chest with one hand, and pushing against him with the other: “You let me go first.”

This state is too dangerous.

“Heh,” Walter sneered, “What are you doing so nervously, haven’t you done such a thing?”

Ana Shen looked at him stubbornly: “Don’t deceive people too much!”

“I said, you can stay, please me.”

Ana Shen’s face was pale and her lips trembled.

Looking at his beak-free eyes, Ana Shen was heartbroken, trying to throw away all the shame, just like that, revealing herself in front of the man. Shaking and reaching out, he began to unbutton his clothes.

One, two…

Suddenly, a nausea came.

“Oh.” Ana Shen retched uncontrollably.

Immediately there was a pain in her jaw, and Walter pinched her chin with one hand, and a terrifying breath broke out all over her body: “I just made you sick?”

Chapter 4
“No…” Ana Shen didn’t know if it was painful or anxious, tears were already overflowing from the corner of her eyes.

She has already achieved this level, she can’t fall short! She must succeed in staying at night home.

“I just…ah!”

Without a chance to explain, Walter pushed her away: “I am even more disgusting for a woman like you who is a bitch and has to stand up an archway.”

Without looking at Ana Shen who fell to the ground embarrassedly, Walter turned and pushed the wheelchair away.

Seeing Walter’s back, Ana Shen bit her lower lip lightly.

He didn’t mention that she left Yejia again, so could she stay?

Wrapped in the quilt and returned to the bed, after waiting for more than ten minutes, there was still no movement. Then Ana Shen was relieved. It seemed that she had succeeded.

Ana Shen kept the vacant room for the whole night alone. If she wanted to come to Walter, she should have acquiesced to her proposal—namely husband and wife, not related to each other.

Ana Shen got dressed and went downstairs, while a group of servants were busy.

Just about to step forward to ask them where the kitchen is, a broom suddenly stretched out from under her feet, and Ana Shen staggered, immediately leaping forward uncontrollably.


Just as she was about to make intimate contact with the earth, a pair of big hands helped her up in time.

Undecided, Ana Shen looked up and slammed into a pair of jade-like eyes.

“It’s okay, brother and sister.”


“I am Walter’s elder brother, my name is Curtis.” Curtis Ye said softly.

Before Ana Shen could answer, a cold voice suddenly sounded: “It seems that I am not here at the right time.”

This voice…Ana Shen followed the voice and looked over.

Phillip pushed Walter, who was sitting in a wheelchair, over. Walter was sitting in a wheelchair with a thin blanket covering his legs.

Although sitting in a wheelchair, he looks like a king over the world.

His eyes were cold, falling on Ana Shen’s face like a blade.

Meeting his gaze, Ana Shen couldn’t help shaking.

Only then did she realize that she was still in Curtis’s arms, and quickly stepped back two steps to keep a distance from him, bowing her head with a guilty conscience.

“Walter, it is rare to see you at home.” Curtis Ye still smiled at his younger brother.

But Walter treated him differently. He didn’t even have an expression on his face. He just nodded lightly: “Big Brother.”

“Well, the big brother won’t bother you and your younger siblings.”

After Curtis finished speaking, he looked at Ana Shen, and said gently: “Brother and sister, the eldest brother has to go to the company, and leave first.”

Ana Shen nodded blankly and watched Curtis leave. Just as she was about to withdraw her gaze, she heard Walter next to her open mockingly: “Divorced women are so hungry/thirsty? Can’t wait to start. Seduce/lead men?”

Hearing that, Ana Shen suddenly recovered, “What did you say?”

Walter’s eyes were dark, and there was a dark shadow under his eyes. Ana Shen felt that his hostility was very heavy.

Ana Shen bit her lower lip: “I am not as dirty as you think.”

“Really?” The smile on Walter’s lips was extremely mocking, and he didn’t put her in his eyes at all. “A woman who just got divorced and can’t wait to find her second spring, really not dirty?”

Ana Shen clenched her fists, a little angry.

Is she looking for the second spring herself? She was also forced.

“You better keep your promises and have nothing to do with the people of Yejia. If you let me find out what you are doing outside under the name of Yejia, or what purpose you have for the people of Yejia, I will let you live. It’s better to die.”


Phillip pushed Walter away.

After they left, a maid came over and said to her: “Second young lady, our old man wants to see you.”

Father? Is it Yejia’s grandfather?

Ana Shen suddenly became nervous.

My mother said before that none of the Ye family had seen Erika Shen, so they dared to let her marry Erika Shen so presumptuously.

Now that the old man wants to see her, he won’t be exposed, will he?

Ana Shen followed the maid nervously.

“Second young lady, please come in.”

The maid’s attitude was very humble, and Ana Shen thanked her and walked into the study cautiously.

The study room was similar to what she had imagined, with classical decorations and bookshelves. There were all kinds of pen and ink calligraphy and painting on the shelves, which were solemn and solemn.

Just taking a look, Ana Shen immediately retracted her gaze and looked at the person in the room: “Master, you, hello.”

Ana Shen’s gaze towards the old man of Yejia was caught by his shrewd gaze.

Old man Ye is looking at her.

Thinking of his identity, Ana Shen suddenly became nervous, and dropped his eyes at a loss, for fear that Old Man Ye would see the guilty conscience in his eyes.

Walter has temporarily fixed it, but if the old man finds out that she is not really Erika Shen, what will happen?

“Erika Shen.”

“Huh?” Ana Shen raised her head reflexively, and then quickly lowered her head after meeting the old man’s gaze.

Master Ye’s eyes were sharp, and his words were extremely serious.

“Walter has been in poor health since he was a child. Since you are married to him, you will take good care of him in the future. As a wife, what should I do, don’t I need to teach you?”

“I know.”

“From tomorrow, you will work with Walter as his assistant.”

Hearing that, Ana Shen raised her eyes in surprise: “But…”

“That’s it, you will go with Walter when you go to work tomorrow, and you will never leave!”
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Re: Nothing to Give but My Heart 5-6

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Chapter 5
Without giving Ana Shen the time to refuse, the Yejia master directly made a final decision, waved and let her leave.

In order to cause unnecessary disputes and reveal her identity, although Ana Shen was depressed, she decided to quit her original job and obey the arrangements of her father.

The next day, Old Man Ye directly asked Walter to take her to the company.

“You don’t find an assistant, I know what you are worried about, but now that Erika Shen is your wife, let her follow you to take care of you.”

The tone of the old man Ye when he spoke to Walter was still the same as when she was facing him. Ana Shen felt a little strange. What’s the matter? She thought that the grandfather and grandson would have a good relationship.

While thinking about it, Ana Shen felt a sharp gaze fall on his face, and she didn’t need to think about knowing who it was.

Walter stared at her mockingly: “Okay.”

Ana Shen was a little surprised, she thought he would refuse.

“Well, let’s go.” Old Man Ye’s expression eased.

Walter was expressionless while sitting on the wheelchair, Phillip nodded to the old man, “Master Ye, let’s go to the company first.”

“Bring Erika Shen.”

Ana Shen had to follow Walter.

Out of the hall, when he reached the garden, Walter said mockingly: “You have a good relationship with the old man so soon? Want to monitor me?”

Ana Shen’s pace was stopped, and her eyebrows wrinkled.

“I do not understand what you are saying.”

ef155374 “Heh,” Walter sneered: “You better never understand, otherwise…”

Walter did not continue to say the following words, but Ana Shen knew that it carried a naked threat.

Ana Shen was a little angry. She quit because of her job, and kept following his ass all day long.

She was not willing to say that they were unrelated, but now they are forcibly tied together.

Wordlessly walked outside the gate, Walter, who was sitting in a wheelchair, was taken to a special car, and Ana Shen subconsciously wanted to bend down and get in, not wanting Phillip but reached out to stop her.

“Miss Shen, this is our Mr. Walter’s special car.”

Ana Shen paused: “What do you mean?”

Walter turned his head and looked at her, with mocking expressions in those calm and deep eyes: “If you want to be my assistant, you are not qualified.”

Hearing that, Ana Shen’s expression changed: “Then why did you promise Grandpa again?”

Walter no longer pays attention to her, withdrawing his cold gaze, Phillip prepared to close the car door expressionlessly, Ana Shen stretched out her hand to block it, and asked Walter: “You are gone, what should I do? Grandpa…”

Speaking of Old Man Ye, Walter’s eyes flashed violently, and he narrowed his eyes, staring at her dangerously.

“Phillip, tell her the route and let her walk on her own.”

Ana Shen: “…” How could there be such a bad person?

Phillip reported the route to her blankly, and then closed the car indifferently.

Walter looked at the petite figure standing at the door through the rearview mirror with a stern look, but he withdrew his gaze at a glance.

After a while, he thought of something, and his thin lips moved slightly: “Is there any news about the woman I asked you to find?”

Speaking of this, Phillip replied apologetically: “Shao Ye, that road was not monitored. It happened that the rain was so heavy that day, and the night was too dark to see passers-by. However, please give me some more time. I believe it can be found out.”

Hearing this, Walter’s breath became colder again, and Feng Rui was hidden in his eyebrows: “One month, if you plan carefully, that woman should be pregnant at this time.”

Phillip was startled. A woman who didn’t know his name and looks was pregnant with Mr. Walter’s child? Then this is no joke, Phillip’s expression became serious.

“Understood, I will arrange for people to pay attention to what’s going on in the hospital.”

Walter constricted his eyes.

He has never touched a woman, the woman that night was the first!

Therefore, she must be found!

Chapter 6
It took Ana Shen half an hour to get to the Yeshi Group.

After soaking with the security guard at the front desk for a long time, she finally got on the elevator with the help of Curtis Ye.

“Go out and go to the right to the end is Walter’s office. I have other things, so I won’t accompany you there. Can I find my way?”

Hearing, Ana Shen nodded quickly: “Well, thank you brother.”

“You’re welcome.”

Seeing his leaving back, Ana Shen couldn’t help but shook his head with emotion: Obviously they were all born to the same parents, why is one such gentle gentleman and one such annoying?

Ana Shen took a deep breath and walked towards the end resignedly.

Finally saw the office door, Ana Shen stretched out her hand and was about to knock on the door. The door actually opened directly, and an unknown object was pushed out.

Ana Shen couldn’t dodge, was hit, and fell to the floor.

The unknown object fell with her.

“Ah! Walter, how can you treat me like this!”

Only then did Ana Shen discover that the woman who had just hit her was a woman with heavy makeup but disheveled clothes. After she fell, she quickly got up and pointed at the person inside and yelled.

Walter’s tall figure is sitting in a wheelchair, his eyes are pitch black and terrifying, his body exudes a strong aura, and his thin lips slightly open: “Go away.”

“You!” The woman trembled with anger, “Walter, who do you think you are? If you are not the second young master of the Ye family, you think Miss Ben can see you? It’s just a handicapped person, you really treat yourself Become a treasure? Actually refused me several times!”

The scolded and disabled Walter’s eyes turned cold, and his hostility was extremely deep.

Just when the woman wanted to say a few more cruel words, Ana Shen on the side suddenly stood up and said, “Even if my family’s Walter is incomplete, don’t you still rush over to this lady eagerly? Now you can’t eat grapes and say grapes. Sour?”

As soon as the words fell, the flirtatious woman who had been ridiculed was about to turn angrily to Ana Shen, and pointed her finger at her sharply: “Who are you, is it your turn to speak here?”

Ana Shen smiled slightly, raised her hand, and suddenly slapped the opponent severely.

A crisp sound rang in the corridor.

The coquettish woman covered her face in disbelief: “You dare to hit me?”


In exchange for another loud slap.

Even though she was wearing flat shoes and full face, Ana Shen’s aura at this time was 1.8 meters, and she looked at the beaten woman with her chin open: “I am Walter’s wife. In front of the original partner, you seduce my husband. I’m dead!”

Seeing that the other party was still unwilling to point at himself, Ana Shen said in a full posture: “Don’t get out? Do you want me to ask the security guard to strip you off and throw you on the road?” she took out his mobile phone and called the security guard.

“You, you…” The woman clutched her swollen face in embarrassment, and said unwillingly before leaving, “You wait, I will let you kneel and beg me sooner or later.”

Ana Shen raised her hand to beat her again, scared the other party and fled immediately.

Seeing the little white rabbit who was in front of him suddenly changed his personal appearance, Walter couldn’t help but deepen his eyes as he looked at her: there are scrutiny and inquiries, and with a bit of incomprehensible affection…

Until Ana Shen turned her head to look at him, Walter immediately recovered his cold appearance, and said without ups and downs: “I underestimate you.”

Ana Shen shrugged indifferently: “Although it is a name, we are husband and wife. As wives, how can we allow other women to seduce and defame their husband?”

Walter couldn’t help but froze for a few seconds with the words that the other party should have said. After realizing his gaffe, he immediately sneered: “Heh, there are so many women in second marriages, and it is really smooth to call each husband one by one.”

The mocking words made Ana Shen frown and show her eyebrows. After thinking of the task the old man had assigned him, Ana Shen walked behind Walter, grabbed his wheelchair, and said: “Okay, I have already followed your request. Come here by yourself, shouldn’t you keep your promise?”

Before he could answer, Ana Shen pushed him inside and asked, “What do you need me to do?”

Walter didn’t answer, but the aura on his body became strong and forcing people to rise, he sneered: “It seems that you really don’t know how to write death words.”

Ana Shen pursed her lips: “I don’t want to be your assistant, but this is what Grandpa meant.”

“Are you using him to suppress me?” The deep voice was full of danger.

“Why bother? I am also a victim, isn’t it good to be considerate of each other?”

Ana Shen noticed that there was some chaos in the office, and some documents were lost on the ground, which should have been caused by the woman who left just now.

Thinking of this, she stepped forward and knelt down to pick up the files, and put them on the table after finishing.

Walter looked at this series of actions and his eyes became gloomy.

It’s a joke that a woman who loves vanity is still the old man’s eyeliner, and she has moved her compassion because of her previous behavior. What she did is just a means to get close to herself!

I have to say that this woman is better than the previous ones.

It happened that Phillip came in at this time.

“Young night, the meeting will begin in five minutes.”

Seeing Ana Shen, Phillip’s gaze paused, but she didn’t expect that she would actually come over.

Walter wanted Phillip to push him away directly, but suddenly thought of something, a sharp flash of black eyes flashed, “Want to be an assistant? Then give you a chance.”
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Re: Nothing to Give but My Heart 7-8

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Chapter 7
In the meeting room.

Ana Shen walked in behind Walter, her appearance made everyone’s faces look surprised.

Everyone knows that Walter has always been the only person beside Phillip, and now there is a woman suddenly added, so everyone is guessing what this woman is.

It’s not that Ana Shen has never worked as an assistant, but she has never seen a scene like this. The meeting room of the Ye Family Group is particularly large. After all, it is the leader group of Beich.

As soon as she entered, Ana Shen felt that there was a coercion here, and Ana Shen’s shoulders unconsciously lowered a few points, accepting all kinds of eyes and following Phillip and Walter.

Until standing still, everyone’s eyes fell on Ana Shen.

“Nightclub, who is this?”

Curtis was the vice president of the Ye Family Group, and he himself was in the meeting. He was a little surprised to see Ana Shen coming in.

Ana Shen squeezed the corners of her clothes tightly, trying to tell herself not to be nervous, she slowly raised her head, and found a gentle gaze while looking at everyone’s probing eyes.

That is Curtis Ye.

The eyes of the two met, Curtis nodded towards Ana Shen with a gentle smile on his face.

Immediately, Ana Shen felt that she didn’t seem to be so nervous anymore, so she pursed her lips and smiled at Curtis Ye.

Ana Shen felt that Curtis was really a very gentle person.

All these little movements fell into Walter’s eyes.

There was a cold light in his eyes, and his sharp eyes narrowed. “The caregiver.”


Everyone is unclear. So, what does Walter mean by a caregiver?

Even Ana Shen didn’t understand.

“Nightclub, what did you just say she was?”

Walter’s eyes were like cut pupils in the dark night. He raised his eyebrows slightly, and met the questioner, “The nurse my grandfather asked me to take care of my daily life.”

The harsh words made Ana Shen pale and looked at him with low eyes.

She obviously came to be his assistant, why did 44de2a09 become a nurse?

“Coffee.” Walter said coldly while thinking.

Ana Shen stood still, until Phillip winked at her, Ana Shen then reacted and immediately went out of the meeting room to make coffee.

When she came back, the meeting had already begun, and Ana Shen placed the coffee in front of Walter.

Walter only took a sip, then frowned: “Too sweet, change it!”

After that, only Walter’s picky noises in the meeting room were heard from time to time.

“Too light.”

“Too hot.”

“It’s too cold.”

Ana Shen went back and forth several times because of a cup of coffee, and the good-looking conference room became a place for everyone to watch Walter. The eyes from all directions made Ana Shen almost uncomfortable.

She was about to have a seizure, but when she thought of the situation in the Shen family, Ana Shen held back, and went out for another drink.


The cup was heavily placed on the table, everyone was shocked.

“With this ability, you want to be my carer too?”

Ana Shen stood still, her face pale.

Curtis Ye, who was sitting not far away, frowned slightly as he watched this scene, and couldn’t help but said, “Walter, it’s over.”

Oh? Brother actually spoke for her? It seems that this woman is a good method.

The smile on Walter’s lips became colder and colder: “Big brother loves me as a nurse? Then I will give her to you?”

Ana Shen bit her lower lip, her fingertips trembling.

Unacceptable! Finally understand why he suddenly agreed to stay with him, it turned out to be to humiliate her!

In Walter’s eyes, she is probably a woman who marries a wealthy family at all costs for the sake of money status, so he hates himself so much.

“Walter, why are you like this? After all, she is…”

Before you could say these four words, your wife was interrupted by Phillip coldly: “It’s just a cup of coffee. Isn’t ye Vice always taking care of it a bit?”

Curtis seemed to want to say something for Ana Shen, but Ana Shen rushed to him and said: “I’ll make another cup for Mr. Walter.”

After speaking, she brought the cup and went out.

One cup, two cups, three cups…

No matter how long the meeting lasted, and how long Ana Shen ran back and forth, Walter was always dissatisfied, and she did not complain.

She was still making coffee until the end of the meeting.

Phillip who was on the side saw that he couldn’t bear it. When he saw that the people were gone, he whispered to Walter’s side and said, “Young Master Ye, don’t you forget it? Just treat her.”

Walter sneered: “This kind of woman, if he doesn’t treat her like this, she will know what it means to retreat?”

He wants to see, how long can she endure?

The number of cups can’t be counted, Ana Shen was so tired that she was fainted, and she was almost unable to hold on. When she entered the meeting room with coffee, Walter was gone.

He hasn’t said that he has passed the test, just disappeared like this?

Ana Shen put the coffee on the table and turned to go out.

When I got under the building, I happened to see Walter’s special car leaving the Ye Family Group.

And she was left behind again.

Chapter 8
In the next few days, Walter did not rush Ana Shen to leave the Ye family, nor did he say that she was not allowed to come to the company.

As long as she was by his side, Walter would try to enslaves and exploit her.

A whole week of high-intensity work made Ana Shen exhausted.

This morning, Ana Shen was about to get up and go to the Ye Family Group as usual, but she felt dizzy and uncomfortable, and her body was too heavy.

When brushing her teeth, she actually felt nauseous for a while, holding on to the sink and retching several times before finishing her toothbrush.

Ana Shen was puzzled. She felt that the frequency of retching has become more and more recently. Isn’t it because of eating something bad?

I also have a dumb throat, probably because of a cold. Let me go to the hospital today by the way.

She had already arrived at Walter where the group was working, and couldn’t help but check the time.

It was an hour before work, and the woman still didn’t come.

Oh, he thought how strong her perseverance is, this is the end?


At this moment, there was a knock on the door.


Seeing the incoming person, Walter was inexplicably lost.

“Mr. Walter, here are the documents that need to be approved today and the itinerary for the afternoon,” Phillip respectfully handed over the information and continued, “The hospital has already sent staff, and no suspicious woman has been found to go to the obstetrics and gynecology department. “

“I know.” Walter waved his hand to signal the other party to leave, and when the other party was about to leave, he seemed to ask indifferently, “She didn’t come?”

Phillip froze for a moment. After realizing who Mr. Walter was asking, he immediately replied: “Yes, Miss Shen did not come. It seems that she has retired when she is in trouble.”

Walter let out an “um” and continued to work.

At the same time, in the hospital.

Ana Shen took the number and lined up. When it was her turn, after she told the doctor about her condition, the doctor’s eyes became a little weird.

“Have you been lethargic, nauseated, and occasionally frequent urination?”

Ana Shen nodded again and again: “What is wrong with me? I don’t seem to have a cold like this…”

The doctor glanced at her helplessly, and continued to ask: “How long has the menstrual period come?”

Hearing, Ana Shen counted, “About a month or so…”

After her words, she seemed to think of something, and her face gradually changed.

The doctor smiled and said, “Have you had sex recently? Pay more attention to your own situation. Just don’t prescribe the medicine. Go and get a new number and check it.”

Ana Shen left the hospital almost desperately.

She didn’t dare to pick up the number, but went to the drugstore to buy a pregnancy test stick, and when she returned to Yejia, she locked herself in the bathroom.

After waiting anxiously for a long time, when Ana Shen saw that the pregnancy test stick was positive, her complexion was even worse when she was ill.

Looking down at her flat belly, she still couldn’t believe it.

It happened too suddenly at the time. She had never experienced anything like this. She fled home in a panic, and was forced to marry again. Heartbroken, she left the incident behind her head and didn’t have time to eat urgently. Birth control pills.

Now, that man’s seed was left in her belly!

Ana Shen reached out her hand to cover her lips, still in disbelief.

No, she can’t mess with herself. Maybe it was because the pregnancy test stick was inaccurate, she still had to go to the hospital for a check.

Thinking of this, Ana Shen immediately put the things away and threw them into the trash can, and got up out of the bathroom.

Probably because of pregnancy, Ana Shen felt very guilty. When he came out, she looked around, for fear that Walter would suddenly appear.

Because of the cold and pregnancy, Ana Shen was groggy, and simply lay on the bed to sleep. She slept until sunset.

Ana Shen touched her hungry stomach and went downstairs to find something to eat.

On the stairs, several servants passed her, and one of them slammed her shoulder maliciously.

“Ah!” Ana Shen was accidentally knocked down and sat on the stairs.

“Oh, it turned out to be the second youngest grandmother, which servant I thought it was. Excuse me, do you need me to help you?”

Having said that, the maid did not move at all.

Ana Shen glanced at the arrogant maid, did not say anything, just got up in silence and continued downstairs.

Who thinks, she is not willing to cause trouble to others but not willing to let her go.

“Cut, you really thought you would fly to a branch and become a phoenix when you married into the night house? If our second youngest doesn’t like you, you are not as good as our servant.”

“That’s right, looking at her appearance as a hillbilly, doesn’t she look like a young grandmother? I heard that the second master only used her as a nurse!”

“If I were her, I would pack my things and leave, lest I be embarrassed here.”

“This kind of woman has a thick skin! What can’t be done for money?”

Hearing those unknowingly cursed ridicules, Ana Shen’s pale face became paler, and her weak body couldn’t help but sway.

Turning her head and trying to say something, a cold voice mixed with Bing Ling came: “When did the servant of the night family commit such a crime and have no rules?”
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Chapter 9
Hearing the familiar voice, Ana Shen suddenly raised her head, and saw Phillip pushing Walter in.

The cold posture that she had avoided, at this moment made her feel at ease inexplicably.

Walter just glanced at random, and Ana Shen’s beautiful eyes with water vapor slammed into his dark eyes, like a small pebble falling into the calm lake, rippling a circle of ripples.

Ana Shen doesn’t look ugly, on the contrary, her facial features are very three-dimensional, her eyelashes are long and curled, and her beautiful eyes are like clear spring water. It seems that all the spiritual energy in the world is gathered in these eyes.

At this moment, the eyelashes were stained with a little crystal, and the eyes were reddened but trying to keep the tears from falling, which made people want to pity.

Her face was abnormally pale at this time, as if she was sick.

Walter was inexplicably troubled for some reason. Looking at the maids who chewed harder, his eyes became colder.

“Ye, Mr. Walter…” The maids lowered their heads and dared not speak.

“Who was slandering my wife just now?”

Hearing his words, Ana Shen’s pupils were shocked, and he actually admitted that she was his wife in front of everyone.

The servants who ridiculed Ana Shen were shocked by the sudden sharpening of his aura, and their bodies trembled like chaff.

Walter’s sharp gaze glanced over them one by one, and his lips opened for a long while: “Since no one admits it, then all open, no one will hire you in the future.”

“It’s them! The four of them slander the young grandma!” Upon hearing that she was about to be fired, the maid who didn’t say anything bad about Ana Shen immediately pointed to the four people around her to report, and the four people were so scared that they knelt down neatly and uniformly. Begging for mercy on the ground.

“Mr. Walter, we were wrong…”

“Miss grandma, we were wrong, please forgive me once.”

“Young lady, please give me another chance!”

Walter snorted coldly, “Phillip.”

“Yes!” Phillip immediately exchanged for bodyguards and drove the four servants out.

Ana Shen looked at the maid who kept begging for forgiveness, just standing indifferently.

She is not a Virgin, and she intercedes for them if she is bullied; once she does this, they will only get their noses up.

After the four maids were dragged out, the hall instantly became clean.

Walter said coldly to the remaining maid who didn’t dare to be out of the air, “Next time I dare to be disrespectful to my wife, the consequences will never be that simple, understand?”

“Yes, Mr. Walter.”

After Walter waved his hand to let the servant leave, he raised his eyes again to look at the woman who was staring straight at him, feeling complicated.

After a pause, he still said, “Before I found her, you were the second grandmother here.”

Ana Shen subconsciously answered, “Who are you looking for?”

In an instant, Walter’s eyes turned gloomy and scary: “Don’t ask if you shouldn’t ask, remember your identity!”

After speaking, Walter asked Phillip to push him upstairs, without looking at the sluggish little woman behind him, but his handsome eyebrows frowned involuntarily.

I always feel that I’ve been a little abnormal to her recently…

Watching him leave, Ana Shen pursed her lips: Yes, who is he looking for and what does it matter to her? He just came out to defend himself because the maids had lost his face in disguise, after all, she was his wife by name.

Anyway, as long as you don’t drive her away, everything else doesn’t matter.

The next day.

Ana Shen got up and changed into simple clothes, put on a hat and went out to the hospital.

The result of the test yesterday kept her awake at night. I really hope that the test result is wrong.

After entering the hospital, Ana Shen took out sunglasses and a mask from her bag and put on them again, cautiously, for fear of encountering other people in Yejia.

When waiting in line, Ana Shen’s eye-catching outfit instantly attracted the attention of others.

Want to be low-key, but it is counterproductive.

When it was finally Ana Shen’s turn, the doctor frowned when he saw the person with only one pair of eyes exposed.

Just about to ask, “Boom”, a few tall and burly men in black suddenly broke into the door, scaring the doctor: “You, who are you! Security guard, there are medical troubles here!”

Ana Shen looked at the several people approaching her aggressively, and he was also scared to get up and run.

But as soon as she stood up, a man in black grabbed her, leaned over and carried, and directly led her to rush out.

“Ah! What are you doing, let me go!” Ana Shen, who was carried like a torn sack, was extremely congested and uncomfortable. He punched and kicked the people under him, yelling in a panic, “Help! Help!”

Nishitaki Villa.

“Where is the person?” Walter frowned and asked, looking at the empty villa.

After hearing that the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital had caught a woman who was walking strangely, Walter put down all his work and rushed over.

“It’s time to arrive soon.” Phillip replied respectfully.

At this moment, a sharp shout came: “What the hell are you doing? Let me down!”

Chapter 10
Ana Shen was carried on her shoulders and walked all the way, her head was so dizzy that she was about to vomit.

“You are kidnapping, I tell you, I have nothing, and you don’t want to hit my lord…” The follow-up words stopped abruptly when they saw the figure in the wheelchair in front.

Walter! Why is he here?

The deep and sharp black eyes looked at him, and the moment he met him, Ana Shen quickly lowered her head.

Fortunately, she was fully armed, and Walter did not recognize himself for a while. But, what did he let her get here for?

Could it be… you knew she was pregnant? So can’t tolerate her?

Thinking of this, Ana Shen’s expression changed dramatically!

She was originally married in place of Erika Shen, and Walter was already very dissatisfied with this. If she found out that she was still pregnant, then he would definitely kick her out of the Ye family!

Thinking of this, Ana Shen pushed away the people in black, turned and ran.

“Catch her back.” Phillip shouted when he saw this.

Walter stared at the petite figure, remembering the night a month ago, his eyes moved slightly, and he said: “Don’t hurt her.”

Ana Shen was caught back before he had run two steps, and it was useless to struggle.

Looking at Walter who was pushing the wheelchair forward, her heart sprang wildly.

It’s over, she is going to be discovered, what should I do?

Even though Walter was sitting in a wheelchair, his figure was tall, not much shorter than her, and he touched her mask as soon as he raised his hand.

Ana Shen widened her eyes and kept her face away.

Walter’s hand chased after her again, and Ana Shen widened her eyes and continued to flee.

This cat-and-mouse chasing made Walter couldn’t help but laugh, and his voice was low and sweet: “I like playing so much?”

what happened?

Ana Shen looked at him incredulously.

Is this still the cold, expressionless Walter before? How could his voice and tone suddenly become so gentle?

Being in a daze, the mask on Ana Shen’s face was suddenly taken off by Walter.

“Ah!” Ana Shen exclaimed, subconsciously trying to reach out his hand to cover his face, only after moving a little did she realize that her arm was being restrained.

Walter had a soft look just now. After taking off her mask to see her face clearly, the soft color in her eyes disappeared inch by inch, and was replaced by the cold Senhan.

After a long while, he narrowed his eyes dangerously: “Is it you?”

Ana Shen was also stunned, didn’t he know it was himself?

“You ask me? Didn’t your people catch me here?”

Hearing, Walter thought of something, he narrowed his eyes and stared at her: “What are you doing in the hospital?”

Ana Shen’s heart immediately hung up. She is not a person who is good at lying. She fluttered her eyelashes and replied: “I, I have a cold, can’t I go to the hospital?”

Walter raised his eyebrows and sneered, “Go to the obstetrics and gynecology department? Why don’t you tell me, what kind of disease are you seeing?”

Ana Shen bit her lower lip and thought for a while, then she suddenly asked: “What about you? You don’t even know it is me, so why did you find someone to catch me here?”

Hearing, Walter was taken aback.

He didn’t expect it to happen. What he was looking for was a woman from a month ago, but the people under his hand actually caught her, and she was still in the obstetrics and gynecology department.

When he thought of obstetrics and gynecology, Walter’s eyes flashed a shadow: “Are you pregnant?”
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Chapter 11
Being pierced by the fact of guilty conscience, Ana Shen instantly paled, with trembling lips, not knowing how to speak.

“Heh,” Walter sneered: “No wonder you are so anxious to marry your sister to Yejia. It turns out that you brought an oil bottle and can’t wait to find someone to take it?”

Standing behind Walter, Phillip suddenly clenched his fists angrily: “What do you think of us, Mr. Walter! You actually took your child to marry Yejia, if it wasn’t for our people to find you in the obstetrics and gynecology department. Sneaky, how long do you want to hide!”

Ana Shen wanted to handle the matter quietly, but she didn’t expect to be caught here by Walter’s people.

But what did he send someone to guard in the obstetrics and gynecology department?

Facing Walter’s gloomy face, Ana Shen suppressed the panic and doubts in her heart, and said stiffly: “Who said I was pregnant when I went to the obstetrics and gynecology department? Can I go to the gynecology department?”

“It seems that you don’t cry without seeing the coffin.” Walter’s cold voice came from hell, “Take her to the hospital and tell me the result.”

“Yes!” The black bodyguard stepped forward and detained Ana Shen.

“No!” Ana Shen struggled hard: “Walter, we are just a married couple, what qualifications do you have to let them treat me like this, let me go!”

“Let go?” Walter’s eyes were cold, and his tone was indifferent: “If you let me find out that you are pregnant, you should know the consequences! Phillip, take the person away.”

Knowing that she was not the person she was looking for, Walter showed no mercy to Ana Shen.

After an hour.

Walter threw the report in his hand to Ana Shen’s face, staring at her sullenly, “Heh, want me to be the next Pan Xuan Walter? The Shen family is so bold!”

“No, it’s not like that!” With such a big hat buttoned down, Ana Shen was panicked immediately, “I didn’t know that I was pregnant, and the Shen family didn’t even know it. I didn’t hide it from you on purpose…”

“Don’t know?” Walter suddenly stretched out his hand to pinch her chin, her eyes gloomy as before the storm: “Then I will give you another chance to knock the child out, and I can force you to stay in Yejia.”

Ana Shen subconsciously refuted: “No…”

“No?” Walter looked at her mockingly, and said something as if poisoned: “You think I am disabled, and you should accept you who brought your ex-husband and children to marry you? You look down on me like that? “

Ana Shen shook her head repeatedly: “I didn’t think so at all!”

She never expected that she would be pregnant. She had been with Ben Lin for two years, and he had never touched her; how could she know that she would accidentally lose her life on that rainy night and then be pregnant again?

Everything is like a collapsed wall, crazily pressing on Ana Shen’s shoulders.

Ana Shen knew that once she had other people’s children, she couldn’t stay in the night house, and the Shen family would become a joke in Jeonbuk.

But she needs some time to accept this mess…

“Please, give me some time!”

“Three days.” Walter said bloodthirstily, “Three days later, if the wild species is still in your stomach, you will get out of the night house for me!”

After that, Phillip pushed Walter away.

Left alone Ana Shen fell to the ground, her limbs cold.

For a long time, Ana Shen trembling both hands took out the phone, and called her best friend Karla Han.

When Ana Shen returned to Yejia again, it was already dark.

She talked with her best friend Karla Han for a long time, and there were people who shared the continuous attacks over the past month, and the pouring out made her a lot more comfortable.

The two also carefully analyzed the current situation, and Ana Shen finally made up her mind-not to have this child.

My girlfriend is right. Now I only have the shelter of Yejia. Her parents can force her to marry Yejia for the sake of her younger sister and family benefit. If she is driven out by Yejia, Shen’s family can still accommodate her. ?

As he was thinking, a cold voice came from behind: “Stop.”

Chapter 12
When Ana Shen turned around, he saw Phillip pushing Walter towards him.

The eyes of the two met in the air, less than a second before Ana Shen opened his eyes and asked: “Young Master Ye, is there something to do?”

Walter stared at her, but he ordered the people behind him: “Phillip, go back.”

Hearing, Phillip was taken aback for a moment, “But Mr. Walter, I haven’t helped you today…”

“Shouldn’t Mrs. Ye do these things?”

Walter stared at the woman with his head down and his eyes down, and his heart felt agitated, especially after he learned that she was pregnant, the inexplicable anger almost swallowed her.

Ana Shen was taken aback for a moment, then looked up and asked, “What do I need to do?”

“Phillip, tell her what Mrs. Ye needs to do.”

Phillip glanced at Walter and didn’t understand what he was thinking, but he still said to Ana Shen according to his thoughts: “Mr. Walter’s legs are inconvenient. You have to look after him when you take a shower. It’s best to be on call.”

After speaking, Phillip still felt uneasy, and simply walked over and whispered a few words to Ana Shen.

At the beginning, Ana Shen listened carefully and remembered. After hearing that, her fair face was a little red, and she bit her lower lip lightly, “Do you have to do this?”

Phillip was very nervous, pursing his thin lips: “That’s for sure, do it well, be careful that Mr. Walter gets angry and throw you out directly.”

Ana Shen shrank her neck in fright and nodded, “I see.”

After the exhortation, Phillip went back to report to Walter: “Young Master Ye, then I will go first.”


After Phillip left, she and Walter were the only people here.

When Ana Shen remembered what Phillip had said to her just now, her cheeks blushed again.

“What do you dare to do? Come here!” Walter suddenly let out a cold voice.

Ana Shen was startled by him, and the petite figure walked towards him tremblingly.

“What are you shaking?” Walter saw that she was so frightened that he was not angry, and then reprimanded: “Push me to the bathroom.”

Ana Shen pushed him to the bathroom as he said.

Yejia’s bathroom is very large, and it was built specially for the inconvenience of Walter’s legs. It was just that after pushing him in, the strong and cold breath of Walter’s body instantly covered the bathroom.

According to what Phillip said, Ana Shen asked in a low voice: “Where are your clothes? Shall I get your clothes first?”

“The pajamas are in the first cabinet. Bring the blue one.”

“Okay.” Ana Shen turned around and fetched the blue pajamas. When she came back, she found that Walter had actually taken off his shirt. His naked torso made Ana Shen startled, and screamed “Ah”. Turned around and covered his eyes.

“What is the name of the ghost?” Walter frowned.

“Why are you undressing?”

Hearing, there was a hint of discomfort in Walter’s eyes. He turned to find that the woman was standing at the door with her back facing him, not daring to come in. He looked down at himself, and then a mocking smile appeared on his lips.

“How do you take a bath without taking off your clothes? What, are you pretending to be pure with me?”

Ana Shen wanted him to put on his clothes, but he swallowed when he was talking. He was right. How can I take a bath without taking off my clothes? Don’t say it’s just the upper body, you will even take off the lower body.

Thinking of this, Ana Shen’s face instantly burst into red. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, hypnotized myself: You are already a couple! It’s a couple! Haven’t you been mentally prepared before you marry? Stage fright should not be at this moment.

Thinking of this, Ana Shen turned around, her little face already calmed down: “I brought the clothes for you, do you need anything else?”


Ana Shen choked and walked forward.

“The belt is untied.”

Unbelt? Ana Shen looked at Walter.

He is a person with leg problems, and he should not be able to stand up and exercise normally. Ana Shen thought he must have a lot of fat on his stomach, but he didn’t expect that his goal was actually a strong chest and a flat belly.

“Silly?” Walter’s mocking voice rang out coldly.

Ana Shen raised her eyes and met his sharp and deep eyes, nodded in a flustered manner, untied his belt with his trembling hands.

But she has never touched this thing, she can’t get it…

Walter frowned.

Looking at the half-bended woman in front of me, the whiteness of the neckline was faintly visible, and her hand trembled on his belt for a long time before she opened it.

“Did you deliberately?” The magnetic voice was slightly muffled.

“Huh?” The more anxious Ana Shen was, the more she didn’t know how to open it, and the tension was so intense that her voice was crying, “I, I won’t…”

The woman’s hand was soft as boneless, with a gentle warmth, the back of her hand rubbed against his lower abdomen, Walter’s eyes grew thicker, and the dark eyes seemed to congeal in the storm.

“Can you…Ah!”

Before he finished speaking, Ana Shen’s wrist was clasped by Walter, and then she was forcefully pulled into his arms.

Time seemed quiet for a moment.

Ana Shen sat down on Walter’s lap, her soft and delicate arms touched his hard chest.

The male aura invaded her breath incomparably domineeringly, invading all her senses in an instant.

“Let go, let go!” After a daze for two seconds, Ana Shen reacted and stretched out a small hand to resist Ana Shen’s chest, trying to distance the two of them.

Walter clasped her thin white wrist, pulled her hand down with sullen eyes, and stopped on the buckle of the belt, “Your ex-husband, didn’t you tell you how to solve it? Or are you deliberately pretending to be with me? , Hope I teach you?”


“Then, as you wish.”
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Chapter 13 Enforcement of Husband Power
Walter grabbed her hand and pressed the buckle with a click.

The belt is loose…

Ana Shen felt her brain freeze for a while, and her panicked eyes gradually widened under Walter’s gaze.

Walter took his hand to untie the belt, took it off, and threw it aside.

Ana Shen’s brain was in a dead state, so her body did not react.

“Now you know?” Walter asked in a hoarse voice.

Ana Shen sat on his lap, looking at Walter, which was close at hand.

His face is handsome, his eyes are as deep as tan, his nose is straight, and his thin lips are pressed like a straight line. I have to say that Walter is really a very handsome man.

With this face alone, many women in the north 35d1d1e5 city have to flock to him

It’s just that Ana Shen could not forget the humiliation he gave her.

Seeing him gradually approaching him, Ana Shen subconsciously turned her head away.

Walter’s eyes were sharp, his slender fingers pinched her chin, and he said in a vicious voice: “What to hide? Want to catch? Why, do you think I would be interested in a woman like you?”

“No!” Ana Shen didn’t want to hear him say those humiliating words anymore, and bit her lower lip tightly: “If you are not interested in me, then let me go.”

“Why? Are you interested, what does it have to do with you?”

Hearing, Ana Shen’s eyes widened, “You…”

“Heh.” He leaned forward abruptly, his cold thin lips heavily covering her red lips trembling with tension.

“Hmm…” Ana Shen’s brain was blank for several seconds before she could react, and she stretched out her hand to push his chest.

It’s okay if you don’t push him, Walter seems to be irritated, rubbing her soft lips even harder, so hard that Ana Shen can’t bear it. The pain in her lips made her delicate brows furrow together, she didn’t swallow, and pushed him.

Walter originally wanted to humiliate her, to see where the kissing skills of a second-married girl were. Who knew that her reaction was unexpectedly so green? He didn’t know how to breathe in. He was strong. Under the offensive, she didn’t have the ability to resist at all, let him bully.

Damn it!

If you really want to seduce him, shouldn’t it be time to use all your abilities to seduce him to react?

Suddenly, Walter roughly pulled the person in his arms away, leaving her lips, “Is that stupid?”

Ana Shen’s head was dizzy by the kiss.

Except for the man a month ago, she had never experienced such a ferocious and overbearing kiss. Walter was too strong, like a fierce leopard. After catching you, she has been attacking frantically, giving you no breath at all. Opportunity.

No matter what you do, you can’t escape.

Ana Shen’s mouth was full of unfamiliar breaths from men. Ana Shen was very resistant at first, but gradually her whole body became soft when she was kissed. At this moment, Walter pulled away, his thoughts were still floating away, and he looked at her with blurred eyes. I can’t say anything.

Walter narrowed his eyes dangerously and stared at the eyes that were close at hand.

This woman’s eyes are like a cold spring, and she looks too cold and deserted on weekdays, making it impossible to lift any desires. At this moment, his eyes were blurred, and he had a different style, which actually…magically attracted him.

Inexplicably, an idea grew in Ye Mochen’s head.

Why is such a woman divorced when she has such a demeanor when she is in love?

Is it?

Walter squinted, squeezed her chin and approached her, and asked in a dumb voice: “I haven’t kissed yet? Can’t I change my breath?”

Ana Shen seemed to come back to her senses when she heard the kiss, and the blur in his eyes slowly faded away.

However, the man’s thin lips covered it again, and Ana Shen slammed the back of her head, deepening the kiss.

Walter didn’t know what was going on, it was just that at that moment, he suddenly wanted to keep the scenery in Ana Shen’s eyes, so… he said directly.

Ana Shen didn’t know how long she had been sinking, and she suddenly woke up when she felt her body was held up by something.

Seeing Walter lowering his head and gnawing on her neck, Ana Shen’s scorching heavy breath made Ana Shen scream and pushed him away.

This push directly pushed Walter away, and threw himself by the way.

Ana Shen sat down on the icy floor, her entire head stunned. She covered her red and swollen lips, and looked at him accusingly with beautiful eyes: “What are you doing!” A sneak peek at her swollen pants, immediately. She looked away with fright.

After Walter was pushed away, his expression was a little surprised, and after a while he returned to his indifference.

“Implementing her husband’s power, why, Mrs. Ye is not used to it?”

Chapter 14
There was a mocking smile on the corner of his lips, which was obviously to humiliate her deliberately.

Ana Shen said angrily: “Aren’t you not interested in me? Why are you kissing me!”

In her consciousness, kissing should be something that lovers can only do, but the expression in his eyes is obviously disgusting when he sees her, why can he still get his mouth off?

“Mrs. Ye, didn’t I tell you just now? Being interested in you is completely different from humiliating you.”

Ana Shen was stunned.

Unexpectedly, he was so bad that Ana Shen was so angry that she got up to leave.

“Mrs. Ye hasn’t helped me undress yet.”


“Or, you don’t want the wife of the night?”

Threat! The threat of Chiguoguo!

Ana Shen clenched her pink fist, her face pale with anger, before letting go.

Forget it, just bear it. Isn’t it just undressing?

Ana Shen turned around and walked in front of him again. Walter noticed that her beautiful eyes had resturned to the cold, and they were like a cold spring that could not move.

Oh, what a disappointment. I want to stay in Yejia, but I don’t even know how to hook up people.

Ana Shen bent down to help him take off his pants, the sudden bump made her face red and low blood again. He simply closed his eyes and pulled his pants, but because of the wrong posture, he couldn’t take it off.

She can only say to him: “You can help me hard.”

Walter sat there with a cold face: “Mrs. Ye doesn’t know that I am disabled? How can I use force?”

Ana Shen: “I can’t help you if you don’t use your strength.”

“Oh, it seems that your wife this night is of little use.”

Ana Shen’s face changed, so she closed her mouth and tried her best.

In the past two minutes…

Ana Shen still did not succeed…

How to do? Ana Shen was crying anxiously, her eyes were red.

When Walter raised her head impatiently and wanted to scold her, he found that her forehead was so anxious that she was sweaty, and her eyes were red.

So when he reached his lips, he stopped like this, Walter frowned.

What’s the matter with her?

Like this kind of unscrupulous woman who replaced her sister and married into the night house with a child, he should just throw it out, and actually give her a chance to be here?

Walter suddenly woke up, clasped Ana Shen’s wrist, and pushed her directly out.

Unexpectedly, Ana Shen’s thin shoulders hit the hard wall, and she raised her head to meet Walter’s cold eyes.

“Get out.”

She clutched her sore shoulder and glanced at him inexplicably.

“Nothing, what do you stay here for? Get out!”

“You!” Ana Shen clenched her fists, feeling that Walter was speaking too much.

But after thinking about it, it is true that she didn’t help for a long time, the anger in her eyes disappeared, and then she slowly walked out of the bathroom with her shoulders.

“Phillip!” An indifferent voice rushed through the door with an imposing aura, and Phillip, who was eavesdropping outside, trembled.

“Don’t roll in yet?”

Phillip scrambled into the bathroom and scratched his head awkwardly: “Young Master Ye, how did you know that I was outside?”

Walter glanced at him coldly, and Phillip had to shut up immediately.

When Walter came out of the shower, Ana Shen in the bedroom had already fallen asleep. The small ball was shrunk in the quilt, and she covered her entire head, revealing only a few strands of long black hair.

With just a glance, Walter withdrew his gaze.


Phillip handed over a dry towel, Walter dried the water on his hair, his thin lips moved: “You go back first.”

When the words fell, Ana Shen, who was sleeping over there, probably felt hot under the quilt, and suddenly kicked off the quilt, revealing her thin, white, straight legs.

Ana Shen’s skin is very white and her legs are very thin. The visual impact caused by this scene is quite big.

Phillip also heard the movement and looked over subconsciously. As a result, as soon as his eyes touched those thin white legs, Walter’s chilly voice sounded, “Not leaving?”

The sudden coldness made Phillip shiver, and quickly walked out of the room.

After he left, Walter’s gaze fell on Ana Shen again, and he snorted coldly: The damn woman actually pretended to be so pure, she didn’t understand anything.

Now I’m asleep, but hooks a man like this!

When Ana Shen woke up the next day, Walter had already left. When she finished cleaning up and went downstairs, she happened to ran into Old Man Ye.

“Erika Shen?”

“Master…” Ana Shen was inexplicably nervous when she saw him.

I always felt that the old man’s eyes were sharp, and he seemed to understand people’s hearts. She was afraid that her identity would be easily recognized in front of him.

“You didn’t accompany Walter to the company these two days?”

Although the words were very light, Ana Shen heard a hint of reproach. She glanced at the old man timidly, and then whispered: “I’m sorry, old man, I’ve been a little uncomfortable for these two days, so…”

“Uncomfortable?” Old Man Ye squinted his sharp eyes, “I’ll call the doctor over to check it on you.”

Call the doctor to check her up? Wasn’t the matter of her pregnancy exposed immediately?

Ana Shen immediately stopped: “No need, my father, I just have a common cold. I will go out to the pharmacy and buy some medicine later.”

The old man Ye stared at her with shrewd eyes, and Ana Shen was frowned upon by him and bit her lower lip subconsciously.

“The nasal sounds are so heavy, how about taking medicine only?” Who knows that the old man Ye just sighed, then waved to her to signal her to come closer.

Ana Shen took a few steps forward, and then stopped cautiously.

“Remember to buy medicine by yourself. If you feel better after taking the medicine, remember to go to the company and see Walter.”

Ana Shen nodded: “I know the old man 38b400b1.”

“Yeah.” The old man nodded in satisfaction, “Go.”

After leaving Yejia, Ana Shen called Karla Han. Karla Han came quickly and arrived in 20 minutes.

After getting in the car, Karla Han asked the expressionless people around her: “Did you think about it? Want to have a tire?”

Ana Shen nodded firmly.

It’s just that the sky doesn’t meet people’s wishes…
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Re: Nothing to Give but My Heart 15-16

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Chapter 15
“Ms. Shen, according to the results of the examination, your uterine wall is extremely thin. A miscarriage can lead to perforation and bleeding. In severe cases, it can be life-threatening, and in rare cases, you will not be able to get pregnant again. We do not recommend you to abort.

Hearing that, Ana Shen frowned her eyebrows, and Karla Han on the side was also a little surprised when she heard the words: “Can’t abort a baby?”

“Yes, it is not recommended.” The doctor sighed lightly: “You guys think about it.”

When she got out of the hospital, Karla Han’s brows were knotted: “You can’t get a baby, then what do you do? Oh my god, how can there be such annoying things!”

“I do not know either.”

“I’ll take you back first.”

Ana Shen nodded, then shook her head again: “Send me to the company.”

When arriving at the Yeshi Group Building, Karla Han said: “You go first, I’ll go back and contact the doctor for you.”

“Karla, thank you, I’m leaving now.”

Because I was there last time, several front desks still had a deep impression of Ana Shen, but it was brought up by the vice president of the night, so this time I saw Ana Shen and treated her very well.

Ana Shen also got on the elevator smoothly and arrived at the top-level president’s office.

The door of the office was not closed, and as soon as Ana Shen was about to knock on the door, she heard the dialogue inside.

“Last time I asked you to find someone, you brought me that woman, and this time I brought a woman who was a mother. Phillip, is it because I indulged you too much, or you don’t have a brain for doing things now Up?”

Walter was sitting in front of the office, his slender fingers pressed lightly on the tabletop, his eyes were shining brightly, and a frightening aura filled his whole body.

Phillip stood at his desk and was being trained, his head hanging low, like a puppy with his head drooping.

Seeing this scene, Ana Shen hide behind the door subconsciously.

Walter is so angry now that she might be hit by the pond fish when she goes in now, so she should avoid it first.

“Mr. Walter, I really didn’t mean it, it’s that you gave too little information, so I would rather kill by mistake and never let go.” Phillip was also wronged in his heart, he followed Walter For so long, Xuan usually deals with work matters. Even if there is some trouble,

he can settle it quickly.

But the task now is to find a woman, or a woman who doesn’t know anything. How can it be so easy to go to a place like a hospital to find a pregnant woman?

“I’m giving less news? You don’t know how to collect news yourself?” Walter sneered, his sharp gaze became gloomy, and the act of tapping the desktop stopped: “Or, are you blaming me?”

The faint and cold tone made Phillip’s figure suddenly stand up, and he immediately shook his head to deny.

“Nothing! Young night, I will arrange for more inspections next time. Next time I will interrogate myself and bring people to you.”


“Don’t worry, if it were that person, I would definitely not hurt her.”

“Fuck.” Walter got a satisfactory answer and pulled the tie on his chest impatiently.

Phillip was anxious for him to call himself to fuck off. It was so cold that he couldn’t stay in this office: “Yes!”

After Phillip came out, he closed the office door and turned around and saw Ana Shen standing by the wall.

After the two looked at each other for a while, Ana Shen just wanted to open her mouth to speak, but Phillip was dragged to the corner next to him: “You are not dead? You actually overhear me talking to Mr. Walter?”

Hearing that, Ana Shen shook her head: “I just happened to come over, but who is he looking for?”

Hearing, Phillip narrowed his eyes: “Ms. Shen, I advise you not to ask if you shouldn’t ask. You are a substitute for you to marry Mr. Walter, but you can’t be regarded as Mr. Walter’s real wife. It’s not right.”

Phillip’s words were so straightforward that Ana Shen lowered her eyes with embarrassment.

“I know…”

Seeing her suddenly depressed, Phillip realized that he had said something a little harder: “I know what I said is a bit ugly, but Ms. Shen understands it yourself? Anyway, don’t mention anything about today, otherwise I will save it. I can’t stop you.” Phillip turned around and left quickly.

If Ana Shen was a sensible person, she would not take the initiative to bring it up.

Ana Shen stood in the corner for about five minutes before she knocked on the door.

“Enter.” Walter’s voice sounded cold and ruthless, still vaguely angry.

Ana Shen hesitated for a moment, opened the door of the office and walked in.

Walter did not sit in front of the office, but sat in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows with his back facing her, overlooking below.

Ana Shen remembered the coldness in his voice and walked in silently.

The air was quiet for a few seconds, and Walter realized that the visitor hadn’t spoken, so he frowned and turned the wheelchair around.

Unexpectedly, it was Ana Shen’s slightly pale and sick face that caught the eye.

Walter frowned: “What are you doing?”

Ana Shen raised her head and slammed into her eyes, “I, I am your assistant.”

Walter sneered disdainfully, and glanced at her flat lower abdomen, again irritated.

He pulled the tie on his chest, and asked in a cold voice, “What’s the plan for the child?”

Walter took the initiative to bring up the child’s matter, making Ana Shen pale again, and his fingers tightened silently.

“No answer? Are you planning to keep him?”

Thinking of the doctor’s words, Ana Shen plucked up the courage to look at him: “Can you give me a few more days of grace…”

“No!” Walter refused without thinking about it. The coldness all over his body made him chill. He looked at Ana Shen like a dead person, spitting out cruel words, “In two days, if the child is still there, I will personally Do it.”..

In a blink of an eye, it will be two days later.

Ana Shen didn’t go to the hospital to destroy the child, because Karla Han had looked for her and asked her to stabilize Walter first, and she would find a doctor for herself over there to see if there was any way to avoid hurting her body to abort.

Only after the agreed time limit was reached, there was still no way to achieve both.

That night, Ana Shen in the bedroom was anxious, praying that Walter would not come back, but how could she be as she wished?

“Squeak” the door opened.

Walter turned his wheelchair into the door, and saw the woman who was stunned in the same place, her sharp eyes locked him tightly: “The appointed time is up.”

His voice was calm, but cold and stern. His eyes were as deep as night and as dangerous as a dormant beast.

Ana Shen is not good at lying, so she dared not look at each other’s eyes at all. She kept her eyes closed and whispered: “I know, I’ve knocked out the child.”

“Really?” Walter sneered, his tone raised slightly.

Ana Shen was so nervous that her eyelashes quivered, and her voice became a little lower: “I, I really hit…”

After finishing speaking, Ana Shen tremblingly took out a list from her pocket and handed it to Walter: “This is a proof of abortion, look.”

Walter did not answer.

There was an uneasy breath in the air.

Chapter 16
Ana Shen’s head was drooping straight, and the undried hair after bathing was still dripping with transparent drops of water.

“It’s true.” Ana Shen pursued again, but her tone sounded obviously lacking in confidence.

Walter snorted coldly, and suddenly took the list in his hand: “A fake certificate, I want to fool Walter’s eyes? Who is so courageous to accompany you to fake it!”

The abortion certificate was crumpled and thrown at Ana Shen’s feet.

Ana Shen suddenly raised her head, her slender figure trembled, and her pale lips trembled, “You…”

The force on her wrist suddenly increased, and Ana Shen felt that her wrist was about to be broken by him. She frowned in pain, but bit her lower lip tightly without saying a word.

“Heh, I’ve guessed that you are a dishonest woman.” Walter forcefully pulled her into his arms. Without giving her any chance to struggle, he put a small transparent bag in her hand.

Ana Shen lowered her head and saw a white pill in the bag.

Thinking of something, her face turned pale, shaking her hands and trying to throw the pill away, but Walter held it tighter.

“The thing that Walter hates most in my life is a woman like you, selfish but still pretending to be innocent to destroy other people’s families, marrying in with other people’s children, with impure goals, and wanting to be safe?”

He peeled the bag with his own hands, his smile suddenly became evil and bloodthirsty.

“Don’t you want to stay at Yejia? After taking this medicine, I will let you stay here as a young lady.”

No need to think, Ana Shen knew what medicine it was. Her face became pale and transparent at a speed that was visible to the naked eye, and her petite body trembled particularly violently under his restraint.

“No, I don’t want it! That proof is not fake, I really knocked it out, kid! Do you believe it?”

Walter’s eyes were too cold, and his slender fingers easily pinched her lower jaw, forcing her to open her lips, and the other hand directly stuffed the pill into her mouth mercilessly.
Ana Shen resisted during the whole process, but the power difference between men and women was too great. Under Walter’s confinement, she could not move a single move, and could only watch him put the pills into her mouth.

The peculiar smell of the pill melted a little with the tongue, and the bitter taste hit Ana Shen’s mind, and her stomach began to roll again.

“Let go, let go…”

“Swallow.” Walter pressed her mercilessly and tried to push the pill in her mouth. The expression in her eyes was like a resurrected corpse, doing this without any emotion.

Ana Shen finally couldn’t help but let out a vomiting sound from her throat.

Walter frowned.

Seeing that she was really vomiting, Walter let go.

In the next second, Ana Shen rushed out like an arrow from the string.

Walter saw that petite figure rushed into the bathroom, spitting on the sink, his handsome face was faintly blue, and the hostility in his eyes increased a bit.

Ana Shen vomited dimly on the sink, and the bitter taste of the pills in her mouth continued for a long time, constantly impacting her taste buds, causing her to vomit and vomit.

But thankfully, the pill was also vomited out by her, and she didn’t eat it.

I don’t know how long it took for Ana Shen to recover, but her body was exhausted. She reluctantly cleaned the bathroom, and then sat limply on the toilet.

I had just taken a bath, but now the forehead and neck were covered with dense cold sweat.

bad stomach ache…

Ana Shen subconsciously covered her belly.

The pill was spit out, but why did my stomach hurt? Could it be caused by eating some unknowingly?

Thinking of this, Ana Shen’s eyes panicked.

Her face was as white as a ghost, she got up from the toilet, stumbled 1c18def9, clutched her belly and walked out.

Walter pursed his thin lips: “Where to go?”

Ana Shen didn’t answer, and walked out stubbornly.

“Stop!” Walter yelled, really drinking Ana Shen.

The petite figure stopped and stood there for a while, then suddenly fell directly to the side…
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Re: Nothing to Give but My Heart 17-18

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Chapter 17
Walter didn’t take it to heart. He thought she was pretending, so he sneered: “I won’t eat this set of pretending to be pitiful.”

The petite figure fell on the ground motionless.

Walter raised his eyebrows: “Is there enough acting?”

The person still didn’t move, Walter narrowed his guessing eyes slightly, and then turned the wheelchair forward.

Then I saw that Ana Shen’s face was as pale as paper, and even her lips lost their blood.

In an instant, Walter’s heart seemed to be grasped.

Twenty minutes later, on the corridor of the hospital.

Walter was sitting in the wheelchair with a gloomy expression, watching Phillip’s busy schedule with cold eyes, and then walked towards him when he was finished.

“What’s wrong with her?” Walter said in a bad tone.

Phillip curled his lips, “The doctor said that the blood was lacking, coupled with the illness and exhaustion, so he moved a little fetal gas, that’s it.”

Hearing, Walter raised his eyebrows, and sneered disdainfully after a while: “Pretend to be pitiful? Feel your fetal gas casually?”

Phillip: “Young Master Ye, Miss Shen’s complexion is indeed very bad, and this is a hospital diagnosis.”

Walter’s eyes fell like a sharp knife on Phillip’s face, and Phillip immediately coughed, “It may be a diagnosis error, what will Mr. Walter do?”

Walter remembered that her previous goal had not yet been achieved, and she vomited all the pills she had eaten. His eyes gradually became cold and indifferent: “Contact the doctor and perform the operation.”

Heh, do you think you can keep the wild species by pretending to be sick? impossible!

“Uh, Ms. Shen hasn’t beat the child?” Phillip nodded immediately after being taken aback, “I’ll call the doctor now.”

After Phillip left, Walter turned the wheelchair towards the ward, and the wheels slipped into the white ward quietly.

The woman’s petite and slender figure was lying on the hospital bed with her hands neatly flat on her chest.

The expression on her beautiful face was serene, and apart from the pale face and lip color, she couldn’t tell that she was sick, it was more like she was asleep.

Obviously she is a scheming woman, but she was so weak when she was unconscious.

The wheels approached slowly by the bed.

Walter’s ink eyes gripped her tightly, full of tangled and complicated emotions.

Is it pretending? Otherwise, how could she pass out at such a coincidence, thinking that she would leave this wild species?

Walter forced himself to look away, pushing the wheelchair out of the ward.

When Ana Shen woke up, the wing of her nose was filled with a disgusting smell of disinfectant. When I opened my eyes, I found myself lying in a cold operating room.

Seeing the doctors who fiddled with the instruments, Ana Shen immediately struggled to get up, pulled out the infusion needle in his hand, pushed the nurse beside him, and stumbled outside.

“With the doctor, the patient ran away!”

“Catch it back!”

As soon as Ana Shen opened the door of the operating room, three bodyguards in black stood in front of her, obviously to prevent her from escaping.

“You let me go! I don’t want surgery!”

Phillip on the side said, “Miss Shen, there will be no pain if you obey, otherwise…” With a look, the people in black grabbed Ana Shen firmly.

“You executioners! My own children go and leave me to decide for myself!” Ana Shen roared, punching and kicking the man in black who was holding her, “You let me go!”

Ana Shen seemed to be mad. With her already weak body and the excitement at this time, there was another burst of darkness before her eyes, and then she fainted again.

“Young Master Ye, she… seems to have passed out again.”

Walter had been watching the scene for a long time, and sneered when he saw this: “The same trick is stupid the second time. Take her away.”

Phillip nodded and instructed those people to take Ana Shen back to the operating room.

Ana Shen’s delicate body was lifted up, without any resistance, her long, supple hair fell into disarray, and the collar also tilted aside, revealing her small white shoulders.

With just a glance, Walter felt his eyes pierced: “Let go of her.” The words had already come out of his mind.

A few hands shook. Was the person who spoke just now Mr. Walter?


Phillip didn’t react either, so he had to ask, “Young Master Ye, what’s wrong?”

Walter turned the wheel, took the unconscious Ana Shen, and reached out to fasten the button she had opened due to the struggle.

After a while, he realized what he was doing and took his hand back.

He raised his eyes again, with a bloodthirsty smile on his face: “No matter how she is the woman of my Walter, if you let me know that you see what you shouldn’t see, and if you meet what you shouldn’t touch, I will make you worse off than death. .”

Several men reacted instantly and nodded again and again: “I see, Mr. Walter.”

When she woke up again, Ana Shen was completely desperate.

She found that her limbs had been tied to the operating bed and couldn’t get rid of no matter how hard she struggled.

The cold liquid dripped into the body along the needle, and Ana Shen could only shout hoarsely: “Let go of me, let me go, I don’t want to do surgery!”

The nurse on the side increased the flow rate of the suspension needle, and said, “Miss Shen, take a nap, and it will pass immediately.”

The efficacy of the anesthetic gradually increased, and Ana Shen’s consciousness gradually blurred.

Feeling that her legs were separated and the cold medical equipment entered the body, Ana Shen exhausted her strength and shouted loudly: “Walter, I hate you!”

At the moment when Ana Shen plunged into darkness, there was a “bang” and the door of the operating room was kicked open…

Chapter 18
Ana Shen felt that she had slept for a long, long time.

She had a terrible dream. The abortion certificate she asked Karla Han to do was found out by Walter, and then she was taken to the hospital forcibly, and the child was taken out bloody.

“Ah!” Ana Shen exclaimed and suddenly sat up from the bed.

She subconsciously stretched out her hand to cover her belly, sweating in cold sweat.

Looking around, the sky was already bright, and the surrounding scenes were familiar, it was Walter’s room.

Yesterday’s memory recovered, and Ana Shen suddenly opened the quilt and jumped out of bed. Is her child gone? Did she never have the opportunity to be a mother again?

“What is the ghost’s name?” A cold voice made Ana Shen’s steps completely paused. She looked back at the sound source with her bare feet, and Phillip pushed Walter in.

Seeing him, Ana Shen didn’t get angry, grabbed the pillow next to him and threw it at him.


Walter’s breath suffocated, and Phillip directly beat the thrown pillow aside: “Ana Shen, you are crazy!”

“Walter, you beast, how can you be so cruel? You return the child to me!”

Ana Shen stepped forward out of control and grabbed Walter’s collar, his eyes filled with tears.

“Which beast are you calling?” Walter’s voice was calm and he couldn’t hear the joy or anger.

Ana Shen stared at him with red eyes.

“let go.”

Ana Shen didn’t let go, bit her lower lip stubbornly and looked at him.

“Miss Shen, don’t know what’s good or bad! Let go of us Mr. Walter quickly!” Phillip drank angrily.

“Even if it is an animal, it is more emotional than Walter. Not only is your blood cold, but your heart is also black.”

“Really?” Walter sneered, “So you see me like this?”

Ana Shen’s eyes were red, staring at him firmly, without speaking.

Tears had filled her eyes, but she had been holding back forever not to fall in front of Walter.

“Very good.” Walter clasped her thin white wrist and pinched her chin: “Beasts? Animals are more emotional than me? Ha~ Phillip, go out.”

Walter’s body exuded a solitary strong cold, Phillip shivered, and silently turned around and went out.

“What are you going to do, let me go…” After Phillip went out, Ana Shen reacted and wanted to break away from Walter.

Even though Walter’s legs were ill, he was really strong. He grabbed her wrist, and she couldn’t move at all.

In the next second, Walter dragged her into his arms, held her slender waist with his big hands, pinched her chin with one hand, and pressed her head down.

The cold and dry thin lips pressed Ana Shen’s lips without warning.

Ana Shen’s brain was completely dead, her eyes widened in disbelief.

What is he doing?

While thinking, there was a pain on her lips, and Ana Shen recovered.

Walter’s breathing was heavy, and the aura around his body was also very cold, strongly surrounding and occupying her.

Ana Shen was in a trance.

Why is Walter in front of her so similar to the man who wanted her more than a month ago?

After a long time, Ana Shen only remembered how strong the man gave her at the time, and almost forgot everything else, including the voice.

She didn’t even see the license plate of that car. If she wasn’t pregnant now, maybe she could try to find the man that night?

There was a heavy pain in the lower lip, Ana Shen regained her senses, and Walter stared at her dullly.

He withdrew his lips, and said gloomily, “As Mrs. Ye, do you distract yourself while kissing?”

When the words fell, he moved the hand hoop around her waist, pinched the back of her neck, and with a bit of force, and Ana Shen screamed out in pain.

“Don’t you hate me?” Ana Shen stammered a bit, but his eyes were full of hatred.

“Yeah, hating you, and humiliating you are two different things. Mrs. Ye, it seems that you have a bad memory.” Walter sneered and pressed towards her again.

“Hmm.” Ana Shen’s red lips were choked again. She wrung her eyebrows in pain and wanted to push the person in front of her away, but his hand once again encircled her waist and locked her firmly. In his arms.

Between his lips, Walter’s voice was low and mute: “Since I am a beast, then I will sit down.”

When Ana Shen was still in a daze, one hand had already pushed her clothes up, and a big fiery palm swam over her skin…
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