Charismatic Charlie Wade

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Charismatic Charlie Wade

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This Chinese novel is now available for you to read online for totally free. If you want to get the instant notifications for the latest chapters don’t forget to subscribe to our email subscription option.

Charlie Wade is a live-in son in law. At the age of eight, his father and mother were hounded out by the grandfather. They lived a miserable life and soon died one after another. The child Charlie was then sent to an orphanage where he spends the rest of his life.

This novel is full of optimism for the people who are having troubles in life and do not look at the tunnel that is letting in the hope of light. No state of human nature and circumstances is permanent. One day it is the dark clouds the next day can be brightly sunny. All we need is to keep our hopes high and stay positive in testing times.

Additionally, it tells us that every human deserves basic respect irrespective of their status. We must treat others with the same respect and dignity. Otherwise, this world will not be livable for those who don’t have what it takes to be worthy of esteem in this age and time.

The Charismatic Charlie Wade
The novel, when you read the book or the PDF version, will reveal the life details of a Man named Charlie Wade. In his life, there is all gloom and hopelessness when seen by an outsider. How he is coping with the worst days of his life is a mystery.

However, he is sure, he has evolved and learned to manage the worst times of life. He is the lion in torpor, waiting for his right time. Yet the people around him have become used to treating him like trash. Someone, who can be trampled over. Someone, who can be treated like dirt, exposing him to the base human instincts.

In-Laws of Charismatic Charlie Wade
In life, there is nothing charismatic or amazing. He is the son in law of a family where the worth of human dignity and respect is measured in materialistic terms only. The power, wealth, money, merchandise, and such worldly items determine the value of a person.

Enjoy reading.

Chapters will be posted here.
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Charismatic Charlie Wade 1-5

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The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 01 – 05

Chapter 1
The luxurious Willson family villa is brightly lit.

Tonight is the birthday banquet of the seventy-year-old Mrs. Willson, the owner of the Willson family.

Many grandchildren, granddaughters, and grandsons-in-law gave gifts.

“Grandma, I heard that you love tea. This century-old Pu’er tea brick is worth 500,000 and is a birthday gift for you.”

“Grandma, I heard that you believe in Buddha. This jade Buddha is carved from Hetian jade and is worth 700,000.”

Old Mrs. Willson looked at the various gifts and laughed, making the whole family happy.

At this moment, Mrs. Willson’s eldest grandson-in-law, Charlie, suddenly said: “Grandma, can you lend me a million? Aunt Lena from the orphanage has uremia and needs money for treatment.”

The entire Willson family was shocked.

Everyone looked at Charlie with incredible eyes.

This live-in son-in-law is too courageous, right? The Lady Willson was over her birthday. Not only did he not prepare any gifts, he even dared to open his mouth and ask the Lady Willson to borrow one million?

Three years ago, the surviving Mr. Willson, don’t know from where found Charlie, and insisted on marrying his eldest granddaughter Claire Willson to him. At that time, Charlie was penniless, just like a beggar, same as now.

After the two got married, the Old Master passed away. Since then, the Willson family has been deliberately trying to drive him away.

It’s just that Charlie is indifferent, and is not moved by other people’s insults, so he has always been a live-in son-in-law in the Willson family.

It is also helpless to ask the Lady Willson to borrow money today.

Aunt Lena from the orphanage where he was taken in and saved, had uremia. Dialysis and kidney transplantation required at least one million. He really had no choice but to speak to the Lady Willson.

He felt that today is the Lady Willson’s birthday, and then she may be kind and willing to help when she is happy.

Unexpectedly, the Old Mrs. Willson was still laughing for a second, and she immediately pulled her face down this second.

She threw the teacup in her hand to the ground and shouted angrily: “b*start thing, you are here to celebrate my birthday or to borrow money?”

Charlie’s wife, Claire, hurried forward and explained to the Lady Willson: “Grandma, Charlie is ignorant, don’t be surprised.”

With that said, she was about to pull Charlie aside.

At this time, Claire’s cousin, Wendy, sneered and said, “Sister, look at what kind of rubbish your marriage is! Gerald and I were just engaged and not yet married, so Gerald gave grandma a Hetian Jade Buddha, it’s good for your husband, he didn’t bring any gifts, and he still have the face to ask grandma to borrow money!”

“That’s right, Brother Charlie, we are both grandsons-in-law of the Willson family. You, as the eldest grandson-in-law, are really a failure!”

The man who spoke was Wendy’s fiance, Gerald, the young master of a large local family.

Although Gerald was about to marry Wendy, in his mind, Wendy’s appearance was a thousand miles away from Charlie’s wife Claire.

Claire was a well-known goddess in Aurous Hill, but seeing the goddess marrying this worthless man and a waste of money, Gerald was also very upset.

“This kind of garbage, it’s best to get him out of our Willson family as soon as possible!”

“Yes! The Willson family’s face has completely lost this guy!”

“I think it is fake that he borrowed money, and his interest in deliberately sweeping the birthday feast of the Lady Willson is true!”

Charlie couldn’t help clenching his fists when he saw that the entire Willson family was targeting and insulting him.

Had it not been for the medical expenses of the savior, he would have turned around and left this place of fake extravaganza and pomp.

However, thinking of his father’s teachings to him since he was a child, letting his kindness of dripping water and retribution to the spring, he tried to suppress the humiliation in his heart, and said to the Old Mrs. Willson: “Grandma, saving a life is better than building a seventh-level Buddha. Please be merciful”

Someone snorted coldly and cursed: “Wade, you don’t want to give grandma ecstasy here. If you want to have someone, you can find a way by yourself and don’t let your grandma pay to help you save people. What are you?”

It was Wendy’s brother, Harold.

The brothers and sisters have always had great opinions on Claire, who is superior to them in all aspects, so they like to seize the opportunity to mock Charlie the most.

Claire on the side looked a little embarrassed and said, “Grandma, Charlie lost his father when he was eight years old. Aunt Lena from the orphanage brought him up. He wanted to repay his gratitude because of a grateful heart. Please help him”

Old Mrs. Willson said with a dark face: “Let me help him? Okay, unless you divorce him and then marry Mr. Jones, if you do, I will immediately give him one million!”

The Lady Willson was talking about Wendell, who had been pursuing Claire. The Jones family was an upper-class family in Aurous Hill, much more powerful than the Willson family, and the Lady Willson always wanted to curry favor.

At this time, the housekeeper ran in and said loudly: “Mr. Jones sent someone with a birthday gift! A carved jade amulet from Laokeng is worth three million!”

Mrs. Willson was overjoyed and blurted out: “Bring it quickly, let me see!”

The butler immediately handed over an emerald green jade amulet, and everyone present let out a breath of surprise.

This jade amulet is emerald green, crystal clear, without a trace of impurities, and looks like a first-class genuine product.

Gerald, who had sent the Hetian Jade Buddha, saw this jade amulet, and his face was a little bit awkward. Unexpectedly, Wendell had nothing to do with the Willson family, and his shot was so generous!

Old Mrs. Willson happily played with jade amulets and said merrily: “Oh, Mr. Jones is really interested! Only if he could be my grandson-in-law, I would really wake up in my dreams!”

After that, she looked up at Claire: “How about my condition, would you like to consider it?”

Claire shook her head: “Grandma, I will not divorce Charlie.”

Mrs. Willson’s expression instantly turned into a haze, and she angrily cursed: “Don’t give me your face! You must hang on this rubbish! Let this rubbish get out of my face! My birthday banquet, he is not allowed to participate!”

Charlie was completely disappointed, and he had no face to stay in the Willson family at this time, so he said to Claire, “Claire, I will go to the hospital to see Aunt Lena.”

Claire hurriedly said, “Then I will be with you.”

Old Mrs. Willson cursed at this moment: “If you leave too, I won’t have you as granddaughter in the future! You take your parents and your mother, and get out of Willson’s house with this waste!”

Claire looked startled, and she didn’t expect the Lady Willson to say such harsh words.

Charlie said hurriedly: “You stay, don’t worry about me.”

With that said, before Claire recovered, he turned around and walked out.

Harold laughed behind him, “Oh my good brother-in-law, you left hungry and won’t go to the streets to beg for dinner? In that case, our Willson family’s face will not let you lose all of it? I still have it. For a coin, you can buy a steamed bun to eat!”

Harold said, took out a coin and threw it at Charlie’s feet.

The entire Willson family burst into laughter.

Charlie gritted his teeth and left the Willson family without looking back.

When he rushed to the hospital, Charlie immediately went to the payment office, wanting to communicate with the hospital, and to inform them that the medical expenses would be delayed for another two days.

However, when he asked the nurse, he was suddenly told that Aunt Lena had been sent to the best Hospital in Eastcliff overnight.

Charlie was shocked, and hurriedly asked her: “How much does it cost? I’ll find a way!”

The other party said: “A total of three million is needed. One million has been paid, and there is still a gap of two million. It will be paid in a week.”

“Who paid this million?”

The other party shook her head: “I don’t know either.”

Charlie was surprised and was about to figure it out. When he turned his head, a man in a black suit with gray hair, about fifty years old, was standing behind him.

With eyes facing each other, the man bowed to him and said, “Young master, you have suffered for so many years!”

Charlie frowned, as if his temperament had changed, and asked coldly: “Are you Stephen Thompson?”

The other party said in surprise: “Mr. Wade, you still remember me!”

Charlie’s expression froze, and he murmured: “Of course I remember! I remember every one of you! Back then, you forced my parents to take me out of Eastcliff and escape all the way. During this time, my parents died unexpectedly. I have also become an orphan, so why are you looking for me now!”

Stephen Thompson said very painfully: “Young Master, when your father passed away, Old Master Wade was also extremely sad. He has been looking for you for so many years. Now that it is all right, he wants you to come back to him with me!”

Charlie said coldly: “You can go, I will never see him in my life.”

Stephen Thompson said, “Young Master, do you still blame Master Wade?”

“Of course.” Charlie said word by word: “I will never forgive him in my life!”

“Hey” Stephen Thompson sighed and said: “Before I came, Master Wade said you might not forgive him.”

“That means he has self-knowledge!”

Stephen Thompson said: “Old Mr Wade. knows that you have suffered over the years, he wants to compensate you a little. If you don’t want to go back, he will buy the largest company in Aurous Hill and give it to you. In addition, he has asked me to give you this card. The password is your birthday.”

With that, Stephen Thompson handed over a Citibank premium card.

“Mr. Wade, there are only five such cards in the country.”

Charlie shook his head and said, “Take it away, I don’t want it.”

Stephen Thompson said: “Mr. Wade, for your savior, you still have a shortfall of 2 million in medical expenses. If you fail to pay, her life may be in danger.”

Charlie frowned: “You deliberately fix me?”

Stephen Thompson hurriedly said, “I don’t dare to! If you accept this card, it will be enough to pay the money.”

Charlie asked, “How much money is in this card?”

“Mr. said, this card is for you as a little pocket money, not much, a total of 10 billion!”

chapter 2
Ten billion? !

Charlie was stunned.

He knew that his grandfather’s family was rich, but at that time he was young and had no idea about money. He only knew that the Wade family was one of the top families in Eastcliff and in the country.

But he didn’t know exactly how much money it had.

But at this moment, he knew it.

Ten billion is just pocket money, and when it is about the entire Wade family, he is afraid it will be more than one trillion!

To be honest, at this moment, he was deeply moved in his heart.

But thinking of the death of his parents, Grandpa couldn’t shirk the blame, and he couldn’t forgive him.

Stephen Thompson saw his entanglement and hurriedly said, “Master, you are the heir of Wade family. You deserve this money, and strictly speaking, it belongs to your father.”

“Master said, if you are willing to go back, you will inherit the trillions of family properties. If you don’t want to go back, this money will be given as your living expenses.”

“Oh yes, Aurous Hill’s largest enterprise, the Emgrand Group with a market value of 100 billion, was wholly-owned by Yejia yesterday. Now all the shares are in your name, you can go to Emgrand Group for the hand over by tomorrow!”

Charlie was a little unbelievable.

Wade Family’s investment is too big for him to handle, right?

Ten billion premium cards, one hundred billion Emgrand Group!

Although Aurous Hill hides the dragon and crouching tiger, the only true god is the Emgrand Group. Any family must bow to their knees in front of the Emgrand Group. It is the emperor of Aurous Hill’s business field!

Even the Willson family and White family who humiliated him today, as well as the Jones family who pursue Claire, are all small in front of the Emgrand Group!

Unexpectedly, it turns out to be his own now?

At this time, Stephen Thompson handed him a business card and said, “Mr. Wade, you may need to calm down and think about it. I won’t bother you anymore. This is my phone number. Please tell me if you have anything to do!”

After speaking, Stephen Thompson turned and left.

After he left, Charlie was still in a daze.

He didn’t know whether he should accept Wade Family’s compensation.

But, thinking about it carefully, the humiliation that he has experienced over the past ten years, and the humiliation he has been given in the Willson family, these are the compensations given to him by the Wade family, why doesn’t he take it?

Moreover, Aunt Lena’s medical expenses still need two million, and it is urgent.

Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth and immediately turned back to the toll office: “Hello, I want to deposit the two million.”

Swipe the card, enter the password, the transaction is successful.

Two million was easily credited to the hospital’s account.

Charlie felt like the whole person was in the mist.

Has he become a billionaire?

Going home in a muddled manner.

The family had fallen out at this time.

Claire and her parents did not live in Willson’s villa, but a very ordinary building.

They have been driven out since Claire married him and Old Mr. Willson died.

His mother-in-law was yelling at home: “Charlie that rubbish! Let us lose face today! If you don’t divorce him, your grandmother will drive you out of the Willson Group!”

Claire said, “I’ll find another job when I get out.”

“You” said mother-in-law angrily: “What’s so good about that rubbish? Why can’t you divorce him and then marry Wendell? If you marry Wendell, our family can be proud!”

The father-in-law also said to the side: “Yes! Marry Wendell, our family will become a treasure immediately in front of your grandma, and your grandma will rush to curry favor with you every day.”

Claire said: “Don’t say anything, I won’t divorce Charlie.”

“You kid!”

The two had to persuade Charlie to push in.

When they saw him, his father-in-law and mother-in-law didn’t look good.

The mother-in-law snorted coldly: “A rubbish, and a face to bear it all!”

Charlie sighed inwardly. His mother-in-law has always looked down upon him, but if he were to let her know that he is now the boss of the Emgrand Group and has 10 billion in cash, what would she be like?

However, Charlie is not yet ready to let people know his identity.

He has been away from the Wade family for many years, who knows what the Wade family is now? What if someone in the Wade family is unfavorable to him if he exposes himself?

Therefore, it is better to keep a low profile first.

So he lowered his head and said apologetically: “Mom, I’m sorry, I caused you trouble today.”

The mother-in-law scolded: “You are more than trouble, you are killing our family of three! You can’t be a little self-aware, and get out of our house?”

Claire hurriedly said: “Mom, how do you talk, Charlie is your son-in-law!”

“bulls*it!” Mother-in-law said bitterly: “I don’t have such a waste son-in-law! The farther you go, the better!”

Claire pushed Charlie: “Hurry go to the room.”

Charlie nodded gratefully and fled back to the room.

He and Claire had been married for three years, but they had never been married for three years in the strict sense. Claire slept on the bed and he slept on the floor next to her.

This night, Charlie couldn’t sleep for a long time.

What happened today is really shocking, he will not be able to digest it for a while.

Before going to bed, Claire said to him, “How is Aunt Lena? I still have more than 100,000 private money. You can take it to her tomorrow.”

Charlie said: “No, someone has already paid Aunt Lena and sent her to Eastcliff for treatment.”

“Really?” Claire said in surprise, “Aunt Lena is saved?”

“Yes.” Charlie said: “Aunt Lena has done good and accumulated virtue throughout her life and helped so many people. Now someone has finally repaid her.”

“That’s good.” Claire nodded and said to Charlie: “You can breathe a sigh of relief.”


Claire said: “I have to go to sleep. Recently, the company has a lot of things and I’m so tired.”

Charlie asked: “What happened to the company?”

Claire said: “The business is not very good. Grandma has always wanted to cooperate with a large company like the Emgrand Group, but the strength of the Willson family is still much weaker and people look down on it.”

Charlie suddenly thought of the Emgrand Group and asked her: “The Willson family has no cooperation with the Emgrand Group?”

Claire laughed at him and said: “How can the Emgrand Group look at the Willson family! Even Wendy’s fiancé and Gerald’s family are barely able to catch up with the Emgrand Group. Grandma counts on them after they get married. The White family can help the Willson family connect with the Emgrand Group.”

Charlie nodded.

It turned out that the Willson family had sharpened their heads and wanted to cooperate with the Emgrand Group.

However, Mrs. Willson was afraid of dreaming and could not think of it, Emgrand Group is now his own.

Thinking of this, Charlie decided to take over the Emgrand Group first, and then give Claire a little help through the Emgrand Group. She was too bullied in the Willson family. As her husband, he had the responsibility to help her improve her status in the family.

At first, Your husband is different from today!

I will never let anyone look down on you again!

I will make the entire Willson family bow to you!

Chapter 3
Early the next morning.

After Charlie finished cooking, he rode his little ebike to the Emgrand Group.

He parked the little ebike next to the parking lot of the Emgrand Group. As soon as the bike was locked, a black Bentley car slowly parked in a parking space opposite.

Charlie looked up inadvertently and saw a pair of young man and woman walking down the car.

The man is dressed in high-end suits, they look very stylish, and the women are coquettish. Although a bit gaudy, they are also rare beauties.

It turned out to be Claire’s cousin Wendy, and her about to be engaged fiance, Gerald, the eldest of the White family.

Charlie didn’t know what Wendy and Gerald were doing in the Emgrand Group, but in order to avoid trouble, he still prepared to hideaway.

Unexpectedly, things are hiding more and more.

The sharp-eyed Wendy immediately saw him and shouted loudly: “Oh, brother-in-law!”

Wendy’s brother-in-law yelled extremely cordially, but Charlie couldn’t help but he strode faster after hearing it.

Out of courtesy, he could only stop, and when the two approached, he smiled and said, “Wendy, why are you here?”

Wendy giggled: “I and Gerald came over to meet with Doris, the vice chairman of Emgrand Group!”

After that, she looked at Gerald with admiration and said, “Gerald’s family has a lot of cooperation with the Emgrand Group. In the future, not only will it help the White family, but also our Willson family.”

Charlie didn’t know that the White family had a cooperation with the Emgrand Group. After all, the Emgrand Group had just become his industry and had not had time to understand it.

But he didn’t show it, just smiled and said: “The Prince has an extraordinary temperament and a good strength. You are really talented and beautiful!”

Gerald White looked at Charlie contemptuously, and couldn’t help feeling injustice in his heart.

This stinky rug was scolded by Mrs. Willson yesterday as a dog, and today he has a hippy smile like a okay person.

Why would a stunning beauty like Claire marry such a useless waste?

If it weren’t for this useless man, he would definitely pursue Claire desperately, and how could he be engaged to this inferior Wendy in every respect?

Thinking of this, Gerald was upset, and deliberately asked, “What did brother-in-law come to the Emgrand Group for?”

Charlie said casually: “I’m looking for a job.”

“Looking for a job?” He sneered and said, “Why do you want to find a job in the Emgrand Group?”

Charlie frowned: “What does my job search have to do with you?”

Wendy called Charlie to stop, just trying to sarcastically sarcasm him. Seeing that Gerald had started first, she immediately sneered: “Why, is Gerald wrong?”

“For academic qualifications, do you have a diploma?”

“If you want a job, do you have any achievements apart from your uselessness?”

“If you come to the Emgrand Group to apply for a security guard, They will not want a waste like you. If you are a little self-knowing, you might as well go picking up rubbish on the street. You can earn two or three thousand at least a month!”

After speaking, she threw the drink bottle in her hand at Charlie’s feet and hummed: “Hey, don’t say I don’t take care about you, pick up this empty bottle and sell it for money!”

Gerald smiled and said: “Although you are rubbish, since you are a relative, then I have to take care of you as much as possible. It just so happens that I have some friendship with the vice chairman of the Emgrand Group. Why don’t I help you with two good things and let her arrange it for you? A job cleaning the toilet?”

Charlie smiled coldly and said: “The kind of job I am looking for, you don’t need to worry about it. You should worry about yourself. Emgrand Group is a large enterprise. I believe they will not cooperate with you with such low-quality garbage.”

Gerald suddenly got furious: “Who do you say is rubbish!”

Charlie said disdainfully: “You are rubbish!”

After speaking, he was too lazy to talk to Gerald, and walked into the Emgrand Group Building.

“Drafting it, stop for me!” Gerald quickly followed, and caught up with Charlie at the elevator entrance.

He wanted to teach Charlie a good lesson, but at least slapped him twice to let him know the fate of people offending him.

But when he saw that he was already inside the Emgrand Group Building, he was worried that doing something here would anger his partners, so he had to temporarily dismiss the idea of ​​teaching him.

he gritted his teeth and said, “I will let you go for a while today, and you won’t have such good luck next time!”

Charlie snorted coldly, stepped into the elevator, and said to him: “Gerald, do you think you are a powerful? Believe me, you will soon know the cost of arrogance!”

“f*ck you” Gerald stepped into the elevator.

Wendy gave him a hand and said in a contemptuous tone: “Gerald, don’t take the same elevator with this kind of rubbish, lest you get smoked by the stench on his body.”

Gerald nodded, knowing that he couldn’t do something with him here, so he said coldly: “Letting you go, I want you to look good next time!”

Charlie took the elevator directly to the top floor where the chairman’s office was.

On the side of the Emgrand Group, Stephen Thompson had already arranged it for him, and the person in charge of docking with him was a woman named Doris Yong.

Doris is well-known in Aurous Hill, and she is the most famous career oriented woman in Aurous Hill. Not only is she beautiful, but she is also very capable of working. She has been promoted to the vice chairman of Emgrand Group at a young age. She has contributed to Emgrand Group’s existence today.

Now that the Emgrand Group has been acquired by the Wade Family, the original chairman has abdicated, and Doris stayed and prepared to assist the new chairman.

When she saw Charlie, Doris was shocked. She didn’t expect that Charlie would be so young and handsome!

After that, she did not dare to delay, and immediately said respectfully: “Mr. Wade, please come to my office.”

Chapter 4
Charlie also saw Doris for the first time.

I have to say that Doris looks really beautiful!

At the age of twenty-seven or eighteen, she has a slender and plump figure, an alluring beauty and a noble and capable temperament.

Charlie sat down at Doris’s desk and said: “I won’t come to the Emgrand Group often in the future, so the Emgrand Group wants you to preside over the overall situation, and don’t reveal my identity.”

Doris knew that the Charlie family in front of her was extraordinary, and an emgrand group was nothing short of drizzle to his family, and it was normal to not want to manage it himself.

So she hurriedly said: “Mr. Wade, if you have anything in the future, you can just tell me.”

At this time, a female secretary knocked on the door and came in and said, “Miss Doris, there is a man named Gerald who has brought his fiancée to visit you.”

Doris immediately said: “I’m seeing the distinguished guests, let them wait first.”

Charlie asked her: “Do you know this Gerald?”

Doris hurriedly said: “His family is a partner under us, and their main business is dependent on us. Their family has always said that they will come to visit, and they have been here several times.”

Charlie said coldly: “From now on, the Emgrand Group will no longer have any business dealings with the White Family. All ongoing and preparatory cooperation will be suspended. If the White Family can still earn a cent from the Emgrand Group, you deputy Chairman, will have to pack your things!”

When Doris heard this, her expression suddenly frightened. She didn’t need to ask to know that someone from the White family must have offended the young master.

So she nodded immediately and said: “Mr.Wade, don’t worry, I will order now to terminate all cooperation with the White family!”

Charlie snorted and said, “Tell them that Emgrand Group will not cooperate with low-quality garbage, and then let the security guards drive them out.”

Outside, Gerald and Wendy were waiting excitedly.

The White family has always wanted to become a strategic partner of the Emgrand Group, so they especially hope to get closer to Doris.

But unexpectedly, Doris’s secretary came with several security guards.

Gerald couldn’t help asking her: “Hello, will Miss Doris have time to see us?”

The secretary looked at him and said coldly: “I’m sorry, our Deputy Doris said, Emgrand Group will not cooperate with people of low quality like you, from now on, we are canceling all cooperation with your family!”

“what did you say?!”

Gerald was stunned for a moment, and was astonished. Why is this sentence so familiar?

Oh, right! When he was in the parking lot just now, Charlie also said exactly the same thing!

What does Miss Doris mean? Why should they stop cooperating with the White family?

Gerald felt his brain congested.

what happened?

Terminate all cooperation?

More than half of White’s profits are made by the Emgrand Group!

If the cooperation is terminated, wouldn’t the family strength be cut by half immediately? !

He could not accept this reality and shouted: “I want to see Miss Doris! I want to ask Miss Doris face to face!”

The secretary said coldly: “I’m sorry, our Deputy Doris won’t see you, and you won’t be allowed to step into the Emgrand Group in the future!”

Gerald scolded angrily: “Did you deliberately play with me? We are a long-term partner of the Emgrand Group. How can we terminate cooperation like this!”

The secretary ignored him and said directly to the security guards around him: “Take them out!”

The security captain rushed forward, grabbed Gerald’s wrist, and then twisted it behind him.

Gerald yelled in pain, and the guard yelled coldly: “Get out! If you dare to make trouble in the Emgrand Group, be careful that I dispose of you!”

“You are a security captain, dare to yell at me, do you know who I am?”

As soon as Gerald’s voice fell, Captain slapped him and cursed, “In front of the Emgrand Group, what are you?”

Gerald was slapped with a fierce pain on his face. When he was about to get angry, the phone rang suddenly.

The call turned out to be from his father.

When the phone was connected, an angry roar came from the other side: “Gerald, what did you do? Now that Emgrand Group wants to cancel all cooperation with us, who did you offend?”

Gerald said aggrievedly: “Dad, I have not offended anyone. I just came to visit Miss Doris, but I haven’t even seen Miss Doris’s face.”

On the other end of the phone, Gerald’s father yelled, “The people of the Emgrand Group said that the reason they discontinued their cooperation with the White family is all because you are an unqualified rubbish! Now the family has suffered heavy losses because of you, so you hurry back to me and personally Explain to your grandpa!”

Gerald was driven out of the gate of Emgrand Group by security all the way, holding the phone with a surprised expression.

He suddenly thought of Charlie, and couldn’t help asking Wendy: “Wendy, is it because of your rubbish brother-in-law? Has he have anything to do with the Emgrand Group?”

“Huh?” Wendy was taken aback by Gerald’s words, thinking about it carefully, it might indeed be related to her rubbish brother-in-law.

However, he is obviously a waste!

Thinking of this, she shook her head flatly and said: “How could he have something to do with the Emgrand Group? He is not qualified to come to the Emgrand Group to clean the toilet!”

“That’s right.” Gerald nodded, thinking of his furious father, he said sullenly: “No, I have to go home quickly.”

The news that the White family was terminated by the Emgrand Group immediately spread throughout Aurous Hill.

Although it is not known why the Emgrand Group wants to block the White Family, everyone knows that the White Family must have offended the Emgrand Group.

At this time, the White family was over.

The White family’s strength has plummeted by more than half. It was already close to the standard of the first-tier family, but now it has fallen directly into the tail of the second-tier family.

When the Old Mrs. Willson heard the news, she was shaking with anger.

She wanted to annul the marriage contract between Wendy and Gerald, but thought that the White family was thinner and camel was bigger than the horse, and the Willson family could not afford to offend, so she could only give this thought up temporarily.

At this time, in Doris’s office.

Charlie learned the whole process just now and admired her style very much.

Charlie said with satisfaction: “Doris, what you did just now is very good. Starting today, your salary will be double.”

Doris was surprised and delighted, and hurriedly stood up and bowed to Charlie, “Thank you Mr. Wade!”

Charlie nodded and said, “Also, I want you to announce two things.”

“Mr. Wade, say it, and it will be done.”

“The first thing is to announce the change of ownership of Emgrand Group and the appointment of the new chairman, but do not reveal the identity of the new chairman, only the last name is Wade, that is what people need to know.”

“The second thing is to announce that Emgrand Group will invest 2 billion in Aurous Hill to build a six-star hotel. At the same time, it will launch a partner bidding. Construction and decoration companies in the city can participate in the bidding!”

The main business of the Willson Group is decoration. The Lady Willson dreams of going to the big ship of Emgrand Group. Whoever can win the cooperation of the Emgrand Group will definitely become the red man of the Willson Group.

Now the Emgrand Group is his own, and of course he has to give his wife some benefits.

Chapter 5
The two news released by the Emgrand Group completely detonated the entire Aurous Hill.

Hearing that the Emgrand Group has changed hands, the Willson family wanted to understand why the White Family was kicked out by the Emgrand Group.

It seems that the new owner of the Emgrand Group still looks down on families likes of the White Family.

But who is Mr. Wade? Is this person too good? The Emgrand Group, which has hundreds of billions, buys and buys, and the richest man in Aurous Hill is not as big as his!

For a time, countless families were ready to move. On the one hand, they were eager to have a relationship with this mysterious Mr. Wade, and on the other hand, they also longed for their daughter to marry Mr. Wade.

In addition, the Emgrand Group wants to invest in a hotel project of 2 billion, which also makes the entire Aurous Hill construction and decoration industry tremble!

Two billion!

Just get a little leftover material, and you can make a lot of money!

Countless companies want to get a share of it.

This naturally also includes the Old Mrs. Willson who is addicted to money!

Mrs. Willson was very excited at this time. This is a great opportunity for a two billion project!

If the Willson family can get a contract from it, it will really be ascended to heaven!

So she immediately ordered a family meeting to be held at home tonight to discuss how to make a breakthrough in the new project of the Emgrand Group. Everyone must attend!

That night, Willson’s villa.

Because the Lady Willson asked everyone to be there, Charlie followed.

He knew that the Lady Willson was going to a meeting to discuss how to get a share of the Emgrand Group’s big project.

Therefore, he wanted to take this opportunity to help his wife Claire grow her face!

When he arrived at the Willson family villa, Claire’s cousin Harold immediately sneered when he saw him: “f*ck, Charlie, you have such a thick skin, and you have the face to see grandma again!”

Claire said with a cold face: “Don’t talk nonsense. Grandma asked everyone in the Willson family to come. Charlie is my husband, and naturally also from the Willson family!”

Harold laughed and said, “He is though considered a half Willson family! But just a live-in son-in-law!”

Charlie touched his nose and said to Claire, “Forget about him my wife, don’t be familiar with him, go in quickly, save grandma waiting.”

Claire nodded, and owed Harold a good face, and walked in with Charlie.

Seeing this, Harold’s expression also became cold, waiting for them to look good.

After entering the conference hall, Charlie and Claire found a place in the corner to sit down.

Soon, Mrs. Willson stepped forward and the family meeting officially began.

The Old Mrs. Willson sat in the main seat, knocked on the table, and said vigorously: “The Willson family has been waiting for an opportunity in the past few years, an opportunity that can make us one of the richest in Aurous Hill! Now, this opportunity has finally come!”

Mrs. Willson said loudly: “This time the Emgrand Group has thrown out a two-billion-dollar project. Whoever can get a cooperation contract from it will definitely benefit a lot!”

“Moreover, this is the first major project of the Emgrand Group after the change of ownership. For the Willson family, it is a great opportunity!”

“If we can cooperate with the Emgrand Group and leave a good impression on the new owner of the Emgrand Group, then the future of the Willson family will be limitless!”

Although the Lady Willson was very energetic, the people below seemed a little unmoved.

In fact, it is not a day or two for the Willson family to cooperate with the Emgrand Group. For such a long time, the Emgrand Group has ignored the Willson family. The Lady Willson now wants to take a share of the new project of the Emgrand Group. How can it be possible?

Seeing that all the people present were silent, Mrs. Willson immediately questioned in annoyance: “What? Are all dumb? Don’t you have the confidence to take a little leftover from the 2 billion project?”

Everyone looks at her and each other, but they dare not talk to each other.

The Lady Willson was even more angry, and gritted her teeth and said: “I will put the words here today, who can talk about the 30 million cooperation share from Emgrand Group, who is the director of the group!”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone sitting was taken aback.

The Lady Willson has always been arbitrary, so she has never appointed a director in the group. After all, the director has a lot of power, and it is almost the successor of the future group that is qualified to hold this position.

The Lady Willson is now using this position as a reward. She definitely hopes that there will be a brave competition for the reward. It can be seen that she is extremely eager for the Emgrand Group project.

However, although the position of the director is good, it is not so easy to take.

In the eyes of the Willson family, if you want to reach a cooperation with Emgrand, you have to get a contract of 30 million? Don’t be kidding, even if Mrs. Willson goes out in person, the executives of the Emgrand Group will not see her, let alone talk about cooperation.

There was silence in the family meeting hall.

Seeing this, the Old Mrs. Willson asked angrily: “You are descendants of the Willson family, don’t you want to share the worries for the Willson family?”

After that, the Old Mrs. Willson looked directly at Harold: “Harold, leave this to you!”

Harold laughed a few times and quickly said: “Grandma, even Gerald’s house has been cleared by the Emgrand Group now. Our strength is worse than the Whites. How can we get the Emgrand Group contract?”

Mrs. Willson suddenly cursed: “rubbish! Deny yourself if you haven’t tried it. You are more rubbish than Charlie!”

In fact, Mrs. Willson didn’t know her heart, but she didn’t want to be the helm of a second-and third-rate clan forever. She dreamed and longed for the Willson family to rise to the next level.

And this Emgrand Group project is the only opportunity.

Therefore, no matter how difficult it is, she would not give up.

She thought that Harold, as the eldest grandson, would be able to take over the task happily, but she did not expect that he would withdraw at this time!

Harold was also very depressed, who would take on such an impossible task? He was afraid that he will be kicked out before entering the gate of the Emgrand Group.

At that time, not only did things fail, but they were also ridiculed and laughed at by others, so he decided not to agree in any way.

After cursing Harold, the Old Mrs. Willson shouted and asked: “Where are the others? Don’t you dare to take this task?”

Charlie lightly touched Claire with his elbow at this time, and whispered: “Wife, you take this task!”

Claire hurriedly said: “It’s crazy! It’s impossible for the Emgrand Group to cooperate with a small company like the Willson family!”

Charlie smiled slightly and said confidently: “Don’t worry, you can definitely talk about this cooperation!”

Claire asked in surprise, “Really?”

Charlie said confidently: “Of course! I don’t think you have a problem at all! Seize this opportunity, and your future status in the Willson family will Hangingrocket!”

Claire didn’t know why. At this moment, she believed Charlie’s words in a bewildered manner.

She stood up subconsciously and said to the Old Mrs. Willson: “Grandma, I’m willing to try.”
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Charismatic Charlie Wade 6-10

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The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 06 – 10

Chapter 6
Claire’s statement made the entire Willson family stunned!

Everyone felt that Claire must be crazy!

Don’t divide the time to show off! At this moment of being in the limelight, what can be the result besides death?

The Emgrand Group is the largest company in Aurous Hill. How can people look at the Willson family? Whoever talks about it will never succeed!

Harold couldn’t help but sarcastically said: “Claire, do you think you can get the contract from the Emgrand Group?”

Harold’s own sister and Claire’s cousin, Wendy, also sneered at this moment: “Sister Claire, what is your identity, and what is the identity of the Emgrand Group? You go to talk so rashly, don’t shame our Willson family. !”

Someone agreed: “That is, if she is driven out by the Emgrand Group by then, our Willson family will definitely become a laughing stock in Aurous Hill!”

When Claire heard the sound, her cheeks were extremely red, feeling very embarrassed.

Since marrying Charlie, her status in the family has plummeted, becoming less and less important, and almost squeezed out, and even her parents have been ridiculed.

She felt that if she could talk about this project with the Emgrand Group, her position in the family would definitely be consolidated.

The most important thing is that parents can also stand upright.

But at this moment, being ridiculed by so many people, she couldn’t help but retreat.

She gave Charlie a depressed look. Why did she listen to his bewitching words? Won’t get up for this if she knew it

Old Mrs. Willson was very angry when she heard what everyone said.

After asking this question several times, no one dared to take this task. Now Claire took the initiative to stand up, and the group of people began to pour cold water again!

Although the Old Mrs. Willson had always disliked Claire, at this time, she felt that Claire was at least willing to share her worries, unlike other people who only knew to hide in their shells at this moment!

Especially Harold, her beloved grandson, really disappointed her, too much!

Because of this, Mrs. Willson’s attitude towards Claire also changed a lot.

So she immediately said: “Since others dare not agree, don’t talk nonsense! This time we cooperate with Emgrand Group on the project, let Claire talk about it!”

Claire could only bite the bullet and replied, “Don’t worry, grandma, I will definitely go all out.”

At this time, Harold sneered coldly from his nose and said, “What’s the use of going all out? It’s not a shame for the family to fail in the end!”

Charlie asked with a sneer, “Harold, what is your purpose in singing badly? Don’t you think the Willson family is qualified to cooperate with Emgrand Group?”

Harold didn’t expect that Charlie would dare to speak at the family meeting, and he would wear a high hat on himself.

Seeing that Mrs. Willson’s expression was also a little sulky, he immediately explained: “I don’t mean that, I just think it is impossible for Claire to discuss this cooperation!”

Charlie smiled and asked him: “Then what if she can talk about cooperation at first? Shall we make a bet?”

Harold sneered: “Come on, just gamble, I will be afraid of you? Tell me, what are you betting on?”

Charlie said: “If she start to negotiate a contract, you kneel down and knock me three heads in front of the whole family and say you are wrong. If she can’t negotiate at first, I will knock three heads for you and say aloud that I was wrong, what do you think?”

“Hahahaha!” Harold immediately laughed wildly: “You rubbish are really looking for death! Okay, I’ll bet with you!”

Charlie nodded in satisfaction and said: “The whole family is here to witness that if anyone goes back, it will be equivalent to wishing death for father, mother, grandpa, grandma!”

Charlie deliberately said the three words “dead grandma” very seriously, because he was afraid that Harold would back out it when he loses.

As soon as these words came out, Harold never dared to go back, because in that way, wouldn’t it be cursing his grandma, that is, Old Mrs. Willson to die? When the time comes, Mrs. Willson will not let him go!

“Okay!” Harold didn’t know that Charlie had dug a hole for him, but instead felt that it was impossible for him to lose.

So, he laughed and said: “The whole family witnesses, I am waiting for you to kowtow to me!”

Claire was startled, and kept winking at him, but she didn’t expect him to completely ignore it.

Old Mrs. Willson didn’t care about this kind of gambling. Her only concern was whether she could enter the Emgrand Group’s cooperation list this time. If she could, don’t say let Harold kneel to Charlie, even if Harold called Charlie his father, she didn’t care either.

So she said: “Today’s meeting ends here. Claire, you have three days to win the contract and the meeting ends!”

Back home, the father-in-law and mother-in-law immediately attacked Charlie and Claire.

The mother-in-law Elaine Ma was anxiously worried, and blurted out: “Claire, you are crazy, how can you listen to Charlie’s rubbish words, so confused and promised this job!”

Father-in-law Jacob Willson also scolded Charlie and said, “Charlie, Charlie, you rubbish, you have killed my girl!”

Then, his father-in-law said angrily: “If you can’t talk about the Emgrand Group’s cooperation in the first place, you will definitely be squeezed out by the family. You, this rubbish, will also kneel and kowtow to Harold in front of the whole family. Don’t let you lose it?”

Charlie said seriously: “Dad and Mom, as long as the contract can be negotiated at first, everything will be solved?”

“Talk, talk, talk! Talk all bullsh*t!”

The father-in-law scolded: “Do you know how strong the Emgrand Group is? How can they look at the Willson family!”

Charlie smiled and said, “Maybe people can see it? I think it must be fine at first, and she can definitely get the contract down.”

The mother-in-law sneered at the side: “Do you think? Think you are the boss of the Emgrand Group? A rubbish, do you use any a**brain of yours? You are still talking here!”

Chapter 7
Seeing that her parents had been targeting Charlie, Claire sighed and said, “Dad and Mom, this matter has nothing to do with Charlie. I don’t want them to look down on us anymore. Isn’t the grievances we have suffered enough over the years? “

Claire’s mother blurted out: “Then you can’t agree to this errand, don’t talk about you, even if your grandma is gone, people won’t talk to her at Emgrand!”

Charlie looked at the scene in front of him with a wry smile, his snobbish father-in-law and mother-in-law, even if he kills, they couldn’t believe it. He is the boss of the Emgrand Group, right?

At this moment, there was a knock at the door.

“I’m coming”

The mother-in-law Elaine Ma sighed and opened the door.

Charlie looked around, and saw a young man in an Armani suit standing at the door. It could be said that he was a handsome and talented person with a Patek Geraldippe watch, which seemed to be worth at least three to five million.

The mother-in-law said excitedly: “Oh, it’s Wendell! Why are you here?”

This person is Wendell Jones, the son of Jones Family who has been pursuing Claire.

Wendell smiled and said: “Auntie, I heard that Claire has taken over the cooperation of Emgrand Group, so I came here to give her an idea.”

“Oh! You are really the savior of our family!”

Elaine was very excited. The look in Wendell’s eyes was like looking at her son-in-law. She hurriedly welcomed him in and said, “Wendell, do you have a way to help Claire win the Emgrand Group contract?” “

Wendell nodded with a smile, turning a blind eye to Charlie who was standing by, as if looking at the ants on the side of the road. He went straight to Claire and smiled slightly: “Claire, you don’t even tell me about such a big thing. , But you can rest assured that Emgrand Group and my company have a cooperation. I will ask my dad to say hello and I will do my best to help you.”

In fact, Wendell’s father didn’t have that much energy at all. He said this just to pretend to be an something ​​in front of Claire.

Claire always knew that Wendell was interesting in her, so she said coldly: “Wendell, I understand your kindness, and I will find a way.”

Elaine exclaimed in disbelief: “Claire, are you crazy? Mr. Jones kindly came over to help you, how can you talk like that?”

Claire didn’t speak, but Charlie on the side asked Wendell with interest: “Mr. Jones, I’m very curious about what you can do to help Claire? The Emgrand Group is so big, it can’t be controlled by you, right? Emgrand signed a contract with Claire?”

Wendell sneered contemptuously, and said: “What do you know? Our Jones family and Emgrand Group have always been in-depth partners. This time from the Emgrand Group’s 2 billion project, our family can get at least one-third of it! I will let you My dad directly allocated tens of millions from this third to subcontract to Claire. Wouldn’t this help her complete the task?”

Charlie said in surprise: “Oh! I didn’t expect that Mr. Jones’s family has such a deep relationship with the Emgrand Group!”

Wendell snorted coldly and said, “Of course! In Aurous Hill, who doesn’t know that our Jones family works closely with Emgrand Group?”

After finishing speaking, Wendell stared at Charlie and said contemptuously: “Charlie, I advise you to leave Claire as a frog at the bottom of the well. A man like you can’t give her happiness and will only hinder her path to progress.”

Claire said coldly at this time: “I’m sorry Mr. Jones, I don’t need your help, and please don’t speak harshly to my husband!”

Wendell said dumbfounded: “Claire, if I help you like this, you still have to face this rubbish? What is he worthy of your maintenance?”

Claire said seriously: “He is not a waste, he is my husband!”

Wendell was full of gloom and anger, and said angrily: “Okay! Toast and not eat fine wine! I want to see what you can do to solve this trouble! If you can’t figure it out then, don’t blame me for not giving you a chance!”

After speaking, Wendell turned around and slammed the door away.

Elaine wanted to catch up to explain, but Wendell had already gone far.

She slapped her thighs with anger, and pointed to Charlie’s nose and cursed: “You are so mad at me! What else can you do except for your rubbish will drag your legs? Mr. Jones is so kind to help, but you are all Get angry and go!”

Charlie said indifferently: “Mom, he just talked about it. He couldn’t get the cooperation of Emgrand Group himself, so how could he be able to help Claire.”

“You bullsht!” Elaine said angrily: “The Jones family can get one-third of the Emgrand Group’s projects, you know what bullsht!”

Charlie sneered in his heart. I don’t know what Jones Family can do. I only know that my Emgrand Group will never have any cooperation with Jones Family! Even if the Emgrand Group and Jones’s did have a lot of cooperation in the past, from now on, this cooperations will all stop!

Claire didn’t know what Charlie was thinking, and said to her mother: “Mom, don’t blame Charlie. Let’s talk about it when I come back from Emgrand Group!”

“Hey!” Elaine sighed long, only feeling that God was unfair. She married a rubbish husband, but the daughter married a more rubbish man.

What an injustice this is!

Chapter 8
Early the next morning, Claire brought the cooperation plan she had prepared overnight and came to the Emgrand Group with Charlie.

Looking at the 100-story Emgrand Group Building, Claire had no idea at all.

How could a company as large as the Emgrand Group look at the Willson family?

Not to mention that the Willson family wanted to negotiate a share of 30 million.

This is like a beggar who wants to go to a rich man’s house to ask for a reward of 30 million, which is completely idiotic.

However, since she promised my grandma and accepted the task in public, then she have to try something.

Seeing that she was very nervous, Charlie tidied her hair a little distressedly: “Don’t worry, my wife, you can talk, you will succeed.”

Claire said helplessly: “Hope! You are waiting for me here.”

After speaking, Claire took a deep breath and summoned her courage to walk into the door of the Emgrand Group.

Charlie watched behind her, took out her cell phone and called Doris.

“Doris, my wife has already gone up, you should know how to do the rest!”

Doris said immediately: “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, I will definitely satisfy Mrs. Wade.”

Charlie asked again: “By the way, I heard that Emgrand Group has a deep cooperation with Jones Family?”

Doris said: “The cooperation between them and Emgrand was really deep in the past. They also want to cooperate deeply in our new project this time, and are submitting the cooperation application materials to me, but now it depends on what you mean, Mr. Wade.”

Charlie said coldly: “I don’t want to see the Jones family participate in this new project, and I won’t have any cooperation with them in the future.”

Doris hurriedly said: “Don’t worry, I will do it!”

On the other side, Claire walked into the office building of the Emgrand Group and waited for an appointment at the front desk. She didn’t even know whether Doris, the vice chairman of the Emgrand Group, would like to see her.

After a while, a female assistant came over with a graceful posture: “You are Ms. Claire, right? Miss Doris is waiting for you in the office, please follow me.”

Claire nodded. She was still waiting in line to make an appointment, so why she was called indirectly?

Could it be that Doris knew she was coming?

But it doesn’t make sense, how can a famous person like Doris know her?

Although she couldn’t figure it out, Claire also knew that the opportunity was rare, and hurriedly followed the other party.

The female assistant took Claire directly into Doris’s office.

Seeing Claire, Doris quickly got up from the chair and greeted her respectfully: “Hello, Ms. Willson, I am Doris, Vice Chairman of the Emgrand Group.”

Facing the famous Aurous Hill superwoman, Claire felt a little nervous, and said respectfully: “Hello, Mr. Doris, I am here this time to talk to you about the hotel project. Although the overall strength of our Willson family is not good Strong, but we are really working hard in the decoration business, and we have a good reputation!”

As she said, she nervously handed over a piece of information, saying: “Doris, this is the relevant introduction and qualification documents of our Willson Group. Please also check it out.”

Doris smiled, and after receiving the document, she glanced briefly and said directly: “Ms. Willson, I read your information. I think the Willson family and Emgrand can cooperate.”

“What? What you said is true?” Claire couldn’t believe it.

Agreed so soon? How could it be so simple?

Doris smiled and said: “Of course it is true. Although the Willson family’s own conditions do not meet the cooperation standards of the Emgrand Group, our chairman is very optimistic about Ms. Willson and is willing to cooperate with you.”

“Chairman?” Claire exclaimed and asked, “Who is your chairman?”

Doris smiled indifferently and said: “Our chairman is Someone called Wade from the Wade family of Eastcliff.”


Claire frowned and said, “I don’t seem to know anyone named Wade, except for my husband.”

Doris nodded lightly, Charlie had told her not to reveal his identity information, so she could only reveal so much.

Apart from Charlie, Claire did not know anyone with the Wade, but she had never thought that her orphaned husband, who was of no use, was the son of Wades.

At this time, Doris said again: “Ms. Willson, let me see if the share of intention to cooperate in your information is 30 million?”

Claire nodded in a hurry, and asked without a bottom: “Is it too much?”

Doris smiled and said, “Not much, not much, but less.”

Claire became even more confused, and hurriedly asked, “What do you mean?”

Doris smiled and said: “Our chairman explained that he asked me to increase the cooperation share to 60 million.”

While talking, Doris took out a contract and handed it to Claire: “Look, the contract has been drawn up in advance, and the total is 60 million. If you think it’s okay, we can sign it now.”

“Huh? This”

Claire was really dumbfounded.

She didn’t expect that the Emgrand Group, which was unable to reach the Willson family, would take the initiative to prepare a contract for her!

Moreover, the contract amount has doubled!

Grandma’s goal is 30 million, and the contract actually says 60 million!

She suddenly thought that during the meeting last night, her husband Charlie resolutely let her take this task.

Why was he so confident?

And when he was at the door of the Emgrand Group just now, she had no confidence at the time, but he seemed confident.

Did he already know the result?

Who is he?

Chapter 9
At this moment, Claire suddenly had an unbelievable thought in her heart.

Is the Wade in Doris’s mouth just her husband Charlie?

But after another thought, she felt it was too magical to be true.

how could it be!

Charlie is an orphan who grew up in a welfare institution!

However, besides Charlie, who else in this world would treat her so well?

30 million is an extravagant hope, but the other party directly gave 60 million

She couldn’t help but ask Doris: “Ms. Doris, may I ask, is your chairman’s name Charlie?”

Doris sighed in her heart. The young master had ordered not to reveal his identity, and could only say that his surname was Wade to the outside world. If this was guessed by the young lady, wouldn’t she have to go back?

So she hurriedly said: “Ms. Willson don’t ask any more. Our chairman is behind Eastcliff’s famous door. His identity is highly confidential and I have no right to disclose it.”

Claire nodded lightly, and after Doris said the famous Eastcliff family, she suddenly recovered.

Charlie is an orphan, it can’t be some Eastcliff famous door, it seems that she really thinks too much

When she came out of Doris’s office, Claire was still dizzy.

What she held in her hand was the 60 million cooperation agreement between the Willson family and the Emgrand Group.

All this is just like a dream.

At the gate of the Emgrand Group, Claire saw Charlie’s figure and ran up excitedly and said, “Charlie, I actually made it.”

Charlie smiled secretly in his heart, your husband is the boss of the Emgrand Group, how could you fail to talk about it?

However, he pretended to be surprised and said: “You can negotiate such a difficult project. Wife, you are really amazing!”

Claire said: “Oh, this is not my great one, this is simply a gift from the Emgrand Group.”

“What?” Charlie asked deliberately: “Why do you say that?”

Claire was afraid that she would say something about the chairman of the Emgrand Group, and Charlie would be jealous, so she hurriedly said, “Oh, this is a long story. Let’s go to the company now and tell everyone the good news.”

Charlie laughed and said: “Okay! This time, that [email protected] Harold, has to abide by the betting contract and kneel and kowtow to me!”

Claire nodded, and said: “He usually has a high-level eye and no one is in the eye, so he should be taught a lesson!”

In fact, Claire also has her own temper. She wants that the people like Harold don’t look down on her and her husband in every possible way. Now that they have negotiated a cooperation, they really want to restrain them in the future.

More than ten minutes later, the two came to the Willson Group.

In the meeting room, everyone in the Willson family looked strange.

They all know that Claire went to the Emgrand Group early in the morning, but everyone didn’t believe that she could handle it, and they were all waiting to see her become a joke.

Unexpectedly, she would come back so soon.

When Claire and Charlie arrived in the meeting room, everyone showed sarcasm.

Harold said unceremoniously: “Oh, Claire, you are back in just half an hour? Did you even fail to enter the door of the Emgrand Group! Hahahaha!”

His sister Wendy also sneered: “Oh, sister Claire, she failed in less than an hour. You also broke the record, right?”

Old Mrs. Willson’s expression also turned gloomy. The Emgrand Group project is indeed extremely difficult. Even if Claire fails to reach a conclusion, she should at least be cautious, right? It really made her angry to give up so quickly.

So, the Old Mrs. Willson stared at her and said coldly, “Claire, you disappointed me too much.”

Charlie frowned immediately when she heard this.

This group is too disgusting, right? Don’t ask about the outcome of the matter, let’s make a mockery first regardless of whether it is indiscriminate or not?

Especially Harold, the tortoise [email protected], what the h*ll are you doing? He will kowtow later!

Claire was originally excited, but at this moment, everyone’s words were undoubtedly pouring cold water. With anger in her heart, she said: “I’m sorry, I disappointed you all. The Emgrand Group’s Doris has already negotiated with me for the Project cooperation!”

“What? You talked about it?”

“Impossible! How is it possible! You can’t even see Doris’s face!”

Everyone was stunned.

“Claire, do you think we will believe it?”

Harold came back to his senses and immediately slapped the table and said angrily: “Doris of the Emgrand Group is a well-known business elite in the city. How could she meet you? What identity do you have?”

Facing everyone’s doubts and accusations, Claire directly took out the contract and handed it to Mrs. Willson: “This is the project contract of the Emgrand Group. Please have a look.”

This contract is like a bomb, causing the atmosphere of these people on the scene to burst suddenly!

Harold still didn’t believe it, and shouted loudly: “This must be her forged contract! I don’t believe that she can handle the Emgrand Group!”

“That’s it!” Wendy also added fuel and jealousy to the side: “How can she win the Emgrand Group’s contract? This is a big project of 30 million! If she is be able to it, I will have negotiated it!”

Claire sneered and said, “Cousin, you are wrong. This contract is not 30 million, but 60 million!”

“Get off!” Wendy grinned and said, “A contract of 60 million? Are you not embarrassed to say it! Are we really fools? You can sign 60 million, and I say I can sign 100 million! “

Harold also said with a cold face: “Claire, you are playing grandma and us as monkeys!”

After he finished speaking, he said to Mrs. Willson: “Grandma! At first this is a big treachery! You can’t spare her!”

The Old Mrs. Willson also gritted her teeth angrily. She felt that 90% of the 30 million was worthless. After half an hour, Claire ran back and told her that she signed 60 million

Isn’t this treating her as a fool in front of so many people?

Really be the head of the family for nothing?

This kind of unscrupulous offspring, if she can’t drive out, how can she stand in the family in the future?

Old Mrs. Willson was anxious, slapped the table, and shouted: “Claire! Go to the personnel department to go through the resignation procedures immediately!”

Claire’s expression was stunned. Are these people crazy? She opened the contract and took a look, can they still not believe?

At this moment, someone suddenly yelled: “f*ck! Emgrand Group’s official statement is released! The 60 million contract is true!”

Chapter 10
With this roar, everyone was shocked.

Afterwards, everyone hurriedly took out their mobile phones and went to the official account of Emgrand Group!


The official service account of Emgrand Group released a push!

The Emgrand Group’s 2 billion hotel project signed the first partner. The group’s vice chairman Doris and Aurous Hill Willson’s representative Claire signed a 60 million decoration contract!

Seeing this title, everyone is crazy!

Claire actually talked about the project! And the amount doubled!

It has only been more than half an hour!

How could it be so easy? !

This is totally illogical!

Harold was shocked and regretted!

Before today, Claire was incomparable with himself in terms of status and identity.

If he accepted this task yesterday, no matter if he had negotiated it or not, he would not give Claire a chance to show her face!

In the end, he turned down because he was afraid of failure!

It doesn’t matter if he refuse it, the key is that Claire actually made it!

This is simply slapped in the face!

Mrs. Willson immediately picked up the contract excitedly, read it carefully, and laughed excitedly: “Okay! Good! Good! Good! Claire, you really made a great contribution!”

After speaking, she asked: “How did you do it?”

Claire said: “Thanks to Ms. Doris, Deputy Doris, she is very optimistic about our Willson family.”

In fact, Claire wanted to tell the truth, but after thinking about it carefully, she didn’t know who the chairman of the Emgrand Group was, and no one might believe it, she ditched the idea.

Upon hearing this, Harold felt even more uncomfortable and wanted to die!

No wonder Claire can win the contract!

It turns out that Doris of the Emgrand Group is very optimistic about the Willson family!

Wouldn’t anyone go?

He really missed a great opportunity!

At this time, Charlie spoke: “Harold, do you remember our gambling appointment?”

Harold’s expression was as ugly as if he had eaten sh!t.

How could he not remember the bet, and if he loses, he has to knock three heads in public.

Claire got the contract and made it clear that he had lost

No way!

How can he kowtow to this kind of garbage!

Never possible!

So he immediately gritted his teeth and said, “Charlie, what are you? It’s just a rubbish who enters our house and eats leftovers every day. You want me to kneel and kowtow to you?”

Charlie said calmly: “I am indeed a waste, but we swore yesterday, if anyone retreats, death, death, death, grandpa, death to grandma!”

Charlie deliberately said the three words “death to grandma” very hard.


Mrs. Willson’s expression immediately became extremely ugly!

She stared at Harold, and asked him in a cold voice, “What? Do you want me to die?”

Harold panicked and blurted out: “Grandma, you can’t be fooled by Charlie! He wants to make your grandson’s face and your face lost!”

Charlie said indifferently at this time: “Harold, don’t fool grandma here, don’t forget that you have taken a poisonous oath, if you retreat, your oath will be condemned by God, do you want to curse grandma?”

Harold was horrified, and blurted out: “Grandma, you can’t make a joke!”

Old Mrs. Willson said with a cold face: “You know that I believed in Buddhism during my life and swear to heaven, how dare you break your promise?!”


Harold really panicked, because he could see that grandma was really angry!

The Old Mrs. Willson saw that Harold even violated the vow linked to her life and death for the sake of his own prestige. She slammed the table and shouted angrily: “Are you determined to violate the oath?”

“Grandma I” Harold froze, and immediately made a calculation in his heart.

If he abides by the gambling agreement and kowtows to Charlie to admit his mistake, then he has lost face.

But if he doesn’t abide by the gambling agreement and angers his grandma, then he will lose everything he has in the Willson family!

Thinking of this, even though he was 10,000 times unwilling in his heart, he could only grit his teeth and said: “Okay! I am willing to do it!”

Charlie looked at him with a smile, and said nothing, just waiting for him to kneel and kowtow.

Harold felt that his legs were filled with lead and moved to Charlie with difficulty step by step.

He was trembling with hatred and gritted his teeth, but his legs softened and he knelt on the ground.


Those in attendance even took out their phones quietly.

Harold lowered his head and said in a trembling voice, “I was wrong!”

After finishing speaking, he leaned down and dropped his head.

Charlie said: “What did you say, I didn’t hear clearly, speak louder.”

Harold endured the humiliation and kowtow again: “I was wrong!”

Charlie sneered and said: “Oh, it turns out that you were wrong, where did you go wrong?”

Harold’s heart for killing Charlie was all there, but there was one last head that didn’t knock.

So he just gritted his teeth and said: “I shouldn’t doubt Claire’s ability to be wrong.”

After speaking, he kowtowed again!

Charlie felt very comfortable!

He could not bear this Harold for a long time, and this time he seized the opportunity to let him kneel and kowtow. It feels really cool!

Claire looked at all this in surprise, and felt that her husband was suddenly different from before!

Where the specifics are different, she will not be able to tell for a while.

But, thinking back to the way that her husband had a bet with Harold yesterday, it seems that he had long expected that he would win?

Why does he have such a strong self-confidence?
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Charismatic Charlie Wade 11-15

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Chapter 11
After Harold knocked three heads, tears of humiliation rolled in his eyes.

But he didn’t dare to make a mistake at the moment.

Because he knew that grandma must have strong dissatisfaction with him now.
At this time, he can’t say anything to make her angry anymore.

The Old Mrs. Willson saw that Harold kowtowed his head and admitted his mistake, she felt a little more relaxed.

She didn’t want her grandson to kowtow to Charlie, but the point was that this poisonous oath was about her own life.

She has always believed in Buddhism. If Harold doesn’t kowtow to admit his mistake, she is afraid that she will have trouble sleeping and eating, for fear of retribution to her.

So, she looked at Harold and said lightly: “Harold, these three heads are for you a little lesson. Don’t bet with others casually about things you are not sure about. Even if you bet, don’t harm your family!”

Harold said with a sad face, “Grandma, I know, I won’t dare anymore”

When speaking, his eyes cast a look at Charlie, viciously waiting for him, thinking, you rubbish, forcing me to kneel and kowtow to you and lose face, I will kill you sooner or later!

Immediately, Mrs. Willson opened the mouth and said: “It is gratifying to win this contract today. Everyone should hurry to prepare during this period. We must take this opportunity to build a good relationship with the Emgrand Group!”

Charlie reminded her on the side: “Grandma, since Claire talked about project cooperation, should the position of company director be given to Claire?”

Old Mrs. Willson raised her eyebrows, and she couldn’t help but think to herself.

She did say that whoever gets the contract can be the director.

However, when she thinks that Claire has always been disliked by herself, and that her rubbish husband has been disgusting, her heart beats again with a different tune.

If Claire is held up and she will not be under her control in the future, what should she do?

At this moment, she wanted to withdraw her previous promise.

After all, when she made the promise, she didn’t swear a poisonous oath, even if she took it back, she will feel at ease.

However, she felt that this kind of remark could not be said when Claire just signed the contract, so she said in a convenient way: “Well, tomorrow night, I will hold a banquet and invite someone with good looks in Aurous Hill to the scene. Then, I will face to face announce our cooperation with Emgrand Group and the appointment of a new director.”

Upon hearing this, Charlie was relieved with satisfaction.

Claire also smiled gently. It seems that the position of the director is finally her own, and she does not need to be squeezed out in the future, and her parents can raise their heads again!

Old Mrs. Willson turned her face, looked at Claire, and said, “Claire, there is one more thing, grandma wants you to help.”

Claire hurriedly said, “Grandma, would you please say?”

Mrs. Willson said, “I want you to contact the chairman of Emgrand and invite him to the banquet tomorrow.”

After a pause, the Lady Willson said with a look of expectation: “If he can come to our banquet, it will definitely be a brilliant good thing for our Willson family, and it will also make us famous!”

Claire thought for a moment, and hesitated: “But the last time I went, I only met Doris, the vice chairman of Emgrand, and never met the chairman himself. Moreover, we just got someone’s project and are holding such a banquet. Does it not seem too deliberate?”

“So what? I just want to tell the whole Aurous Hill people that we are now tied to the big ship of Emgrand, and in the future our Willson family will develop!”

The Lady Willson finished speaking, and then said: “Even if the chairman of Emgrand does not want to come, it is okay to invite Doris over. She is the No. 2 figure of Emgrand Group, and it would be very face lifting for us to ask her to come over.”
At this point, Mrs. Willson was already excited.

When she thought that the big clans and big families who had not looked towards the Willson family in the past might have to rely on the snort of the Willson family in the future, she couldn’t help but burst into enthusiasm.

The Willson family, in her hands, will become even more brilliant!

Claire thought for a moment before replying hesitantly: “I understand, I will try.”

“It’s not a try! must be invited!”

Claire nodded lightly, and then quietly asked Charlie, “What should I do? What if the chairman of Emgrand doesn’t come? What if Doris is unwilling to come?”

Charlie laughed and said, “Try it, don’t you have Doris’s phone? Maybe the other party agrees as soon as you call?”

The Willson family will hold a banquet. In addition to showing the strength of the Willson family, Claire will also be announced at the banquet.

Wife is promoted to director, and it’s not bad to be a husband of such a woman.

At this time, Claire didn’t know that her husband was the chairman of the Emgrand Group. She sighed a little tangledly and said: “The other party is the chairman of Emgrand, and it is said that he is the young master of the Eastcliff family. How can he come to the banquet”
Charlie smiled and said, “I don’t think it is necessary. Maybe the other party is always at home with his wife, cooking and washing clothes?”

Claire was annoyed at him and said, “Do you think everyone is you?”

Charlie nodded: “Yes, it is very likely that the boss of the Emgrand Group is just like me”

Claire curled her lips and said softly, “Cut it! How could it be possible!”

Chapter 12
Knowing that Charlie was joking, Claire didn’t care, stepped aside, and dialed Doris’s phone.

Soon, the call was connected.

Doris’s pleasant voice came across: “Ms. Willson, hello.”

“Hello, Miss Doris, I have something, I want to ask you for help.” Claire said embarrassedly.

“Well, say it.” Doris agreed.

Claire organized a few words, took a deep breath, and said courageously: “I want to ask if the chairman is free tomorrow night. We want to hold a banquet at home and officially announce the cooperation with Emgrand. I hope the chairman can appreciate it and bless us with his presence”

Doris was silent for a while, then replied: “Ms. Willson, I can’t do this, or else, I can help you ask the chairman’s opinion?”

Claire respectfully said, “Thank you, then I will trouble you.”

After hanging up the phone, Claire held the phone in some anxiety, waiting for news from the other party.

At this moment, Charlie’s cell phone rang suddenly.

Charlie was taken aback, and then he scolded himself in his heart. He forgot to mute the phone. It must be Doris who called to ask his opinion.

Charlie answered the phone with a calm expression on his face, and said “Yeah”.

Doris’s voice came from the other side, “Chairman, the Willson family is going to hold a banquet tomorrow night. Would you like to go there?”

Charlie replied: “Oh, that’s it, it’s okay, I’ll be fine. Just hang up.”

After that, Charlie hung up the phone quickly, and then mumbled, “These sales promotion is really annoying.”

Claire didn’t doubt anything, but shortly afterward, her mobile phone rang again.

Doris’s voice came over again, “Ms. Willson, our chairman has agreed, and will pass by then!”

“Really, that’s great, thank you for your help, and thanks to the Chairman for agreeing.” Claire was suddenly very excited. She did not expect that the other party would actually agree to it.

Claire hurriedly said to Mrs. Willson: “Grandma! The chairman of the Emgrand Group has already agreed!”

“Really?!” Mrs. Willson was suddenly excited!

After that, she immediately said to the Willson family present: “Go and prepare for me! Order the best hotel, order the best meals and drinks, and prepare to welcome the Emgrand chairman!”

“In addition, inform all the big companies in the city and invite them to our banquet! Tell them that the Emgrand chairman will appreciate their presence!”

Immediately afterwards, the entire Willson family became busy!

Everyone was extremely excited, constantly contacting various partners and the upper-class figures of Aurous Hill City.

This is undoubtedly a blockbuster!

For a time, the entire Aurous Hill City learned of this news.

The mysterious new chairman of the Emgrand Group will soon appear at the Willson’s banquet tomorrow!

Mrs. Willson received countless inquiries, and she responded with a smile.

She is so happy today, because as soon as the banquet is over tomorrow, the Willson family will definitely become Aurous Hill’s hottest family!

Thinking of this, she smiled excitedly and said: “Okay, come here today and start preparing for tomorrow’s banquet, the meeting is over!”

At the end of the meeting, Mrs. Willson returned to her office.

Harold rolled his eyes and followed closely.

“Grandma, are you really going to give Claire the position of director?”

When he walked to a place where there was no one, Harold couldn’t help but speak directly.

Old Mrs. Willson frowned slightly, and said coldly: “I have promised Claire, why can’t I give it to her?”

Harold still insisted: “Grandma, you can’t let her be the director!”

The Lady Willson asked back: “Why? She won such a big contract. She is the company’s hero and deserves to be entitled.”

Harold hurriedly said: “Claire was able to win the Emgrand contract because Wendell from the Jones family was behind her back. I heard that Wendell went to her house yesterday! Emgrand Group signed a contract with us today. What a coincidence? You see, 80% of it is because she slept w!th Wendell!”

The Old Mrs. Willson looked sullen and said: “What you said is true?”

Harold said plausibly, “Of course it is true. Wendell did go to see Claire last night. You can find out after checking.”

After that, Harold said to Mrs. Willson again: “Grandma, she is a married woman at first. If the matter between her and Wendell is spread, let people know that our Willson family got the Emgrand Group contract by this means. Where do you put the face of the Willson family? Where do you put your face?”

Old Mrs. Willson frowned, she had already believed most of it in her heart.

Wendell liked Claire, she knew it.

On her birthday, Wendell also gave a jade amulet worth three or four million.

This also reasonably explained why Claire was able to get a 60 million contract.

At this time, Harold said: “If you let such a shameless woman be the director, then our reputation will be even worse. At this time, we must choose someone else to be the director, and then we will also give credibility to the project. Go to other people, and it’s best to choose a man, this can avoid gossip to the greatest extent!”

Old Mrs. Willson nodded gently.

She believed Harold’s words 80%.

Looking at it this way, she really have to choose another director to eliminate rumors.

If everyone knows that Claire and Wendell got the contract before they get the contract, he can explain to the outside that he is getting the project with the new director, and he is definitely not relying on Claire to sell meat.

Moreover, the Lady Willson has a selfish heart.

She really doesn’t like Claire! Moreover, she has always favored sons over daughters, and does not want to see Claire’s status and strength in the Willson family grow.

She must be contained to ensure that the Willson family’s assets will not leak to outsiders.

When she thought of this, she had already made up her mind.

So, she looked at Harold and said coldly, “Harold, in the future, you must listen to me. You can do what I ask you to do. You can never do what I don’t let you do. Understand?”

Harold immediately said faithfully, “Grandma, don’t worry. What you say in the future will be what Harold will do. I will fight wherever you refer!”

“Yeah.” Mrs. Willson nodded with satisfaction, and said: “At the banquet tomorrow, I will tell everyone that you are the new director and are fully responsible for the cooperation with the Emgrand Group, but you must remember that you must be obedient. I can lift you up, and I can step on you!”

Harold was ecstatic in his heart and quickly said, “Grandma, don’t worry! Harold must be obedient!”

Chapter 13
When she came out of the Willson Group, Claire was extremely excited.

Tomorrow grandma will officially announce her new appointment, and she can finally be proud of it!

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help saying to Charlie: “Charlie, thank you! If it weren’t for your encouragement, I wouldn’t dare to take this task.”

Charlie smiled and said, “My wife, you deserve it.”

After speaking, Charlie said again: “By the way, my wife, do you want to celebrate such a big event?”

Claire nodded: “How do you want to celebrate?”

Charlie smiled and said: “It just so happens that the anniversary of our third wedding year is coming soon, let’s celebrate together! I’ll make preparations, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Claire asked in surprise, “Are you trying to surprise me?”

“Yes!” Charlie nodded and smiled: “I just want to prepare a surprise for you!”

Claire felt a little sweet in her heart, and said, “Then I won’t ask you exactly what it is!”

Charlie said, “Don’t ask, just wait!”

In order to prepare a special wedding anniversary for his wife, Charlie thought of many plans.

The whole is mainly based on compensation. After all, he used to be poor and didn’t have the money to buy gifts for his wife, and he didn’t even give his wife a formal wedding. Now that he has money, he must compensate her well.

After splitting up with his wife, Charlie went to a jewelry shop named Rare Earth in the center of Aurous Hill City by himself.

Rare Earth is the most famous jewelry store in the region.

Gold, platinum, diamonds, and jade, it can be said to have everything.

Charlie wanted to buy a gift for his wife first, and then go to the best hotel to book a late wedding.

After arriving at Rare Earth, the shopping guides saw him wearing a four-bar Adidas, and they didn’t bother to pay attention to him.

Charlie looked around for a long time, and saw a jade necklace locked in a cabinet.

The material of this necklace is the top ice jade, exquisite atmosphere, very in line with Claire’s temperament.

Charlie looked at the price, thirteen million, which was trivial to him.

So he called a salesperson and said, “Hello, please take this necklace out and let me have a look.”

The other party glanced at Charlie and said, “I don’t have the key, it is in our manager’s hands.”

After speaking, he used the walkie-talkie to say: “Manager Jane, someone wants to see our treasure of the town shop!”

Soon, a very enchanting woman trot over excitedly. Her name was Jane, the sales manager here.

“Which distinguished guest wants to see the treasure of the town shop?”

The salesman pointed to Charlie and said, “Manager Jane, this is the gentleman.”

“Huh?” When Jane saw Charlie, she was as sick as a fly.

How can this kind of filthy rug afford the treasure of the town shop?

Thinking of this, she immediately said to the male shopping guide: “Liu, are you kidding me?”

The other party said: “No, this gentleman really wants to see the treasure of the town shop.”

Jane scolded: “Can this kind of filthy rug afford the treasure of the town shop? Are you blind? If you are blind, just say it and I will rid of you soon!”

Jane prides herself on being extremely accurate.

She can tell at a glance what kind of person and what kind of purchasing power one has.

Therefore, she also judged at a glance that Charlie was a pauper and stinky rug.

Not to mention the thirteen million treasure of the town shop, even the ordinary necklace for one thousand three hundreds, he definitely can’t afford it!

This is not a waste of your feelings?

The male shopping guide dared not speak out, so Charlie frowned and asked her: “You don’t open the door to do business? I want to see this necklace. What’s the problem?”

Jane sneered: “We open the door to do business, but don’t do business with worthless people. If you can’t afford it, don’t join the fun!”

Charlie frowned and said: “With which eye do you see that I can’t afford it?”

“Ha ha!”

Jane said disdainfully: “This jade is worth tens of millions. What do you buy? I know, don’t you just want me to take a picture of you and send it to your circle of friends?”

As she said, Jane wrapped her arms around her chest, with a high-pitched look, her face full of contempt.

Hearing that this jade is worth tens of millions, many people around pointed and said with contempt: “This kind of person is really shameless. He can’t afford it but want to have to look at it. What to look at when you can’t buy it even in dreams?”

“That’s it, without looking at the identity, just that one dress, how can it be worthy of such a super jade?”

“I tell you, there are too many of these fooling around now!”

Charlie glanced at Jane at the counter, and saw that the other party was sneering at him with a disdainful face. He had already made up his mind to teach this b*tch, who is so low-minded!

So Charlie took out his cell phone and dialed Stephen Thompson’s number.

“Come to Rare Earth, give me 13 million in cash. I want to see it in ten minutes.”

“No problem, Master, I will come here.”

Jane curled her mouth and smiled: “I’m still addicted to acting! You have 13 million in cash. I have never seen so much cash in my life. I hope you can open my eyes! You don’t know, more than For millions of cash, you need to make an appointment with the bank first? Hahaha, you are so funny!”

Charlie nodded and said, “Since you haven’t seen so much cash, you will see it soon.”

The people around were all talking about it.

“It’s not a problem to be poor, the problem is not to swell your face to fill a fat man”

“Haha, this man doesn’t look like a rich man at first sight. He is still talking about 13 million, and can give out 300,000. I call him my father!”

“I just want to see what the 13 million cash looks like!”

Listening to everyone standing on her side, Jane couldn’t help but smile. She couldn’t see the cash after a while, let’s see how the poor ghost ended up.

A few minutes later, at the entrance of Rare Earth, several Rolls Royce suddenly stopped.

Then, from the two front cars, eight bodyguards in black suits descended.

They were holding black leather suitcases in their hands, their muscles were tight, their faces were solemn, and they were all cold and murderous, and even the atmosphere around them was a little serious.

This scene immediately shocked the entire Rare Earth!

Where does this big man come from, there is such a pomp!

Chapter 14
Seeing such a big show, Jane was also shocked, thinking to herself that it was not really the person who was called by the poor ghost?

But after another thought, how could it be possible!

It is impossible for the poor ghost to know such a powerful character.

Stephen Thompson got off the third Rolls-Royce and walked into Rare Earth. Jane quickly got up to greet him.

But Stephen Thompson didn’t even look at her, and went straight to Charlie.

“Master, I am here and I have brought the money.”

Stephen Thompson said, waving his hand, and the bodyguard behind walked into Rare Earth, and directly put the box full of money on the ground and opened it.

It’s all densely packed with cash!

The people around were so frightened that they gasped for air!

d*mn it!

This smelly filthy rug oh no! What this person said is actually true!

d*mn, what kind of big man is he!

Many people took out their phones to shoot videos one after another. They didn’t want to miss such a shocking scene.

However, Stephen Thompson’s bodyguards cleared them all out immediately, and they could only photograph Charlie on the back of his head.

Charlie pointed to the cash on the floor and asked Jane, “Have seen so much money? Have you seen it now?”

Jane was frightened and nodded, “I see it, I see it”

Charlie said to Stephen Thompson, “I want to see the manager of this store.”

Stephen Thompson nodded, took out his cell phone, and searched for a moment to call.

As soon as the call was connected, he cursed directly into the phone: “Bad son, I am Stephen Thompson. I am at Rare Earth now. Give you one minute and get out of here immediately! Otherwise, I will make people burn this Rare Earth! Then let someone break your dog legs!”

Jane’s face turned pale, and the expression in Stephen Thompson’s eyes was full of fear.

Is this person really so powerful?

Own boss, but Aurous Hill has a big man with a face, and he can eat well on the road, who can’t give him some face? How can anyone dare to talk to him like this?

Before a minute, a middle-aged fat man crawled out of the office behind him. As soon as he saw Stephen Thompson, he rushed forward and said, “Mr. Thompson, you come to my shop. Without saying a word in advance, I’d have come to meet you.”

Stephen Thompson directly slapped him in the face and furiously said, “You have a big shelf, and your clerk dares to neglect our young master. Are you tired of life?”

Stephen Thompson knew that the young master had been wronged a lot in the past ten years. At this time, seeing a clerk also gave him annoyance.

The middle-aged fat man received a slap in the face, and he was a bit wronged at first, but when he heard this, he was shocked and lost his mind.

The young master of Stephen Thompson? d*mn, Stephen Thompson already exists like a real dragon, isn’t his young master like a god in the Hanging?

His frightened legs kept trembling, and turned his head to see Charlie next to Stephen Thompson. Although he looked ordinary, he was the young master of Stephen Thompson’s boss family!

Thinking of this, the middle-aged fat man was even more apprehensive, and said quickly: “Master, I’m so sorry, I apologize to you.”

Then he turned his head, full of anger, and cursed: “Which thing that doesn’t have eyesight offends the young master? Stand up for me!”

The eyes of other shopping guides instantly focused on Jane.

Jane quickly wanted to shrink back.

But the middle-aged fat man rushed up instantly, grabbed Jane by the collar, slapped her face with a blow, and cursed: “You are a b!tch not better than that. Even you dare to offend the master. You are really blind. blind eyes!”

Jane was knocked to the ground by a slap, she said crying: “Boss, I’m sorry, I’m blind, please spare me this time!”

“Spare you?” The middle-aged fat man grabbed her hair and pulled her face up, hitting her face with a big fist.

With one punch and another punch, her face was full of blood: “Drafted, do you want to kill me? You want to kill me, I f*cking kill you first!”

Jane’s mouth full of teeth was broken several times, and the bridge of her nose she had just paid for was also broken, her face was full of blood.

She broke away crying and broke away from the middle-aged fat man. She knelt and crawled to Charlie’s side, grabbed his leg, and cried: “Mr. Wade, I really know that I was wrong. I will never look down on people in the future, please forgive me.”

Charlie said coldly: “Do it yourself.”

When the middle-aged fat man saw that she grabbed Charlie’s leg, he was so scared that he ran over and slammed on her head, cursing, “You can touch the young master’s leg? I’ll kill you!”

After this step, Jane suddenly became unconscious.

The middle-aged fat man said to the security guard next to him: “Put this dog-eyed into the waste bin behind the shop!”

“OK, boss!” The security guards did not dare to delay, and immediately took Jane, who was full of blood, and led her out.

Charlie said to the middle-aged fat man expressionlessly, “My wife likes that jade, please wrap it up for me.”

The middle-aged fat man nodded quickly and said, “Okay, I’ll wrap it up for you!”

Charlie took out the premium card and said, “Swipe this card.”

After speaking, he said to Stephen Thompson: “You can take the cashback.”

The middle-aged fat man hurriedly said: “Mr. Wade, you like this jade, so I will give it to you as a little gift!”

Charlie said: “I don’t need you to do that.”

The middle-aged fat man said in a consensual way: “Mr. Wade, treat it as a small little heart, please accept it!”

Stephen Thompson said to Charlie, “Mr. Wade, since he intends to send you as a plea, please accept it, otherwise he won’t even be able to sleep at night.”

Charlie hesitated for a moment, then nodded gently: “Okay, then I thank you.”

Seeing Charlie accepted the jade necklace, the fat man breathed a sigh of relief.

If Charlie didn’t accept this necklace, he was really afraid that Stephen Thompson would not let him go. With his strength, hooking his fingers could also make him wiped out.

At this time, Stephen Thompson asked Charlie: “Mr. Wade, do you want me to send you off?”

“No.” Charlie waved his hand and said, “Where is the back door? I’ll go by myself.”

The onlookers really opened their eyes today!

Several Rolls-Royces brought thirteen million in cash just to buy a piece of jade.

As a result, the boss of Rare Earth did not even dare to collect money!

What is the origin of that very humble young man?

Many people uploaded this video to the Internet, and it became popular online.

Netizens have called this mysterious person “super rich second generation”, “overbearing president”, “god-level rich man”, and even set off a “search for god-level rich man” activity, and countless people actively participated.

But fortunately, when these people took the video, the man and his people were cleared out of the store surrounded by bodyguards, so the identity in their video was very vague and could not be used as a reference for finding someone.

Chapter 15
After leaving Rare Earth, Charlie did not go home immediately.

He wanted to give his wife a full set of surprises on the day of wedding anniversary.

This surprise is not just a jade necklace, he also wants to make up a romantic wedding for his wife.

At the request of the Master Willson, Charlie and Claire hurriedly obtained the marriage certificate, and the wedding was never held in time.

The Old Master himself wanted to choose an auspicious day and hold a grand wedding, but soon after the two got the certificate, he was seriously ill and was admitted to the hospital, so the wedding was been delayed.

Later, the Old Master left, and Charlie was not admired by anyone in the Willson family, so the wedding was even more impossible.

However, now that he has money, he must pay his wife a wedding!

When he thought of holding a wedding, the first thing he thought of was the Hanging Garden of Shangri-La!

Shangri-La Hotel is currently the best hotel in Aurous Hill. The hotel occupies a large area, the decoration is very luxurious, and there is a large and high-end shopping mall inside.

The Hanging garden is on the highest level inside the mall.

The reason why it is called the Hanging garden is that it is built with crystal glass, and matched with high-end fresh flowers shipped by air from abroad, it looks like a sky garden suspended in the air.

This is also the grandest and most luxurious banquet hall in Aurous Hill. If a wedding is held here, it will cost at least several million.

Charlie is rich now, a few million is nothing to him, as long as he can make his wife happy, it is more important than anything.

So he came to Shangri-La Hotel and wanted to reserve the Hanging garden on his wedding anniversary.

However, Charlie did not know that Shangri-La Hotel adopted membership service.

Whether it is eating, lodging, or holding a banquet here, you must have hotel membership.

Moreover, the corresponding services are not available for different membership levels.

Ordinary members can only eat in the lobby and stay in standard rooms;

Silver members can eat in boxes and live in high-end luxury rooms;

Gold members can eat in luxurious boxes and live in luxurious suites;

Platinum members can eat in the Hanging garden and live in top luxury suites.

And the highest is the diamond member.

Only diamond members are eligible to live in the presidential suite, and only diamond members are eligible to hold the entire Hanging garden for banquets.

Moreover, members above the gold level cannot be processed with money, and they must have sufficient social status.

Charlie came to Shangri-La Hotel, but before entering the door, he was stopped by several men in black.

“Sorry sir, please show your membership card.”

Charlie’s clothes all over his body are not worth two hundred, which is extremely dazzling when compared with those brightly dressed and luxurious guests.

Charlie said hurriedly: “I want to find your account manager and talk about the reservation.”

The other party said coldly: “Sorry, you can’t enter without a membership card!”

Charlie said: “Then can I apply for a membership card now?”

The other party shook his head and said, “Sorry, the membership card must be processed through the introducer.”

Charlie frowned, saying that Shangri-La is too much trouble, right?

When he didn’t know what to do, he suddenly remembered that when he was arranged by Mr. Willson to enter Aurous Hill University to study with his wife as a senior, there was a college classmate named Sabrina Lee who seemed to be at work!

So he immediately took out his mobile phone and called Sabrina.

After explaining the situation that he wanted to apply for the card, Sabrina immediately said: “Class monitor Wade, this matter is handed over to me, I will come there!”

Charlie hurriedly thanked him.

It seems that even though they have only been university classmates with Sabrina for a year, there is still some friendship between them, and he must return Sabrina’s favor in the future.

“Oh, Class monitor Wade!”

A few minutes later, a woman’s exclamation suddenly came from inside the hotel door.

Lifting his head, Charlie saw a very coquettish woman wearing an ol costume, heavy makeup, and wriggling out of the hotel.

Sabrina? Her changes are really big enough! he almost dare not recognize her!

Seeing the glamorous girl, the two black-clothed security guards at the door hurriedly bent over and called respectfully: “Manager. Sabrina.”

Charlie said in surprise: “Sabrina, I haven’t seen you in a few years, you are now the team leader in Shangri-La, really amazing!”

Sabrina smiled and said: “Class monitor, you are polite, I am actually just a team leader of the personnel department, and I can only be regarded as a small and middle-level employee in Shangri-La.”

Charlie exclaimed from the bottom of his heart: “That’s already very powerful. I heard that Shangri-La’s management is very demanding. You are really amazing!”

Sabrina smiled triumphantly, and then looked at the two black-clothed security guards beside her, and asked coldly: “You two blocked my university monitor at the door and refused to let in?”

The two looked at each other, and one of them hurriedly said: “I’m sorry, leader Sabrina, we didn’t know this is your university classmate, and he doesn’t have a membership card, we were also abiding by the hotel regulations”

Sabrina snorted coldly: “The rules are dead and people are alive. Don’t you understand this truth?”

Charlie thought that Sabrina was going to punish them for this, and hurriedly said: “Sabrina, don’t make it difficult for them, they also act according to the rules.”

Looking at Charlie, Sabrina suddenly laughed. At the same time, she changed her face and sarcastically said: “Class monitor Wade, you take yourself too seriously, you really think I will do it for you, and it will be difficult for my subordinates?”

Charlie frowned: “Sabrina, what do you mean?”

“What do I mean?” Sabrina curled her lips and smiled: “Is it not obvious enough? Just like you, you want to enter Shangri-La? I tell you, don’t even think about it in this life!”

Charlie clenched his fists and asked her, “What the h*ll do you mean?”

“I am teasing you!” Sabrina smiled and shivered, and said, “When I was in college, I didn’t look down on you. I only knew the smelly rug, even a canteen bun without meat. Still working as a class leader? Are you still gesticulating about my academic performance? I babble! Don’t look at your virtue!”

Charlie said with a gloomy expression: “Sabrina, I think I have never provoked you, why do you ridicule me?”
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Charismatic Charlie Wade 16-20

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Chapter 16
Sabrina hugged her shoulders and said proudly: “I just look down on you, why? You are not allowed to talk about it?”

“University classmates who didn’t know that you went to be a live-in son-in-law after graduation? When you were in school, you couldn’t afford to eat, and when you graduated you are eating leftovers, you still have the face to ask me for help?

A bit of anger surged in Charlie’s heart.
People do not offend him, He does not offend people, Sabrina is really too much this time!

At this moment, he suddenly received a text message from Stephen Thompson on his cell phone: “Mr. Wade, Shangri-La, is the property of our Wade Group. Shangri-La in Aurous Hill is just one of our more than 100 Shangri-La units.”.

Charlie’s pupils shrank suddenly!

Shangri-La belongs to the Wade family?

He subconsciously responded to the text message: “Aren’t you lying to me?”

Stephen Thompson said: “The person in charge of Aurous Hill Shangri-La is named Issac Craven and his phone number is 155. You call him and he will take care of everything.”

“Is it Okay?”

Seeing that Charlie kept low hair text messages made Sabrina very depressed.

She felt like she was abusing the dog, of course she wanted to hear the dog barking twice.

But unexpectedly, Charlie didn’t say a word.

It seems that this Class monitor, who was very stubborn when he was in college, is still so stubborn and indifferent to being scolded.

So she increased her firepower and sneered: “Oh, Class monitor, you can really bear it!”

“By the way, I heard people say that you and Claire had been married for three years and you haven’t gotten into her bed. Could it be that Claire was the mistress of others? Wouldn’t you just be a pretence for her to be someone else’s junior? Right? Hahaha!”

Charlie frowned.

It’s all about insulting me, but also insulting my wife?

Sabrina, you are looking for death by yourself!

So, he dialed the phone number of Issac Craven, the person in charge of Shangri-La, looked at Sabrina, and said indifferently: “I want to ask your person in charge, how does Shangri-La recruit employees? Even someone with mouth full of dung, can they still be recruited?”

“Dare to scold me? Are you tired of life!” Sabrina immediately exploded her hair and shouted at the security guard beside her: “He is here to insult me, give him a beating!”

At this time, Charlie had already dialed the phone.

“Hey, who.”

On the phone, a man’s coercive voice came.

Charlie asked coldly: “Are you Issac Craven? My name is Charlie Wade. I’m at the door of Shangri-La now. I will give you one minute to get down, or you will get out of Shangri-La in the future!”

The man on the phone who was still full of momentum suddenly asked: “Young Mr. Wade? Are you really at the door of Shangri-La?”

Charlie said coldly: “You still have fifty seconds!”

The other party seemed frightened and blurted out: “Wait a minute, I’m here!”

Sabrina laughed angrily by Charlie’s phone call, and said sarcastically: “Charlie, I didn’t expect you to brag like this? Do you know the identity of President Issac? The two top members of Shangri La did not dare to act in front of President Issac. Do you think you can bluff me by pretending to make a call?”

Charlie said lightly, “Is it bluffing you? You’ll know after 30 seconds!”

Sabrina laughed loudly: “Okay, Class monitor Wade, then I will wait with you for 30 seconds! Oh no, I will wait with you for three minutes! If they don’t come out for three minutes, I will let the security guard tear your mouth. Look at how you brag in the future! Hahaha! You really laugh at me!”

Twenty seconds.

A middle-aged man wearing a top-level customized suit ran out in a panic.

He is a dog of the Wade family and a very powerful dog.

Since he took office in Aurous Hill and became the head of Shangri-La, he has been one of the most respected existences in city. When has he been so flustered?

However, he had to panic, and never dreamed that the young master would appear in Shangri-La where he was in charge.

Sabrina was about to continue to ridicule Charlie, when she suddenly saw the security guards around her looking behind her with horror.

When she turned her head subconsciously, she suddenly discovered that President Issac was running out of it, and she was suddenly struck by lightning.

Immediately, she looked at Charlie, her eyes full of horror: “How is this possible?”

“Who is Mr. Charlie?!”

Issac Craven’s voice was trembling.

The people were stunned, and Mr. Issac, who was able to bring the Aurous Hill earthquakes by stomping his feet, changed his voice in a panic at this moment!

Charlie said at this moment: “I am!”

Issac Craven rushed to the front immediately, bowed and said: “Master”

Before he finished speaking, Charlie immediately said: “Mr. Issac, don’t say something outside.”

When Issac Craven heard this, his whole body trembled in shock.

d*mn, I am a stupid dog! The identity of the young master must be highly confidential, and he almost called out. If the young master blamed him for that, wouldn’t he be finished?

So he hurriedly changed his name, but still respectfully said: “Mr. Charlie, you are welcome to Shangri-La. Please move to my office to talk.”

Sabrina was already frightened, she couldn’t accept this reality, but it really happened in front of her eyes.

What is the origin of Charlie? How can the bosses of Shangri-La treat him respectfully?

She ridiculed him just now, shouldn’t he hold grudges?

Chapter 17
Thinking of this, Sabrina hurriedly changed into a flattering look, and said to Charlie in a charming manner: “It’s really an honor for our Shangri-La and my old classmates to come by, Mr. Charlie.”

She felt that by complimenting Charlie, she could make Charlie forget or ignore what she had done just now.

However, she took Charlie too kindly.

When Issac Craven heard Sabrina’s words, he asked in surprise: “Sabrina, are you Charlie’s classmate?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Sabrina said hurriedly: “Charlie was the monitor of my college class. We have a very good relationship!”

Issac Craven said immediately: “I will report to the President’s Office tomorrow, and you will be the personnel director of Shangri-La!”

From the team leader to the personnel director, there are at least three levels in Shangri-La, and the remuneration is more than ten times, and most of the employees are in control of life and death. He is definitely one of the executives.

When Sabrina heard this, she was excited and almost fainted.

At this time, Charlie said coldly: “Mr. Charlie, do you know what my relationship is with Sabrina?”

Issac Craven thought that Charlie was dissatisfied with this arrangement, and immediately said: “If Mr. Charlie is not satisfied, then let Ms. Sabrina be promoted directly to vice president!”

Charlie suddenly said, “Because I didn’t have a membership card, I called Sabrina for help, but she actually humiliated me for no reason, and even wanted security to beat me several times. You actually want to promote her to vice president. What do you mean? Deliberately want to fight against me?”

Hearing this, Issac Craven felt cold.

The flattering hit the horse’s leg!

Immediately, his eyes were full of anger when he looked at Sabrina.

Immediately afterwards, he slapped Sabrina’s face fiercely, and cursed: “Even Mr. Charlie dared to offend, you have the courage of the bear heart and leopard? Don’t you want to live?”

Sabrina was so frightened that she was soft, knelt on the ground and kept kowtow, crying: “Mr. Charlie, I was wrong.”

Issac Craven kicked Sabrina abruptly, kicked her a few meters away, and cursed: “You are not a dog with long eyes! I will let you know today and it has caused Mr. Charlie’s price!”

Having said that, he shouted to the security guard beside him: “Beat her fiercely! Beat her half to death, and then give her plastic face a good look, and then tell the whole Aurous Hill that no company will dare to use her in the future!”

Sabrina was so frightened that she hurriedly said: “President Issac, I was wrong, please forgive me!”

Issac Craven was furious, and shouted: “Now you know it was wrong? Why did you go? You can offend Mr. Wade too? If it wasn’t for the face of Mr. Wade, I would kill you!”

Sabrina broke down and cried. She knelt on the ground and crawled all the way to Charlie, kowtowing her head again and again: “Class monitor Wade, I was wrong, sorry! Please let it for the sake of classmates.”

Charlie asked her indifferently: “Sabrina, classmate, why did you insult me ​​and my wife just now?”

Sabrina cried bitterly and said, “Class monitor, I was confused just now. I blame my bad mouth. Please forgive me.”

Charlie said: “If people do not offend me, I will not offend others, but if they offend me, I will never forgive others!”

After that, he snorted and said: “You brew your own bitter wine, drink it yourself!”

Issac Craven scolded: “b*tch, dare to bitch with Mr. Wade, I will tear your broken mouth!”

Sabrina did not dare to beg for mercy anymore, but knelt on the ground and wept bitterly.

Charlie did not sympathize with her at all, but simply ignored her and said blankly to Issac Craven: “I want to talk to you about the Hanging garden. Let go to your office.”

Issac Craven nodded hurriedly, and said respectfully: “Mr. Charlie come with me!”

After speaking, he pointed at the security guard beside him and shouted: “Hit her hard!”

“Yes, President Issac!”

How dare the security guard disobey him, nodding his head immediately rushed to hold Sabrina to beat her.

Sabrina kept wailing, but Charlie completely ignored it, and under the guidance of Issac Craven nodding and bowing, he entered Shangri-La.

As soon as he arrived at Issac Craven’s office, Charlie went straight to the topic: “A few days later, it will be my wife’s wedding anniversary. I want to reserve the entire Hanging garden. Can I do that?”

Issac Craven said without hesitation: “Mr. Wade, in order to ensure fairness to all high-end members, Hanging Garden has always refused to book the venue. Even the city leaders will not provide private space service. However, as long as you need it, the air in the garden can even be reserved for you alone forever!”

Charlie said indifferently: “That’s not necessary, just save it on the anniversary. Besides, I need you to cooperate with me and prepare a little surprise for my wife.”

Issac Craven said immediately: “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, all Shangri-La employees and I will obey your instructions!”

Charlie got things done in Shangri-La. When he took the bus home, almost all the passengers in the bus were using TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

Moreover, to his surprise, everyone is watching the same video!

It’s the video of throwing thirteen millions in cash at Rare Earth!

The video was shot from Stephen Thompson’s Rolls-Royce team, a series of top Rolls-Royce cars, a dozen black security guards with black suitcases, and thirteen million cash dropped on the ground for dogs to watch. The low-ranking sales manager has no place to show herself, and the whole process is posted online.

However, the video failed to capture the front of Charlie.

This video quickly became popular in Aurous Hill. Countless people are wondering who is the superhero. Many girls even dreamed of Cinderella and the prince’s dreams, eager to one day meet this low-key hero.

Charlie repeatedly confirmed that he was difficult to recognize in the video, and then he was relieved and returned home.

At this time, the home is full of joy.

Claire got the contract from the Emgrand Group and was about to become the director of the Willson Group. Her parents were naturally excited and tearful.

She have been looked down upon in the Willson family for so many years, now she can finally raise her head and be a woman!

When the father-in-law and mother-in-law were happy, seeing Charlie was not as bored as before.

The mother-in-law said excitedly: “Oh, I’m so happy today, my daughter is really not an ordinary person!”

After finishing speaking, she looked at Charlie again, and said with a rare smile: “Charlie, you can be considered a great inspiration for this matter. I won’t let you cook today. Let’s find a restaurant to have a meal!”

Claire smiled and said, “Then let’s go to Kempinski to eat western food!”

“It’s too expensive!” The mother-in-law blurted out: “That’s not more than 1,000 per capita?”

Claire smiled and said, “Mom, the director’s salary is very high, with an annual salary of one million.”

“Oh!” The mother-in-law applauded joyfully, and happily said: “It’s great, great! My family is finally promising!”

After that, she said: “However, you must pay at least 70% to your mother from your future salary. You young people don’t understand the importance of financial management. Money is definitely more reliable with me than you save yourself!”

Claire nodded immediately and smiled: “Okay mom, I will give it to you every month at that time, but let’s say it, you can’t always rebuke Charlie in the future, saying things like how can he be your son-in-law? “

The mother-in-law immediately opened her eyes and smiled: “Okay! Mom cares about your face, so try to talk less about him in the future!”

Chapter 18
Wendell was sulking at home when a family of four went to Kempinski for dinner.

He also saw the news from the Emgrand Group, and was very depressed.

He thought Claire would not be able to get the contract from the Emgrand Group if he didn’t help. He didn’t expect that she would successfully win a contract of 60 million in the morning. He recalled that he had put a cruel remark at her house yesterday. This was not for her face?

Harold also called to complain about it, and said as soon as he opened his mouth: “Brother Wendell, you are too interesting! I have been helping you create opportunities to chase my cousin, but you helped her win the cooperation of the Emgrand Group. Didn’t you embarrass me?”

Wendell is also very innocent, what the h*ll? I didn’t help Claire!

At this time, Harold asked again: “Brother Wendell, tell me the truth, did you put my cousin to sleep?”

Wendell was too embarrassed to deny, saying that he had nothing to do with all of this, wouldn’t that mean admitting that he was incompetent?

So he said um um ah ah, “Yes, sorry Harold, I will definitely compensate you if I have a chance in the future.”

“I knew it!” Harold sighed, and then hurriedly asked: “Brother Wendell, my cousin should still be a intact? She seems to have never let that rubbish touch, you really hit a jackpot this time!”

Wendell was delighted when he heard this.

OK! Claire is still a …!

Then he might as well declare to the public that she slept with him, so as to provoke the relationship between her and her husband.

Thinking of this, he smiled and said to Harold: “Harold, your cousin was indeed still a virgin, and it was really cool to do it, hahaha!”

Harold said bitterly: “Then you can’t ignore me from now on, Brother Wendell!”

“Relax!” Wendell readily agreed.

After hanging up Harold’s phone, Wendell’s father called again.

As soon as the phone was connected, he blurted out: “Wendell, something has happened! The Marriott Group stopped all our cooperation! Have you been offending people these days?”

When Wendell heard this, his heartfelt like an ice cellar.

The Emgrand Group has stopped all cooperation with the Jones family? Doesn’t it mean that the family has suffered heavy losses? !

He blurted out: “What’s the situation, Dad? I haven’t offended anyone these days! Have you offended anyone?”

Wendell’s father said angrily: “Neither do I! I have been in the company these days, and I haven’t gone out to offend anyone.”

Wendell said nervously: “Oh, dad, is it possible that the new chairman of Emgrand Group is preparing to shuffle the cards?”

“Very likely!” Wendell’s father suddenly realized: “Now that the new chairman has taken over, I haven’t had a chance to pay a visit. I have mentioned it to that Doris several times, but she keeps saying that their chairman is not attending guests.”

Wendell asked: “What should I do?”

His father thought for a while and said, “Oh, right, there will be a banquet in the Willson family tomorrow night. It is said that they have invited the chairman of the Emgrand Group. Let’s go and find a chance to meet him!”

“Okay!” Wendell said immediately: “Tomorrow we will go together!”

The next day, at the most important highlight of the Willson family, the entire family was excited up and down.

Because after a night of fermentation, the Willson family got the Emgrand Group contract and invited the Emgrand Group chairman to participate in the family banquet. The news has spread throughout Aurous Hill!

For this banquet, Charlie found his most expensive suit to put on and went to the hotel where the banquet was held.

As soon as he arrived at the hotel entrance, Charlie got out of the car and saw a Porsche suddenly braked and stopped in front of him.

Immediately afterwards, Wendell, dressed in a designer suit and meticulously combed hair, got out of the car.

Soon, a receptionist came up and greeted Wendell graciously.

And Wendell obviously saw Charlie too, with a trace of disdain in his eyes, looked at him up and down, and smiled: “Where did you find a copycat suit, and the person wearing it looks like a dog.”

Charlie asked calmly: “What does it have to do with you?”

The corner of Wendell’s mouth curled up, with a bit of sarcasm on his face, and said, “You have nothing to do with me, but your wife has something to do with me now.”

Charlie frowned slightly and asked, “What’s the relationship?”

People around can’t help but stop.

Beginning last night, there was a gossip in the circle.

According to the news, Claire was able to win the Emgrand Group’s cooperation entirely because she dedicated her life to Wendell’s relationship. Otherwise, with the strength of her and the Willson family, how could she win the Emgrand Group?

Now it seems that this is really a sign.

Wendell saw the crowd gathered, and said to Charlie: “What do you think was the reason why the Emgrand Group was able to win the cooperation in the first place?”

Charlie looked at Wendell and asked indifferently: “Because of what?”

Wendell’s mouth curled up and said, “Of course it’s because of me, because Claire is now my woman, so I tried my best to help her win the Emgrand cooperation. If you know, divorce her sooner, it’s also considered adult beauty. “

Although everyone around had speculated, but now that Wendell said it bluntly, everyone could not help being surprised.

Claire actually got the cooperation of Emgrand Group through sleeping with Wendell!

“Because of you?” Charlie laughed instead of anger when he heard this, and said, “You are worthy too?”

Chapter 19
“I’m not worthy, are you worthy?”

Wendell said with gloomy eyes: “You are just a rubbish, you can’t even look at your own wife. It’s too wrong to follow you in the first place. It’s nice to follow me, I can give her what she wants!”

Charlie’s face turned cold, lowered his voice, and said coldly: “I’ll give you two choices. First, you will kowtow to Claire and apologize. In front of everyone, you will swallow what you have said. Second, I will completely bankrupt your family group, if you disagree.”

“Hahahahaha, are you kidding me? What kind of thing are you that made my group bankrupt?”

Wendell laughed wildly and looked at Charlie disdainfully, obviously not taking what he said seriously.

“Are you a mentally retarded daydreamer? What do you use to make my family group go bankrupt? Do you know what the market value of my family group is?”

Charlie was expressionless, staring at Wendell for a moment with a mentally retarded expression, took out the phone at random, and dialed Stephen Thompson.

“Within three minutes, I want to see Wendell’s group go bankrupt and liquidate its assets, and debts soar!”

In three minutes, letting a group with a market value of several billion go bankrupt is simply a pipe dream!

Wendell stared at Charlie with a stern look, and said: “d*mn, you’re so awesome! Do you think you are the superhero on the Internet?”

After that, Wendell said coldly: “rubbish, don’t pretend, I also give you two choices. First, you will kneel down and apologize to me, and then divorce Claire immediately; second, I will find a few people to completely abolish you from the face of earth. Then, let you see me and Claire sweet and sweet with your own eyes, and you can choose yourself! I will give you one minute!”

Charlie looked down at the phone and said, “You have one minute left, are you sure you can’t save it?”

“f*ck off! You still have thirty seconds to think about it. If you don’t kneel down, I will make you regret it forever!” Wendell said indifferently.

“Twenty seconds!”

“Ten seconds!”

“Five seconds!”

“The time is up, don’t blame me for being cruel, it’s you rubbish that you found yourself!” Wendell shook his collar, then waved to a few bodyguards, ready to take care of the rubbish first.

But at this moment, Wendell’s cell phone rang suddenly.

Wendell was taken aback, saw his father calling, and quickly picked up.

“Dad, I’m already at the party, are you here?”

On the phone, Wendell’s father snarled frantically: “You rubbish! Who on earth did you offend! What trouble did you cause! Now all shareholders are frantically dumping our group’s stock, and our stock has fallen by more than 90%!”

As he said, his father roared again: “The bank suddenly came to ask for debt repayment! All the partners suddenly stopped cooperating with us and stopped settlement! Our capital chain has been broken! There is only one way out for bankruptcy and liquidation!”

Wendell’s face instantly turned pale as he listened to the voice from the phone, and cold sweat dripped from his forehead.

“Our house is over! Completely over!”

Wendell wanted to ask again. Suddenly, he heard the sound of a police siren on the opposite side of the mobile phone, followed by the sound of a door breaking, and the voice of the police asking his father to cooperate in the investigation.

He was suddenly weak, and the phone fell to the ground, smashing to pieces.

As soon as his legs softened, he knelt in front of Charlie.

The wind blew, and the body and heart were cold.

Those bodyguards, seeing this picture, were all surprised and stopped stepping forward.

Wendell was extremely frightened, and asked Charlie in a low voice, “Who are you? You did it, right?”

The crowd onlookers were also extremely surprised. Wendell answered the call and suddenly knelt in front of the son-in-law of the Willson family. What happened?

Charlie looked down at him, bent over slightly, and said in a low voice: “I gave you the opportunity to choose, but you didn’t choose the right one.”

“I know that I was wrong, I apologize to you, please, let me go! At first I have nothing to do with you, I have never touched her, the Emgrand Group’s cooperation is not my help, those words just said are all made up, I beg you, forgive me and my family!”

Wendell kept kowtow apologizing, he couldn’t even dream that a son-in-law of the Willson family would have such a great energy! One phone call breaking his family!

When he raised his head and looked at Charlie’s cheek, he only felt that this plain face was more terrifying than a demon!

Can let his family go bankrupt within a few minutes, such a character is not offended at all!

Charlie shook his head and said, “You should be satisfied, because at least I will save you a life! Otherwise, your whole family will be dead!”

As soon as he said this, Wendell’s face paled and his whole body trembled violently.

Charlie looked at him and said coldly: “To tell you the truth, I am the superhero on the Internet. If you don’t want to die, you’d better not talk about my identity, otherwise, you and your father won’t survive tomorrow morning. !”

After speaking, Charlie patted Wendell’s face, and stepped into the hall without paying attention to him.

But Wendell completely slumped to the ground, and he did not dare to resist Charlie’s extremely humiliating action.

Seeing Charlie walked into the hall, Wendell even ran into the hall rolling.

Looking around and seeing Claire’s figure, he crawled over there, knelt at Claire’s feet, kept kowtow, and cried, “Claire, I apologize to you, I shouldn’t tell you about it. The rumors, you got the Emgrand Group project, it has nothing to do with me, please, let me go!”

Claire was taken aback by his actions, and quickly dodged backwards, but ran into a warm embrace.

Claire looked back, and it was Charlie who hugged himself.

After Charlie came in, he saw Claire. Today’s Claire has been carefully dressed, like a blooming star in the crowd, dazzling.

Seeing Wendell rushing towards Claire, Charlie took her in his arms first to prevent her from falling, and gave Wendell a fierce look.

Wendell was frightened and rolled away on his stomach, for fear of angering Charlie.

Claire asked puzzledly: “What happened to him?”

Charlie hugged her while whispering, “I’m afraid this person is sick. Leave him alone.”

Although the two were husband and wife, they didn’t have any close contact. Feeling Charlie’s warm embrace, Claire’s ears were red.

She hurriedly broke free from Charlie’s arms, and said falteringly: “Well, Chairman Wade of the Emgrand Group should be here, I’m going to see”

Chapter 20
When Wendell fled, Harold just came in, followed by his sister Wendy and his fiance Yunlong White.

Beside Yunlong, there was also a young man dressed in luxurious clothes. Looking at his face, he looked a bit like Gerald.

When he met Wendell head-on, Harold said hurriedly: “Oh, brother Wendell! When I just came in, I heard someone say something happened to your family? Really?”

Wendell pushed him away in despair, muttering in his mouth: “It’s over, it’s over, it’s all over”

Harold asked with concern: “Mr. Jones, what’s wrong with you?”

Wendell shook his head in fear, dare not say anything.

He had no doubt that if he said something that he shouldn’t say, he might be corpse on the street tomorrow.

So Wendell broke away from Harold’s hand and ran out in despair.

Harold looked at his back and sighed, “I guess this house is really finished, sh!t, too soon, right? It was fine yesterday, but today it is bankrupt!”

Later, when Harold saw Charlie and Claire, he was moved with bad thoughts, and hurriedly greeted Claire, “Claire, I will introduce you to this distinguished guest. This is Gerald’s cousin, Fred White. , The eldest son of the White family.”

“Brother Fred, this is my cousin, Claire.” Harold introduced to Fred with a flattering expression.

As soon as Fred came in, his eyes were tightly focused on Claire. Hearing the words, he quickly stretched out his hand and said: “Hello Claire. I have heard about the beauty of the daughter of the Willson family a long time ago. Seeing it today, it really deserves its reputation.”

A trace of dissatisfaction flashed in Charlie’s eyes. There was no way for his wife to be beautiful, and the flies around her would be annoying to death after catching one after another.

So he stretched out his hand first, shook hands with Fred, and said coldly: “Hello, I am Claire’s husband.”

“You?” Fred looked up and down at Charlie, his disdain was overwhelming, and he withdrew his hand before he said indifferently: “I didn’t expect Claire to be married. It’s really a flower on the cow dung.”

Wendy quickly explained on the side: “Brother Fred, this rubbish is imported into our Willson family. He has no job and no ability!”

After finishing speaking, she deliberately winked at Fred and said, “Brother Fred, after I marry Gerald, we will be considered as a family, and we must have more contact by then.”

Fred naturally knew what she meant. This was to encourage him to pursue Claire. Then he smiled and said, “Miss Claire is as beautiful as an immortal. If I can communicate more, I can’t ask for it.”

At this moment, Charlie also saw his mother-in-law Elaine and father-in-law Jacob approaching.

After Elaine walked over, he hurriedly said to Claire, “Claire, have you heard about it? Jones family is bankrupt!”

“Huh?” Claire asked in surprise: “When did it happen?”

“Just now!” Elaine sighed: “I thought you would divorce Charlie in the future, and you can be with Wendell, but now it’s nothing to watch.”

Charlie was very depressed, is this mother-in-law a fool? Don’t know that the current son-in-law is the real son-in-law?

After seeing Elaine, Fred hurried over and introduced himself: “You must be Claire’s mother, right? Auntie, I am Gerald’s cousin Fred. You are so beautiful, no wonder you can give birth to Claire. Such a beautiful daughter.”

When Elaine heard that Fred turned out to be Gerald’s cousin, the eldest son of the White family, and the son of the rich family! Her eyes lit up and she said enthusiastically: “Yes, I am Claire’s mother. Are you and Claire friends?”

Fred nodded and smiled: “Kind of friends, but I just met today!”

Elaine was full of joy, and quickly nodded and said: “Everyone quickly find a place to sit, don’t stand, Mr. White, you young people, you should have more contact in the future.”

“Mom!” Claire exclaimed in dissatisfaction, preventing her mother from continuing.

Elaine was about to say something, Claire gave her a hand to remind everyone to pay attention to the stage.

At this time, Mrs. Willson was already standing in the spotlight!

She looked around with excitement before she stood in front of the microphone and smiled and said: “First of all, on behalf of the Willson family, I welcome dear friends and partners to come to our banquet.”

“Then, let us welcome the Vice Chairman of Emgrand Group, Ms. Doris.”

The spotlight moved instantaneously, hitting the beam of light on the front seat.

Wearing a black evening dress, Doris completely exposed her perfect figure to everyone’s eyes. Under the light, she was as dazzling as a fairy, and all the men in the field couldn’t help but focus on her.

Emgrand Group, Vice Chairman! Peerless beauty! Each of these identities is enough to attract everyone’s attention.

After Doris stood up, she just nodded to the crowd. When she saw Charlie, her eyes stayed for a while before she moved away.

At this time, the Old Mrs. Willson continued to speak: “Today, I would like to thank the Emgrand Group for being able to entrust such an important project to the Willson family. The Willson family will definitely go all out to live up to the trust of Emgrand.”

“Secondly, we also want to introduce to our friends an outstanding junior of our Willson family. If it weren’t for him, we would not have reached a cooperation with Emgrand. Moreover, after mutual consultation of our group, we decided to nominate him as our Willson Group’s Director, is solely responsible for the cooperation with Emgrand Group!”

The mother-in-law Elaine said excitedly: “Oh, Claire! It’s time for you to be on stage!”

Although Claire was ready to take the stage, she was still nervous.

Charlie immediately cast an encouraging look at her.

Harold looked at Claire who was full of excitement, and couldn’t help but show a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

Old Mrs. Willson also looked at the table and spoke with a smile.

“Let us welcome the new director of the Willson Group, Harold!”

Claire’s figure instantly froze in place

She looked to the side in disbelief, but saw Harold proudly and stepped onto the stage.

Charlie’s eyes turned cold instantly.

A good way to cross the river and demolish the bridge!

The Willson family, after using Claire, immediately abandoned her, not caring about her feelings at all!

Claire’s eye circles instantly turned red, and tears kept rolling in his eye sockets.

Immediately afterward, she stood up and ran out of the door without looking back.

For her, how happy she was when she came, how desperate she was now!

Charlie watched her leave, his face even colder.

Bullying my wife? Are you looking for death?

At this time, Harold stood on the stage and said proudly: “Thank you for the trust of the company, I will definitely work hard to be a director! I will definitely complete the project given to us by Emgrand Group!”

Mrs. Willson nodded in satisfaction, took the words, and said: “There is one more important thing about this banquet, that is, we are fortunate to have Mr. Wade, the new chairman of the Emgrand Group! Please use the warmest Applause, welcome to Chairman Wade!”

There was thunderous applause from the audience!

All the guests tonight are rushing to the new chairman of Emgrand Group!

Everyone is waiting to see his style!

Everyone is watching privately, just want to see, who will stand up at this moment!

Someone even said: “I suspect that the mysterious chairman of the Emgrand Group is the same person as the super goddess who made a lot of noise at Rare Earth on the Internet!”

“I also think it’s very possible! That super hero’s back looks strange, it shouldn’t be in the Aurous Hill circle!”

“God! If you say that, isn’t the chairman of Emgrand Group the most powerful super-rich in Aurous Hill?”

“I look forward to seeing him in his true colors!”

In this fierce applause, under the eager attention of countless people, Charlie suddenly, with cold his face and slowly stood up
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Charismatic Charlie Wade 21-25

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Chapter 21
In everyone’s incredible eyes, Charlie slowly stood up.

The eyes of the entire banquet hall focused on him in an instant.

“Charlie, what are you doing! Sit down!” Elaine quickly reminded him in fright.
He didn’t look at what occasion it was! There are so many big men present, none of them dared to stand up, you Charlie are a wasteful son-in-law, what makes you think the limelight at this time is for you?

Fred and Gerald also glanced at each other, secretly saying in their hearts, d*mn, the chairman of the Emgrand Group would really be him, right?

But then, the two shook their heads again.

Impossible, if he is really the chairman of Emgrand, how could he be scolded by Elaine?

“What are you rubbish! sit down in your place!” Harold shouted from the stage with a dark face.
Charlie glanced at him coldly, then walked straight to Doris Young, completely ignoring everyone’s horrified gaze, and whispered a few words in her ear.

While listening, Doris Young nodded slightly.

This scene made everyone’s heart tighten instantly.

Doris Young! The vice-chairman of Emgrand Group, the famous beauty of Aurous Hill City! Charlie, a wasteful son-in-law, how could he know her? And looking like this, the relationship between the two seems pretty good.

After speaking, Charlie stepped out of the hall regardless of everyone’s gaze, focused on him, he went out to chase Claire.

But Doris Young stood up, stepped onto the stage, took the microphone, and said in the blank eyes of everyone: “Hello everyone, this is Doris Young. Mr. Charlie was outside the venue before and met our chairman. He brought me a world.”

When everyone heard that Charlie was not the chairman of Emgrand, they were relieved.

Fred White breathed a sigh of relief and whispered disdainfully: “It’s just that he met someone once, so he tried desperately to cheat on the assistant. It’s really rubbish.”

Gerald White shrugged and said with a smile: “This is how the little guy is.”

At this time, Doris Young on the stage glanced at Mrs. Willson, her face turned cold: “The chairman asked me to inform you.”

“From now on, Emgrand Group terminates its cooperation with Willson’s, and the signed contract is declared invalid!”

The crowd exploded in an instant, and no one expected that Doris Young would say such a thing.

This sudden change made everyone stunned.

Old Mrs. Willson paled instantly and asked eagerly: “Dear vice-chair, what is this? Is there anything in our Willson family that is wrong?”

Today, she invited all the people in Aurora Hill with good repute, hoping to take this opportunity to become famous in Aurous Hill.

If under all the eyes of everyone, the Willson family would be stepped on the soles of their feet if they cooperated.

Doris Young said: “This project was originally our chairman’s approval of Ms. Claire before cooperating with you, but you made your own claim and asked an inexplicable person to take charge of this project. Sorry, we don’t accept it!”

After speaking, Doris Young put down the microphone and walked out the door without looking back.

Old Mrs. Willson’s face was pale, and she slumped on the stage for an instant.

She never dreamed that her momentary cleverness would have ruined this golden opportunity for good!

Had she known this situation a long time ago, she would not have allow Harold to replace Claire’s directorship.

Harold was also very at a loss this time, what’s the matter? It seems that Doris Young deliberately targeted him, and he did not even offend her!

Harold couldn’t help asking the Old Mrs. Willson: “Grandma, the director’s appointment has been announced, you won’t regret it?”

Old Mrs. Willson struggled to stand up, raised her hand and slapped him, angrily scolded: “b*stard stuff, you still don’t want to miss the directorship, even at such a time!”

Chapter 22
After Charlie went out, he realized that Claire hadn’t gone far, just squatting in an unmanned corner next to the hotel, crying aggrievedly.

He slowly approached, took off his coat, put on Claire, and said: “My wife, don’t be sad, the director of the Willson family is not a treasure, no matter it’s inappropriate for your family to treat you like that.”

“You don’t understand, if I become the director, my parents will be able to raise their eyes in the Willson family, how can grandma turn back,” Claire whimpered.

Charlie continued to persuade: “Maybe they will have to come and beg you to be the director. You are crying like this now, and you won’t look pretty after a while on stage.”

Claire choked and said, “How is it possible? Grandma has said everything, and there will be no chance of turning back. Leave me, let me be alone.”

At this moment, Mrs. Willson and Harold also ran out of the banquet hall.

The Lady Willson was too old and out of breath when she ran. A large group of people behind her came out to watch the scene in excitement.

After Harold came out, he saw Charlie and Claire.

He ran forward quickly, looked down at Claire with dim eyes, and blurted out: “Claire, hurry up and chase Miss Doris, let her not terminate cooperation with us!”

Claire looked blank: “Terminate cooperation? Why?”

Harold said angrily: “You are here pretending to be innocent. You must have instructed Miss Doris to embarrass me publicly. If you don’t settle this matter for me, I can’t spare you!”


The Old Mrs. Willson who was on the side slapped Harold angrily again and said “You [email protected], how can you talk to your sister like that! She is the director of our Willson Group!”

Harold was anxious: “Didn’t grandma chose me as the director?”

The Old Mrs. Willson said angrily: “If you hadn’t given me Ecstasy, how could I change my mind temporarily? If you continue to be reluctant, get out of the Willson family!”

After being smoked twice by the Lady Willson, Harold was extremely angry, but he dared not speak, so he could only swallow his anger temporarily.

The Old Mrs. Willson said to Claire again at this time: “Claire, grandma begs you, you are now the director of the Willson family, hurry up and explain to Miss Doris, otherwise, our Willson family will be in ruins!”

Claire looked at Charlie blankly with doubts.

Charlie shrugged and said, “I told you, they have to come and beg you to be the director in a while, you didn’t believe me, look, your face is all messed up.”

Claire blushed, wiped her tears, and said, “Then I will try to contact Emgrand.”

After speaking, she dialed Doris Young’s phone.

Everyone’s eyes focused on her.

After a while, the phone was connected, and Claire said: “Hello, Miss Doris, grandma asked me to explain to you, I will be promoted to the director of the Willson family, responsible for the cooperation with Emgrand, can you give us another chance? “

Doris Young chuckled and said, “If you are the director and can take the charge then there is no problem. The cooperation can continue, but if it is someone else, everything stays at the current status.”

“Miss Doris thank you so much!”

Claire was always puzzled about this matter in her heart. From beginning to end, the Emgrand Group seemed to be here entirely to help her, which was too abnormal.

Doris Young said with a smile: “This is what our chairman meant. If there is a chance in the future, the chairman will explain it to you personally.”

Claire was even more puzzled. Who was the chairman of the other party, and she had never seen him. Why did the other party help him everywhere?

“Then, can you please return to the banquet hall again?” Claire asked nervously.

The other party had left with anger, obviously irritated by the Willson family. At this time, asking the other party to come back is a bit difficult.

But she didn’t expect that Doris Young agreed resolutely.

Soon everyone saw that Doris Young’s car had returned to the door of the hotel.

At this moment, everyone looked at Claire’s gaze, all filled with horror and awe.

Chapter 23
When everyone returned to the banquet hall, the Lady Willson took Claire’s hand on the stage.

With an intimate gesture, she said, “I’m really sorry for just now, it was me who made a mistake, in fact, thanks to Claire this time, she is the outstanding descendant of our Willson family. This time the cooperation between the Willson family and the Emgrand resulted from the efforts of Claire. She really made great efforts.”

Doris Young stood by her side, glanced at her disdainfully, waved her hand to stop her from speaking further, and said: “I will correct it. In this cooperation, Miss Claire has not only made great efforts, but completely it is made possible by her power, and has nothing to do with other people.”

This is extremely rude, but everyone is accustomed to it. With the status of an emperor, even if Doris Young slaps the Lady Willson in public, she dare not say anything.

The Old Mrs. Willson nodded quickly and said: “Vice-chair Doris is right. For everything, the credit goes to Claire. From now on, Claire will be the director of the Willson family’s business! Fully responsible for the cooperation between the Willson family and the Emgrand Group!”

Doris Young showed a slight smile and shook hands with Claire and said, “I hope we can cooperate happily in the future.”

Claire was still a little at loss, and could only nod her confused head.

The audience burst into thunderous applause, and everyone looked at Claire’s eyes, also full of enthusiasm.

This woman, who is on the list! The Emgrand Group treats her so seriously!

Claire herself was also confused. She turned her head to look at Charlie. The situation at this time was exactly the same as what Charlie had just said. Old Mrs. Willson returned the position of director that should belong to her.

Until the banquet was over, Claire was still in a daze after returning home.

Recalling what Charlie had said before, she couldn’t help but feel a little puzzled. In the past few days, Charlie seemed to have become a little different.

There seemed to be many things on his body that she didn’t understand, like it was covered by layers of mist.

This night, Claire became famous in Aurous Hill!

Everyone knows that there is an outstanding junior from the Willson family, and the Emgrand Group is on her back!

It seems that with her, the revitalization of the Willson family is just around the corner

The next morning, Claire woke up early and hurried to the company refreshed.

Today is her first day as a director. She hopes that she can go all out to do this thing well.

After Charlie got up, he started to do housework as always.

When Charlie finished his housework and was about to go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables for lunch, he suddenly received a call from his mother-in-law Elaine.

After answering the call, the mother-in-law’s extremely anxious voice came from over there: “Charlie, within ten minutes, you must rush to the safe road for me, otherwise I won’t spare you when I go home!”

After that, she hung up the phone.

Charlie was confused. The mother-in-law didn’t say anything early in the morning. At this moment, she called suddenly, as if something urgent had happened.

Although Charlie was very disgusted with his mother-in-law, he did not dare to neglect her orders. After hurriedly cleaning up, he went out to take a taxi and rushed to Safe Road.

When he got out of the car, he saw a group of grandpas and aunts surrounded aggressively at the door of a closed insurance company.

And his mother-in-law stood at the forefront of the team, holding a banner in her hand, shouting angrily: “Rubbish Harley, Fake platform, We Want Our Rights, and pay back my hard-earned money!”

Charlie hurriedly stepped forward and asked: “Mom, you called me over, what’s the matter?”

As he was speaking, the condemning slogans sounded in his ear again, the grandfathers and aunts shouted hoarsely that rang the eardrums of the passerby’s.

Elaine pulled Charlie over, asked him to take her place, and then ordered: “Come on, shout this slogan for me, I have been yelling it all morning, and my voice has become hoars.”

Chapter 24
Charlie didn’t know why, but he could only protest with a few uncles and aunts. When shouting slogans, he inquired with an uncle next to him from time to time, and then he understood what was going on.

It turned out that this Harley Insurance Co., Ltd. offered insurance products with extremely high return rates.

And this elderly were attracted by the high rate of return. Everyone bought a lot of insurance products under the company’s name and became their customers.

This is the fixed time to pay dividends. Unexpectedly, when these elders and aunts came to withdraw cash, they discovered that the door of the company was closed, and only a few employees were at the door, using botched excuses to prevaricate everyone.

This gang of grandpas and aunts realized that they were deceived by the empty gloved white wolf.

No wonder the mother-in-law wanted to call him over in a hurry and asked him to participate with him.

Thinking of this, Charlie grew big and couldn’t help but ask his mother-in-law: “Mom, how much insurance did you buy?”

Elaine said anxiously: “They told me that buying the insurance products will bring me a lot of dividends, my head got dizzy and I bought all of their products with all the money from home.”

Charlie was taken aback, “What? All the money from home used to buy insurance?”

After hearing this sentence, Elaine immediately became irritated and cursed: “Just do you have a mouth? Do you think I am not embarrassed enough? Why speak so loudly?!”

As she spoke, she continued her carping and said, “If you had brought me some profit I would not have bought the products of this insurance company. With a wast son in law like you at the house, what else were my options for the money at home?”

This guy, it’s okay when he does not support the family. But now he is laughing at her, as if he’d made fortunes with that money.

Immediately, she said to Charlie: “I am telling you, keep chanting slogans here to help me, you can’t stop for a moment!”

Charlie couldn’t help but nodded and said, “Okay mom.”

At this moment, several aunts came over, looked up and down Charlie, then asked Elaine: “Sister Elaine, is this your son-in-law?”

As they spoke, they scanned Charlie’s clothes again, shook their head, and laughed: “Why does he look so poor? he does not look like a son-in-law material from any angle.”

“Yes, this dress is worn too many times! It can’t compare to that of Lady Willson!”

Some people are so good at disparaging, the ridicule in and out of the words is particularly harsh.

Charlie didn’t care. They were all old ladies who had fallen into the soil up to half of their bodies. Now they have lost their savings for a lifetime, so he doesn’t need to exchange words with them.

Elaine was also very angry at this time, and the more Charlie looked at it, the more unpleasant she was. She blurted out: “Look at him, I’ll let my daughter divorce him in a few days! Change her future with a new son-in-law!”

Charlie sneered in his heart. If you add the rich second generations of Aurous Hill in, it can’t be compare with his half finger.

Elaine was anxiously worried at this time, Charlie was a waste, and at most he could shout slogans for her.

If she wants to invest back, she still needs someone with real ability to come and help solve it.

It’s a pity that Wendell Jones’s family who has been pursuing her daughter has gone bankrupt. Otherwise, She could ask them to help!


Elaine suddenly remembered that Gerald’s brother, Fred, whom she met at the family banquet yesterday is her hope.

Judging from his attitude towards her daughter at the time, it is estimated that he had some thoughts about Claire.

Although the White family is not as good as the previous Jones family, it is still a big family. If she calls him over, there should be a way.

It just so happened that Fred White left his Business card yesterday, so she took her phone out and dialed Fred’s number.

Chapter 25
The call got connected soon.

Elaine said, “Hey, is it Fred? This is Clair’s mother.”

Ever since Fred White saw Claire at the banquet, he was shocked as a heavenly man and never forgot about her.

He was worried that he had no chance to get close to Claire, and it happened that Claire’s mother called herself.

He speculated that Elaine was in trouble, and of course he would not let go of this opportunity for courtesy.

So, he immediately greeted politely: “Aunt Elaine, is everything Okay?”

“Well, there is something Auntie needs your help for.”

Elaine hurriedly said: “Fred, a few old sisters and I bought some wealth management products from an insurance company called Harley, and the wealth of the family has been invested in it, but now this company does not allow withdrawals. Can you find a way to help Auntie get the money back?”

After listening, Fred was overjoyed. He felt that it was time to perform and said confidently: “Auntie, don’t worry, I will come to you now and I will definitely help you solve this matter!”

Elaine was immediately excited, and hurriedly said, “Thank you so much!”

Hanging up the phone, she looked at Charlie again and said angrily: “Some people don’t have any abilities, just can’t count on them. Besides shouting two slogans, what are they for? Utterly useless.”

Charlie sneered after listening, this mother-in-law was really snobbish and blind.

She called Fred for help?

This company has defrauded at least tens of millions or more of funds. Those who dare to swindle so much money must have a very strong backing. Itis even possible that they are bigwigs in the underground world.. How could Fred White let scammers spit out the money?

The White family’s strength is very average. After the Emgrand Group ceased cooperation, its strength has shrunk even more. With the White family’s background, it is basically impossible to interfere in such a large financial fraud.

In fact, this little matter can be solved immediately by calling Issac Craven from Shangri-La.

After all, he is the spokesperson of the Wade family in Aurous Hill, and any Aurous Hill entrepreneur or big figure in black and white must give him enough face.

However, my mother-in-law is really hateful. Since she believes in Fred White, let Fred White help her. Let’s see what he can do for her.

When someone saw Elaine made a phone call, they immediately smiled, and immediately surrounded her and asked her if she had found any important figure to help them out?

Elaine proudly said to a group of old ladies and men around her”Don’t worry, I asked the eldest master of the White family to come and help. Hey will make some calls, and our hard-earned money will be returned hopefully.”

Someone exclaimed, “The eldest young master of the White family? Or sister, you are great, you can find such a great personality.”

“Yes, then Young Mr. White must have a lot of contacts. To solve our problem, isn’t it just a matter of a few words?”

“Sister, since you have such good contacts, why didn’t you marry your daughter to someone like him, instead of giving your daughter to such a sh!t?”

Elaine glanced at Charlie disdainfully, and snorted coldly: “This kind of waste will be swept out by our Willson family sooner or later!”

Charlie didn’t say a word, planning to wait for Fred White to come to see how he hit the wall.

Soon, a black Porsche slowly stopped in front of everyone.

A young man in a suit and leather shoes, with seemingly talented looks came out of the car.

Fred White is here.

The old men and women all around were sighing: “Oh, look at people, this is a young talent! Such a good son-in-law, I don’t know who’s daughter will be lucky in the future to be his wife.”
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Charismatic Charlie Wade 26-30

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Chapter 26
“Yeah! If my daughter could marry him, I would die of happiness!”

“Bah, stop dreaming! Even if you die, people won’t look down on your girl!”

At this moment, Elaine saw Fred White at once, and immediately ran forward, and said eagerly: “Oh, Fred, you are here, your aunt is going to die!”
The person here is Fred White.

Fred White smiled and said, “Auntie, I’m sorry, I have kept you waiting!”

Elaine hurriedly said: “Oh, Fred, you are so polite. Auntie didn’t wait for ten minutes. You came so fast!”

Fred White smiled and said, “I heard that you were in trouble, so I drove over and ran through several red lights along the way.”

Elaine looked smug, but asked with concern, “Isn’t it troublesome to run so many red lights?”

“No.” Fred White said calmly: “The traffic team in the city are all acquaintances, and a phone call can eliminate any violation.”

After speaking, Fred White said again: “Let’s talk about you! How much money have you been cheated off?”

Elaine sighed and said, “A total of more than one million has been invested. It is said that this month’s dividends can get 200,000, but the principal cannot be raised.”

Fred White nodded and said in a boisterously: “Don’t worry, I will handle this matter. If I go out, I will definitely help you get the money back.”

After speaking, he suddenly saw Charlie standing behind Elaine, and his face changed slightly.

Unexpectedly, Charlie, an eye-catching waste, was there.

Since seeing Claire, Fred White’s thoughts of her moved in his heart. After hearing his younger brother Gerald White said that Claire should still be single, this thought in his heart was even stronger.

Therefore, seeing Claire’s rubbish husband, he naturally sneered.

He deliberately smiled and said: “Oh, Brother Wade is here, do you have a way to help Aunt Elaine get back the investment? Or do you give it a try first? You won’t turn around and blame me for stealing your limelight.”

Elaine hurriedly said, “Let him try a bullsh*t, what can he do to help? He can just open his mouth and help shout some slogans! Fred, leave him alone.”

Fred White nodded and said sarcastically: “Since Brother Wade doesn’t have this ability, then I will give it a try!”

Charlie smiled slightly and said: “Mr. Fred, come on, you can do it.”

Fred White laughed disdainfully. At this time, the gang of grandpas and aunts around Elaine gathered one by one, chanting on Elaine, and said: “Elaine, can you let this little handsome guy also help us! All of us were cheated of hard-earned money!”

Elaine arrogantly said, “Oh, I can’t be ask him for that. Fred is giving me a favor, but he doesn’t know you.”

Others pleaded with Fred White: “Mr. White, you are so great, please help us too!”

Fred White dismissed other people but saw that Elaine loves petty things and cheapness, so he smiled and said, “Since everyone is Aunt’s friends, then I can do you a favor.”

When everyone was overjoyed, Fred White looked arrogantly and said: “It’s just that I am helping you because of Aunt Elaine. Therefore, you must pay Aunt 10% for the money I get for you. Is it acceptable?”

Others hurriedly said, “No problem! It’s a lot better to get a return of 90 than nothing!”

As soon as Elaine heard this, she was immediately happy!

The money adds up to tens of millions considering all. If Fred White can really help to get it back, wouldn’t she make millions?

Chapter 27
Just when Elaine was very excited, Fred White said loudly: “Uncles and aunts, don’t worry, I will go to communicate with them now, just keep waiting for the good news.”

Elaine felt that she was backed by Fred White at this moment, and no one dared to provoke her, so she immediately blurted out: “Fred, I’ll come with you!”

Charlie hurriedly said to Elaine: “Mom, you’d better not go there and join in the fun. In case Fred White can’t solve this matter, you may be in trouble!”

Huh!” Elaine said angrily: “Do you dare to question Mr. Fred’s abilities?”

The other aunts and grandpas were all expecting that Fred White could help them get back their hard-earned money, and now Charlie actually sang against everyone, naturally causing everyone dissatisfaction.

In the face of countless people’s accusations, Charlie said calmly: “Mom, it’s okay for you to wait here. It’s best not to join the negotiations.”

Elaine couldn’t hear it at all, and immediately cursed: “Shut your stinky mouth! this is not the place for you to speak?!”

Fred White’s face was also full of arrogance, and he laughed and said, “You’re not good at it, but your jealousy is not small. Do you think I’m just like you, a Rubbish who just opens mouth and shouts slogans?”

Seeing that his mother-in-law did not listen to his persuasion, Charlie didn’t speak any more at all, and said lightly: “Okay, then I am waiting for the good news from Young Mr. White.”

To his mother-in-law Elaine, Charlie is getting on her nerves. She is too snobbish, but often blinded by appearances. To put it plainly, she is the Lady Willson with long hair and short insight.

Today’s incident seems to be nothing more than a fraud, but after a little research, you know that the water behind is very deep. The mother-in-law has no vision, and she has to go to the muddy water herself. Then she can’t help her elevated sense of importance.

Elaine didn’t know that Charlie was kind, so she gave him a fierce look, and said to Fred White apologetically in the next second: “Mr. Fred, don’t take it to your heart if he says this rubbish. Auntie absolutely believes in you. “

Fred White smiled triumphantly and said: “It’s okay, auntie, I won’t be inferior to a wimp.”

Having said that, he immediately said vigorously: “Auntie, let’s go over!”

“it is good!”

Fred White took Elaine through the crowd and stepped to the door of Harley Insurance Company.

As soon as the two arrived at the door, he immediately said loudly to several employees who were blocking the door: “Go and tell your leader to immediately refund the money of these uncles and aunts, otherwise I will immediately let the lawyer team and the public security organ intervene. At that time, you and your boss will be arrested!”

Elaine also echoed from the side: “Have you heard of these dogs? We are supported now! If your scam company does not refund the money, be careful that Young Mr. White is sending you all to prison!”

The young employee at the head was also a little nervous and hurriedly said, “I’m sorry, I’m just a security guard, and I’m not responsible for the specific business!”

Fred White said coldly: “Then call your boss and tell him that I am Fred White of the Aurous Hill Royal Family! Let him come and deal with it personally, otherwise, he will face the consequences!”

While speaking, Fred White’s face was full of arrogance.

Although White family is not top in Aurous Hill, it is at least medium.

The boss of a scam company, after hearing his name, can he still save himself?

The young employee didn’t know his depth and was a little scared, so he immediately called his boss.

Chapter 28
At this time, in the office of the chairman of Harley Insurance Company, the boss Harley Zhou was serving a middle-aged man in his forties with a flat face.

He smiled all over his face, took out a bank card from the drawer, handed it over respectfully, and said: “Fifth Lord, there are 30 million in this card. The password is your birthday. It is given to you this time. Please have a look at the dividends.”

The middle-aged man is dressed in a Thompson suit, looks a bit mad, but his eyes are not angry but majestic, and his aura is amazing.

If there were other people present, he would definitely recognize the identity of this middle-aged man.

He is Orvel Hong!

In the entire Aurous Hill, everyone knows that Orvel Hong is the underground emperor here, and no one dares to mess with him!

Orvel Hong looked at Harley Zhou, smiled approvingly, and said, “Harley Zhou, I didn’t expect you to be a good one, good, good!”

Harley Zhou hurriedly said, “Fifth Lord, what about the troublesome Lady Willson downstairs?”

Orvel Hong said indifferently: “A bunch of old things, don’t care about them. If they don’t hear your words, I will arrange for the brethren to come over and give them some color to see!”

Harley Zhou breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly said, “Thank you, Lord Orvel!”

Orvel Hong smiled and said: “In the future, just let go of this kind of business. As long as you can make money, I will help you with anything.”

Harley Zhou was pleasantly surprised and humbled his face and said: “Thank you, Lord Orvel! With your words, I will continue to work harder and we will make a fortune together!”

Harley Zhou doesn’t have a deep background in Aurous Hill, but this personality has one advantage, that is, he has a good mind and can make crooked ways.

He engaged in financial management and defrauded money. Knowing that he could not hold down such a large amount of money, he asked Orvel for help, provided part of the illegal income to Orvel, and sought asylum from Orvel.

Orvel Hong calls the shots in Aurous Hill, so he would naturally be safe and sound, and it was Orvel Hong who was the backer, so he does not have any worries about the future, and the fraudulent business was flourishing.

Just when Harley Zhou was excited about going to the Orvel line, his subordinates called and said in a convenient way: “Boss, something has happened! There is a guy who claims to be the young master of the White family, Fred White, he’s demanding money immediately, otherwise, he will send you to prison!”

“d*mn, what about this?”

Harley Zhou frowned, and hurriedly said to Orvel Hong: “Orvel, there is a man who claims to be the Aurous Hill King’s family downstairs, who is leading the group of old men and old ladies to make trouble! He said that he only covered the sky in Aurous Hill. Let us spit out all the money we collected, or we will be sent to prison”

Harley Zhou deliberately added fuel and jealousy in order to provoke Orvel Hong.

As he said, he bent down again and begged: “Fifth Lord, the White family has some power in our Aurous Hill. If they hold on to me, I really can’t afford to offend him. Please take action to help the little brother tide over this difficulty! “

“The King of Aurous Hill?”

Orvel Hong snorted and said, “The little White family is not even a feather in my eyes! Even if he is in charge of the family, they have to bow down and salute when they see me! Now their junior dare to provoke me. When it comes to my head, I’m so tired and crooked!”

After all, Orvel Hong put Harley Zhou’s filial bank card into his pocket, and said coldly: “Let’s go, I want to see, what kind of lifeless thing he is? Orvel Hong only eats money. who’s asking me to spit it out!”

Chapter 29
Fred White stood at the door of Harley Company with a proud face.

He knew that today is a good opportunity for him to show off his strength in front of Claire’s mother, and he must do it well.

As long as the mother is dealt with, why worry about the daughter?

When the time comes, he will be able to take Claire, a famous beauty in Aurous Hill, into his bag, and he’s excited thinking about it!

So he said loudly: “Uncles and aunts, please rest assured, the boss of this scam company will come over and refund everyone soon!”

When everyone heard this, they immediately applauded, one by one, all excited and intolerably happy.

Only Charlie looked at Fred White with a sneer on his face. This guy took himself too seriously, and he was afraid that he would die later.

When Fred White held his chin up and enjoyed the respect of everyone, the door of Harley Insurance Company was suddenly pushed open from the inside.

Later, they saw the boss Harley Zhou walking out together with a middle-aged man wearing a Thompson suit.

Although the middle-aged man is a bit older, he has an amazing aura, it is Orvel Hong!

Behind Orvel Hong, there were several strong men who followed closely. These were all his personal bodyguards, one by one with extraordinary strength.

Orvel Hong’s status is too high, so although many people in Aurous Hill treat his name well, they have no chance to see him, so no one, including Fred White, recognizes him.

Everyone just recognized Harley Zhou, the boss of Harley Insurance.

Then the atmosphere in the crowd exploded instantly!

“Mom, Fred really called Mr. Zhou over! He is really amazing!”

“Yes, thanks to Sister Elaine this time, we have hope for our money!”

“Sister Elaine, such a good young man, he is definitely a good candidate to be a son-in-law by thousand times!”

Elaine listened to the flattery of these old sisters, and was uncomfortable.

This Fred White really helped her to show off in front of a group of old sisters today.

Thinking of this, she smiled even more, looking at Fred White’s eyes, she was indescribably satisfied.

At this time, Fred White walked forward triumphantly, with a lofty posture.

He did not know Harley Zhou, nor did he know Orvel Hong, but Harley Zhou seemed to respect Orvel Hong, so he mistook Orvel Hong for his boss.

So, he looked at Orvel Hong and said proudly: “Are you the boss of Harley Insurance Company?”

Orvel Hong said with a faint smile: “The boss is not me. I just help the boss. But if you have anything, you can tell me.”

Fred White suddenly realized, and then smiled disdainfully: “A subordinate is a sh!t. You are not worthy of talking to me. Get out of here and let your boss come!”

Charlie shook his head and looked at Fred White like an idiot.

The Thompson suit man in front of him was amazing, and he had his subordinates following him. At first glance, he was the kind of ugly stuff, but Fred White ridiculed him so arrogantly, obviously seeking his own death.

Elaine on the side also sneered and agreed: “Fre!, don’t talk nonsense with this kind of shit, the one next to him is the boss of Harley Insurance!”

Harley Zhou was dumbfounded!

This Fred White, and this old woman are so courageous!

They even dared to insult Orvel Hong as a street dog and told him to go away. He really don’t know how to write dead words!

In the whole Aurous Hill, who would dare to insult Orvel Hong so boldly? !

Even if there were, after being furious, Orvel Hong thrown into the river to feed the fish!

Chapter 30
At the moment when Fred White’s voice just fell, a strong subordinate behind Orvel Hong immediately took a step forward, grabbed Fred White’s hair, and slapped him from left to right.

“You sh!t! You dare to scold Orvel Hong, are you the god?”

After finishing speaking, he grabbed Elaine again, slapped her with a loud slap, and cursed: “Smelly lady, dare to scold Orvel Hong, believe it or not, I will tear your mouth open!”


When these words came out, both Fred White and Elaine were struck by lightning!


The man in Thompson suit in front of them is actually the famous Orvel Hong of Aurous Hill? !

And they were insulting him recklessly just now?

Thinking of this, the faces of the two of them became extremely pale in an instant, cold sweat broke out on their bodies, and they were scared to death.

Fred White reacted the fastest. He thumped and knelt directly in front of Orvel Hong. While kowtowing, he cried and pleaded: “Fifth Lord, I was wrong. I apologize to you! I was blind and didn’t recognize you. , I opened my mouth to scold you! These d*mn old men and old ladies have nothing to do with me. Please, please spare my life!”

After he finished speaking, he knelt down, slapped himself and apologized again. He broke down and cried.

He really didn’t expect that the backing the boss of this scam company was actually the famous Orvel Hong of Aurous Hill!

Such a big man, let alone him, can’t afford to offend even with his whole family behind!

He regrets now and wants to die!

He just wanted to take this opportunity to offer Claire’s mother a courtesy, so that he has the opportunity to contact Claire.

Unexpectedly, before he got his wish, he would offend Orvel Hong to death!

If his father knew about this, he wouldn’t have to kill himself?

At this scene, the group of grandparents around was shocked.

They also expected Fred White to help him get the money back, but who would have thought that in the next second, he would kneel directly on the ground and apologize to the man in Thompson suit before him.

And Elaine, who was quite proud just now, but now she was slapped a few times, embarrassed like a dead dog.

Orvel Hong snorted coldly and said to the people around him: “Since this guy has such a cheap mouth, you will give him 10,000 slaps in turn. When will you slap him ten thousand times?”

Fred White was so frightened hearing the 10,000 slaps in the face, he thought he’d be beaten to death.

At this time, Orvel Hong’s men pointed to Elaine, who was beaten up and spread out, and blurted out, “Fifth Lord, what about this Lady Willson?”

Orvel Hong glanced at Elaine in disgust, and said lightly: “Ten thousand too!”

Elaine knelt on the ground with a frightened puff, and her whole body trembled violently. She was almost scared to death. She provokes Mr. Orvel, so can she still live?

At this moment, several of his subordinates stood up, some grabbed Fred White and some grabbed Elaine, and immediately prepared to move their hands.

Charlie has been watching this scene coldly in the crowd.

When he saw his mother-in-law being beaten, he didn’t want to intervene, because his mother-in-law has always been so cheap, it should be a lesson to her.

However, if Orvel Hong’s men slap her ten thousand times, if they don’t beat her to death, they will at least maim her. Then how can he explain to his wife?

It would be very painful for his wife too!

He felt that he had no choice but to manage.

Just when a brawny man stretched his arms and was about to draw a mark on Elaine’s old face fiercely, Charlie hurried forward and grabbed his wrist!
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Charismatic Charlie Wade 31-35

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Chapter 31
Elaine screamed in fright at this time, closed her eyes and was about to get twitched, but suddenly realized that the fierce slap had fallen.

When she opened her eyes, she was shocked!

Charlie, her Rubbish son-in-law, came out at this time and blocked the other’s slap!


Her mind was short-circuited at once, but she didn’t react. Why is Charlie so daring?

Orvel Hong didn’t expect that someone would dare to stand up for this d*mn Lady Willson at this time, and asked coldly: “Who are you? Do you want to die too?”

Charlie smiled lightly: “Mr. Orvel, right? Give me a face. You can beat this dog next to me, but my mother-in-law you can’t!”

Orvel Hong said with a sullen face: “This Lady Willson is your mother-in-law? Then what makes you think that you deserve a face?”

When he said this, Orvel Hong was already angry.

He has always been respected by countless people in Aurous Hill, but today he has encountered disrespect one after another.

First, there was a Fred White yelling in front of him, and a disgusting Lady Willson chirping beside him.

Now a young kid jumped out to point to himself. He really is the great Master Orvel. What kind of cats and dogs dare to contradict him at will?

Thinking of this, he immediately became furious and shouted to the people around him: “Kill this guy who doesn’t love his life!”

Charlie smiled faintly when he heard the words, and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll make a call and let the person on the phone tell you.”

After all, he took out his cell phone and called Issac Craven, the person in charge of Shangri-La.

Once the phone was connected, he respectfully said to the convenience: “Mr., what do you want?”

Charlie asked indifferently: “There is a man named Orvel Hong in Aurous Hill, do you know him?”

Issac Craven hurriedly smiled and said, “Mr., I know that name you mentioned. The outside world says that he is the underground emperor of Aurous Hill. In fact, he is just a small gangster!”

After speaking, Issac Craven said again: “This grandson knows that I am from the Wade family, and he wants to flatter me. He has begged me several times for a meal. I have never paid attention to him. Why? Mr. Wade, do you know him?”

Charlie said lightly: “Oh, this makes me want to kill him now.”

Issac Craven on the other side of the phone immediately exploded: “d*mn, doesn’t he want to live? How dare he provoke young master! Where are you now? I’ll send someone over immediately and get rid of that filth !”

Charlie said: “Call him, you can tell him.”

After speaking, he handed the phone to Hong and said, “Come on, you can pick it up.”

Orvel Hong looked suspicious.

what’s the situation? It doesn’t look like this guy is acting.

Does he really have a terrific background?

It doesn’t look like it. The clothes are very common, and the total amount of money may not be five hundred. Even the mobile phone used is a few hundred at maximum. What can he do? Can he find someone to support?

He was very disdainful, but Orvel Hong still subconsciously took the call and asked tentatively: “Hey, I am Orvel Hong, who are you? Want to support this kid?”

On the phone, Issac Craven cursed, “Orvel! Are you so f*cking tired and crooked? Even you dare to provoke my master? Believe it or not, I will let your family die tonight with 25 people without a place for you to be buried!”

Chapter 32
Orvel Hong heard this voice, isn’t this Issac Craven, who has been sharpening his head all the time and wants to curry favor?

He said he provoke his young master?

Could it be this kid in front of me?

In addition, as soon as he opened his mouth, he said twenty-five members of his family. Could it be that he had already figured out all his details?

He is the spokesperson of the Wade Family in Aurous Hill! The Wade Family’s strength is extraordinary, and killing him is no different from killing an ant!

When he heard this, he was frightened suddenly.

He blurted out and begged for mercy: “Mr. Charlie, don’t be angry, Mr. Charlie, I have made a little misunderstanding, I and Mr.”

“You shut up!” Issac Craven cursed: “Our young master’s identity is highly confidential. If you talk too much, be careful that I kill your family!”

Orvel Hong trembled all over, shaking more severely than Parkinson’s, and hurriedly said: “Mr. Charlie, I am damned, I am damned! I must take care of this matter.”

A manager Issac is enough for him to kneel and lick, and the Wade family above Mr. Charlie is the ultimate existence that makes him look beyond sight, and he needs to look up all his life.

But now, he didn’t know whether he was alive, and directly offended the young master of the Wade family? !

Thinking of this, Orvel Hong focused his gaze on Charlie, his legs softened subconsciously, and he knelt in front of Charlie, and said with trepidation, “Mr. Charlie, I’m sorry, I don’t know she is your mother-in-law, I got Confused, I apologize to you! Please forgive me!”

After that, he softened his legs and knelt in front of Charlie.

Everyone present was stunned, watching Orvel Hong actually kneel down to apologize to Charlie, this Rubbish? ? ?

Even Young Mr. White is a dead dog in front of Orvel Hong. This young man can make Orvel Hong kneel on the ground. How sacred is this? !

Orvel Hong’s little brothers are also scared stupid!

Master Orvel is the underground emperor of Aurous Hill! What kind of young man can make him kneel? !

Charlie didn’t want Orvel Hong’s life either, after all, it was his mother-in-law, not himself.

Moreover, speaking to the bottom of his heart, Charlie still felt that watching his mother-in-law getting beaten was so d*mn good!

So he said to Orvel Hong: “I can forgive you this time, but talking about my mother-in-law’s money, you must return it with profit!”

Orvel saw it was amnesty. He really didn’t expect that Charlie would forgive himself. He squatted his head for the rest of his life and blurted out: “Don’t worry, I will do it!”

Having said that, he immediately shouted to Harley Zhou next to him: “Hurry up and handle it! Take care or else I break your leg again!”

Elaine is already stupid, is this still her own waste son-in-law? Even the famous Orvel Hong would kneel down for him?

For a moment, Elaine felt that Charlie’s image had grown taller in her own eyes, and how he became unpredictable.

Fred White, who had suffered several big mouths, was also dumbfounded. Isn’t this Charlie a famous waste? Why is the fifth master so afraid of him?

At this time, Harley Zhou came over with a pale face carrying a black suitcase, and went to Elaine, and said in horror: “Auntie, your principal is 1.3 million, and the dividends promised, 200,000, total It is 1.5 million, here is 2 million, and the remaining 500,000 is our apology, please accept “

Elaine is stupid!

When did my own useless son-in-law get so much ability?

The principal was returned, the promised dividend of 200,000 was returned, and did they give an extra 500,000?

Chapter 33
One million and three hundred thousand, two million per second, this made Elaine immediately overjoyed, and she couldn’t believe it.

Immediately, she asked Harley Zhou with a look of surprise: “The two million are really for me?”

Harley Zhou nodded hurriedly and said, “Of course, it’s all yours!”

“Oh, that’s great!” Elaine was immediately excited.

Seeing Elaine got two million! Seven hundred thousand more principal! The other old men and women were all excited and crazy. They felt that since all her money was refunded, their own money should be refunded even with the profit?

So a few people took the lead and asked: “Manager Zhou, what about our money?”

Manager Zhou hurriedly looked at Orvel Hong.

Although Orvel Hong was not willing to vomit the money that he ate in his stomach, but the Charlie family who was offended this time, maybe even his life worth, so he couldn’t care about the distress, and blurted out: “Retire All back! For the sake of Mr. Charlie’s face, everyone’s money is returned with all the profits!”

The crowd suddenly cheered with excitement.

Charlie suddenly said coldly at this time: “Mr Orvel, these people have nothing to do with me. What do you mean by looking at my face? Do you want to play moral kidnapping with me?”

Orvel Hong was startled, and blurted out, “Mr. Charlie, what do you mean? Little confused, I don’t understand.”

Charlie said: “These people’s money has nothing to do with me. If you want to refund, you can refund, if you don’t want to refund, you won’t refund, but if you dare to say that the refund is for the sake of my face, then don’t blame me for turning my face now!”

These old men and old ladies have been taunting with Elaine just now. Why is he helping them get debts now?

On the contrary, not only would he not help them demand debts, but he would also give Orvel Hong some eye drops to let him figure it out and refunding the money to these old men and old ladies would offend him!

Orvel Hong understood immediately, and blurted out: “Mr. Charlie, don’t worry, I understand!”

After that, he said to Harley Zhou: “Only refund Mr. Charlie’s mother-in-law’s money, nothing else!”

“Ah?!” The old ladies who were still ecstatic just now went crazy one by one, and some even cried and wailed.

Some people begged Charlie to show mercy, but Charlie turned a deaf ear.

How did a bunch of old and disrespectful things sneer and insult him?

Now that I they saw him dealing with Orvel, they expect him to help?

Go to your mother!

Seeing these old men and old ladies frying the pan, Orvel Hong suddenly shouted: “It’s all fcking shut up! Who the fck will say one more thing, if you quarrel with Mr. Charlie, I will kill you!”

These old men and old ladies suddenly didn’t dare to say anything

Orvel Hong looked at Fred White who was stunned, and blurted out: “Mr. Charlie, this Prince, is your friend?”

Charlie glanced at Fred White, and Fred White hurriedly begged: “Charlie, Charlie! Charlie, help me! Tell Mr. Orvel, we are good friends! Please!”

Charlie snorted coldly and said to Orvel Hong: “I don’t know this person, you continue to fulfill your promise, and let him go after you have done enough.”

Orvel Hong immediately understood, and ordered his men: “dmn, give him a hit, this b*tch, his presence fill my heart with anger!”

Fred White wailed in horror: “Charlie! It’s me who has eyes but not thinking! I beg you to help me, I beg you”

Chapter 34
Charlie looked at him and said coldly: “I have no relatives, no cause, no grievances, no grudges, but you ridiculed me over and over again, asking me to save you again? Wake up, don’t dream!”

Fred White suddenly collapsed and cried: “Charlie, I really know I was wrong, please help me.”

Seeing that Charlie’s expression was not good, Orvel Hong immediately shouted at his opponent: “d*mn, you guys, why don’t you do it? Are you looking for death?”

Several of his subordinates were taken aback, and hurriedly grabbed Fred White’s neck and hair, crackling and twitching.

Fred White’s mouth was full of blood and a few broken teeth, but he still didn’t stop. Every slap was drawn extremely hard!

Orvel Hong asked Charlie with a smile, “Mr. Charlie, are you satisfied with this treatment?”

Charlie nodded: “Okay, that’s it, I have to go.”

Orvel Hong hurriedly handed his business card to Charlie respectfully and complimented: “Mr. Charlie, this is my contact information. If you have anything in the future, please tell me, I will definitely be there on call.”

Charlie gave a hum, and put his business card into his pocket.

Then he said to his mother-in-law Elaine, “Mom, it’s late, let’s go back!”

Although Elaine was slapped a few times, she earned 700,000 Dollar in the end, so she closed her mouth happily at the moment. Charlie was also full of pride when she saw that her son-in-law really gave her a face!

Charlie brought the money and took Elaine to leave. The old men and old ladies gathered in front of Charlie, and said with intent, “Oh, Charlie, it was the aunt who just messed it. We didn’t expect you to be like this. Amazing, really young, and promising!”

“Yeah, Charlie, you are a talented person, and you look like a dragon and a phoenix among people. My son-in-law is far behind you.”

“See if you can help us and tell the manager, give us back the money, it’s all our hard-earned money!”

Charlie frowned and said coldly: “Why should I help you? Don’t you all have eyes above your top? If you don’t get the money back, you can ask your own son-in-law for help!”

After all, just take a step.

Everyone was very regretful when they heard this.

They blame themselves, there is now no way, now the opportunity to recover hard-earned money is completely gone

Thinking of this, some of them slapped themselves two slaps on the spot, and someone sat on the ground in despair, crying for father and mother, this is my coffin! It’s all over if it’s gone!

However, they didn’t have any choice. To blame, they blame their own mouths and they don’t have a good son-in-law like Charlie.

On the way home, Elaine asked Charlie with a flattering and full smile: “Charlie, how do you know the fifth master Hong? Why was he so polite to you?”

Charlie said haha, “How can I know someone like him? I just made a call to a classmate and he has the ability to let Harley refund the money.”

When Elaine heard this, she felt disappointed.

She thought that Charlie had something she didn’t know, but he still asked for help.

As a result, the eagerness in her heart was wiped out a lot in an instant.

But fortunately, she had to get the money back and made an extra 700,000 Dollar, which made her a little bit better about Charlie.

She opened her mouth and said to Charlie: “Charlie, today, you have to keep a secret for your mother. Don’t tell anyone that even though your mother is old, she has to have a face?”

Charlie smiled helplessly, and had no choice but to agree, and said, “I know Mom.”

Chapter 35
After taking care of the mother-in-law’s troubles, the mother-in-law took the cash and happily went to the bank to make a deposit.

Charlie went home directly.

Upon entering the house, seeing his wife Claire’s shoes had been changed at the door, he knew that she had returned, so he went straight to the bedroom.

As soon as he entered the bedroom, he saw his wife Claire just hanging up the phone, with surprise and excitement on her face.

He curiously asked: “Wife, who did you call just now?”

Claire said excitedly: “It’s my good girlfriend Elsa Dong! Do you remember her?”

“Remember.” Charlie nodded, and said, “I used to be studying in Aurous Hill and I was close to her. She is like the daughter of the Eastcliff family, right?”

“Yes.” Claire said, “Elsa’s family is pretty good in Eastcliff.”

Charlie smiled and asked, “What? She is coming to Aurous Hill to see you?”

Claire said: “It’s not just to see me, she is coming to work in Aurous Hill!”

Charlie asked suspiciously: “She is a daughter of the Eastcliff family. If she doesn’t manage her own business, what kind of work can make her come to Aurous Hill?”

Claire said: “I don’t know much. She said she was going to work at the Emgrand Group, but as for why she came to Emgrand so far, I don’t know.”

Charlie nodded but secretly thought: Although the Dong family is far behind the Wade family, in Eastcliff there is also some strength, Elsa has no need to give up her family’s business and work in the imperial group.

Is there any special purpose for this woman to come to the Emgrand Group?

Charlie was puzzled, but he couldn’t be sure for a while.

It seemed that after Elsa joined the Emgrand Group, Doris Young could feel her bottom.

At this moment, Claire seemed to have thought of something, patted her forehead, and said, “By the way, Charlie, I will have a meeting with someone from the Emgrand Group tomorrow. I can’t get away. Can you pick me up at the airport? Elsa, arrange a place for her to catch the wind by the way.”

Charlie promised: “Then I will make arrangements in advance tomorrow.”

Claire said again: “By the way, find a better place, don’t be afraid to spend money, take my bank card.”

With that, she passed the wallet to him.

Charlie hurriedly said, “No, I have an acquaintance who has opened a restaurant that seems to be pretty good, so I can arrange it.”

After all, Charlie took out his cell phone directly, wanting to send a text message to Issac Craven in Shangri La, asking him to arrange a banquet.

But he thought about it carefully, Shangri-La was a surprise for his wife, to entertain Elsa, it would be better to change to another place.

So he sent a text message to that Orvel Hong.

“I want to host a banquet to entertain my friends, you help me arrange a high-end hotel, but not in Shangri-La.”

Soon, Orvel Hong replied a text message: “Don’t worry, Mr. Charlie, I have a Mansion under my name. It is a top restaurant in Aurous Hill and Shangri-La. I will help you arrange the best diamond box and the best service for your banquet.”

Charlie only replied one word: “OK.”

The next day, Claire spent the entire day in the Emgrand Group, busy dealing with matters related to cooperation.

Charlie called Doris Young, the vice chairman of Emgrand Group, and asked her about Elsa’s appointment.

Doris Young was surprised that Charlie knew about this. She said that Elsa was applying for an administrative director, a middle-level management position. Seeing that her resume was not bad, the group decided to admit her, and she had already been appointed for a few days.
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Charismatic Charlie Wade 36-40

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Chapter 36
So Charlie urged her to observe this woman more after Elsa took the job, and always report to him if there was anything unusual.

After arranging for Doris Young, Charlie went out to take a taxi in the afternoon and went to the airport, ready to pick up Claire’s best friend Elsa.

After arriving at the airport by taxi, Charlie was about to go to the arrival hall. A Mercedes-Benz suddenly braked and stopped in front of him.

Claire’s cousin, Harold, suddenly got his head out of the car window, looked at Charlie with a strange frown, and asked, “Charlie, why are you here?”

“I’m here to pick up a girlfriend of Claire, why are you here?”

Charlie frowned and found that the people sitting on this big G were all acquaintances, besides Harold, there were Gerald and Wendy.

Harold said contemptuously: “You’re talking about Miss Dong, right? Miss Dong has us to entertain her, so you are no longer needed, get out!”

Charlie snorted coldly, and said, “If you want to get out, get out by yourself.”

After all, Charlie stopped responding to them and walked directly into the arrival hall.

Harold was about to swear, and Wendy next to him hurriedly reminded: “Brother, Miss Dong is coming soon. Grandma reminded you that you must leave a good impression on Miss Dong! If you can turn her into a sister-in-law, you are here. Our family’s status is no one can match, so don’t interfere with this waste.”

Harold suddenly woke up.

Almost forgot the main purpose of coming here today.

In fact, it is the second-best thing to catch Elsa. It is the most important thing to leave a good impression on her and get her hand in his hand.

The Dong family’s strength in Eastcliff is extraordinary. If they can come with her, then they will be on the same stage, and the Willson family can also ascend to the sky is worth.

So, he endured his dissatisfaction with Charlie, and they hurriedly got off and rushed to the arrival hall.

At this time, they saw a particularly conspicuous, young and beautiful woman in the crowd.

She wears long chestnut hair and a white skirt, which outlines an exquisite figure.

Although she is wearing sunglasses, her skin is as white as porcelain, her lips are full of flames, and the beauty of and allure cannot be concealed.

Looking closely at her, her appearance is by no means worse than Claire, and the two can be said to have their own merits.

For a moment, the sight of the crowd picking up passage focused on her.

Harold was already dumbfounded.

Even Gerald, who was watching the excitement next to him, was shocked and couldn’t help but sigh: “As expected of Eastcliff’s ladies, the temperament is really different.”

At this time, Elsa also saw the crowd, and hurriedly walked over from the crowd, waved to them, and said, “Gerald, Wendy, and Charlie, long time no see!”

Harold’s heart surged with enthusiasm, and he said first: “Long time no see, Elsa, you have become more beautiful.”

Charlie smiled, and said: “Long time no see.”

Harold hurriedly said at this moment: “Elsa, knowing that you are coming, I specially booked a box at the best hotel in Aurous Hill, waiting to pick you up, let’s go there now.”

Elsa glanced at Charlie and said sorry to Harold: “Harold, I’m really sorry. I have already made an appointment with Claire and Charlie in advance. Let’s make an appointment another day. Anyway, I will stay in Aurous Hill for a long time. , There will be opportunities in the future.”

When Harold heard these words, his heart couldn’t help but become angry. On such an important day, Charlie, the smelly wire, came to mess with him, it was really horrible.

So, he deliberately said: “Elsa, to welcome you, I ordered the most famous Mansion in Aurous Hill, and it is a gold box with a minimum consumption of 300,000!”

As he said that, he looked at Charlie contemptuously, and said with a grin: “I don’t know where my live-in brother-in-law ordered the banquet? If the grade is too low, wouldn’t that be equal to neglecting you!”

Chapter 37
Charlie was also a little surprised when he heard that Harold’s choice turned out to be Classic Mansion.

What a coincidence, didn’t Hong Wu say that he opened Classic Mansion?

It seems that he also prepared a banquet in Classic Mansion, right?

At this time, Gerald on the side was surprised and said: “Harold, you can actually book the golden box of Classic Mansion? This is not something ordinary people can book!”

Harold smiled triumphantly: “To be honest, apart from the top diamond box in Classic Mansion, I really can’t book it, the others are really nothing.”

Having said that, this is just Harold’s bragging.

In fact, in order to book this golden box, Mrs. Willson personally came forward and paid a lot of money, entrusting several talents to successfully book it.

Elsa had heard of the name of Classic Mansion in Eastcliff, and hurriedly said: “Everyone is a friend, there is no need to be so extravagant.”

Harold said flatly: “You are a distinguished guest, how can you be treated like ordinary friends.”

After that, he asked Charlie again: “Brother-in-law, I don’t know where you ordered the banquet?”

Charlie said faintly: “It’s a coincidence, I also ordered Classic Mansion.” “Hahaha!” Harold laughed presumptuously: “Charlie, you are not afraid of bragging, you’re one of a kind. You can’t even book the bronze box in Classic Mansion, so you dare to play here.”

Charlie smiled indifferently, and said, “If I blow or not, what does it have to do with you? I’m not inviting you to dinner. What are you doing with so much leisure?”

Harold said coldly: “Cut, I see you like this, you can’t even enter the door of Classic Mansion!”

Elsa on the side couldn’t bear to see Charlie being targeted.

She knew that Charlie was a live-in son-in-law, and had no money and status in the Willson family. It was really unrealistic to say that she could live in a top hotel, paid by him.

It is estimated that Charlie said this deliberately because he wanted to face.

So she didn’t want Charlie to be too embarrassed, so she opened up and said to him: “Oh, there is no need to argue about this. Since everyone ordered the same place, then just go together.”

Harold sarcastically said to Charlie: “Well, for Elsa’s face, let me grab you a meal today, and let you see what high-end hotels look like!”

Charlie snorted and ignored him.

Orvel would kneel when he sees him. What was the hotel he opened in his own eyes?

It’s a pity that Harold’s cock is nothing more than a blind eye!

Classic Mansion is a quaint Chinese-style hotel, the decoration and style are full of traditional classical charm, extremely luxurious, even the signboard at the door is made of high-quality yellow rosewood.

Charlie looked at the decorations in Classic Mansion and was a little surprised.

Unexpectedly, Orvel’s restaurant is really pretty good, and he can bring his wife over to have a taste of food in the future.

Elsa looked around and exclaimed: “I heard the name of Classic Mansion when I was in Eastcliff, and it really deserves its reputation.”

Harold smiled and said, “If you come here, Elsa, of course, you have to use the best hotel too.”

After finishing speaking, he glanced at Charlie and sneered: “It’s not like some people. If it weren’t for your light, they would never have the chance to come to such a high-end restaurant in their entire life.”

Chapter 38
Wendy asked deliberately at this time: “Charlie, didn’t you also book a box in Classic Mansion? Which one is it? Take us to open our eyes?”

Charlie said lightly: “I can’t remember which one is specific. I just sent a text message to their boss and asked him to help arrange it, and wait for me to look at the text message record.”

Harold sarcastically said, “Do you know who the boss here is? Just save your big talk here. The boss here is the famous Mr. Orvel. You dare to say such big things. Beware that Orvel hears it will you with fingers.”

At this time, Charlie turned on the phone and checked the text message Orvel sent to him last night and said lightly: “He said that he left me the Diamond Box.”

When Harold heard Charlie’s words, he immediately laughed: “Hahaha Diamond Box? Charlie, you are afraid to laugh at me. Do you know who can go to the Diamond Box? Prince of Aurous Hill is eligible to enter the Diamond Box, no more than ten people! You’re a sh!t!”

Elsa has not spoken, but she can’t help but think to herself that this Charlie also loves face too much, so how could he get the diamond box in his capacity? She used to think that this person had no money and power and was a little bit useless, but she did not expect him to be such a person who admires vanity.

What a disappointment!

Charlie laughed and didn’t say anything. In his opinion, these people who ridiculed themselves were with low mental retardation, but he didn’t bother to be familiar with them.

Gerald also sarcastically said: “Charlie, even my father is not qualified to eat in the diamond box, you dare to brag!”

Wendy echoed: “Brother Gerald, let alone eating in the Diamond Box, this kind of person is not eligible to eat leftovers in the Diamond Box!”

Charlie looked at Gerald and couldn’t help but sneer.

You stupid bird, Mr. Orvel just beat your brother yesterday, do you still dare to come to his restaurant for dinner?

So he deliberately asked: “Brother Gerald, I heard that something happened to your brother yesterday?”

Gerald frowned: “How do you know?”

After that, Gerald said again: “My brother was assaulted yesterday, and he is still unconscious. We are investigating who injured him and stripped him at that time! Do you have any clue?”

Charlie shook his head and deliberately pretended to be stupid: “I don’t know. I just heard that something happened to him. I don’t know what happened.”

“Humph!” Gerald said contemptuously: “You Rubbish, don’t talk about my White family with that mouth. Next time, be careful that I’ll not polite to you!”

Charlie smiled and ignored him.

Sure enough, it is a family of idiots!

Don’t even know that his brother was knocked unconscious by Orvel? It’s really interesting.

At this moment, a man in black rushed straight to the crowd and met him.

Seeing him a little familiar, Charlie remembered that he was one of Orvel’s bodyguards.

When the man saw Charlie, he recognized him, his face was full of enthusiasm and kindness, and he almost immediately bowed to him.

Charlie shook his head hurriedly towards him.

The black-clothed man hurriedly stopped, thinking that Mr. Charlie does not like being too high-profile, so he directly said: “Guests, please come with me, the box has been prepared for a long time.”

Harold was taken aback when he heard the words. When did the golden box service of Classic Pavilion be so attentive, someone came to greet him personally before he reported his name.

What a face!

Gerald on the side sighed: “Harold, your reputation is really big enough. I think he seems to be a person next to Mr. Orvel. It seems that Mr. Orvel attaches great importance to you. Did you know Mr. Orvel? Didn’t you hear it? Yes, you are really low-key.”

Harold laughed and said with a smug face: “There is no need to show off this kind of thing. It’s better to keep a low profile! Hahahaha!”

Chapter 39
Elsa was a little surprised.

Unexpectedly, Harold really had some connections in Aurous Hill, compared to Charlie, that was so much stronger.

It seems that in the future if she walks into Aurous Hill with him, it will be much more convenient for her daily activities.

The black man respectfully led everyone to the door of the diamond box.

Afterward, he took out the list, handed it to Charlie directly, and said softly: “Sir, please sign it.”

This diamond box was specially reserved for Charlie, and he needed to sign for confirmation.

Charlie smiled and took the pen and paper, and was about to write his name when Harold’s voice suddenly rang.

“d*mn, put the pen down!”

Harold walked over with a calm face, grabbed the pen and paper from Charlie’s hand, brushed his name down, and yelled at Charlie: “You want to be shameless? Who ordered the box? Do you even count? What qualifications do you have to sign here!”

The black-clothed man was immediately dumbfounded, looked at Charlie, and gave him a questioning look, which means, do you need me to help you teach this [email protected] now.

Charlie said indifferently: “It’s okay. If he wants to sign, let him sign.”

In front of Elsa, Charlie didn’t want to make things too embarrassing, after all, she was his wife’s best friend.

Soon, everyone in the box sat down.

Harold arranged for Elsa to sit in the lead, while Charlie sat in the corner alone, only Elsa said a few words to him from time to time.

Soon, exquisite dishes and wine were presented by the waiter.

All the dishes are very particular about the ingredients, the top-quality abalone and ten catties of Australian lobster can only be used as a foil here.

Even fine wine is a century-old national wine, and a bottle of half a catty alone can sell for more than 100,000.

Elsa is also a well-informed person and was shocked by the extravagance of this meal.

Gerald sighed, “Harold, how much is the standard for your meal?”

Harold said triumphantly: “My meal is 300,000.”

Gerald said in surprise, “This is not the standard of 300,000. The bottles of wine alone are more than 300,000.”

Harold was secretly frightened, and suddenly felt something was not right. Reminiscing about the attitude of the man in black just now, could it be that Orvel gave him any special treatment?

However, he doesn’t even know him!

Elsa’s beautiful eyes flickered, she glanced at Harold and said, “Harold, thank you!”

When Harold heard Elsa’s words, he smiled and said, “This should be done everywhere.”

With that, Harold smiled and asked Charlie: “Charlie, you must have never eaten such a good thing in your life?”

Charlie sneered: “What gives you the confidence?”

Harold said contemptuously: “After eating my food, that broken mouth is so hard! You f*cking had a chance to eat such a good thing before, I twist your head off and kick it for you!”

Charlie smiled indifferently. The days he lived when he was a child were extremely luxurious that ordinary people could not think of. Such a meal at Wade’s family is also a meal for the people.

Seeing Charlie’s silence, Wendy said angrily: “Charlie, what kind of attitude do you use to talk to my brother? Believe it or not, I will let you get out now! We let you eat the meal and you will act shamelessly. What a f*cking stinky rag!”

However, at this moment!

The door of the box was kicked open vigorously, and a fierce voice rang: “Where did you idiots come from? Who the h*ll let you in this box!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a man wearing an Armani suit, a big gold chain, and a centipede-like scar on his face spread from the corner of his eyes to his chin.

This man holds a bill in one hand and a stick in the other, with a fierce face!

A dozen burly men with scarred tattoos lined up next to them, surrounding everyone.

Everyone was stunned, panicked, what is the situation?

The leader is named Brother Biao, who is Orvel’s, right-hand man. He beat the world with him in his early years, and he is also a famous person in Aurous Hill.

This time Orvel told him that it was the extremely noble Mr. Charlie to use the diamond box of Classic Pavilion, so he must arrange it properly.

But he never thought that when inspecting the use of the box, it was discovered that the diamond box was signed by Harold, who was angry and afraid.

Raging with anger, this d*mn Harold occupied the box he prepared for the distinguished guests;

Chapter 40:
I’m afraid that there is only one table for the top banquet in the Diamond Box, and the real guests will be coming. What should I do?

At this moment, Harold stood up and said, “What are you doing? I reserved this box. Why did you break in and make trouble?”

Brother Biao pointed at Harold and asked him, “Are you, Harold?”

Harold nodded and said proudly: “I am!”

Brother Biao said coldly: “Bring him to me!”

Upon hearing this, the two sturdy big men directly pulled Harold up and dragged him over.

“What are you doing? Let go of me!”

“Drafting, what are you talking nonsense!”

A sturdy man directly kicked his knee, and Harold knelt directly in front of Brother Biao.

Brother Biao’s cold eyes looked back and forth on Harold, making people chill like a blade.


The signature slip was thrown directly on Harold’s head.

Brother Biao scolded, “Who gave you the authority to use this box?”

Harold pretended to be calm and said: “There must be a misunderstanding, I ordered this golden box in advance, and I have paid the 300,000 deposit!”

Gerald also interjected: “What are you doing? This box is set by Harold. Do you have any rules?”

Brother Biao took a spit and slapped Harold and said, “Golden box? This is a d*mn diamond box for distinguished guests! You can also use this rubbish?!”

As soon as these words came out, everyone was stunned.

Diamond box?

No wonder this box is extremely luxurious, and the dishes and wines are among the top ones. It turns out that it is not a golden box at all!

Gerald broke into a cold sweat, and the diamond box was so honorable that he was not qualified to enter on his own with others, let alone use it.

Wendy quickly said: “Brother, you don’t know Mr. Orvel, please explain to them quickly.”

Harold screamed and hurriedly said, “Shut up, what nonsense, how can I know Orvel in my capacity.”

Wendy said, “But didn’t you just say”

Elsa saw the performance of the two brothers with her eyes, but she didn’t even know what Harold said just now was bragging.

She was a little disappointed suddenly.

Brother Biao sneered at this time and said: “You f*cking dare to talk about the banner of Mr. Orvel, you guys are so filthy and crooked!”

As Biao said, he stood up and told the boys: “Hold down this kid’s hand! I will teach him a lesson.”

Harold was immediately held down, unable to move!

Next second!

Brother Biao held the stick and smashed it down without hesitation!

“Ah my hand, my hand is useless!”

Harold screamed frantically, sweating all over his body, and anger came from his crotch, and he passed out in a shameful manner.

Seeing this scene, Gerald and Wendy both turned pale and frightened.

Harold, who was still in full swing just now, was beaten back to his prototype in an instant. Who can’t be afraid?

Elsa was also scared enough, her whole body was shaking, hiding behind Charlie, and said in horror: “What can we do about this? Are they allowed to kill people?”

Charlie patted Elsa on the shoulder and comforted: “Don’t be afraid, no one will touch you if I am here.”

Elsa glanced at Charlie gratefully. Although she knew that Charlie could not solve such troubles, she still felt a little relieved by his words.

Here, Brother Biao kicked Harold, like pigs are beaten to death, and cursed: “What a fool!”

Brother Biao turned his head and looked at Gerald again.

“And you, just now you said I had no rules, right? Come on, you f*cking filth
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Charismatic Charlie Wade 41-45

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Chapter 41
Gerald was so frightened that he shivered and said, “Brother Biao, I belong to the White family.”

“White family?” Brother Biao grinned and said, “What is the White family!”

Brother Biao spat out disdainfully, kicked Gerald to the ground, and said coldly: “The master Orvel just taught a White family stupid yesterday and was given 10,000 slaps in the face. You f*cking dare to follow him. Mention the king’s name in his house?

“Huh?” Gerald was frightened suddenly.

He thought that his brother was robbed by a gangster, but he did not expect that it was actually Orvel who beat him!

Just as he was splitting his guts, Brother Biao directly raised the stick and slammed it down against his head!


Gerald only felt the world spin, his head buzzed, his mouth and nose were bleeding, and his consciousness was instantly blurred.

Wendy screamed loudly in horror instantly!

Gerald is her fiancé and her only chance to marry into the White family. If something happens, her life will be over.

“Ambulance, call an ambulance!”

Wendy yelled in a panic, and tremblingly took out the phone, but was too scared to press anymore, she could only keep screaming.

Brother Biao frowned and said cursingly: “You little filth, you dare to call. Gouge her mouth, let me see how she speaks!”

“Yes, Brother Biao!”

When the boys heard this, they all showed cruel smiles.

What they like most is to destroy the flowers with their hands, especially Wendy’s savage flowers.

Wendy panicked immediately, madly trying to step back, but there was a wall behind her, and there was nowhere to hide.

“Come here, b*tch!”

A one-eyed man grabbed Wendy’s hair viciously and directly pulled her up abruptly.

Then, facing Wendy’s face, the one-eyed man shook his arms and violently twitched.

These little brothers are all ruthless people who have been fighting with Brother Biao for many years.

In just two or three strokes, Wendy’s face was as swollen as a pig’s head, blood mixed with saliva and flowed down.

A woman being beaten like this will leave indelible marks on her face even if treated in time, which is almost equivalent to disfigurement!

Seeing that Brother Biao was so cruel, Elsa shivered again, leaning on Charlie’s back, and the two of them were almost close to each other.

At this time, Brother Biao saw Charlie and Elsa in the corner, and gave an order: “And the two of them, beat them to death! Dare to occupy the diamond box that I prepared for the distinguished guests. They are equally guilty!”

That little brother had never felt pity for delicate bodies, so he reached out and grabbed Elsa.

“I see who dares to move her!”

Charlie’s eyes became extremely cold, and he kicked the brawny man to the ground.

Seeing this, Brother Biao’s face sank, and he directly scolded, “Who the f*ck are you?”

Charlie said lightly: “I am someone you can’t afford to offend!”

“Boy, you are looking for death!”

Charlie shook his head and dialed Orvel directly.

“Mr. Orvel, I’m in the diamond box right now, come down and meet me immediately!”

After speaking, Charlie hung up the phone and looked at Brother Biao coldly.

Elsa’s face was pale, Harold just boasted to know Mr. Orvel, and the result was so miserable. Charlie dared to say such disrespectful words in front of Brother Biao, and maybe his life too was gone.

Wendy, who was drawn into a pig’s head on the side, heard Charlie’s words, her eyes were extremely horrified. This grandson is still pretending to be forceful at this time, is he trying to kill everyone?

Brother Biao sneered unceremoniously: “If you dare to offend the master Orvel in front of me, I think you are tired of your life or crooked in the head.”

When the voice fell to the ground, Brother Biao waved his hand to the boys and said viciously: “Kill him for me!”

Suddenly, Orvel shouted from outside the box: “dmn, Biao, you fcking want to die, don’t you? Even Mr. Charlie dares to move, I f*cking chopped you to feed the dog, believe it or not!”

Brother Biao was shocked as if struck by lightning!

Chapter 42
Mr. Orvel is here!

Mr. Charlie? Who is Mr. Charlie?

The next second, Orvel walked in tremblingly, and kicked Brother Biao directly to the ground: “You’re f*cking blind, you can’t even recognize Mr. Charlie, I’ll kill you!

Orvel scolded while kicking Brother Biao frantically.

Brother Biao, who had just been invincible, now looks like a dog in the water.

Elsa was dumbfounded, what is the situation?

The kids were also panicking, this young man was actually Mr. Charlie? He actually wanted to do something to him just now, so he was looking for death.

Orvel cursed at the others: “And what are you guys doing in a daze? Kneel down and apologize to Mr. Charlie!”

“Mr. Charlie, it’s because I have eyes but no pearls that I almost ran into you! I beg you to go around us.”

The boys knelt down, kowtow apologizing frantically.

Brother Biao was also so scared that he knelt on the ground, and while pulling his face, he begged for mercy: “I’m sorry Mr. Charlie, please don’t forgive me my transgressions, please spare me this time!”

Orvel also slapped himself, his face nervously said: “Mr. Charlie, it was because I did not do well, and let my subordinates deal with you and your friends.”

Charlie glanced at Elsa, and said lightly: “I just invited my wife’s girlfriend to dinner.”

After speaking, he looked at the others and said coldly: “They are not my friends.”

Elsa was completely shocked!

It turned out that Charlie was not bragging at all, he did book a box in Classic Mansion, and it was indeed the top diamond box.

More importantly, this box turned out to be reserved for him by Orvel himself!

Reminiscing that she had looked down on Charlie before, Elsa was blushing instantly, not to mention how ashamed she was.

At this moment, Harold trembled all over when he heard the words of several people!

what happened? Charlie, this Rubbish, turned out to be Mr. Orvel’s friend?

Wendy was also frightened, Charlie actually knew Mr. Orvel!

The key is that Mr. Orvel was so kind to him!

Look at her fiancé Gerald again, he is already in a coma with blood!

While wiping the cold sweat on his forehead, Mr. Orvel promised: “Mr. Charlie, don’t worry, there will never be another thing like this. From now on, you will come to Classic Mansion and have a meal in the Diamond Box at any time. Come, I picked his eyeballs later!.”

Charlie gave a hum, turned his head and said to Elsa: “Elsa, I have eaten the meal too, it’s so messy here, let’s go!”

Elsa was awakened by Charlie, and subconsciously asked, “What about the others?”

Seeing the miserable appearances of Harold, Gerald, and Wendy, she was somewhat worried.

Charlie said lightly: “Let Mr. Orvel solve it.”

Orvel immediately said, “Mr. Charlie, don’t worry, I will arrange an ambulance to send them to the hospital for treatment!”

“Yeah.” Charlie nodded and said, “If this is the case, then the two of us will leave first.”

Elsa was a little dazed and followed Charlie out of Classic Mansion in a daze.

Coming out of Classic Mansion, Elsa couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Looking at Charlie, who looked like an okay person, she only felt as if he was covered with a layer of fog, mysterious and profound.

“Charlie, what happened today”

Before Elsa finished speaking, Charlie interrupted her and said indifferently: “Elsa, please keep the matter a secret for me today. If Claire knows, she will be angry with underground people like Orvel.”

Elsa had to nod her head: “Okay, I see.”

After Charlie and Elsa left, Orvel asked to arrange an ambulance and took all the people to the hospital.

Wendy’s face was deformed by the jaw bone, which was tantamount to disfigurement.

And one of Harold’s hands was almost abolished, at least it will take a long time to recover.

As for Gerald, he was hit by a severe concussion. Although the person has been rescued from life danger, the sequel will be enough for him to suffer for a lifetime!

Chapter 43
Elsa and Doris Young of Emgrand Group’s appointment date will be tomorrow.

Leaving Classic Mansion, Charlie drove her to the hotel where she was staying and then left.

Elsa was continuously shocked by the evening meal while thinking about her future development.

This time she came to Aurous Hill. On the surface, she came to work at the Emgrand Group, but in fact, she was still carrying a family responsibility.

Dad told her that there was top-secret news that Wades, the top Eastcliff family, had found their young master who had been missing for many years and also bought the Emgrand Group to give this young master to practice hands.

In other words, the Wade family master is in Aurous Hill, and he is the chairman of the Emgrand Group.

Although the Dong family is a very good family in Eastcliff, they can only reach a second-rate level, which is a thousand miles away from the Wade family.

Therefore, the Dong family hopes that Elsa can take advantage of Wade Family’s young master’s identity to find opportunities to contact him in advance, if she can get together with him and promote the marriage of the two, that would be great.

Although Elsa was a bit repulsive of such things, she didn’t dare to neglect to think that the important task of family revitalization was on her shoulders.

She traveled all the way to Aurous Hill, preparing to work for the Emgrand Group, just to find the opportunity to contact the mysterious chairman of the Emgrand Group, and then find a way to attract his attention.

Elsa is definitely a very top super beauty in the upper class in Eastcliff.

She believes that with her appearance, knowledge, ability, and perfect body, she should be able to attract the attention of the Wade Family’s heir apparent.

If she can really marry him, then the Dong family will usher in absolute revitalization! Become a first-class family in Yenching!

As soon as she thought of this, she was full of expectations for tomorrow’s entry.

At the same time, she was also full of expectations for the mysterious Wade Family’s man.

She couldn’t help but wonder, how old is this Wade Family Young Master. and what is his appearance? Is he personable, tall, and handsome?

She couldn’t help taking out her phone and opening the video app.

She clicked on the video with tens of millions of clicks in her favorites.

This video is where Charlie used cash to face the sales director at Rare Earth.

She had analyzed this video a long time ago and knew that this video took place in Aurous Hill, which happened to coincide with the time in the news that Charlie was found.

Therefore, she speculated that the god-level rich man in the video should be the youngest of the Wade family, the chairman of the Emgrand Group.

She stared carefully at the back of the god-level rich man in the picture, carefully watching and pondering.

From this vague video, you can probably see that the famous god-level rich man on the Internet is estimated to be in his twenties, tall and thin, but she can’t see his face.

However, his figure is still very good, not much worse than those Korean long-legged models.

With such a figure, she believes the face will not be difficult to see!

However, Elsa suddenly felt a strange feeling in her heart. How could this person feel a bit like Charlie?

But after thinking about it, she thought it’s impossible.

Charlie is the son-in-law of the Willson family, what is the strength of the Willson family? Even the Wade family’s hair can’t be compared. If Charlie is really the youngest of the Wade family, how could he live in the henhouse of the Willson family?

It seems that she must be thinking too much!

The next day, Elsa reached the Emgrand Group early in the morning.

Vice-Chairman Doris Young personally handled her entry.

Doris Young took her to the administrative department and introduced her to her job functions, and then said: “Elsa, if you don’t understand in the future, you can directly ask me or come to my office to find me. “

Elsa nodded gratefully, and asked tentatively: “Deputy Doris, I don’t know if I have a chance to meet the chairman? After all, I will be responsible for the company’s administrative affairs in the future. If I don’t know the chairman, I’m afraid I won’t be careful to neglect him.”

Chapter 44:
Doris suddenly became alert.

Charlie had asked her the day before yesterday to pay more attention to this Elsa, and Elsa asked about the chairman as soon as she came. It seemed a bit difficult to ignore.

She doesn’t know what the purpose of this beautiful girl is, who has traveled all the way to the Emgrand Group.

She said to Elsa: “Our chairman rarely comes to the company, but if he comes, I will tell him. If he wants to see you, I will notify you.”

Elsa was a little disappointed in her heart, but she nodded with a smile and said, “Thank you, Miss Doris!”

When Doris Young returned to her office, she reported the incident to Charlie.

As soon as Charlie heard that Elsa had just reported to the company, she wanted to meet with him, he became more vigilant.

This woman really came for him.

What is her purpose?

Want to get close to me, does she want to harm me or seduce me?

No matter what purpose she was with, Charlie felt a little disgusted.

So he decided to contact Elsa as little as possible, let alone let her know his true identity!

On the night of Elsa’s entry, Charlie’s wife, Claire, specially reserved a seat in a high-end hotel and was going to treat her to a meal.

As Claire’s husband, Charlie naturally wanted to be with him.

This made Charlie a little depressed.

Just about to keep a distance from Elsa, he will have to eat with her again at night.

But depressed, he was still ready to go to the hotel with Claire anyway.

However, when he arrived at the hotel, Charlie realized that Claire’s decision turned out to be the Hanging Garden of the Shangri-La Hotel!

The Hanging Garden Ballroom is mainly used to receive high-end guests, so it never provides any kind of private room service. However, Charlie booked the private room here on the wedding anniversary, which is unprecedented for Shangri-La.

Today is only three days away from the wedding anniversary.

A big and eye-catching notice has been placed at the entrance of Shangri-La Hotel: “The Hanging Garden will be reserved for guests in the Sky Garden three days later. All guests are not allowed to use it at that time, we apologize for the inconvenience!”

Everyone who saw this notice was shocked!

Someone has reserved the hanging garden in Shangri-La?

This has never provided charter service!

It is said that the children of several big leaders in the city wanted to hold a wedding banquet here, but they were all rejected without exception.

Who is it that has the face to cover the entire Hanging Garden from Shangri-La?

Claire also saw this eye-catching reminder, and said in surprise: “Oh, the Hanging Garden was actually reserved? This is incredible!”

Charlie smiled on the side and said, “What’s incredible? The banquet hall, isn’t it possible for people to book it out?”

“You don’t understand.” Claire said earnestly: “This Shangri-La is not our local enterprise. It is a top hotel chain in the world. Their sky garden is a major feature of its own. It only serves high-end guests. In the private space, today the big man will make a package, and the other high-end guests will not be able to use it normally, so they simply will not open the private space to the outside world.”

With that, Claire couldn’t help sighing: “I don’t know what background of this person is. It’s really amazing to be able to cover this place!”

Charlie deliberately smiled and said, “Perhaps someone who loves his wife, may want to hold a wedding for his wife!”

Claire was surprised and said, “Here is the wedding for his wife? Then she should be a wife who loves him very much, and his wife is really so lucky!”

Chapter 45:
Charlie was very happy to hear his wife say so.

It seems that the place he chose will surely satisfy his wife on the day of the wedding anniversary!

The two came to the sky garden and sat down in the reserved seats, and Elsa arrived soon.



The two girlfriends hugged each other, happily.

Afterward, the two held hands and talked about the past for a long time, and then they gradually calmed down.

Elsa said: “Claire, you are too wasteful, you chose to eat in the sky garden!”

Claire smiled and said, “When you are here! Then I must bleed money, I don’t care!”

Elsa chuckled: “It’s really my good girlfriend!”

Claire said: “It’s true that I’m not even qualified to order food here. I asked Emgrand Group Vice Chairman Doris Young to help me decide this seat, using her membership card!”

Elsa sighed: “The sky garden seems to be very demanding. It must be a diamond member or something?”

“Yeah.” Claire nodded and said, “To be honest, this is my first time coming here!”

Elsa smiled and said, “Thank you so much, my kind queen!”

After speaking, she said again: “By the way, when I came up just now, I saw a notice outside saying that the sky garden was booked for three days later?”

“Yes.” Claire said: “It’s strange that Hanging Garden never accepted charter rooms before, and I don’t know what happened this time.”

Elsa nodded and said in passing: “Some time ago, there was an Aurous Hill god-level rich man. He bought a necklace and brought dozens of Rolls Royces, dozens of men in black, and more than 10 million in cash. Did you watch that video?”

Charlie shook his head, and Claire said, “I saw it, the pomp was quite big.”

Elsa said: “Everyone is guessing who he is.”

Claire said: “What is there to guess”

Elsa smiled and said: “Gossip! Everyone wants to know who is so domineering. Some people say it should be the new chairman of Emgrand Group.”

Charlie’s expression on the side was startled for an instant.

But it returned to normal soon.

Elsa went on to say: “Shangri-La’s Hanging Garden was wrapped up again today. I feel that the Hanging Garden package is the same person who bought the jade in the video.”

Claire sighed helplessly: “It’s been so long since I saw you, you are still so gossipy!”

Elsa smiled and said, “Gossip is the driving force for women to survive!”

After that, Elsa said again: “I’m going to come here in three days to have a look, who on earth has such a great face and can reserve the sky garden!”

When Charlie on the side heard this, his head suddenly became heavy.

He just wanted to surprise his wife and give her a wedding that hadn’t been honored that year.

But he didn’t want to be noticed by everyone at once.

However, he seemed to underestimate the influence of the Hanging Garden.

It is estimated that many people in Aurous Hill now have the same ideas as Elsa, they all want to see who has reserved the sky garden.
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