Charismatic Charlie Wade

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Chapter 2556
However, she also has her own concerns.

She worries that Nanako will become reluctant after she goes to Aurous Hill and meets her beloved man.

Sometimes, many people who are particularly capable and promising will lose their morale and pursuit for the one they love.

Therefore, she was also afraid that after Nanako goes to Aurous Hill, she would not want to return to Japan.

However, Kawana did not dare to express her worry, because she was afraid that after she said it, she would leave a psychological hint to Nanako, so she said, “Miss, then I will settle down with Momotaro. I’ll meet you after I’m ready for a while.”

Nanako checked the time and said, “You don’t need to come to me again. The helicopter will take off in 20 minutes. Then we will meet on the tarmac.”

“OK, eldest lady, then I’ll pass first!”

After Kawana left, Nanako was packing her things. Her father Takehiko Ito steered an electric wheelchair into the house slowly. Seeing that she was packing her luggage, he asked, “Nanako, you are going to Aurous Hill this time. How long would you be gone?”

Nanako hurriedly put down the clothes in her hand, and said shyly, “Father, I will go there for about ten days this time.”

“Ten days?” Ito Yuhiko couldn’t help but exclaimed, and asked, “How can it be so long?”

Nanako blushed and said, “Father, I want to stay in Aurous Hill for a few more days. It can be considered rest. During this time, I have been busy with work, and I am really tired.”

Ito Yuihiko smiled slightly and said, “A little tired? I think it’s fake that you are tired. Is it true that you want to see Charlie earlier?”

“Father…” Nanako said shyly, “Since you understand everything, don’t ask knowingly…”

Looking at his daughter’s shy response, Ito said in distress, “Nanako, I do not object that you like Charlie, but you have to promise me that you must not sink too deep, at least, don’t put your own future is delayed because you cannot be with him.”

Nanako hurriedly said, “I know Father, don’t worry.”

Ito Yuihiko nodded, stretched his waist, and smiled: “Oh, I’m bored at home these days. If you don’t dislike it, I will come to Aurous Hill with you, OK? ?”

“Huh?” Nanako exclaimed, “Father, you also want to go to Aurous Hill?”

“Yeah.” Ito said with a smile: “With You gone. I will be too deserted here. I just want to go to Aurous Hill to meet Mr. Wade. I have never had the opportunity to thank him. I have to drink two glasses with him for whatever he wants. I have a few bottles of 50-year-old whiskey in my collection, which happened to be brought to Mr. Wade to taste.”

Nanako nodded hurriedly and said, “Great Father, then we will go together!”

As she said, she suddenly remembered something, and said embarrassingly, “But…father, I told Miss Song this time to live in her house. If you live with me in her house, I am afraid that will not be suitable…”

Ito said with a smile: “It doesn’t matter, you and Kawana live in Miss Song’s house, and I will stay in the hotel with Tanaka, so your aunt will come with you.”

Nanako hurriedly asked, “Tanaka-san is with you too?”

“Yes.” Ito sighed and said, “Since his amputation, Tanaka has been a little frustrated. After all, he is still young and can’t accept such a severe blow, so I plan to let him go out with me. He had been to Aurous Hill before, and this time I will take him to the old place to revisit and see if I can cheer him up again!”

Nanako couldn’t help feeling sighed. The relationship between her father and Koichi Tanaka, the master, and servant, is indeed very deep. They have always supported each other and never abandoned, which is really moving.

So she hurriedly said, “If this is the case, please get ready as soon as possible!”
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Chapter 2557
As Ito Yuhiko wanted to take his loyal subordinate Koichi Tanaka and his sister, Emi Ito, to Aurous Hill, Nanako hurriedly delayed the flight’s departure time and canceled her plan to take a helicopter to the airport.

For Ito Yuhiko and Tanaka, who had both legs amputated, the experience of taking a helicopter was not friendly and convenient. So Nanako re-arranged a fleet of assistants and servants who needed to go to Aurous Hill. More than ten people traveled to Tokyo Narita Airport by car.

In order to take care of her father, Nanako and Ito Takehiko shared a commercial vehicle. When the vehicle was driving on the way to the airport, Nanako was already excited.

Thinking of arriving in Aurous Hill where Charlie lives in a few hours, Nanako wanted to call him now and tell him the message.

However, she didn’t want to go to Aurous Hill for his purpose, which was too obvious.

She went to Aurous Hill this time for several high-sounding reasons.

The first reason is that she wants to see Warnia and the Akita dog she gave to Warnia;

The second reason is that she can also go to see Sara’s concert. She really likes Sara, and has always wanted to find a chance to watch her live performance;

The third reason is to send Momotaro to Aoxue, because Aoxue also likes Akita dogs, and through Warnia, she promised Aoxue that she would give her one.

However, these three reasons are just superficial rhetoric.

The core motivation that really drove Nanako and allowed her to travel thousands of miles to Aurous Hill was because she missed Charlie day and night and wanted to find a chance to meet him.

Moreover, she did not want to make her true motives too obvious.

Because she was worried that that would bring some psychological pressure to Charlie.

That’s why she used these three reasonable reasons to get herself to Aurous Hill first and then contact Charlie after she arrived there.

In this way, she can conceal her core motivation to meet Charlie.

At this time, Emi Ito, who was sitting in the co-pilot, opened her mouth and said to Takehiko Ito: “I have already booked a hotel in Aurous Hill. This time I stayed at the Shangri-La Hotel. I have already booked a presidential suite. , And several luxurious suites next to it.”

Ito Yuhiko nodded lightly, and said, “Emi, you can decide these things by yourself. You don’t need to report to me.”

Emi Ito hurriedly said, “OK, I know.”

While talking, Nanako suddenly received a call from Kawan, who was sitting in a Mercedes in front of her.

Nanako answered the phone and asked, “Kaana, what’s the matter?”

Kawan said hurriedly: “Lady, Zynn from Su family. He called me just now and he said on the phone that he hopes to talk to us about a framework for cooperation.”

“Su’s family?” Nanako frowned, and said without hesitation:? “Aren’t we stopped cooperating with overseas companies for the time being? Just refuse him directly.”

Kawan explained: “Miss, this cooperation of the Su family is very different from the past. The overall conditions are very friendly to our Ito Group.”

“Very friendly?” Nanako asked curiously? “How friendly is it?”
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Chapter 2558
Kawan said in detail: “Miss, the Su family had their shipping license revoked because they had a catastrophe in China. Now they have a large number of transport ships that can only be anchored at ports. They cannot make profits. It means that they set up a joint venture company with us, and then put all the ships under the name of the joint venture company. We don’t need anything, we just need to get a qualification in Japan, and they will operate the rest. They can give us 20% of the profit.”

Nanako couldn’t help but said in surprise: “Is the Su family so generous if it directly divides the 20% profit?”

Kawan said: “Mr. Zynn really said that, and also said that in terms of specific proportions, there is still some room for discussion. I personally feel that even if it is 30%, the Su family will not have any opinions.”

Nanako was silent for a moment and then said, “Kaana, don’t reply to him about this matter. I always feel that the Su family really lacks a basic moral limit to do things. If it is not the last resort, it is better not to cooperate with this kind of family.”

“Okay!” Kawan did not persuade much, and immediately replied, “Then I will let him dry first.”

After hanging up the phone, Ito Takehiko on the side asked, “What? The Su family came to work with us?”

“Yes, father.” As soon as Nanako came to talk about business, she became like a subordinate in front of Ito Takehiko, and said respectfully, “The Su family’s shipping license has been revoked, so they now want to talk to us. Cooperation requires a solution.”

After speaking, she gave a brief introduction to the conditions offered by the Su family.

Emi Ito, who was sitting in the co-pilot, exclaimed: “If the Su family can really give up 30% of the profits, it will definitely be a huge additional income for us!”

Yuhiko Ito shook his head and said lightly: “The essence of the Su family is an extremely selfish family. In their logic, only he makes other people’s money, and no one else makes his money. At this time, they are willing to make money. Taking out such a large profit can only prove that the problems they are facing are very serious. Once we help them tide over the difficulties, they will definitely turn their attention to the part of the profit that is transferred to us. Then they will definitely think to Do whatever it takes to get the money back with interest.”

“Yes.” Nanako nodded in agreement, “My father and I have the same opinion. For a family like the Su family, we must stay away!”


After half an hour.

A Gulfstream G650 aircraft took off from Tokyo Narita Airport.

Nanako took the opportunity to go to Aurous Hill with her father and aunt.

At the same time, Chengfeng stood on the terrace of the lakeside villa, overlooking the calm lake, with a cold expression.

He looked at Zynn beside him and asked in a cold voice, “Why, the Ito family hasn’t responded yet?”

“Not yet.” Zynn answered truthfully, “I contacted Nanako’s assistant. She said that she would feed back the situation to Nanako. Maybe Nanako needs to think about it again.”

Chengfeng shook his head: “There is nothing to consider about this kind of thing. If Nanako is really interested, of course, she will contact us immediately to discuss the details of the follow-up cooperation. If she is not interested, naturally it will be just like now. Do not respond again.”

Zynn said hurriedly, “Or maybe they just wanted to hang us on purpose, and then take the opportunity to speak to our lion?”

“Impossible.” Chengfeng said coldly: “Even if you want to get caught, you will at least accept it on the surface, first establish a smooth communication channel between each other, like this one who doesn’t respond directly to it. , The probability is that the other party is not interested at all.”

As he was talking, the butler Anson walked over and whispered: “Master, Mr. Mai’s plane will arrive in Suhang in one hour.”

“Oh?” Chengfeng suddenly beamed his eyebrows and blurted out: “Quickly, tell the kitchen, press the prepared menu, and immediately set up a banquet for Mr. Mai to pick up the dust, and also notify Regnar to come over!”
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Chapter 2559
When Regnar received Anson’s notice, he was extremely excited.

The problem with his younger son Wu Qi has always made him very worried, but he knew very well that Charlie would not be able to cure his younger son in a short while, and now the Su family invited a master of Feng Shui metaphysics, he naturally looked forward to this The master can help him resolve this knot.

So he immediately said to Anson, “Thank you, butler Su, for telling me that. I will bring my son over here! Let Master Mai take a look for the at him!”

When Anson heard this, he hurriedly said, “Don’t don’t don’t don’t! Doesn’t your son ask for something every hour? If this is for Mr. Mai to watch, I don’t know what Mr. Mai will do. What do you think, you’d better come by yourself first, and after you come, introduce your youngest son’s situation to Mr. Mai in detail, and let Mr. Mai be mentally prepared first.”

Regnar suddenly felt hot on his face.

He only thought of a chance to heal his youngest son, but he ignored how much the youngest son is now being rejected.

So he had no choice but to respectfully say: “Thank you for the reminder, butler Su, then I will come by myself first!”

When Regnar set off for the lakeside villa of Chengfeng, Issac received a report from his subordinates that the presidential suite, which was vacant for half of the year, was booked by the Japanese Ito family!

Moreover, the list of residents sent by the Ito family actually included Ito Yuhiko’s name!

Issac was surprised and immediately called Charlie to report.

Charlie was also quite shocked by this.

In the list sent to him by Issac, he saw not only Ito Yuhiko’s name, but also Ito Yuhiko’s sister Ito Emi, and Ito Yuhiko’s subordinate, Koichi Tanaka.

Charlie wondered, he didn’t understand why Ito Yuhiko suddenly came to Aurous Hill, and also took Tanaka Koichi.

You know, both of them have undergone amputation, and now they are both disabled with no legs.

Charlie didn’t have any thoughts of despising the disabled or discriminating against the disabled. He just didn’t understand why these two people were already in this situation, and they came all the way to Aurous Hill.

Thinking about it again, Warnia said at the beginning that Nanako would also come to Aurous Hill to enjoy Sara’s concert. In that case, it is estimated that Nanako will also be here this time.

The reason why he can’t see Nanako’s name on the hotel’s occupant list is that Nanako plans to live in Warnia’s house this time.

But Charlie was also a little surprised, wondering why Nanako came to Aurous Hill, why didn’t she say hello to him in advance.

On the other side, Regnar hurried to the lakeside villa of the Su family.

After arriving, he did not see Chengfeng and Zynn, but the butler Anson received him.

Anson arranged him in a lounge and warned him: “Mr. Mai will be there in a while. You will wait here first. He left this room without authorization. Just sit here and wait for my message. You understand. ?”

Regnar was a little unhappy with Anson’s superior, pretentious attitude.

After all, Anson is not the Su family, he is just a dog of Old Su’s.

Moreover, it is rumored that this person was not originally named Su, but his real name is said to be Dong Anson. After staying in the Su family for a long time, he licked his face and went to see Mr. Su, asking Mr. Su to give him a surname.

Throughout the ages, only the emperor of that year would give his ministers and military generals surnames. I have never heard of any wealthy family that gave surnames to their subordinates, let alone any subordinates who asked their masters to give them surnames. , Anson is the first time, so he is also rejected by outsiders.

But Anson himself didn’t care. What he really wanted to do was to become the confidant of Old Su and make Old Su absolutely trust him. As long as he could make his future bright, his surname didn’t really matter.

Although Regnar looked down on Anson by 10,000 people, he didn’t dare to show any dissatisfaction in front of Anson. He could only say respectfully: “Don’t worry, butler, I’ll just wait here honestly.”

Anson nodded in satisfaction, and dropped word: “Wait.”

After speaking, he turned and left the lounge.
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Chapter 2560
Regnar sat on the sofa a little annoyed and muttered to himself: “Fcuk, it’s just a dog. He dared to pretend to me like this. He talked so much, he didn’t even pour a glass of water. What a fu*king [email protected]!”

After half an hour.

A convoy of several Rolls-Royce drove into the gate of the lakeside villa with great strength.

Chengfeng, Zynn, and Anson were all waiting at the door. As soon as the convoy stopped, Zynn personally stepped forward and opened the rear door of the second Leslie.

Inside the car door, there was an old man with silver hair wearing a black embroidered Tang suit.

At that time, he had to be over 80 years old, but the whole person was very strong and he couldn’t see how old he was.

Zynn, who is over fifty years old, looked at the old man in front of him and said respectfully, “Hello, Grandpa! You have been gone for many years!”

The old man smiled slightly, twisted his beard, and said happily, “Are you guarding the way? When I saw you last time, you were a young man, and now it’s a good year, right?”

Zynn respectfully said: “Grandpa, I am now fifty-fifty to know the destiny. Unlike me, you can still look so energetic in my old age!”

The old man smiled and said: “I can’t talk about the spirit, the loess has already reached my forehead, and the sky is gone by the sight of it.”

Chengfeng hurriedly said at this time: “Zynn, please get your Grandpa down first, don’t let him sit in the car for a long time, it is not good for his health!”

Zynn came back to his senses and hurriedly reached out and said, “Grandpa, please!”

This old man is the thirty-first generation of the Mai family, Dan Mai.

Dan is well-known in the American Chinese circle. Although he is not as good as the most famous one, he can definitely be regarded as a relatively top group of Chinese American Fengshui masters.

Since the real top master has been relatively low-key over the years and has not been to China for several years, he just gave Dan a chance to rise.

Ninety-three-year-old Dan has never retired and is still active in the field of Feng Shui. He often goes around to watch Feng Shui and fortune-telling for some top rich people. Because his strength is indeed extraordinary, he has the reputation of the great master.

This time, in order to invite him out of the mountain, the Su family spent 15 million U.S. dollars, and at the same time paid for his charter flights to and from Aurous Hill, as well as all other expenses for food, clothing, housing, and transportation, which brought him over from the United States.

At this time, Dan stretched out his hand and tapped Zynn’s arm, and the person came out of the car dexterously. Chengfeng hurriedly stepped forward, bowed, and said, “Uncle Mai, it’s so hard for you to run so far. I’m sorry!”

Dan smiled and said, “Shengfeng, your father and I are good brothers. If you have something, how can I help.”

As he was talking, the door of the co-pilot was also pushed open, and a 27-year-old young man stepped down, paced to the old man, and said respectfully: “Grandpa.”

Dan stretched out his hand to bring him to his side, and said with a smile, “Shengfeng, Shoudao, let me introduce to you, this is my long-time great-grandson, Mike.”

“Mike?” Zynn asked subconsciously, “Is it the English name or the Chinese name?”

The young man smiled and said, “Uncle Su, Mike is my Chinese name, but my English name is also Mike, and the two Chinese characters are also transliterated.”

Dan smiled and said: “Young people are more fashionable. When Mike’s father named him, he deliberately named him such a combination of Chinese and Western names.”

Chengfeng hurriedly said: “This name is very interesting, and it happens to be Mai. It is a pun intended to kill two birds with one stone. It is really wonderful!”

Dan waved his hand: “Shengfeng, don’t brag about his dad here. Mike’s name is a bit playful. It’s not wonderful.”

Chengfeng smiled awkwardly and said, “Uncle Mai, I don’t have my educational level as high as you, as far as I am concerned, this name is really great!”

Dan patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile: “Okay, let’s sit down and talk about your family’s affairs!”
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Chapter 2561
Chengfeng respectfully invited Dan Mai to sit on the sofa. After sitting down, he sighed and said in pain, “Hey! Uncle Mai, you must help me this time!”

Dan nodded and said seriously: “Since I have come here, I will naturally do my best, so you must tell me everything exactly.”

Chengfeng replied and sighed: “After all, I am to blame for being confused and making some unreasonable decisions…”

With that said, Chengfeng told Zhifei and Zhiyu brothers and sisters to go to Japan to be kidnapped, then Ruoli killed the Matsumoto family, and then he betrayed Ruoli and assassinated Liona. It was probably related to Dan he Narrated again.

After speaking, he asked with a worried look: “Uncle Mai, do you think I am being retributed?”

Dan waved his hand and said seriously: “Chengfeng, you are my worldly nephew, so I won’t follow you with that tricky stuff. Remember, in this world, no matter from the perspective of Feng Shui From a scientific point of view, there is no such thing as retribution at all.”

Chengfeng asked in surprise, “Why? The Taoist law you believe in is not about rebirth and retribution?”

Dan shook his head and said, “What you are talking about is Buddhism. Moreover, our Fengshui metaphysics is not in the same line as Taoism. We are the Book of Changes and Eight Diagrams, Qimen Dunjia.”

Chengfeng hurriedly asked: “Then you just said that there is no karma, is this true?”

Dan smiled and said, “In my opinion, it’s natural, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it. I will sort out our perspectives in Feng Shui metaphysics for you, just like a discussion.”

Chengfeng hurriedly said, “Please tell me.”

Dan paused slightly and said, “I ask you, according to the saying of karma, those who do evil must be punished severely, and those who do good will be rewarded, right?”

Chengfeng nodded, “According to it, it is true.”

Dan asked, “Then I ask you, some babies die right after they are born. They have only just begun in this life. There is no evil and no good. Why don’t they even have a chance for healthy growth?”

Chengfeng looked embarrassed: “This…I…I can’t say…”

Dan nodded and asked, “Then I will ask you again, why do some people have ill-fated destinies all their lives?”

With that, Dan sighed in a melancholy manner and said slowly: “When I was young, it happened during the Central Plains war. Father moved the family from Central Plains to Eastcliff to escape the war.”

“At that time, my family lived in Mao’er, and there was a woman next door who ate and recite Buddha every day, remembering the way of doing good.”

“Her husband died young, and she took pains to pull the three sons to grow up and let them start a family, but when she was old, none of the three sons provided for the elderly.”

“The three daughters-in-laws were fighting for the family property, beating and scolding in turn, and even every time they came, they deliberately snatched her little rations, and even the water tank had to be smashed before they were satisfied, just hoping that she would die sooner. So as to occupy that old house.”

“Although the three sons didn’t want to do anything to her, they are always ridiculing when they come over. Even when someone next door is in a funeral, they point to her nose and curse at her why she can’t be the same as the neighbor’s old man, get acquainted and die soon.”

“Not only did the old woman not have enough to eat or dress warmly, but she also washed her face with tears all day long. Although she didn’t cry and blind her eyes, her eyesight also deteriorated. In addition, she couldn’t light the lamp oil. Every time the sun went down, she would not reach out her fingers. , Life was suffering.”

“But she didn’t expect any son’s conscience to discover, and eventually froze to death on that extremely cold winter day in Eastcliff!”
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Chapter 2562
“On the day of the funeral, the cry of the three sons could be heard through the three alleys, but everyone could see that it was just a scene for outsiders. After the play, they happily sold it. The ancestral house where the mother lived, after the money was divided, was used as a bird and beast scattered.”

“You said, if there is really karma, why was this old woman doing good and accumulating virtue all her life, but she suffered all the suffering in her life?”

Chengfeng thought for a while and said seriously, “Perhaps it is a debt owed in the previous life. Will you pay the debt in this life?”

Dan sneered and said disdainfully: “Only people who can’t understand the law of events will use such rhetoric to impose an explanation. If everyone believes in the previous life or the next life, then you might as well borrow all of your money. Give it to me, I will pay you twice in my next life, do you agree?”

“This…” Although Chengfeng knew that Dan was just joking and giving an example, he began to agree with Dan’s statement in his heart.

At this time, Dan continued: “Similarly, some people are full of evil, but what is the result? Not only can they start and end well, but also the descendants can be shaded!”

“It’s like the old woman I just said. After her tragic death, her three sons turned out to be very lucky. One was successful in business, one became a warlord, and the other went to Nanyang to work hard. Well-known entrepreneurs, good people have not enjoyed a day of blessing, but bad people have blessed their own generations. Do you think this karma is the opposite?”

Chengfeng was speechless for a while.

Zynn on the side couldn’t help asking, “Grandpa Mai, if karma does not exist at all as you said, then this family has these two extremes. What is the reason?”

Dan smiled slightly: “Zynn, you are asking about the idea, why? If you don’t understand the rules, you will only curse with your head up. God is not long-sighted, and add the sentence “Good people don’t live long. “The scourge remains for a thousand years”, but have you ever thought about it. If there really is causal reincarnation, this sentence is impossible at all, because causal reincarnation will not make good people not live for a long time, nor will it cause harm to the millennium. This itself is a contradiction. paradox.”

As he said, Dan turned around and said, “But! If you can understand this law, you will know that, in fact, all of this has nothing to do with karma, but from the different life patterns of the family. .”

Chengfeng hurriedly said, “Uncle Mai, what is the explanation for fate?”

Dan explained: “Fate is numerology, the principle of life, or the law of life.”

“My father once said that the old woman was originally the fate of the lone star of the evil gods. Although she does good all day long, no matter how good she does, it will be difficult to change her fate.”

“To use the simplest analogy, no matter how many carrots you eat, you cannot become a rabbit, because these are two completely different sets of logic.”

“You can’t be self-righteous and think that rabbits like to eat carrots, and if you eat more carrots, you should become a rabbit.”

Chengfeng and Zynn both nodded thoughtfully.

Dan continued: “The lone star of Tiansha not only kills husband, wife, but also the children and grandchildren. The worst thing is that she not only defeats others but also cannot escape the loneliness of her six relatives and the lonely end of her old age. There is a lifetime of suffering, and a lifetime of sin.”

“Although her three sons are extremely unfilial, in terms of fate, their own career prospects are invisibly suppressed by the fate of the old woman.”

“Because the old woman died early, the three of them won’t die because of this, and only then has the opportunity to soar into the sky later.”

“If the three of them are filial sons, and take their mothers, in turn, to take turns to do their filial piety, then it is possible that these three sons will die prematurely due to various reasons, maybe they will all die in front of the old woman in the end.”

“This, although it sounds absurd and incredible, this is the real fate!”
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Chapter 2563
The words of Dan made Chengfeng and Zynn stunned!

In fact, they didn’t have much faith.

Mr. Su doesn’t believe in gods, immortals, karma, or feng shui.

There is only one he believes in, and that is strength.

However, the Su family has frequently encountered various troubles recently, which made him feel that it might be retribution.

But listening to Dan’s analysis, it seems that it has nothing to do with retribution.

Therefore, Chengfeng couldn’t help asking: “Uncle Mai, I want to ask more specifically, what on earth is the Su family’s recent encounters with various problems?

Dan did not speak but beckoned to his great-grandson, Mike.

Mike immediately walked forward and handed a compass to Dan, and handed several dice made of animal bone joints and a few old mottled copper coins to Dan.

Dan stood up and paced back and forth in the living room. Chengfeng and Zynn hurriedly followed by their side, watching his every move nervously, but did not dare to interrupt them.

Dan looked for a moment, pointed to the Bogu shelf used to partition the space on the side of the hall, and said, “Mike, remove this shelf!”

Mike immediately stepped forward and reached out and moved the Bogu frame made of solid wood to the side.

Dan placed the compass on the ground where the Bogu shelf was originally located and then re-adjusted the compass’s direction according to the scale and position on the compass.

Afterward, he opened his mouth and said: “Chengfeng, tell me about your birth date!”

“I…” Chengfeng said awkwardly, “I don’t know…”

“Then say the year, month, day, and the approximate time of birth!”

Chengfeng recalled for a moment and reported his birth date to Dan.

Dan pinched his fingers for a moment and said lightly: “From the perspective of the birth date, your life is generally relatively smooth, but the birth date alone is not exhaustive. After all, there are so many people in the world, and people with the same birth date There are many people, this can only guess a general direction.”

Chengfeng hurriedly asked: “Uncle Mai, how can I be more detailed?”

Dan said seriously: “I just said that in the Yijing gossip, everything in the world follows a set of invisible and intangible rules. There are many factors that affect this rule. One, in addition, there are your own bones, the feng shui of your Su family’s good house and evil house, and even the eight characters of your spouse and children.

Chengfeng asked puzzledly: “I think many Feng Shui masters just use a compass to calculate. Why is it so troublesome to come to you?”

Dan was not angry, and said lightly: “Most people’s fate and fate are constantly changing. That’s why some people are too hard to eat in the first half of their lives, but in the second half of their lives, there is a clap of thunder and sudden riches, this is because his fate has changed. It may be that he married a wife of Vanves, and it may be that he gave birth to a son whose birthday character can bring him great fortune. These are unpredictable by ordinary people. .”

“It’s like real estate. You develop a residential area in a certain area of ​​a city. The market price of this building is 50,000, but if suddenly one day, the subway is open, the price may rise to six. Suddenly one day, a well-known school set up a campus nearby, and the price may rise to 70,000; if other huge favorable policies can be met, the housing price can even breakthrough 100,000 and higher all the way, and put it on people The subway may correspond to a good wife, and a well-known school may correspond to a good son. This is a good direction.”

Chengfeng hurriedly asked, “What about the bad direction?”

Dan said: “Bad directions are more possibilities. Similarly, taking real estate as an example, you may also repeat the mistakes of many so-called ghost towns.”

“Originally, you thought that the city was very developed and you tried to build a lot of real estates, but then, it is possible that local resources will begin to dry up, the local economy will be frustrated, and house prices will fall; it may also be that local resources are affected by the market and their prices continuously decline, this has caused companies to go bankrupt and house prices fall; it may even be due to the emergence of other competitors that the entire city’s industries have suffered a blow.”
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Chapter 2564
After speaking, Dan said again: “You should have heard the story of Detroit. It was originally the largest automobile city in the United States. It was extremely brilliant, but in the end, it was so depressed that a large number of people fled. The local real estate even shrank by more than 90%. Who defeated this city? It was Toyota and Honda of Japan, Mercedes, and BMW of Germany. These are all factors that may change the pattern.”

Chengfeng suddenly realized, and hurriedly asked, “Uncle Mai, just tell me what information you need, I must know everything!”

Dan nodded, and said calmly: “I want your wife’s birthday eight characters, and abiding birthday eight characters.”

Chengfeng hurriedly agreed and immediately reported the specific date of birth.

Dan listened and counted, the more he listened, the more puzzled he became.

After hesitating for a moment, he opened his mouth and said, “Your wife and Zynn are dead. It can be said that from this point, they are very prosperous for you, and they are the kind of prosper who burns themselves and adds firewood to you.”

After that, he said again: “Furthermore, your five elements are very prosperous, and the four heavenly stems are all prosperous. Combining your wife and children, from the perspective of life, you are either rich or noble in this life, and even rich and noble.”

“It stands to reason that your fate, let alone one in a thousand, is hard to find one in a million or ten million, it is almost impeccable. According to the development of your fate, your life will be smooth. Water, reaching the peak, shouldn’t have this ordeal…”

“Really?!” Chengfeng asked excitedly, “Uncle Mai, then what is going on with me now?”

Dan shook his head, and said, “Don’t worry!”

After finishing speaking, he grabbed a handful of bone dice and threw it on the ground casually, and threw down a few copper coins.

Immediately afterwards, he kept observing the bone dice, as well as the position and orientation of the copper coins, and the whole population was muttering words, not knowing what was being said.

Chengfeng became more and more nervous, staring at Dan intently, not even daring to blink his eyes.

A minute later, Dan suddenly grabbed one of the copper coins on the ground, fixed his eyes on him, and murmured: “No… if this hexagram shows it, this Tianju Tongbao is not It should be heading up…”

As he said, he threw the coin high again.

Copper coins worth four or five million fell on the ground with a crisp ding sound. Then, it rotated several times and finally stopped.

However, this time, this Tianju Tongbao still had its head up.

He was a little nervous, grabbed the coin and threw it again.

But who could have imagined that the copper coin had gone for several laps, and after it finally stopped, it would still face up!

This time, Dan’s cold sweat has flowed down.

Seeing this, Chengfeng on the side was also hung tightly in his heart, and couldn’t help but ask carefully: “Mai…Uncle Mai…this…how on earth did this coin come back? What?! I missed it three times in a row, and the words are all up, too evil, right?!”

Dan’s forehead is already covered with sweat!

He stretched out his hand, wiped a cold sweat with his cuff, and murmured: “This Tianju Tongbao, in my gossip, represents the dry sky, and dry for the sky, it should have been written upside down. , But now I toss it three times in a row, and it’s all heads up, which means that this hexagram will change someday…”

“The sky has changed?!” Chengfeng murmured in his heart, and said to himself, “Although I don’t know what the hell is the sky change, I can clearly feel that this is definitely not a good thing!

So he hurriedly asked, “Uncle Mai, what does the sky change mean?”

Dan stared at the bone dice and copper coins all over the floor, and said dumbfounded: “From the perspective of the hexagram, it is the Dragon who came to the world…”
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Chapter 2565
“Dragon came to the world?”

Chengfeng’s expression was horrified, but at the same time, he had some doubts.

He murmured in his heart: “What kind of dragon came to this world, this word doesn’t feel reliable!”

However, he soon thought that Dan Mai tossed the coin several times just now, and in the end, it was all heads up. It couldn’t be a coincidence, right? So he felt something was wrong again in his heart.

So, he tentatively asked Dan: “Uncle Mai, what is the birth of a dragon? Why do you sound so mysterious?”

Dan was shivering a bit, and he said falteringly: “If you look at this hexagram, the birth of the Dragon means that in your fate, there is a great figure with the fate of the Dragon.. ….”

Chengfeng frowned, “Then is this big man an enemy or a friend to me?”

Dan said seriously: “At present, the possibility of being an enemy is far greater than a friend!”

“How is it possible?” Chengfeng blurted out, “But I haven’t provoked any powerful people recently. Why is there such an enemy suddenly?”

Dan shook his head and said, “I can’t see this anymore. Maybe it’s because I’m not good enough, or my power is not enough. I can’t see through the rest.”

After speaking, Dan said again: “But from the perspective of this hexagram, it is really bad for you. It is very likely that all the problems you have encountered recently originated from this!”

Chengfeng still didn’t quite believe it. He pointed to the copper coin in Dan’s hand and asked, “Does it mean that the so-called dragon came into the world as long as the coin is upright?”


Chengfeng asked again: “Can the hexagram go wrong?”

Dan said earnestly: “This is the case with the hexagram image, and it can’t be wrong.”

Chengfeng didn’t give up, and said, “Uncle Mai, can I trouble you to toss the coin a few more times. If the word is down, does it mean that the trouble has gone away or disappeared?”

Dan sighed and said, “I toss it a few times, and the result is the same.”

After speaking, he grabbed the Tianju Tongbao and threw it upward again.

Everyone stared at the coin, but the coin still had its head up.

Chengfeng gritted his teeth: “Thank you Uncle Mai for trying again!”

Dan did not speak, picked up the copper coin and threw it out again.

This time, the result is still head up.

Dan sighed, “Chengfeng, this is fate, and the hexagram is a form of expression of fate. It just displays your fate truthfully. If you want to change the fate, you must solve the problem fundamentally, absolutely not. It can be solved by tossing more copper coins.”

Chengfeng was already sweating coldly.

He couldn’t help muttering: “It’s fcuking wicked! This is obviously a 50-50 probability. How can it be all heads up five times in a row?”

As he said, a fierceness flashed in his eyes, rushed to grab the Tianju Tongbao, and then threw it forward.

This time, the copper coin was spinning on the ground for a long time. When it finally stopped, Chengfeng said excitedly: “The word is head down! This time it is the word head down!”

Dan shook his head helplessly and said, “I started the hexagram. Only what I throw is counted. You throw it is meaningless.”

With that said, he picked up the copper coin again and threw it away.

The copper coin is still heading up!

Chengfeng felt a little hairy in his heart.

He looked at Dan and asked, “Uncle Mai, how much influence will this so-called dragon’s coming into the world have on me?!”
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