Amazing Love  71-75

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Chapter 71
Through the hazy frosted crystal glass, the whole Aurous Hill saw this extremely grand wedding.

While countless people are extremely envious, they are also guessing in their hearts, who is the couple who got married in the sky garden?

Moreover, these two people are too mysterious. Their wedding was attended by only the two of them, not even a relative or friend, not even a witness!


On the crystal stage, Charlie took Claire’s hand and pulled out the jade necklace that was already prepared.

“Claire, this is my wedding anniversary gift for you, I hope you like it!”

Claire looked at the crystal-clear jade necklace and exclaimed: “This one shouldn’t be the treasure of Rare Earth Pavilion’s shop? Charlie, where did you get it?”

When talking, Claire was shocked.

Could it be that Charlie is the god-level rich man in the video?


Otherwise, how could this jade necklace be in his hand?


But this is not, this can’t be!

Who is Charlie, he couldn’t know better, how could he be a god-level rich man?

He is completely indifferent to the word rich!

Charlie saw Claire’s surprise at this time, and he had an urge in his heart to tell her his true identity and tell her that he was the descendant of the great Wade family and the heir of trillions of wealth.

However, the next moment, he suddenly thought of a very serious matter.

What’s the situation of the Wade family now, I don’t know it!

In my impression, I met my uncle when I was young, that is to say, the previous generation of the entire Wade family was not the only one with Dad.

Since there are more than one sons, those uncles and uncles of my own may also have heirs. These people will inevitably regard him as a thorn in their eyes and flesh.

If he rashly announces his identity before he knows everything and does not have enough ability to protect himself and Claire, then he’s afraid that Claire will be killed!

The methods used by the rich to fight for the property are very cruel. He really doesn’t want his beloved wife because he takes risks.

Thinking of this, he deliberately lied: “This necklace looks exactly like the treasure of Rare Earth Pavilion’s town shop, but it is something I paid to find someone to imitate. Although it also uses good jade materials, it is similar to that one in the Pavilion. Still, it is still far behind, and it cost tens of thousands in total.”

With that said, Charlie asked Claire nervously again: “Claire, don’t you like it?”

Claire was relieved!

This is much more reasonable.

So she hurriedly smiled and said: “Fool, how can I dislike it! You have done so much, and it is too late for me to be not moved!”

Charlie also breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly put the jade necklace on for Claire himself.

He looked at Claire with sincere eyes, and said emotionally: “Claire, marrying me for the past three years has caused you a lot of wrongs, but starting from today, I can assure you that no one can bully you anymore!”

Claire nodded emotionally. At this moment, she realized that her husband was finally going to raise his head and be a man!

At the end of the wedding, Charlie took Claire away quietly from the exclusive elevator in the sky garden.

Countless people onlookers on the scene felt a sense of loss.

Are the hero and heroine gone?

The two of them ran over and mysteriously fed the world a bit, and then ran away?

Chapter 72
For a while, the whole city was discussing this grand wedding.

But no one knows who the hero and heroine of the wedding are.

Charlie drove the BMW 520 modified from the BMW 760 and returned home with his wife.

On the way, Claire was still immersed in great happiness and couldn’t help herself from overthinking about all that happened in the last few hours.

She couldn’t help but ask Charlie, “How did you reserve the Sky Garden? It seems that there has never been a private reservation before, right?”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “To be honest, a senior executive in Shangri-La is a good friend of mine from the orphanage. We used to have a hard time together. I will share half steamed bun with him, so this time I begged him for help and he was very interesting.”

Claire nodded slightly: “It turns out to be like this, why haven’t I heard you talk about it.”

Charlie said: “There are too many friends in the orphanage, and I can’t finish talking for three days and three nights. I thought you didn’t like listening to this, so I never mentioned.”

Claire said earnestly: “You are my husband. I am naturally very interested in what you have done before, and I really want to know.”

Charlie smiled and said, “Then I will tell you more!”

“it is good!”

Back in the community, Charlie drove the car downstairs.

Just parked the car and got off with Claire, just in time to meet the father-in-law and mother-in-law walking back.

The mother-in-law saw them and immediately exclaimed: “Of course, where did this BMW come from?”

When the father-in-law saw this car, his eyes shone!

“Oh! BMW! Of course, you bought it new? A big deal!”

Claire hurriedly said, “Dad, Mom. I didn’t buy the car, it was Charlie.”

“Charlie?” Father-in-law frowned and asked, “Charlie, where did you get the money to buy this car? Did you use our house money?”

Charlie hurriedly said, “No, Dad, I bought this with my own money.”

The mother-in-law on the side took the father-in-law around the car and said, “Huh! Eat and live with us every day, save money to buy a BMW and don’t know how to honor us, what a white-eyed wolf!”

Claire hurriedly said, “Mom, don’t say that about Charlie”

The father-in-law’s voice was jealous: “Huh, you still bought a BMW 520, at Charlie’s level, worthy of such a good car? Buying a BMW 3 Series is not enough for him?”

The mother-in-law said coldly: “I’m telling you, your dad doesn’t have a car yet! Half of his body is about to fall into the soil. If you don’t let him enjoy it, I’m afraid he won’t be able to enjoy it in the future either!”

With that, the mother-in-law said angrily: “Well, give this car to your dad!”

Claire looked at Charlie and asked tentatively, “Charlie, do you think it’s okay?”

Charlie thought, yes, but this is not the BMW 520, this is the 760!

To be honest, the old husband is just a tight-handed sling, and he is not favored by the Lady Willson. For him, 760 is too wasteful.

Thinking of this, he hurriedly complimented: “Oh, dad, this is the BMW 520, the last model in the BMW 5 series, nicknamed the beggar version. If you drive this car out, you will be laughed at.”

Mother-in-law twisted her eyebrows: “What? Are you reluctant to give this away?”

Charlie hurriedly waved his hand: “No, no, how can I be reluctant, I think, I can’t let you drive a beggar version, otherwise, this 520 will not be given to you, I will buy you a 530. The 530 is one step higher than the 520, so you have face when you drive out!”

The mother-in-law frowned and asked, “Do you have money to buy 530?”

Charlie said: “I only paid a down payment for this car, and I still have some money in my hand. Don’t worry, I will buy you a car early tomorrow morning!”

Chapter 73
As soon as the father-in-law and mother-in-law heard that Charlie would buy them a better one tomorrow, the two immediately laughed.

The father-in-law did not know that what he had missed was a top-notch BMW 760.

Claire was a little worried. After returning to the room and washing up, she quietly asked Charlie, “Do you still have money to buy a car? I still have some private money here, or you can take it and use it for purchase!”

Charlie hurriedly waved his hand: “No, I’m still a little bit more useful.”

Claire apologized and said, “I’m really sorry, I didn’t expect my parents to be like this”

Charlie smiled and said, “What are you talking about? Your father and your mother are also my father and mother. We are all a family, and it is right to honor them.”

With that said, Charlie lay on his small floor and smiled: “Don’t worry, I will buy another one tomorrow morning!”

Claire said moved: “Charlie, thank you!”

Charlie laughed: “What are you polite with me about, wife!”

Claire asked him with a blushing face, “Will you not be cold at night when you sleep on the ground?”

Charlie blurted out: “No, it’s not cold at all, don’t worry, it’s alright!”

Claire suddenly groaned: “If it’s not cold, just fall asleep! Pig-head!”

Finally, she wanted him to sleep in the bed, but this pig head turned out to be so bad

Charlie suddenly realized at this moment that he seemed to have accidentally missed something

So he hurriedly said: “Oh my wife, it’s so cold on the ground, it makes me shiver!”

Claire said angrily: “If it’s cold, add a quilt!”


Charlie was immediately depressed.

After a long while, he did not give up and asked: “My wife, it seems to have cooled down, I’m so cold!”

Claire ignored him, kicked off a quilt, and said angrily: “How cold can it be at night in summer? If it’s still cold, I’ll find you a down jacket to wear!”

Charlie was desperate, and it seemed that his wife would really not let him go to bed tonight!

The next day, Claire prepared to go to work early in the morning.

Charlie made breakfast for her, handed her the key to the BMW car, and said, “Let’s drive to the company today.”

Claire couldn’t help but said, “The car you bought, I drive to work, isn’t it appropriate?”

Charlie said, “What’s wrong with this? You are my wife, and the car was bought for you, not for me.”

Claire nodded lightly and said thankfully, “Thank you!”

After speaking, she took the key of the BMW car from him.

The father-in-law on the side looked envious, and blurted out: “Charlie, you said you will buy me a car, did you forget?”

“I haven’t forgotten it!” Charlie said hurriedly: “Wait for me, I’ll buy it for you. Just wait for the new car to drive back home!”

The father-in-law suddenly smiled and said happily: “Then I’m just waiting! BMW 530, you said it yourself, don’t buy a wrong model!”

Charlie was amused for a while, nodded, and said, “Dad, don’t worry, I will buy the BMW 530 for you today!”

After that, he followed his wife downstairs and pulled his little e-bike from the BMW 760 from the trunk of the BMW 760.

Claire drove this BMW 760 to work, and Charlie himself rode his e-bike to the BMW 4s shop again.

When he was approaching the BMW 4s store, he happened to pass by the door of the Audi store.

Chapter 74
People in the Audi store first saw him, and a salesperson blurted out: “f*ck, the man who bought the BMW 760 is here again riding a little e-bike!”

“d*mn, if you kneel down for him today, you still have to stop him and sell him a top-equipped Audi a8!”


All of a sudden, a large number of Audi salesmen rushed out and surrounded him.

“Sir! Come to our store to see the latest top-match Audi a8!”

“Sir! Our a8 is very powerful, using a w12 engine, which is even better than the BMW 760’s v12 engine!”

Charlie asked curiously: “Is it so awesome?”

“Really!” An Audi salesman hurriedly introduced: “Brother, let me tell you that our w12 engine can be turned off left and right. When the 12-cylinder is half off, there are 6 cylinders, which is more fuel-efficient!”

Charlie said contemptuously: “I should buy a 12-cylinder car and turned off the 6-cylinder to save fuel? Isn’t it good for me to buy a 6-cylinder car?”


The salesman realized that he had said the wrong thing, his face flushed.

Charlie sneered at them and said, “I know what you think. You were uncomfortable when you saw that I bought a BMW 760 yesterday. So today, you are trying to coax me into becoming your customer, right?”

A group of people nodded hurriedly.

Charlie hummed: “Tell you guys! It’s late! Yesterday you ignored me, but today I make you unable to climb high!”

After speaking, Charlie pressed the horn of the little e-bike.


“Get out of the way! Brother is going to the BMW store to buy a car!”

BMW’s sales also ran out at this time, and said angrily: “Audi’s grandson, what are you doing? Are you robbing our customers? Didn’t you see our customers just ignore you? Then surround you distinguished customers, believe it or not, I’ll call the media to expose you guys!”

Audi’s guy couldn’t hold it, so he could only walk away in despair.

The manager of the BMW 4s shop came to greet Charlie in person and asked respectfully: “Mr. Charlie, do you still want to buy a car today?”

Charlie nodded and said, “Is there a BMW 530? I’ll drive away today!”


The manager was so excited.

He bought a BMW 760 yesterday and a BMW 530 today. This is really a big customer!

So he hurriedly said: “Sir, please come with me, I will show you the show car.”

Charlie gave a hum and followed him into the exhibition hall.

There happened to be a BMW 530 in the exhibition hall. Charlie sat in and felt it, and found that although this car looked very similar to the 7 series, it was really a lot worse inside. , Already considered high configuration.

So he was about to swipe his card to buy a car. At this moment, he heard a familiar voice and said: “Oh my dear, I really like the BMW x6! Would you buy me an x6?”

Sitting in the car, Charlie followed the sound, but found out that Lili, the fiancee of his university friend Darren, was holding a strange man at this time, with a look of intimacy and ambiguity.

Charlie frowned and thought to himself, Lili called that man dear, could this woman cuckold Darren?

He couldn’t help but get annoyed, because he hated this kind of woman who has no moral bottom line and is unfaithful to feelings in her life.

Moreover, Darren is busy with business, and she unexpectedly came out to cuckold him, this kind of woman is too disgusting!

At this time, he listened to the man with a lustful face and asked: “If I bought you x6 now, how would you explain that to Darren?”

“Darren?” Lili said with a look of disgust: “Don’t mention the waste. The family wants money and he has no money and no ability. If it’s not for looking at others to be honest and practical, I would not follow him altogether!”

Chapter 75
The man grinned, squeezed Lili’s face, and asked, “Now you are my woman, and you are still going to be with him? Zhao Dong’s woman, must not allow other men to get involved!”

Lili hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, Dong, I haven’t let him touch me since we were together. I think he is dirty! My body will always be always Dong’s only, and it’s only used to serve Dong. Brother, you are alone!”

Then, she explained: “Actually, I wanted to break up with him immediately after the restaurant opened, but I didn’t expect that a classmate this guy knew was a bit capable and helped him fix the troubles in the development zone. Scar, I want to wait for the business to stabilize before telling him to break up and kick him out of the restaurant.”

Zhao Dong laughed and said, “It’s just a scar, what’s the deal? If you told me earlier, I can ask his eldest brother to apologize to you with just one call.”

Lili smiled and said, “Oh, you’re still good at it Dong! At that time, it was urgent, I didn’t care to call you, and Darren was also there, I’m afraid you will be unhappy if you meet him!”

Zhao Dong pinched her waist and said with a smile: “You are quite sensible!”

Lili hurriedly rubbed her arm in front of her and said, “Dong, are you willing to buy a BMW x6 for someone else?”

Zhao Dong smiled and said, “So, later, we will go to my house and let you feed several times. Then you will break up with that pauper, and I will buy you a BMW x6 tomorrow!”

Lili asked in surprise: “Dong, is what you said is true? Will you really buy me x6 tomorrow?”

“When did I lie to you?” Zhao Dong grinned and said, “However, you have to serve me well before you can drive it!”

Lili immediately winked and said, “Don’t worry, Dong, I will take care of you when I get to your house later!”

The two said, turned around, and left the 4s shop.

Charlie was very annoyed at a couple of dogs, and immediately took out his mobile phone and called Darren.

As soon as Darren answered the phone, he immediately said excitedly: “Charlie, how are you doing? Why do you think of calling me?”

Charlie said lightly: “Call to greet you, what are you up to now?”

Darren said: “I’m helping out at the back kitchen of the restaurant. It’s not fast at noon, and it’s about to be served, so I’ll help.”

Charlie asked: “Are you busy in the hotel every day?”

Darren said: “Yes, the restaurant has just opened, and there are many things. Besides, more than half of the money in this restaurant is from Lili’s father. If I don’t work harder, they will look down upon them.”

Charlie asked again: “How much did you pay?”

“I gave out one hundred thousand. This is all my savings since graduating from university.”

Charlie continued to ask: “Who is the owner of the restaurant?”

Darren said: “It’s me!”

Charlie asked: “Is your name written in the industrial and commercial registration?”

Darren said: “That’s not the case. The industrial and commercial registration is in Lili’s father’s name. Lili and I are not married yet. Since they paid the money, it wasn’t appropriate to write my name on the paper.”

After speaking, Darren said again: “But her father said that after we get married, he will shift the ownership of the hotel to me.”

Charlie shook his head as he listened, this fool, I don’t know if he has been used!

Lili treated him like a cow, a horse, and as a slave, and asked him to work in the hotel business in the development zone. She went out to steal people by herself, and got together with rich men, and planned to kick him out.

Now the hotel has nothing to do with Darren in the business registration. Once Lili turns her face, he can only go out of the house!

When the time comes, not only will everything be in vain, but his own 100,000 will also vanish!

Thinking of this, he felt even more disgusted with Lili and asked Darren directly: “Why did Lili go out now?”