Amazing Love 221 - 225

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Chapter 221
Solmon White said quickly: “Mr. Charlie, it’s peak time. It is estimated that it is difficult to get a taxi. If you don’t dislike it, I will give you two a ride.

Although Claire felt a little strange that Solmon White had just arrived, she said with embarrassment: “This is too troublesome for Mr. White.”

“No trouble, no trouble at all.” Solmon White hurriedly got out of the car and opened the door for the two of them, very happy.

Seeing this, Charlie touched his nose and didn’t say a word. He knew that Solmon White had seized the opportunity to kneel, and he would definitely not let it go. It happened that he needed to use him too, so there was no reason to refuse.

The driver drove in front, and Solmon White sat in the passenger seat, chatting casually with Charlie.

As soon as she got into the car, Claire was very puzzled as she listened to the conversation between the two.

This Solmon White is also a successful person in Aurous Hill. He has a higher status in the business circle than the Old Mrs. Willson. He is usually stable, but Claire clearly feels that Solmon White seems to be playing Charlie’s flattery, and he is particularly numb.

She took a peek at Charlie, and saw that his face was natural, neither humble nor overbearing, and even more weird.

Logically speaking, in front of Solmon White and other figures, ordinary people are only stubborn and try their best to please, but Charlie looks indifferent, and he doesn’t even pay attention to Solmon White.

What’s more amazing is that Solmon White gave Charlie a villa worth more than 100 million, which is really strange!

However, Claire had long heard that Solmon White was particularly superstitious of metaphysics. He would still burn incense and worship God of Wealth at home on the fifth and fifteenth of each month. It just so happened that Charlie seemed to have studied such mysterious things. For this reason Solmon White was so polite to Charlie.

However, these feudal superstitions, anyway, she firmly does not believe.

Ten minutes later, the car had stopped at the door of Xinhe Construction Company.

As soon as the car stopped, Solmon White hurriedly got out of the car and opened the door for the two of them.

Claire hurriedly said “Thank you Mr. White”, and then followed Charlie to Xinhe Construction Company.

“Mr. Wade, I’ll be here waiting for you to come out.” Solmon said.

Charlie nodded to him and said, “Thank you for sending us here, but you don’t have to wait here. I don’t know when you will come out. You just need to go.”

“It’s okay, I’m fine today.”

Solmon White nodded and bowed his waist and smiled: “The White family hasn’t been doing good business recently. He’s really worried. I have to take the time to consult with you.”

Charlie smiled and said, “Are you from a chicken? This year’s fleeting year is Tai Sui, chickens and dogs are incompatible, and the two are incompatible with each other. You can buy some herbs such as Zak Ai, Tribulus Terrestris, Cangzhu, Poria, etc. Take a few more medicated baths to get rid of the eczema, and the fortune should not be so bad. The internal dampness is caused by the evil, and the evil invades, not only affecting the body, but also affecting the air transport.”

Solmon White was stunned when he heard the words, even his eyes were almost staring.

After Charlie finished speaking, he turned and left.

Solmon White was still shocked, and he murmured after a long while: “God, Mr. Wade is really an outsider in the world! Even the eczema on my thigh can be counted, even my wife doesn’t know it!”

With a look of worship, he respectfully bowed to Charlie’s back, and bowed deeply.

It seems that he insisted on holding Charlie’s golden thigh, he was holding it right! !

Solmon White looked complacent and snorted coldly: “Old Sol, don’t think that if you walked up to Mr. Charlie’s big tree, you were lucky! I hold my thighs by my strength, and I am no worse than you!”

Charlie walked into the hall and sent Claire into the interview room.

Claire entered the interview room, there were still a few interviewers, she was queuing.

Charlie was boring and wandered around the hall. He glanced downstairs from the window, and saw that Solmon White was still waiting. He couldn’t help but shook his head.

The White family had no choice but to treat him as an ancestor.

In the office.

Chapter 222
Qiang Han sat behind his desk, with his legs on the table, holding his mobile phone with interest, and flirting with several women on a mobile app. At this moment, the phone buzzed and a text message popped up.

Qiang Han was impatient for a while, reluctantly opened the text message, and saw the interview plan sent by the personnel department.

After that, his brows immediately frowned, and his face was shocked.

After reading the text message, he sneered mockingly, picked up the phone and shook the people around him: “Guess, who has the letter?”

On the sofa in front of Qiang Han, there was a man and a woman sitting on the sofa. It was Juan and Jianhua who came to cheat on Qiang Han.

Juan wore a tight skirt with a low-cut, hot waves, showing an enchanting look all over her body. While picking her nails, she asked: “Who?”

“Charlie and Claire!” After Qiang Han finished speaking, he immediately let out a disdainful cry, and said with a smile: “It’s really strange that Claire wants to send us a letter to apply for the job.”

Jianhua said dissatisfied: “Why did she come?”

Juan said: “I heard from Claire yesterday that she and Charlie have been kicked out of the Willson family. She must come out to find a job.”

Jianhua snorted coldly: “Qiang Han, this rubbish was able to pretend to be coercive yesterday, causing me and Juan to be beaten up. You have to help us out!”

Qiang Han said disdainfully: “I used to think that Charlie was very upset, but now his wife still wants to write a letter to apply for a job? It’s a dream!”

With that said, Qiang Han tidied up his clothes and said lightly: “You are waiting here, I will now reject Claire and let her go straight away!”

Upon hearing this, Juan and Jianhua showed smirking smiles. Now, let’s see how Claire and Charlie cry!

Qiang Han walked out of the office and went directly to the conference room dedicated to interviews.

In the conference room at this time, there were three interviewers sitting, and it was Claire who was interviewing.

“Hello, Mr. Qiang Han!”

When the three interviewers saw Qiang Han coming in, they quickly stood up and bowed.

Qiang Han deliberately exclaimed at Claire: “Oh! Claire! Why are you here?”

Claire was also surprised and said, “It’s been a long time since I saw you Qiang Han.”

Qiang Han glanced at Claire faintly, then smiled and nodded: “Long time no see.”

Then he said directly to the three interviewers: “You can go out, here I will be interviewing.”

“Mr. Qiang Han, is this bad?”

“What’s wrong, can’t I still decide that a small interview will fail?”

“OK President Qiang Han!”

Qiang Han is an executive of Xinhe. Of course, the interviewer did not dare to offend him, and immediately left the conference room.

Seeing this, Claire was very puzzled. What Qiang Han meant was that they were all old classmates. Is he trying to open a back door for himself?

“Claire, I heard that you are applying for the job this time, I rushed over here specially.”

As Qiang Han said, he looked at Claire unceremoniously, and secretly regretted that Claire was so beautiful and of good figure, but she was much stronger than those women on mobile apps.

It’s a pity that she turned out to be Charlie’s Rubbish woman!

Chapter 223
Claire didn’t know that Qiang Han had no good intentions at this time. Seeing him so polite, she quickly said, “Qiang Han, you are so polite.

Qiang Han smiled pretentiously, took out Claire’s resume from the table, flipped through it pretendingly, and then said very embarrassed: “Claire, your resume is not very suitable for us. Ability or qualifications are a bit short.”

Having said that, Qiang Han sighed and said, “Sorry, Claire, you interview failed, I suggest you to go to another company to try!”

Claire was taken aback, and hurriedly said: “How can you say that. I was in the management in the Willson Group, and there is absolutely no problem with my professional ability.”

Qiang Han shook his head and said seriously: “No, no, no, your so-called qualifications and abilities are all because you are from the Willson family. After you leave the Willson family, you are actually nothing!”

“Okay.” Claire’s face sank, and Qiang Han was clearly targeting her.

Thinking of this, Claire didn’t mention how angry she was, knowing that Xinhe’s work was already an extravagant hope, and she no longer had a good face, got up and walked out directly.

Qiang Han smiled triumphantly behind her, and muttered: “As long as I stay in the faith for one day, you don’t have to come in!”

At this moment, Charlie was waiting in the rest area. After a while, he saw Claire walking out with aggrieved expression.

He hurriedly greeted her and asked in confusion, “What’s wrong with my wife? Didn’t the application go smoothly?”

Claire’s eyes blushed and she directly told the story of the interview.

After listening to Clarie, his heart became angry.

This Qiang Han is really shameless. I didn’t bother him and it was enough to give him face. How dare he show my wife a face?

Thinking of this, he directly sent a message to Solmon White: “Qiang Han of Xinhe Group is a little jumpy. Even dared to bully my wife. How is President White going to solve it?”

At this time, Solmon White was waiting for Charlie with his bodyguards in the lobby downstairs. After receiving this text message abruptly, he was frightened!

d*mn, I was deliberately trying to fawn on Charlie, this Qiang Han even dared to offend his wife, isn’t this man looking for trouble for himself?

In anger, Solmon White immediately said to the assistant without hesitation: “Call all the members of the Trust and Board of Directors!”

Xinhe Construction Co., Ltd. itself is a subsidiary of White’s family, so Solmon White’s majesty here is like an emperor.

Solmon White had just arrived, and a large number of executives from the board of directors hurried over.

As the head of the White family, Solmon White, the group of Xinhe people cannot offend him. If he disbands Xinhe in a rage, everyone will have to sleep on the street.

Qiang Han is not a member of the board of directors, so he doesn’t know how much trouble he has caused.

After driving away Claire, he returned to his office, sitting on the office chair with a smug face and smoking a cigar.

When Jianhua and Juan heard that he had chased Claire away, they both felt extremely relieved of their hatred. They surrounded him one by one to praise: “Mr. Qiang Han is really awesome, and your one sentence made Claire go.”

“That is, President Qiang Han is a senior executive of Xinhe. Among us classmates, the best mix is ​​President Han.”

Juan and Jianhua touted Qiang Han, thinking in their hearts that if they can hug Qiang Han’s thighs, they will have a bright future, not to mention the development.

Qiang Han said triumphantly: “I used to think Charlie was not pleasing to the eye, but now his wife wants to apply for Xinhe, but there is no door for such people in the company!”

Juan said: “Oh, Mr. Han, you should have taken a video with your phone just now. I really want to see how ugly Claire’s expression is after being rejected!”

Qiang Han laughed and said, “It’s like fcking crying, so fcking laughing at me!”

Jianhua hurriedly asked, “What about Charlie? Did you follow it?”

“I haven’t seen him.” Qiang Han snorted coldly, and said, “If Charlie dares to come, I f*cking spray him directly, the smelly wire still dared to write a letter, and I will break his legs!”

Juan complimented: “Mr. Qiang Han, you are really amazing! How could Charlie’s stinky rag compare to you!”

Chapter 224
Qiang Han laughed and said, “Wait, when I join the board of directors of Xinhe Company, these people will look up and worship me!”

Jianhua hurriedly asked: “Mr. Han, are you going to join the board of directors?”

“Almost. Qiang Han said with a smile: “It’s in operation. If nothing happens, I will go in in a few months! “

“You are really amazing!” Jianhua gave a thumbs up and exclaimed: “Mr. Qiang Han, don’t forget me, brother in the future!”

Qiang Han nodded: “Don’t worry, I will take care of you.”

As he was talking, there was a loud bang, and the door of Qiang Han’s office was kicked open.

“Who the h*ll dare to kick my door”

Qiang Han was taken aback and was about to scold him. He turned around and saw all the members of the board of directors arrived, complimenting a middle-aged man in a suit, and quickly and he swallowed the words into his stomach.

Solmon White looked at Qiang Han gloomily and said, “Are you Qiang Han?”

Qiang Han was stunned and nodded and said, “It’s me.”

Without saying anything, Solmon White slapped him on the face.

“You’re going to f*cking die, who gives you the right to refuse Miss Willson’s interview!”

Qiang Han’s face immediately swelled into a pig’s head, and he was stupefied: “Who are you? Dare to beat me!”

“Hit you? I not only hit you, I can kill you!”

Solmon White kicked Qiang Han to the ground, stepped on his head and said, “Do you know that Mr. Wade told me that I must pass Miss Willson’s interview, but I was messed up by your rubbish. Don’t let you pay, my name Solmon White is written backwards!”

Qiang Han was shocked. Hearing the words Solmon White, he still didn’t understand that he had kicked the iron plate.

Solmon White, that is Master of Xinhe, the owner of the White family!

The entire Xinhe belongs to the White family, and he actually provoked such a big man. What is the situation?

“President White, I really didn’t know this happened. If I knew it, I wouldn’t dare to give such a thing try, Mr. White, please calm down!”

Qiang Han was stepped on the ground by Solmon White, and he dared not move like a dead dog, so he could only plead.

Juan and Jianhua were even more terrified, and they didn’t dare to put any nonsense.

Is it because of Charlie again? !

How did Charlie know Solmon White? He was just a waste son-in-law!

Juan and Jianhua didn’t know that the big man in their eyes was Charlie’s dog at all. They were begging for mercy just to hold Charlie’s thigh.

“Qiang Han, from now on, you are fired by Xinhe, and according to the contract, you are a major liability accident, and you have to compensate the company for 5 million!”

Qiang Han was suddenly struck by lightning!

Five million, he didn’t have that much money even after selling himself!

Qiang Han knelt on the ground immediately and kept kowtowing: “Mr. White, you give me another chance, I will apologize to Claire, I really know I was wrong!”

Solmon White sneered, “Apologize? Are you worthy of it?”

With that said, Solmon White kicked Qiang Han away and told others: “Pass on, Qiang Han has offended Mr. Wade. The White family now bans him from all aspects. We must let this rubbish live on the streets!”

Chapter 225
Qiang Han collapsed directly, his eyes filled with despair.

The reason why he can be reused is that he became an executive at a young age, and it has a lot to do with him actively signing a contract.

In order to strengthen the control of employees, Xinhe has issued a very demanding management contract, which can be promoted after signing, but after signing, it will be fully bound by Xinhe.

For example, Qiang Han, after he signed this agreement, it was reused, but he had to work hard and be loyal. Once he didn’t work hard, or had disagreements, Xinhe Company would file a huge claim against him.

Many people are afraid to take responsibility, so they dare not sign such a contract, but Qiang Han just graduated that year, in order to climb up, he closed his eyes and signed the contract.

Unexpectedly, now it finally turned into bitter wine!

Qiang Han knelt on the ground, his whole body almost collapsed.

All his life bets are placed on Xinhe Company, but now Xinhe has is suing him for a claim of 5 million. At the same time, Solmon White wants to block him.

In this way, how can he still find a job? Without a job, there is no income, and life is in trouble.

And at the same time, he has to face a recovery of 5 million. So besides going to prison, there is no other possibility for him now.

He knelt on the ground like crazy, kowtow to Solmon White desperately, crying with snot and tears: “Mr. White, please forgive me this time and give me another chance, Mr. White! If I am blocked, I don’t have the money to pay the company five million. Please give me a chance to stay in the company and act as a donkey for you. I will definitely catch my tail, be an honest man, and make contributions to the company!”

Solmon White kicked him, kicked him all the way, and said coldly, “Now knowing what’s the use of admitting a mistake? You thought the world was created by your house. If you got into trouble and said I’m sorry, you will be forgiven? Tell you, if Mr. Wade gets angry with me because of you, then I will kill you!”

Qiang Han trembled in fright and his face was pale as paper. He did not expect that Charlie, the Rubbish in his eyes, had such a large amount of energy that Solmon White could kill a person like himself for him!

If he had known this long time ago, he would rather kneel down for Claire and call her sister as soon as he meet, and would never refuse her.

Now, it’s too late to say anything, he’s done for his life

At this moment, Solmon White frowned and noticed Juan and Jianhua in the office again, and asked: “Who are you two? Are you friends with Qiang Han? Or are you Xinhe employees?”

Juan and Jianhua were awakened immediately, and quickly denied: “No, no, we have nothing to do with Qiang Han, we don’t even know him.”

At this time, it was too late to clear up the relationship with Qiang Han, how could they admit that

Solmon White asked suspiciously: “Really? Then why were you talking and laughing with him in his office?”

Seeing this, Qiang Han said angrily: “Mr. White, they are my college classmates. They were the ones who encouraged me to suppress Claire!”

Qiang Han was going crazy, he had such a miserable end, and he couldn’t get rid of Juan and Jianhua, and they want to have a good end for themselves.

Solmon White said coldly: “It turns out that the dog bit the dog and blocked the two people together!”

When Jianhua heard this, he became anxious, and went crazy with Qiang Han: “Qiang Han, you drag me into the water? You can’t die a simple death!”

At this moment, Charlie had already taken a taxi and went home with Claire.

Charlie looked at Claire, and saw that she hadn’t spoken anything along the way, and thoughtfully, he said: “For work, I will look for it in two days. They didn’t hire you, but they had no eyes. It seems that this company is not big, and going there will limit your future development.”