Amazing Love 270-275

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Chapter 271
After returning home, Charlie didn’t think about Elsa again.

However, after he calmed down, he suddenly thought that the medicine he had promised Tianqi and Song family had not been refined yet.

For them, this medicine is simply the most amazing medicinal material in the world.

But to Charlie, this medicine was just one of the most common medicinal materials in the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures.

If the more powerful medicines in the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures can be refined, the effects can even bring back the dead, and even make people immortal, right?

However, those high-level medicines require a lot of rare treasures that people have never heard of. What’s more, a lot of them also need Reiki as a primer for refining medicine. He has just entered the door, and there is still a long way to go. The road is to go, so I can only do it one step at a time.

The reason why he was willing to refining medicine for them was that Charlie himself wanted to take advantage of the opportunity of refining medicine to accumulate more experience in this skill.

However, he had no medicinal materials in his hand. Since he was refining medicine for the Song family, he naturally wanted the Song family to help solve this problem, so he directly called Warnia.

Recently, Warnia has been thinking about how to have more opportunities to contact Charlie.

Grandpa said that if anyone recruits a son-in-law like Charlie, in the family they will be greatly promoted, and a master like Charlie is simply a violent heavenly thing in an uninfluenced family like the Willson family.

Therefore, the best way is to be able to join forces.

Only a family called a dragon is worthy of having a son-in-law like a dragon.

Dragon son, how can you marry a brood of snakes and rats?

The more she thought about it, the stronger her heart for Charlie became, and she even faintly brought some expectations.

She wanted to call Charlie more, invite him out to meet more, and create more opportunities for contact, but she was also afraid that becoming too obvious would be seen by Charlie.

Warnia is proud of her life. It can be said that she is the most eye-catching princess in Aurous Hill. Compared with her, the daughters of other families are not worth mentioning. Therefore, a woman like her is also beyond the reach of Aurous Hill men.

From birth to now, Warnia hasn’t moved any man, but Charlie is the first.

It happened that he was still a married man and a son-in-law.

Warnia also felt that this was somewhat ironic, and she was uncertain how to develop with Charlie in her heart.

Just when Charlie was always in her mind, she received a call from him.

At that moment, her girl’s heart was full of excitement.

When she got on the phone, her voice even trembled, and asked, “Mr. Wade, why do you have time to call me?”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Miss Song, I am going to start refining medicine tomorrow, but I need some medicinal materials. You can solve it for me and then send it over.”

Warnia was suddenly excited when she heard that Charlie was finally going to make medicine.

The Song family has been waiting for Charlie’s magical medicine, but they haven’t heard anything about it. Everyone is waiting anxiously, but no one is embarrassed to urge Charlie. After all, Charlie wants to send them meds. How dare they rush to save face?

So Warnia hurriedly said: “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, you can give me the list of medicinal materials, and I will immediately find the best quality medicinal materials to send to you!”

Chapter 272
“Very good.” Charlie smiled slightly and said: “Remember to prepare more weight, I still have other use.”

Charlie doesn’t need money to buy medicinal materials, but he needs a reliable channel for medicinal materials. Good medicinal materials are like good antique cultural relics. The solution is important.

His roots in Aurous Hill are still relatively shallow, so he’s naturally not as good as the Song family. They have cultivated in Aurous Hill for hundreds of years, and they are very strong in various ways.

Warnia hung up the phone and received a list of medicinal materials from Charlie, so she called Qin Gang of the Qin family as soon as possible.

Although the Qin family is not as good as the Song family, the head of the Qin family is in the business of antiques, wenwan, and Chinese herbal medicine.

Even Charlie didn’t know that Qin Gang was actually the largest supplier of medicinal materials in the entire Aurous Hill area.

This is mainly because of Qin Gang’s medicinal material business is not privately owned. It is a pharmaceutical factory that directly supplies major traditional medicines, as well as chain pharmacies, only wholesale, not retail.

Warnia recounted Charlie’s list on the phone and then asked: “Mr. Qin Gang, I don’t know if I can get these medicinal materials for me. I want the best quality and a large quantity!”

As soon as Qin Gang heard that Warnia wanted these medicinal materials, he immediately realized what he hurriedly asked: “Miss Song, dare to ask, this medicinal material is prepared for Mr. Charlie Mr. Wade?”

“Yes.” Warnia had a good relationship with Qin Gang, so she didn’t hide her words, she said: “Mr. Steven should have also heard that Mr. Wade rescued my grandfather. He made a favor a few days ago and wanted to give me some magical medicine. I will prepare medicinal materials for that.”

Qin Gang said immediately: “Miss Song, don’t worry, I will prepare these medicinal materials, and I will deliver them to Mr. Wade directly.”

Warnia said: “Mr. Gin Gang, please send it off to me, if it’s appropriate?”

Qin Gang said earnestly: “Miss Song, you and I are friends, so I won’t tell you those imaginary ones. I also want to dare to ask Mr. Wade for magical medicine. In the future, in case of emergency, I just borrow this opportunity of delivering medicinal materials to Mr. Wade.”

Warnia thought for a while, even if she didn’t let Qin Gang send medicinal materials, Qin Gang would look for Charlie for medicinal materials, so she just gave him a favor so that he could take advantage of the opportunity to send medicinal materials to Charlie.

So she smiled and said, “I don’t have any opinion on this, but Mr. Gin Gang must prepare for the medicinal materials that Mr. Wade wants. Don’t make any mistakes!”

Qin Gang quickly assured: “Miss Song, don’t worry, I can’t fool Mr. Wade!”

Warnia smiled and said, “That’s it, you go and prepare, and send it to Mr. Wade.”

After hanging up the phone, Qin Gang was very excited.

His daughter, Aoxue, the beautiful and hot little pepper, saw her father rub his hands in excitement at this time, and couldn’t help asking, “Dad, what are you excited about?”

Qin Gang laughed loudly: “There is a great thing!”

Aoxue asked in surprise: “What’s the great thing?”

“It’s Mr. Wade!” Qin Gang said excitedly.

Aoxue felt a little in her heart, Mr. Wade? ! That amazing master Wade?

She couldn’t help but shyly asked, “Dad, what happened to Mr. Wade?”

Qin Gang blurted out, “Mr. Wade is going to make a magic medicine! Miss Song asked me to help Mr. Wade prepare medicinal materials. At that time, I will also be going to ask Mr. Wade to come back for a magic medicine!”

Chapter 273
Since being taught by Charlie to be a human, Aoxue has thoroughly understood what it means to be a person outside the sky and someone outside the person.

Knowing that Charlie has great supernatural powers, she has always admired Charlie in her heart, and she is even more ashamed.

Ashamed, it was natural that she was overwhelmed at the beginning and even had to compete with Mr. Wade.

However, the more beautiful girls with hot personality, the more they like men who are much stronger than them because only such men can convince them.

Therefore, Aoxue always regarded Charlie as her biggest idol.

Hearing that Charlie wanted to make magical medicine, she couldn’t help but exclaimed: “She didn’t expect Mr. Wade to have this ability to make magical medicine!”

Qin Gang sighed: “How powerful is Mr. Wade? We only saw the tip of the iceberg! I heard that a few days ago, even the genius doctor Tianqi paid homage to Mr. Wade’s medical skills! His injury was because he bought Mr. Wade casually. Refining magic medicine is mostly better!”


Aoxue was completely shocked!

Her family has been doing medicinal materials business all year round, and in fact, she still knows a lot about traditional medicine.

Tianqi is one of several superb traditional medicine masters in China. In terms of seniority, he is really at the level of Patriarch, even some big people, it is difficult to invite him out of the mountain. Unexpectedly, even he is not as young as a young man like Mr. Wade!

Aoxue couldn’t help being full of fascination with Charlie.

Such a man with great ability is the object of women’s most admiration!

Especially a strong woman like her would only worship and surrender to such a powerful man. So, all of a sudden, she felt like a deer crashing in her heart, not to mention how excited she was.

Qin Gang suddenly saw his daughter’s blushing. He was taken aback for a moment, and then immediately realized that his daughter seemed to be a little girly to Charlie.

He turned slightly in his heart and hurriedly said to Aoxue: “Aoxue, Dad will prepare medicinal materials now. When the medicinal materials are ready, you will take them to Mr. Wade tomorrow morning.”

“Me?” Aoxue asked in surprise: “Dad, don’t you want to go by yourself? Why do you let me go again?”

Qin Gang smiled and said, “You are a girl, and you are about the same age as Mr. Wade. You are both young people, so naturally, you can talk better.”

After speaking, Qin Gang said again: “Actually, Dad is telling you the truth, don’t look at Mr. Wade’s strength and supernatural powers, in fact, he is a very low-key person and has been a son-in-law in the Willson family for several years.”

Aoxue nodded and said, “I seem to have heard about this, but I don’t understand why Mr. Wade is so powerful, why does he want to be a son-in-law? Even if he loves that Willson family woman again, he can directly reveal that he is married. Why does he want to be a son-in-law?”

Qin Gang sighed, “This is where Mr. Wade is unpredictable! If you say that it is really because of love, there is nothing wrong with it, but I have heard people say that he and Claire from the Willson family, in fact, It’s just nominal. In the past, Claire’s mother told people outside that Mr. Wade was at home and couldn’t even get to Claire’s bed, so he could only sleep on the floor!”

“Ah?!” Aoxue was dumbfounded: “It would be too much to let Mr. Wade sleep on the floor of the Willson family.”

Qin Gang said: “They don’t understand how great Mr. Wade is! I think it may be one of the ways of cultivation of Mr. Wade. Many people in the world like to practice asceticism, and practice as hard as possible.”

“That’s it.” Aoxue nodded and said, “Mr. Wade is really amazing!”

Chapter 274
Qin Gang said earnestly at this time: “Daughter, it won’t take a long time for Mr. Wade to spread the wings and soar into the sky. At that time, all Aurous Hill, and even large families across the country, will be desperate to curry favor with him. The big family will send their most beautiful daughters into his arms. You have to seize this opportunity to deliver medicine to Mr. Wade!”


Aoxue blushed all of a sudden: “Dad, what are you talking about? I don’t understand what opportunity to take.”

“Still acting stupid with me?” Qin Gang said sternly, “Dad can see that you have admiration for Mr. Wade, right?”

Aoxue squeezed ashamedly for a while before finally nodding.

Qin Gang said: “I have a hunch that Mr. Wade, this real dragon, will not last long in the little snake den of the Willson family. One day he will definitely leave the Willson family. Mr. Wade builds up a good relationship, even a foundation of affection!”

Speaking of this, Qin Gang looked forward with emotion: “If our Qin family can recruit a son-in-law like Mr. Wade, this will definitely influence our family’s fortunes for the next hundred years! At that time, we will realize the aspirations of our ancestors, The Qin family has become the top in the land of China! If that is the case, the ancestor’s grave will be smoked! The ancestors will be very pleased!”

Aoxue’s heart shuddered when she heard this, and she immediately put away her original shame.

Dad was right. This is not a simple matter of love for children.

This is the key to whether a family can break through the shackles of fate and meet the weathered dragon!

Encountering the weathered dragon is a difficult opportunity for a family to wait for a century!

How many families have flourished and disappeared in less than a hundred years, but there are also many families that can survive a hundred years, but they still cannot go further.

The Qin family is the latter!

If the Qin family can seize the opportunity of Charlie, it is likely to soar into the sky!

This is really an excellent opportunity that may not be encountered in a century!

Now, this opportunity seems to be in her own hands. If she can really recruit Charlie into the Qin family, then the family can at least take a hundred years of detours!


The powerful sense of family mission has already urged her heart to quickly move closer to Charlie.

So, she immediately said to Qin Gang: “Dad, go and prepare medicinal materials! I will take it to Mr. Wade tomorrow morning!”

Qin Gang nodded with satisfaction, and said, “It must be beautiful and shiny. My daughter dare not say that she is all over the country, but here in Aurous Hill, she is definitely a beautiful woman. If you dress well, you will look absolutely gorgeous!”

Aoxue’s face was blushing, but she nodded very seriously and said, “Don’t worry, Dad, I will definitely pay attention!”

Qin Gang said: “Tomorrow you will see Mr. Wade, remember to tell him that the Qin family respects him very much, and I hope to serve him all the time, and to support him in the future. In addition, tell Mr. Wade that our Qin family has been doing this for nearly a hundred years. In the medicinal material business, what kind of good medicinal materials he needs in the future, just tell us and it will be arranged!”

“After you have said this, please ask Mr. Wade to ask him whether he can give the Qin family a magical medicine. The Qin family will be grateful for everything! I believe that after you say this, Mr. Wade will definitely not refuse! “

Chapter 275
Early the next morning.

Charlie was about to go out to buy vegetables, so he received a call.

It was Aoxue, the little pepper of the Qin family.

Aoxue got on the phone, and asked happily, “Mr. Wade, are you at home now?”

Charlie snorted and said, “At home, why, are you looking for something to do with me?”

Aoxue said: “My dad asked me to send you some medicinal materials, saying that it was Warnia’s order. I wonder if it will be convenient for you? If it is convenient, I will bring it to the door.”

His wife, Claire, went to work in the studio. The Old Master drove his mother-in-law to Tomson’s villa to see the progress of the renovation, so Charlie was at home alone, which was not inconvenient.

So he said: “It’s convenient for me. Come here directly.”

Aoxue hurriedly said, “OK, Mr. Wade. I will be there soon!”

A few minutes later, Charlie heard a knock on the door.

When he opened the door, he saw Aoxue, who was wearing a beige dress with a black shawl and long hair, was standing in the doorway, with a huge suitcase in her hand, and a shy face.

“Hello Mr. Wade, I am Aoxue, I don’t know if you still remember me”

Aoxue was extremely nervous at the moment.

Since her father told her yesterday the importance of Mr. Wade to the future of the family, she tossed and turned all night and did not sleep well.

Charlie was naturally all thinking in her mind.

She is also at the age of a young girl.

Which girl doesn’t want to find a handsome, rich, and powerful man who is a good husband too?

And when she looked around, there were no men in the world who could compete with Charlie!

This is the real candidate for a good husband!

Don’t say that Dad hopes to make progress with him, even if he doesn’t say it, she can’t help but be fascinated by him.

Charlie didn’t know why Aoxue was so nervous. The last time he saw her, she was very savage and insisted on competing with herself.

Why does she seem today as if he has changed?

The hot little pepper suddenly turned into a fresh and delicious cucumber?

So he asked curiously: “What’s wrong with you today? It seems to be a big change from before?”

Aoxue said in embarrassment, “Mr. Wade, I used to be ignorant, and last time I was frivolous in front of Master Wade. Please forgive me.”

Charlie smiled and said, “It seems that the changes are really big.”

After speaking, he flashed over and said: “Stop talking at the door, come in.”

Aoxue nodded hurriedly and walked in carefully holding the box.

Charlie saw that it was exhausting to pull this huge box. Aoxue is also a trainer and has some strength. Normally strong labor may not be her opponent. She is still so hard. It seems that this box must be very difficult.

So he asked curiously: “What’s in your box? Why is it so heavy?”

Aoxue hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, these are all medicinal materials my father prepared for you, and they are all top-quality medicinal materials!”

After speaking, she put the suitcase on the floor of the living room and opened the suitcase.