Amazing Love 231-235

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Chapter 231
Charlie wanted to say something, but seeing that Claire was already angry, he could only sullen his face and turned and walked out of the restaurant.

The boss of a small company dared to be so crazy in front of him? Isn’t this tired of living? What is it?

Claire was so jealous of him, didn’t she know that her husband was the strongest one?

At this moment, Charlie wanted to tell Claire of his true identity so that she would no longer have to worry about the future, and no longer have to be worried and bullied by the small boss of such a small company.

However, when the words came to his lips, he still held back.

Exposing his identity means that he has officially accepted the return to the Wade family, and wants to return to the Wade family to recognize the ancestor and return to the clan.

Charlie didn’t want to go back.

Walking to the door of the hotel, Charlie looked up at the upstairs, then took out his mobile phone and made a call to the housekeeper of the Wade family, Stephen Thompson.

“Check for me the details of the Future Company, which customers they have recently worked with, and what projects they have on hand.”

Stephen Thompson’s respectful voice came from the mobile phone: “Mr. Wade the major clients of Future Company are basically small businesses under the Wade family. They also took a few real estate properties of the Emgrand Group this year.”

“Really?” Charlie sneered, and after doing it for a long time, it turned out that this Ping Mei was still a squat who ate food behind his a**.

Charlie suddenly wanted to laugh.

If Ping Mei knew that he was offending his business dad, how would he feel?

Thinking of this, he said to Stephen Thompson: “Help me teach Future Company a lesson.”

Stephen Thompson asked respectfully, “Mr. Wade what do you want?”

“Oh, you withdrew all the cooperation with the Future Company, I think this stupid company is not pleasing to the eye.”

“Who dares to offend you? Do you want me to let their boss do it directly? Let him evaporate!”

Charlie waved his hand and said with a smile: “Don’t fight and kill at every turn. If you kill him, how does he feel the pain? Just let him go bankrupt and not get up for the rest of his life.”

“Sure young Master, wait a few minutes, I’ll make arrangements.”

For Stephen Thompson, letting Future Company go bankrupt was as simple as squeezing an ant to death.

Charlie finished his instructions, hung up the phone, looked upstairs, and found that Claire was still apologizing to Ping Mei, but Ping Mei was proud and did not know what he was talking about. , It is probably cursing Charlie.

He simply sat on the side of the road, waiting lazily for his wife to come out.

On the road, Charlie, dressed in ordinary clothes, was just like an ordinary passerby. No one would look at him for more than a second.

However, he can turn the famous Aurous Hill boss into a pauper with nothing.

Claire had been making plea in front of Ping Mei, and Ping Mei’s expression seemed to ease.

Later, Claire accompanied Ping Mei out of the gate, and Ping Mei’s burned face was still aching.

He saw Charlie sitting on the side of the road, gave him a fierce look, then turned around and said to Claire, “Clai, for your sake, I will forgive your Rubbish husband once, and I will do it tomorrow night. I invite you to dinner and talk about cooperation.”

On the surface, if he had nothing to do, it was just to please Claire’s favor, but his heart was still burning with anger.

If it hadn’t been for Claire’s apology just now, he would have wanted someone to come over and destroy Charlie on the spot!

However, Ping Mei didn’t plan to punish Charlie, he just wanted to let him go temporarily, and when he got Claire tomorrow, he would find someone to abolish Charlie!

Charlie walked over and said to Claire: “Wife, let’s go home, there is nothing to talk about with this kind of b@stard who is about to go bankrupt, let alone give the deals like cooperation.”

Ping Mei’s face changed slightly, and he said coldly: “Boy, you really f*cking want to die, saying that I am going bankrupt? Believe it or not that I will kill you in minutes? The reason why you are still fine now is entirely that I gave Claire Face!”

Charlie sneered, and slapped his hand over.


Chapter 232
Ping Mei was stunned, covering his face, and then shouted angrily.

“Rubbish! How dare you hit me?”

Charlie sneered, “What’s wrong with hitting you? If I hit you, you have to bear it!”

After speaking, he raised his hand and slapped him again, and his cheek was swollen high.

Although Claire was also a little disgusted with Ping Mei, seeing Charlie slapped him twice in a row, she was still a little worried, and hurriedly said, “Charlie, what are you doing? I’m telling you, don’t you just do it with others ?”

What she worries about is not her own cooperation, but whether Charlie will be retaliated by Ping Mei. After all, Ping Mei is also a big boss with a surname. How can he swallow this breath after being beaten?

Sure enough, Ping Mei became irritated and completely exposed. He pointed to Claire and said: “The surname is Willson, your husband’s debt will be paid today, I will kill him! Let him disappear completely from the face of Aurous Hill!”

When Claire heard the words, she said angrily: “You are shameless!”

“Shameless?” Ping Mei snorted coldly: “Don’t think I don’t know, the Willson family has already swept you out. Do you think you are from Willson family? I tell you the truth, I Ping Mei stomped my foot in Aurous Hill City. It can kill your whole family. If you don’t want any accidents in your family, you’d better kneel and climb on my bed. If I am happy, I can barely forgive you!”

Claire trembled with anger, and said sharply, “Ping Mei, you are a b@stard!

“I’m powerful, what’s wrong with shamelessness?” Ping Mei said shamelessly.

Charlie stood up and said to Ping Mei: “The Mr Mei, you are already bankrupt, so if you are powerful, you should save the time.”

“What did you say!”

Ping Mei was taken aback, completely unresponsive.

He was about to shout when his cell phone rang.

Ping Mei didn’t want to answer, but the phone rang like a reminder.

Ping Mei gave Charlie a fierce finger and picked up the phone impatiently.

“Hey, what’s the matter”

“Mr. Mei, it’s not good! The shareholders of the company that was supposed to cooperate with us suddenly withdrew all our cooperation!”

“What!” Ping Mei’s face changed drastically, “I will call Jingcheng immediately.”

“Wait a minute, not only the Beijing side withdrew the cooperation, but also the Emgrand Group, which has a long-term cooperation with our company, suddenly canceled all cooperation. In addition, Mr. Zhao, Mr. Li and Mr. Thompson all canceled the contract.”

Ping Mei held the phone and was too surprised to speak.

But the voice in the phone continued.

“At present, four companies have called and asked Future Company to pay huge liquidated damages.”

“Mr. Jones from the Finance Department called and wanted to recover the 280 million engineering loan and transfer the account within tomorrow, otherwise they would go through legal procedures and seize the real estate under construction.”

“Also, the heads of China Bank, China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, and Agricultural Bank of China all called to collect debts. We must settle all previous loans by noon tomorrow, or else they will auction off the company’s assets.”

Ping Mei was sweating profusely, his face was bloodless, and layers of cold sweat soaked his shirt.

Is this world crazy?

Or is he having nightmares?

How come all the unfortunate things all of a sudden happen to him at once?

All of them are like an appointment!

What’s the matter?

what the h*ll is it?

Chapter 233
After being hit one after another, Ping Mei sweated like rain. He couldn’t even stand firmly and had to hold on to the wall with his hands.

Claire didn’t know who he was calling, but after seeing Ping Mei actually answered a call, her expression suddenly changed, as if he was about to suffer an emergency, she couldn’t help but wonder.

“Charlie, is Ping Mei suddenly ill?”

Charlie said with a faint smile, “Maybe, he has a brain disease, and he can’t even remember what he is.”

The secretary’s panic and crying sounded from the phone, but Ping Mei couldn’t hear him clearly. There was ringing in his ears, and his mind was full of what Charlie said just now.

“You are already broke!”

Ping Mei was in a cold sweat, raised his head in horror, and stared at Charlie firmly.

Could it be that he didn’t know the prophet?

He is really broke!

Ping Mei slumped down the wall, desperate.

Charlie gave him a cold look and said to Claire, “Let’s go.”

Claire didn’t know what was going on with Ping Mei, but she didn’t want to look at this person anymore and turned around and left.

At this moment, Ping Mei suddenly woke up, suddenly raised her head to look at Charlie!

Suddenly she climbed up and rushed to Charlie’s back.

Just when Charlie was about to get in the car, Ping Mei rushed over, his eyes were blood-red, he was panting hard, his eyes fixed on him.

Ping Mei’s crazy appearance made Claire nervous, and she subconsciously took a step back to Charlie.

“You did it, right? You did all of this, didn’t you?”

Ping Mei stared at Charlie and asked in a panic.

Charlie glanced at Ping Mei, and said blankly: “Get out!”

The tone is simple and neat, just like berating a dog.

The crowd looked at each other!

Oh God!

Isn’t this the famous Mr. Mei?

This young man dressed like a passerby, dare to call Mr. Mei in public?

Doesn’t he want to mix in Aurous Hill City?


Just in full view, Ping Mei suddenly thumped and knelt in front of Charlie, and said with a weeping face: “Mr. Wade, I was wrong! Please, let me make a living.”

There was silence around, and the crowd couldn’t believe their eyes.

Ping Mei, the famous construction giant in Aurous Hill City, actually kneeled in front of a passerby!

Even Claire was stunned, completely unexpected that Ping Mei would kneel to Charlie.

“Mr. Wade, I should die and shouldn’t play Claire’s idea! I was wrong, I repent, I will never do it again in the future, please give me a way of life, don’t play me to death.”

As Ping Mei said, he slapped himself fiercely, making it loud and clear.

Charlie’s face was expressionless, watching him slap a dozen slaps, his mouth was bleeding, and he said faintly: “Mr. Mei, I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Mr. Wade, once the Future Company goes bankrupt, not only will I not have a penny, but I will still have hundreds of millions of debts that cannot be filled, and I will not be able to pay it off in my next life!”

Ping Mei knelt on the ground and pleaded, without the demeanor of a successful person.

All this happened too suddenly, and it was too coincidental!

Charlie said that he was “bankrupt,” and Future Company will usher in bad luck one after another, and it will definitely go bankrupt tomorrow!

Chapter 234
All this seems to be a coincidence, but how can there be such a coincidence?

Ping Mei vaguely felt that what happened must be related to Charlie, so he didn’t care about face and knelt in public.

Claire didn’t know the content of the call, and couldn’t help but said in surprise: “Ping Mei, isn’t your company doing well? Besides, what does your bankruptcy have to do with Charlie?”

Ping Mei knelt on the ground and said, “Sister Claire, I offended you just now, and I confessed to you! Just now the company called to say that the customer was canceled, the cooperation was withdrawn, and the bank was collecting debts. I really have no way to survive.”

Claire was stunned for a moment, and said, “I think you made a mistake, Charlie doesn’t have such great power.”

Charlie also said lightly: “Ping Mei, everything in this world has cause and effect. It’s useless if you ask me, please reflect on yourself.”

After that, he took Claire into the car.

When Charlie drove the car away, Ping Mei still knelt on the side of the road blankly.

The crowd around him gathered more and more, all of them looked at him with surprise and kept whispering.

But Ping Mei can no longer take care of it.

From tomorrow on, he will become a beggar on the street from a highly successful person!

No, not even a beggar!

Not only would he have no money, he would have to pay hundreds of millions of liquidated damages!

The phone was still ringing, and the assistant’s flustered voice came.

“Mr. Mei’s phone call from the usury company said that the interest rate will be increased by ten points, and the debt will be collected tomorrow. If you can’t pay the money, just chop off your right hand.”

“Mr. Mei, the landlord of the office building we rented called and said that the rent will be increased by 20 times. If you don’t give it, they will tell you to move out before tomorrow!”

“Mr. Mei”

The phone slipped from Ping Mei’s hand to the ground, and he knelt on the ground with a dull expression.

Suddenly, Ping Mei screamed wildly: “Oh my God, who the h*ll am I offending!”

He slammed his hands on the ground frantically, and at the same time knocked his head on the ground with smashing blood out.

Ping Mei couldn’t bear the huge blow and suffered a nervous breakdown. He foamed at the mouth, rolled his eyes and fainted.

Charlie drove the car, his face calm.

The more Claire thought about it, the more she realized something was wrong, and couldn’t help asking: “What did you do to Ping Mei, he was afraid of you, why?”

Charlie said lightly: “I didn’t do anything to him. I have been waiting for you outside. How can I do anything to him? It is estimated that he has offended too many people. Others don’t let him go.”

Claire thought about it, and dispelled a lot of suspicion. Maybe it was Ping Mei who had offended some powerful person, but he put the account on Charlie.

Thinking of this, Claire felt angrily and said, “This Ping Mei is really shameless. He deserves to be bankrupt.”

Charlie smiled calmly.

It was indeed Ping Mei who deserved it. He provoked him, and bankruptcy was the best outcome, otherwise he would led such people evaporate.

Claire sighed softly and said: “It seems we still have to find a partner again and see if we can talk to the studio about business.”

When Charlie heard this, he prepared to say hello to Doris, and asked Emgrand Group to give his wife more orders.

When the two returned home, Claire was still talking to Charlie about her next development plan for the studio.

But as soon as the two entered the house, Jacob rubbed his hands and walked forward. He glanced at the two with an awkward look and said, “Claire, your mother asks you to return to work in the Willson Group tomorrow.”

“What?” Claire was stunned.

Charlie frowned and said, “Didn’t you draw a clear line from the Willson family?”

“Oh!” Jacob looked embarrassed, and said helplessly: “Your mother doesn’t know what kind of ecstasy soup was poured into her, so she is focused on Willson family, so”

Before Jacob finished speaking, Claire said angrily to Elaine: “Mom, the Willson family bullied my dad and wanted to take Charlie’s villa. Why should we go back?”

Chapter 235
At this moment, facing Claire’s questioning, mother Elaine said angrily: “After all, you are also blood from the Willson family! Besides, your grandma has already apologized to me and said It was a moment of confusion. Harold instigated the discord and made her angry, and now Harold has been severely punished by her. What else are you dissatisfied with?”

Claire said angrily: “What about an apology? My grandmother, I can’t know better. Even if she apologizes, she is definitely not out of sincerity! She just wants me to go back and help her fix the Emgrand’s cooperation, there is nothing else.

Elaine hurriedly persuaded: “Don’t think your grandma thinks so badly. It’s all a family. How can there be overnight hatred?”

“We are not in the same family anymore.” Claire said angrily: “I can’t go back to work in the Willson Group.”

“What are you talking about?” Elaine said dissatisfiedly: “Your grandma has realized her mistake. Do you ask an elder to pull her face down to apologize to you?”

After speaking, Elaine said again: “In order to show sincerity, your grandma gave me a gold necklace and two jade bracelets.”

“Mom, just says the jewelry that grandma gave you, you just want it.”

Claire finished talking angrily, ignored Elaine, turned around and walked into the bedroom.

Charlie also quickly followed in.

Elaine said angrily in the living room: “Look at your daughter.”

Unexpectedly, Jacob ignored her and turned away.

In the bedroom, Claire was still angry and complained to Charlie: “I didn’t expect that the Willson family would use jewelry to buy my mother. Didn’t you know that my mom saw the money open? So did the Willson family. Some jewelry was given by them, say a few good things, she became confused and forgot how they insulted us back then.”

Although Charlie was unhappy, he was inconvenient to say bad things about his mother-in-law. He could only persuade: “When we broke with the Willson family, Mom didn’t follow it, so maybe she didn’t know the despicable methods of the Willson family.”

Claire said, “Then what if she insists on me going back to work?”

Charlie said: “You think about it yourself, and I support any decision you make.”

Claire nodded and said firmly: “I still want to start my own business!”

Charlie smiled slightly: “I think so too. If you start a business well, you will be able to succeed!”

While talking, Charlie thought to himself that he should take the time to call Qin Gang from the Qin family, Issac from Shangri-La, Orvel from the Taoist family, Warnia from the Song family, and Solmon White from the White family to call out to have a meal and talk with them. Say hello, and let them take care of his wife’s career in the future.

Thinking about this, Charlie suddenly received a call from Warnia. On the phone, she respectfully said: “Mr. Wade, it’s me, Warnia. I wonder if you are busy?”

Charlie said indifferently: “No, Miss Song, we can speak.”

Warnia said: “Mr. Wade, my grandfather has been suffering from a physical illness recently and has not seen what is wrong. I don’t know if you have time, can you come to my grandfather’s house and see him?”

After that, Warnia said again: “Don’t worry, you will not be treated badly in the consultation fee.”

Charlie thought, Warnia was the daughter of a top family in Aurous Hill. In the future, his wife would start a business, and she might have to ask her to help, so she readily agreed and said, “Then tonight.”

Warnia immediately said gratefully: “Well, I’ll pick you up at night!”

“It is good.”

After hanging up Warnia’s phone, Charlie said to Claire: “If a friend finds me tonight, I won’t eat at home.”

Claire nodded and didn’t ask much, but just told: “When you are outside, don’t always make feng shui stuff with others, if they treat you as a liar, it will cause trouble.”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Don’t worry, I know it in my heart.