Amazing Love 226 - 230

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Chapter 226
Claire sighed and said, “Now that it’s hard to find a job, I can only continue to look for it and see my luck.

Charlie asked her: “Do you want to go to the Emgrand Group?”

Claire shook her head and said, “How can I enter the Emgrand Group, and the Emgrand Group has strict audits and ratings. It would be embarrassing for me to start from the grassroots level.”

Charlie sighed and said, “My wife, in fact, I think you should start your own business!”

“Start my own business?” Claire asked in surprise: “How to create?”

Charlie said: “You have been in this industry for many years, and you have accumulated a lot of contacts. Doris of the Emgrand Group seems to be very good with you. Solmon White is now counting on me to show him Feng Shui. That can also help.”

Claire laughed at him and said: “You have to start a company with at least two to three million in capital, and there will be more subsequent investments. How can we have so much money to invest in it.”

Charlie said: “I can help you find a solution for the funding problem! I still know a few people!”

Charlie smiled and said, “If you really have this idea, the registered capital is not a problem.”

Claire raised her head and said, “Charlie, I know that you know many business friends like President White. It is not a problem to borrow funds, but to be honest, I am under a lot of psychological pressure and I might as well invest less. One point, I open my own personal studio, and then went to help major construction companies draw design drawings.”

Charlie said immediately: “No matter what decision you make, I will support it!”

Claire nodded gratefully, and said, “I want to build the studio first and then do it well. The people in the Willson family think that I can’t leave the Willson company, and I will let them see if I can do it or not.”

Charlie thought for a while, nodded and smiled: “I support you, but if you encounter any problems at work, you can tell me and we will solve them together! The big deal, I will be an employee for you, your husband has no other skills. But I can still carry your bag while driving.”


Claire nodded, her expression slightly moved.

The decision actually took a great risk.

If she doesn’t go to work, the family’s biggest source of income will be cut off, and even if she opens a design studio, she still needs to rent an office, buy office equipment, etc.

This also requires a certain amount of capital investment.

What’s more, the Willson Company and the major construction companies in Aurous Hill City have business contacts, they will be suppressed secretly.

But Charlie didn’t even think about it, and categorically supported her.

Claire’s heart couldn’t be said to be unmoved.

When she was in a complicated mood, she heard Charlie’s sentence again.

“My wife, you can just let it go, if it doesn’t work, I will find a job to support you.”

At this moment, Claire held her breath, a soreness rushed to her nose, and her eyes were almost red.

It was as if she was running into a wall and lost her soul, she did not expect that her husband, who she felt was “worthless”, still firmly believed in her and supported her!

Chapter 227
Because Charlie urged Claire to start a business, Claire was thinking about it all night by herself, until the next morning, her face was still full of fatigue.

After waking up, Claire hurriedly started to wash. Charlie asked distressedly: “Why don’t you sleep more, my wife, why do you get up in such a hurry?”

Claire said, “I’m going to the Future Company, so I must not be late.”

Charlie asked, “Future Company? Going for an interview again?”

“No.” Claire shook her head, hesitated and said: “I’ll try to pull some projects.”

“Okay.” Charlie said with a smile: “If you start a construction company, I’ll work for you.”

“A construction company started as soon as it was opened. Funds and connections are all problems.” Claire said: “I am going to build an office. Let me start with the studio. I will help the construction company draw design. A certain number of contacts will accumulate some funds before registering the company.”

Charlie smiled and said, “Money and connections are not a problem. If you really want to start a company, I will open one for you.”

“No.” Claire rejected his kindness without thinking, and said seriously: “I want to try it myself first, and then talk about where you get the resources. The construction company can’t just be opened like that.”

Charlie said: “I have the money to start a company, and I also have the contacts you want.”

Now the Emgrand Group’s investment covers almost 70% of Aurous Hill’s industries, and it’s easy to get some design contracts in the construction industry.

Claire thought he was joking and waved her hand angrily; “You don’t understand things in the construction industry. I will do it myself for investment matters, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

To register a construction company, at least 10 million start-up capital is required, and working capital is also needed. Where would he get that money.

Even if he had the money in his hands, he couldn’t have the connections in the construction industry.

Charlie was speechless for a while, and his wife left his ready-made resources without using them, and had to start from scratch by herself. He really didn’t know what to say.

As soon as Claire left forefoot, Elaine, mother-in-law on the back foot, came back. Her pension also counted on the Willson Group, so she often went to the Willson Group for these two days.

Although Claire’s family broke with the Willson family, Elaine thought about reconciliation as before.

“Where did Claire go?”

“It looks like someone is looking for a project.”

“What kind of project! Do you really want to leave the Willson family?” Elaine said angrily: “Isn’t it just a little misunderstanding, just made a fuss like this, arguing to cut off relations with the Willson family, what will it look like?”

Jacob was taken aback for a while and looked up and down Elaine.

“My wife, you went to Willson’s house, and you got confused by the Old Mrs. Willson’s scolding?”

“What kind of confusion, I’m not confused at all.” Elaine sat down on the sofa angrily: “Tomorrow you will go to Willson’s house with me and confess a mistake to the Lady Willson. The Lady Willson is your mother, and the eldest man is your eldest brother. , The blood relationship will be retained as much as possible.”

Jacob’s expression was not good, and he said angrily: “They want to sell my house and rob Charlie’s villa. They didn’t regard me as Willson family from beginning to end! If you want to apologize, I won’t step in again. One step from the Willson family is the best for me.”

Seeing Jacob, who had always been honest, had a tough attitude this time, Elaine was so angry that she turned to Charlie and said.

“Charlie, your father is a dead brain, you come to judge! With three of us, there was no overnight feud. You opened your mouth and said things that sever the relationship, this is too trifling! Besides, my pension also counts on the Willson Group!”

“She is confused? She wants to seize my property, rob Charlie’s villa, and said she wants Claire to divorce and marry another man. Is this confusion?”

Jacob became angry all of a sudden, stood up and said, “You go to Willson’s house and they will give you a bit of mischievous soup, you believe it!”

Seeing the father-in-law and mother-in-law arguing, they both pulled themselves to judge, Charlie’s head grew big.

He quickly found an excuse: “Claire asked me to pick her up, I’m going out.”

Chapter 228
After speaking, Charlie hurriedly walked out of the gate, and there was a quarrel between the two behind him.

It is difficult for an upright official to decide on housework, so it is better for him not to blend in.

Charlie casually found a small restaurant, ordered a few dishes, and planned to mix it up at night before going home.

This is a famous food street in Aurous Hill City with many people.

Charlie was eating, his eyes suddenly looked at the two figures across the street, and he was taken aback.

Isn’t that his wife Claire?

Across the street is a very high-end restaurant. Across the floor-to-ceiling glass on the second floor, Charlie is seeing Claire sitting by the window, and a middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes wearing gold glasses is sitting opposite.

Claire was holding the materials and was talking to the man non-stop, as if she was introducing her own studio, probably because she wanted the other party to invest.

But the middle-aged man was absent-minded, his eyes gazed toward her neck, neckline, and chest.

He even wanted to touch Claire’s hand by holding the materials.

Fortunately, Claire’s eyesight was quick and her hands were quick, and she drew away.

Charlie saw an angry rush toward his forehead!

This sh!t, dare to hit his wife’s idea!

The waiter had just walked over with a bowl of wonton noodles, before putting it down, Charlie stood up with a “jerk”, took out a red banknote and patted it on the table.

“keep the change.”

The second floor lounge of Yunlai Hotel.

Claire was suppressing the disgust in her heart, forcing herself to smile, and said to the man across the table: “Mr. Mei, the company’s future plans are written in the information. There will be development in the future. If you are willing to follow I will cooperate, I will definitely give you the best project planning.”

“Miss Willson, I know your abilities.” The middle-aged man showed an embarrassed expression: “But now the company still has several projects under investment at the same time, so the funds are very tight.”

Claire was a little disappointed. She exhausted her tongue and talked with him for a long time, but the other party was still ambiguous, so she couldn’t figure out the details.

Seeing Claire’s expression, the middle-aged man deliberately rubbed his hands and said, “Actually, it is not impossible. I will discuss with the company’s senior management. To be honest, I am very optimistic about your company. Or else at 8 o’clock tonight. Let’s talk a little bit, and I’ll learn more.

“Mr. Mei, this is not so good, right”

Claire hesitated.

It’s late at eight o’clock in the evening, and if we continue to talk, I am afraid that the results will come out late at night. I am a married woman, and it will not sound good to spread it out.

The middle-aged man laughed and said, “It’s not too late. Investment is not a trivial matter. We no longer have a deep understanding of each other. How can we have mutual trust? I will invite you to have a supper and discuss plans. Come on, Mr. Willson, for Our future cooperation let’s do a handshake.”

After speaking, the middle-aged man stretched out his hand and shook it to Claire’s small hand, a faint light flashed under his eyes.

This middle-aged man was named Ping Mei, and he had long coveted Claire, the “Aurous Hill No. 1 Beauty”.

Just because of the lack of opportunities, there has been no chance to start with this beauty.

Now Claire actually found him personally, saying that she was disconnected from the Willson family and wanted to persuade him to invest in her new studio, which made him irritated in private parts. He planned to take Claire down tonight and play with it!

Chapter 229
Claire didn’t want to shake hands with Ping Mei, but when she saw that the other party took the initiative to shake hands, she felt that if she refused, she would appear insincere, so she had to bite the bullet and stretch out her hand.

Just when Ping Mei secretly hid her joy and wanted to hold Claire’s little hand.

Suddenly, a big hand was stretched out in the diagonal stab, and it was directly held in her hand.

Ping Mei was stunned for a moment, looked up angrily, looked at the incoming person and shouted, “Who are you, what the h*ll are you doing?”

When Claire raised her head, she was also stunned.

“Charlie, when did you come?”

After speaking, she quickly explained to Ping Mei: “He is my husband.”

When he heard the word “husband”, Ping Mei’s face suddenly became dark.

“I just arrived.” Charlie pretended not to see it, smiled at Claire, and said to Ping Mei: “Your name is Ping Mei, isn’t it, the boss of Future Company Company?”

Ping Mei’s face was sullen and corrected, “Yes, it’s me, how about it?”

“Not very good, people are indeed pretty lousy!” Charlie nodded repeatedly, and deliberately lengthened his tone.

Ping Mei was sullen in his heart, and coldly wanted to withdraw his hand.

But Charlie’s palms were like iron tongs, which made him unable to move.

“Hiss!” Ping Mei let out an inhalation sound, his palm hurts more and more, and his bones seem to be about to break. “You, let go, my hand will be broken by you.”

Claire knew that Charlie was strong, and said quickly; “Charlie, let go of it.”

Charlie released his hand and looked at Ping Mei with a smile.

Ping Mei’s expression was distorted with pain, and he glanced at Charlie angrily, and then said to Claire: “Tell your husband to go back quickly. I’m not used to talking about cooperation in front of outsiders.”

Claire hesitated for a moment and said, “Charlie is my husband. He knows about my company, he’s not an outsider.”

“Even if he’s not an outsider, I’m not used to talking about such an important thing in front of a third party.” Ping Mei gave Charlie a bored glance, just wanting to drive him away quickly, and said, “Besides, about cooperation, he doesn’t understand either.”

Claire raised her head and said softly: “Charlie, I’m here to discuss business matters, you go back first.”

“It’s okay, I’ll wait for you.” After Charlie finished speaking, he sat down next to Claire.

Seeing Charlie clinging to Claire’s delicate body, Ping Mei frustrated his teeth in anger. He was really unwilling to see the flesh of his mouth and he was about to fly like this.

He snorted coldly and said: “You are the son-in-law of the Willson family. You are well-known in Aurous Hill City. Claire has worked hard to support her family, so please don’t delay her work. I will discuss cooperation with Claire. You will only get in the way here.”

Ping Mei’s tone was very rude, because he didn’t put Charlie in his eyes at all and wanted to send him away.

The poor son-in-law of the Willson family, most people in the circle knew, Ping Mei couldn’t help but sigh that Claire was married to a “soft rice man” it seemed exactly when a flower grew on the cow dung.

Charlie frowned and stared at Ping Mei coldly.

This flower is called “Claire”, calling her like his wife!

Ping Mei looked at Charlie with disdain, and said, “Charlie, if you are a man, don’t delay Claire’s work! Can you help Claire? Do you have the money to cooperate? Can you help Claire? To the contract for architectural design drawings?”

“If not, I advise you to find a job, deliver food or be a security guard, so as not to panic at home every day and be suspicious of your wife!”

Chapter 230
Claire felt uncomfortable when she heard it, and said, “Mr. Mei, Charlie also did a lot of things at home. Also, I would like to trouble you to call my full name Claire. I am not used to outsiders calling my nickname.”

“What does he do at home, buying vegetables? Cooking? Or washing clothes?”

Ping Mei couldn’t help laughing, and said, “Clai, if your husband can’t find a job, our company happens to be recruiting security, so you can let him try.”

After speaking, he said half-jokingly: “Clai, if I were you, I wouldn’t marry a man who couldn’t even find a job. I would have divorced this kind of Rubbish a long time ago.”

Claire frowned and was about to speak, but suddenly felt a chill around her.

She turned her head and saw Charlie stand up with a smile on his face, and said to Ping Mei: “I have heard of the name of Mr. Mei for a long time, and he is indeed as his name suggests. I also have something to say to Mr. Mei.”

Ping Mei’s face was dark: “What do you want to say.”

He forgave Charlie for being useless and not daring to do anything to himself!

Charlie put his hands on the table, leaned forward slightly, and smiled.

“What I want to say is that being a person can be useless or incompetent, but it must not be without character! Because without character, then it is not a human being, but an animal!”

After speaking, he held the hot soup that had just been served in both hands and poured it on Ping Mei’s head blankly.

With a scream, Ping Mei jumped up and he was scalded.

Claire was so shocked that her face paled. After a moment of stunned, she quickly called the waiter to bring a napkin.

The piping hot soup was so hot that Ping Mei’s face was burnt red. The thick soup ran down his neck and into his clothes. The whole body was sticky and embarrassed. There was still a leaf of vegetable hanging on the glasses.

Ping Mei grinned and screamed constantly.

The manager rushed over with a few waiters and was shocked when he saw the situation, and quickly ordered the waiters to help.

Ping Mei took off his glasses and yelled at Charlie: “You are looking for death!!”

After speaking, he showed a fierce look, reached out his hand and pointed at Charlie, and immediately took out his mobile phone to make a call.

“Hey, bring a few people to the Jiantia Hotel, call more people! There is a poor dog who does not have long eyes, and I need to teach him a lesson!”

Hearing Ping Mei calling someone, Claire quickly apologized to Ping Mei: “Mr. Mei, sorry, my husband was a little excited just now.”

“Don’t tell me this! He splashed me with soup, I have to let him kneel for me today.” Ping Mei was angry.

Seeing that Ping Mei was getting angry, Claire quickly turned around and said to Charlie: “You go out first, let me explain to Mr. Mei.”

“Don’t pay attention to him, follow me.” Charlie said, reaching out to pull Claire.

Claire frowned, pushed away from him, and said angrily: “Mr. Ping Mei is the boss of the Future Company. He is very influential in the construction industry in Aurous Hill City, and he knows people from three schools and nine schools! I can’t get cooperation. It doesn’t matter, but there are some things that you can’t solve with great strength.”

Charlie said: “I haven’t paid attention to a small company that is not influential.”

“small company?”

Claire was almost groaned by him.

In the construction industry of Aurous Hill City, Future Company ranks in the top five, even larger than Willson Company.

She was afraid that Charlie would offend Mr. Mei again, and said with a cold face: “Charlie, leave this to me to deal with, go out and wait for me outside the door!”