Amazing Love 251-255

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Chapter 251
Charlie laughed helplessly when he heard it, and said, “Miss Song doesn’t seem to want to be restrained by the Song family?”

Warnia nodded and said, “I really don’t want to, but I have no other way.

“Why?” Charlie said earnestly:

“I think your grandfather should have changed his mind after this critical moment of life and death, plus this time you found me and saved his life. If he is really grateful to you, you ask him for a free body, or a right to freely decide your future husband, I believe he should agree.”

Warnia smiled bitterly and shook her head, and said, “It’s impossible. Even if Grandpa loves me and wants to agree, he dare not agree.”

“Why?” Charlie asked puzzledly: “Isn’t your grandpa the head of the family? He controls everything in the Song family, so what else is he afraid of?”

Warnia said seriously: “The Song family has developed many branches for so many years to date. The branches rely on rules to restrain each other so that everyone obeys the family precepts. Otherwise, if you break the rules, others will also Imitate, once your children marry freely, children from other families also hope to be able to love freely. In that case, the Song family’s losses will inevitably be very heavy. If everyone is so unruly, the Song family may fail in a few decades.”

Having said that, Warnia said again: “The Song family has been able to stand tall from the end of the Qing Dynasty. It has grown up to today. The main thing is that everyone abides by the family motto and does not cross the thunder pool for half a step. Even if the family is divided and there are many branches, Our various branches are also supervising each other, and no one is allowed to have anything harmful to the interests of the Song family.”

Charlie sighed and said seriously: “I always thought that Miss Song was a very powerful woman. I didn’t expect you to be a sleeping beast. Everything must be at the mercy of others.”

“Right!” Warnia sighed very lowly, and said, “There is no way to fight this kind of thing.”

Speaking of this, Warnia shook her head, picked up the glass, and said, “Mr. Charlie, let’s not talk about these unhappy things. Come on, drink! I’ll toast to you again!”

Charlie smiled slightly, picked up the wine glass, and said: “This glass of wine, to respect for freedom!”

Warnia was slightly startled.

Respect for freedom?

Where does my freedom come from?

Although she was very depressed, she still smiled forcefully, nodded, and said, “Come, let us respect freedom!”

After another glass of wine, Warnia became drunker. She looked at Charlie and said with a sigh: “Many times I would wish if rather be born in an ordinary family. In that case, my life might be a little more difficult, but there would be absolutely not so many constraints, what my family can bring to me, apart from such a high position and the inexhaustible wealth of my life, has not given me any real happiness.”

Charlie smiled. Said: “Many ordinary people are actually more envious of you, rich people who never have to worry about money. Isn’t there a saying that they would rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bicycle? In your eyes, an ordinary family is very rare, but in the eyes of ordinary people, this kind of ordinariness is precisely what they most want to get rid of. Everyone has sharpened their heads, isn’t it just to make money?”

Warnia looked at Charlie and said seriously: “Mr. Charlie, you are not trying to make money! You don’t seem to care about the amount of money at all. Just like just now, a pill of 10 million, you can make as much as you like. Ten million, but you don’t want to ask for it, don’t you want to give it away, isn’t this just looking at money like dirt?”

Charlie smiled indifferently, thinking to himself, I regard money as dung because I am not short of money.

You didn’t know me when I was short of money.

At the time, Aunt Lena was seriously ill. In order to make up for her medical expenses, I begged Mrs. Willson to borrow money at her birthday banquet.

I thought that if she believed in Buddhism, she would have the kind of Buddhist thought of saving one’s life than building a seventh-level Buddha, and maybe she would lend me some money.

Chapter 252
“But she didn’t expect that she believed in Buddhism on the surface, but inside was actually an extremely greedy shameless person.

At that time, if someone wanted to give me a million, I was even willing to kneel down for him.

People cannot resist the attraction of money when they have no money.

Those who can really do it treat money like dung, people who already have money to spend, it is worthless.

For example, now, ten to twenty million is considered a bullsh*t? I don’t know how to spend the tens of billions in my account, and the Emgrand Group has tens of billions of profits a year, and I don’t know how to spend it.

In this case, what is the point of asking for 20 million? I would rather not have this money, and let them pay homage to them, calling themselves one by one Mr. Wade and one by one great benefactor.

This is really cool!

But, these words, how can I tell Warnia.”

She now thinks he is a saint with money like dung and the ability to reach the sky.

In that case, let her continue to think so!

At this time, Warnia drank a little and said: “Actually, I can tolerate everything else, but in the matter of marriage, I really don’t want to be manipulated by them. I don’t want to be their pawn. I don’t want to marry a man I don’t love at all, and I don’t want to give my youth and happiness to the Song family. I don’t want to repeat the mistakes of my mother.”

Charlie asked curiously: “Your mother, was it also an arranged marriage?”

“Yes.” Warnia nodded and said, “My mother married my dad. She was never happy in her life. She was depressed for many years and passed away at a young age.”

Charlie remembered that Warnia lost her mother’s relic left to her last time. According to Orvel, her mother has been away for more than ten years.

Warnia is also twenty-five or so. It is estimated that her mother had already left when she was ten years old. In that case, her mother was really young when she left.

Warnia drank a sip of wine alone, played with the wine glass in her hand, and said apologetically: “I’m sorry, Mr. Charlie, for letting you listen to my so much nonsense.”

Charlie hurriedly said: “Miss Song, don’t say that you can choose to tell me this, it must be your trust in me.”

Warnia nodded lightly, wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes, and said, “By the way, thank you very much Mr. Charlie today. Not only did you save my grandfather, but you also heard me complain about so much nonsense, thank you!”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “You don’t need to be so polite, no matter how you can be regarded as friends, when friends are too polite, and they seem to be divided.”

“Yeah!” Warnia nodded and said, “It’s getting late, Mr. Charlie or I will drop you back.”

Charlie waved his hand: “You don’t need to send me off, but you can’t drive in this situation. It’s best to find a substitute.”

Warnia nodded and said, “Don’t worry, the female manager here can help me drive. I’ll take you back first!”

Chapter 253
That night, after Warnia sent Charlie home, she returned to the Song family villa.

The Song family father did not follow Charlie’s instructions to take a rest but was sitting in the hall, listening to Warnia’s father and her uncles to report the family situation.

Seeing her back, Mr. Song hurriedly waved his hand and said: “Warnia, I have been waiting for you.”

“Grandpa!” Warnia screamed respectfully, and asked, “I wonder what grandpa would like to give me?”

Mr. Song said, “You invited Mr. Wade here. What is the situation of Mr. Wade? Please tell me about it. I want a detailed account.”

“Yes, grandpa!”

Warnia hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade and I met by chance in Jiqingtang, when Mr. Wade was with his father-in-law.”

“Father-in-law?” Old Son Song frowned, “Mr. Wade is already married?”

“Yes.” Warnia nodded quickly. “

“It’s a pity, it’s a pity!” Mr. Song shook his head and sighed, “It’s really a pity!”

Honor hurriedly said: “Grandpa, don’t worry, I have inquired about this Mr. Wade. He seems to be a live-in son-in-law recruited by a not very influential small family.”

“Small family?” Old Son Song was even more puzzled: “Which little family can find such a son-in-law?”

Honor said with a smile: “Willson family, you probably haven’t heard of Grandpa.”

“I have never heard of it.”

Grandpa Song frowned and said, “Since it’s a small family, it won’t get in the way. We still have hope.”

After speaking, he looked at Warnia and said: “Warnia, you go on.”

So Warnia continued: “At that time in Jiqingtang, Mr. Wade’s father-in-law accidentally overturned one of our antique vases, and then Mr. Wade repaired it with lost craftsmanship. Not only did he repair the vase, but also doubled its value. At that time, I paid more attention to Mr. Wade.”

Immediately afterward, Warnia recounted the whole process of knowing Charlie.

When she said that Charlie had smashed Hong Kong metaphysics master in Aurous Hill to death at the White family’s metaphysics conference, everyone sitting was stunned!

Old Song murmured: “I have heard of this person a long time ago. It is said that he has an incomparable ability. Even if Li Ka-shing wants to sell him a bit of face, he was killed by Mr. Wade?”

“Yes!” Warnia said with a face full of admiration: “On the same day, that man was arrogant in front of Mr. Wade. Mr. Wade only said a word of thunder to the sky. Then, a thunder exploded out of thin air, killing that fake master instantly.”

“My God, what kind of supernatural power is this!” Old Master Song was shocked!

The other Song family members were also shocked.

Leading the sky to smash Master from Hong Kong metaphysics? This is too amazing, right?

Then Warnia said: “Later, another Feng Shui master from Hong Kong tried to deceive me. Thanks to Mr. Wade who saw through the other side, he helped me change the trapped dragon formation in Feng Shui!”

Warnia continued to talk about the magic of Charlie that day. After listening to Mr. Song, combined with the fact that he was rescued by Charlie today, the whole person was struck by lightning!

After sitting in the upper seat for a long time, he sighed and said, “This Willson family, this is a dragon son-in-law! This Charlie is an ordinary mortal, he is a real dragon in the sky!”

Honor said awkwardly: “Grandpa, this Charlie has a little skill, but it’s a bit too exaggerated to say what he is a real dragon?”

“Exaggeration?” Mr. Song said coldly: “You think that if you say a word of thunder to the sky, the sky will drop thunder and lightning. Isn’t this a great supernatural power? People with great supernatural powers, not to mention a real dragon, even a true god, That’s it!”

After speaking, he looked at Warnia and said seriously: “Warnia! Grandpa gives you a task!”

Chapter 254
Warnia hurriedly said, “Grandpa, yes please!”

Mr. Song said, “I want you to recruit Charlie to the Song family to be our son-in-law anyway!”

“Ah?!” The people present, including Warnia, looked shocked.

However, in Warnia’s heart, there was a burst of excitement like a little woman.

But she still said very cautiously: “Grandpa, Mr. Wade, he is already married.”

“So what?” The Old Master Song said firmly: “Don’t say that he is already married, even if he has a lot of wives and concubines and a lot of children, we have to win him over! If we have such a dragon son in the Song family. Sitting in town can ensure that the energy of the Song family has increased exponentially, and even we can rank among the top Chinese families! If there is no such dragon son-in-law, after a hundred, three hundred, and five hundred years, the sons of our Song family may not be able to Realize this magnificent wish and make the Song family one of the top families in the Country!”

Warnia hesitated again and again, but suddenly had a strong expectation.

She looked at her grandpa and said seriously: “Grandpa, I understand!”

Father Song laughed loudly and said, “Good! Good! Good! Great! If this happens, Warnia, you will be the next Patriarch of the Song family!”

When these words came out, the audience was shocked!

When did the Patriarch of the Song family given to a woman?

However, Mr. Song just made such a promise!

To tell all, Mr. Song has never broken his promise in his life!

For a time, everyone in the Song family had their own thoughts

When Charlie went home, it was already ten o’clock in the evening.

However, when he arrived home, he was a little puzzled to see the family sitting in the living room with a solemn atmosphere.

Elaine saw Charlie come back, staring and questioning: “Charlie, where have you been? Haven’t come back for so long? Is there still this home in your eyes?”

Charlie was about to speak, his wife Claire suddenly frowned and called out: “Mom!”

Elaine didn’t have an attack.

Charlie carried the vegetables to the table and asked casually, “What are you talking about, so solemnly?”

Jacob asked: “Today’s big news in Aurous Hill, don’t you know?”

“What news?”

“Military companies suddenly announced bankruptcy, and the cooperative companies have terminated their contracts. The creditors came to the door as if they had agreed. Mei’s capital chain broke, went bankrupt overnight, and owed several billion in debt. He was forced to jump off the building and fell comma.”

Charlie pretended to be ignorant, and said in surprise: “Really? So miserable?”

Jacob shook his head and sighed: “Ping Mei used to be a dominant figure in the real estate industry in Aurous Hill. He was rich and powerful, and he didn’t know who he had offended. He actually fell to this point.”

“A person like him deserves bankruptcy.” Claire’s face was cold, and she didn’t sympathize with the pervert who intended to invade her.

Elaine sighed: “So Claire, how dangerous is it to start a business on your own? It’s possible that if you don’t make money, your life will be lost!”

After that, she looked at Claire and said firmly, “So you don’t want to do any studio! The risk is too great! If you want me to say, you should honestly return to the Willson Group, your grandma has promised you will be the director, you will have a million annual salary after you go back. Isn’t it better than starting a business yourself?”

Chapter 255
Hearing that her mother always persuades her to return to the Willson Group, Claire asked very puzzledly: “Mom, what kind of ecstasy did grandma give you? Why do you have to let me return to the Willson Group?”

Elaine was also anxious, and said, “Isn’t it obvious that the Willson Group is paying an annual salary of one million? Isn’t it better than your own business? What if you lose money in your business, what should I do with your dad?”

Claire said firmly: “Mom, don’t tell me, I will never go back to the Willson Group again. Even if I go to the streets to beg for food, I will not go back! I don’t want to fight for steamed buns, but I have to fight for my breath!”

Elaine looked like she hated iron but not steel, and taught Claire: “Keep your breath? What’s the use of no money?”

After Elaine finished speaking, with two lines of tears, she said aggrieved: “Now the Willson family company is about to close down. If it really closes, your father and I won’t get the pension! You know we all rely on this. A sum of money to provide for the elderly! Moreover, even if your grandma does not wait to see your dad, your dad still has a stake in the Willson Group. If you don’t go back, the dividend will be gone! What if our old couple is helpless in the future? “

Claire blurted out: “Mom, this is the Willson family’s own mismanagement. If they really go bankrupt one day, they deserve it!”

Elaine suddenly became anxious: “What are you talking about? We have spent so much effort in the Willson family for so many years. Seeing that the bamboo basket is empty and nothing is gone, have you considered it for Mom?”

Claire said seriously: “I have always considered for you. You told me to hand over most of the salary to you. I have always obeyed. You said you want to take care of all the money in our family. Father and I have no objection to managing money. I follow you in so many places, but you also have to give me a little respect. I don’t want to go back to the Willson Group. I want to start my own business and do something by myself. Can’t you support me?”

Elaine knew that she was wrong, but Claire could only say that she could only sit on the sofa and cried with her face covered, muttering: “Why do I have such a hard life? I! I have worked hard to raise a girl and count on her. Marrying a good husband and being a master, what happened? Your grandfather insisted on recruiting such an inverted son-in-law to come in. Now my daughter doesn’t listen to me anymore. This family doesn’t care for me anymore. What’s the point of being alive? “

When Claire saw that her mother had begun to sell miserably and engage in moral kidnapping, she was anxious, and said, “Mom, don’t you want to show Charlie out for everything? Charlie is pretty promising now, then After the villa is renovated for a while, you can live in it. Isn’t this dragging Charlie’s blessing?”

Elaine cried and said, “What about living in? Isn’t it still worrying about living in, for fear that the White family will react and drive our family out again?”

Claire sighed and said, “If you have to cry and worry yourself like this, then I can’t help it, or else I rent a house with Charlie outside, let’s move out.”

“You” Elaine was anxious when she heard this, and stood up and said, “Do you want to separate from us?”

Claire nodded and said, “We have been married for several years, and it is time to move out.”

“No!” Elaine blurted out immediately: “Absolutely not!”

Claire said seriously: “Mom, if you force me to go to the Willson Group, then I will move out with Charlie; if you don’t mention the Willson Group, then I won’t move. Choose one of the two, you see for yourself.”

Elaine stared at Claire’s eyes, knowing that this girl was not joking with her, and suddenly realized that she had played a little too far.

If she really kept on crying, making troubles like this, she would probably move out with Charlie. At that time, she would break up with her!