Amazing Love 246-250

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Chapter 246
In Tianqi’s view, even if he lived another fifty years, he would still not be able to touch Charlie’s current heel at most.

This man’s medical skills are unfathomable, and what’s more magical is that he can refine such powerful magical medicine. This is simply a godlike existence!

Tianqi’s granddaughter, Zhovia, was already blushing at this time. She was not convinced of Charlie just now, but now she is completely convinced!

Charlie said to Tianqi indifferently at this time: “Old Shi, although the medicine you bought is really effective for your internal injuries, it lacks a few prescriptions after all, and the effect is 20%. Wait for me. I will give you a complete pill, then you just have to take it, and the internal injury will be cured immediately.”

“Mr. Wade, thank you next!”

Tianqi was grateful, and the Old Master knelt and clasped his fists in tears.

Zhovia also bowed down with Tianqi, blushing, and said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, thank you!”

Tianqi also said: “Mr. Wade, you are not in Nanguang Traditional traditional medical field, but I have been in contact for decades, and I have some connections. With Mr. Wade’s kindness, I have no retribution. If you need any medicinal materials in the future, Or if you want to do something, just ask me for it.”

Charlie nodded slightly.

Don’t think that Tianqi is only a traditional medicine doctor, but the Shi family has practiced medicine for generations and is the number one genius doctor in the south of the Yangtze River. His connections and resources in medicinal materials are probably not as good as the Song family.

With the help of the Shi family, it will be easier to find medicinal materials for cultivation in the future.

At this moment, Song Lao, who had not been moving, suddenly coughed and opened his eyes!

Everyone’s eyes were attracted by him. Under this look, he was suddenly surprised!

Old Song, who had been unconscious, sat up from the bed by himself!

This this

The middle-aged man in the Song family didn’t even dare to breathe, he was afraid that all this was just his own illusion.

The doctor had already given the Old Master a critical illness notice, thinking that the Old Master would not survive for a few days.

Honor specially invited the genius doctor Tianqi, but after Tianqi’s granddaughter gave the injection, it only made the Old Master’s complexion slightly restored, but he could do nothing about Song Lao’s condition.

He thought that he could even prepare for the Old Master’s funeral, and Charlie went up silently and gave the Old Master an injection.

And he did not expect that Charlie said that the Old Master would wake up in half an hour, and the Old Master would actually wake up in half an hour!

Moreover, the Old Master seems to have clear eyes, a strong complexion, and a ruddy complexion that is much better than before he fell ill!

This is really amazing!

Tianqi exclaimed, and said, “Mr. Wade said half an hour, but even a minute is not wasted!”

The Song family members were amazed, as said, a genius doctor! Sure enough, a genius doctor!

The middle-aged man from the Song family hurriedly stepped forward and asked the Old Master: “Dad, how are you feeling?”

Lao Song looked at his beloved son with complicated eyes, and his eyes were full of rejoicing after the disaster, and exclaimed: “I thought I was dead, I really didn’t expect to wake up again.”

The middle-aged man from the Song family pointed to Charlie and said excitedly, “Dad, thanks to Mr. Wade for saving you this time!”

Old Song turned his head to look at Charlie. Seeing that he was so young, he couldn’t help but be startled slightly. Then he recovered and said, “The life-saving grace of the genius doctor is unforgettable!”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “It’s not enough to raise your hand.”

Having said that, Charlie pointed to Tianqi and his granddaughter Zhovia next to him and said: “Mr. Shi and his granddaughter have done a lot to save you. It is not my credit alone.”

Chapter 247:
Chapter 247:

Tianqi did not expect that Charlie would still be able to say good things to him and his granddaughter at this time. He was grateful and humbly said: “Song Lao, Mr. Wade is humble. In fact, Song Lao can turn the crisis into safety. It’s not him, and we may not wake you up.

Song Lao nodded but said politely: “I’ve heard of the reputation of being a genius doctor, so please don’t belittle yourself. In any case, you are already kind to me if you can come this time.”

After finishing speaking, he looked at Charlie and said seriously: “Mr. Charlie, my life-saving grace is unforgettable! If there is anything that can be of any use for you in the Song family, it belongs to you!”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Mr. Song is polite.”

After speaking, when it was late, Charlie said: “Song Lao, you have recovered from a serious illness, and it is not suitable to spend more energy. It is better for you to have some rest, and I will too leave now.”

Old Song hurriedly said: “Mr. Charlie, I don’t know how much consultation fee should be paid for saving Lao Fu’s life this time? Lao Fu will definitely pay twice!”

Charlie said indifferently: “There is no need for the consultation fee. This time I came here for Warnia, it is the help between friends.”

Warnia was shocked both physically and mentally when she heard this!

Charlie is giving credit to her in front of grandpa! After all, grandpa can decide how many properties each Song family can inherit and what role they can play in the family business in the future!

If she can get his love, she may even become the future leader of the Song family, which is what she has been looking forward to.

Charlie gave her such a big credit this time, and it seems that she is one step closer to this goal!

Elder Song couldn’t help but look at his granddaughter Warnia, nodded slightly, and even said: “Okay! Very good! Warnia, even if you save your grandfather, you must not treat Mr. Wade badly!”

Warnia hurriedly bowed, and said seriously: “Grandpa, don’t worry, I will repay Mr. Wade well!”

“Good.” Song Lao nodded in satisfaction and laughed heartily.

Honor standing not far away, his expression became extremely ugly.

This credit was completely robbed by Warnia, so it seems that he will be very passive in the future

Charlie didn’t stay in Song’s house for too long. Seeing that Song Lao was almost recovered, he proposed to leave.

So, Song Lao asked the Song family member to see him off to the door in person.

Tianqi also decided to leave with his granddaughter. To Charlie, he said that in the next few days, he would find a hotel to stay in Aurous Hill, and he would contact him when he finished refining the medicine.

Tianqi was naturally thankful, watching Charlie respectfully get into Warnia’s car.

Later, Warnia drove Charlie back to the city.

On the way, Warnia said to him: “Mr. Wade, thank you so much today.”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Little things, you don’t need to be so polite, maybe I will need Miss Song’s help in the future!”

Warnia hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade can rest assured, in your need, Warnia will never refuse to go through fire and water!”

After all, Warnia looked at Charlie’s profile and asked tentatively: “Mr. Wade, I wonder if you can find a place to sit and have a drink?”

She had ten thousand doubts about Charlie in her heart, waiting for the mystery to be solved, and she also found that Charlie seemed to have a strong magnetic force on his body and began to exude an irresistible attraction to herself, which made her unable to help it. She wants to get in touch with him more and learn more about the secrets in his heart.

Chapter 248
Charlie looked at the time, it wasn’t too late, and it was true that he hadn’t drunk happily for a long time, so he nodded and said, “Okay, you can choose the place!”

Warnia was overjoyed on her face and hurriedly said: “I know a bar, it’s a great place!”

After that, she stepped on the accelerator and drove quickly towards the city center.

In the city center, a bar named sunny.

Warnia parked the car at the door, and directly threw the car key to the little brother standing there, and took Charlie through the steps.

When the waiter saw her, he immediately said respectfully: “Miss Song, good evening! Are you still in your old seat?”

Warnia nodded, and the other party immediately said, “Please follow me.”

On the first floor of this bar, there is a dance floor and a DJ, which is quite lively, but the waiter took them directly to the second floor. On the second floor, beside the empty railing, there is a seat with no seats around. Not only can you watch the lively scene below, and there is no influence around, and the music is not so loud, it can be quiet in the noise.

As soon as Warnia sat down, she immediately said to the waiter: “Two bottles of the best 82 Lafite.”

“OK, Miss Song!”

The waiter bowed very respectfully, and then quickly brought up two bottles of red wine.

The wine was opened, and part of it was poured into the decanter. The waiter wanted to wait there. Warnia said to him, “Go down and say hello to your boss. Don’t bring other guests on the second floor today.”

“OK, Miss Song!” The other party bowed respectfully and retreated.

Charlie asked curiously: “Do you have shares here?”

Warnia smiled slightly and said, “This bar was opened by a member of the Song family branch.”

Charlie nodded and said with a smile: “The Song family is really a big family.”

Warnia laughed at herself and said, “It’s okay. In Aurous Hill, this one-third of acres, there is really no family that can match it, but after leaving Aurous Hill, it is actually nothing. Just Eastcliff has a big Big family with much better votes than the Song family. The Lan family, the Huang family, the Ou family, and the Dong family are the most powerful, and the Su family and the Wade family. Big families like the Wade family can match dozens of us. We can only look up.”

Charlie smiled without saying a word.

Wade family? Isn’t it his family?

It’s just that he hasn’t figured out whether he wants to go back yet.

To be honest, life is actually pretty good now. Not only does he have the Emgrand Group and tens of billions of cash, but also have the infinite possibilities that the Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures give me.

In contrast, if he goes back to Wade’s house, he will be subject to many constraints. How can he be so free then?

Warnia poured a glass of red wine for Charlie and herself at this time, handed one of them to him, smiled, and said, “Come on, Mr. Wade, I toast you a glass!”

The lights on the second floor were dim, and the waiter placed two candles on the table. Warnia’s face looked pink and tender under the candlelight.

Charlie took the wine, looked at Warnia, who was rosy and tender, and said with a smile: “Miss Song, whenever you drink, you must have a reason to drink, such as what we want to celebrate, or what we want to remember or forget, to be upset or happy about something, so before we drink each glass of wine, we have to talk about why this glass of wine was drunk, what do you think?”

Chapter 249
Hearing Charlie’s special request, Warnia said with a smile: “Okay, since it’s the first drink, let me explain why.

With that, she cleared her throat, smiled sweetly, and said, “Of course the first drink is to thank you! You saved my grandfather today and did me a big favor!”

Charlie nodded and smiled: “Okay, then we will do this glass of wine!”

After speaking, he picked up the wine glass, touched the wine glass in Warnia’s hand, and drank it in one go.

Warnia also drank all the wine in the wine glass very boldly, and then asked Charlie with a smile: “Mr. Charlie, why did you drink the second glass?”

“Okay.” Charlie smiled, and said: “This second cup is just for fate! In this world, people can get to know each other because of the fate gained through thousands of years of cultivation. You and I have a fate. This cup of wine is Respect for fate!”

“Okay!” Warnia said with a smile: “Respect for fate!”

Immediately after the third cup, Warnia blushed pretty and said: “This cup of wine, to Mr. Wade’s superb ability, I saw Mr. Charlie’s ability to treat illnesses and save people today, and I became more and more certain that your act in Aurous Hill by lightning. It’s not accidental, Mr. Charlie, would you like to talk about it yourself?

Charlie smiled casually, and said unfathomably: “Was it not accidental? God knows it better. As for you and me mortals, you can only say that the secret is not to be revealed.”

Warnia nodded and smiled, watching Charlie’s beautiful eyes continue to flow, and said seriously: “In order not to reveal the secret, let’s have a drink!”

“it is good!”

After a few glasses of wine, Warnia’s eyes turned a bit blurred.

Although she has a good amount of alcohol tolerance, she drinks several glasses of red wine in one breath.

At this time, it was time for her to say the toast and the reason for drinking.

Warnia looked at Charlie with a pair of big eyes and a bit drunk, and suddenly said faintly: “Actually, Mr. Charlie, I recently discovered that you are actually quite good.”

“Very good?” Charlie chuckled and asked curiously: “What do you mean by this?”

“Many aspects.” Warnia said earnestly: “You are more interesting than the people I usually contact. Many people I usually contact, either always flatter me, hold me, follow me, or always treat me. I have some unclear attempts, and it can be said that few are good things.”

“What?” Charlie asked curiously: “Do you think I have no intentions against you?”

Warnia nodded and said, “I think you seem to feel a little detached from the world.”

Chapter 250
Charlie asked curiously: “Beyond the mundane world? What do you say?”

Warnia said seriously: “Mr. Charlie looks ugly, but he is actually very capable, capable but not arrogant, usually not showing up, but once someone touches your limit, you will not hesitate. The counterattack, and the decisive killing and not leaving any opportunity for the opponent to backhand, these qualities are by no means carried by the ordinary people.

After that, Warnia said again: “More importantly, I don’t understand. Why do you want to be a live-in son-in-law in the Willson family because you have such a great ability? The Willson family is just a second-and third-rate ordinary family. You are a great god, stay in it?”

Charlie didn’t answer her question, but asked her: “Then you think if I don’t stay in the Willson family, where should I stay? Or, do you think, where can I stay in it?”

Warnia said seriously: “I think you should marry a top-notch big family. For an expert like you, countless big families will sharpen their heads and marry their daughters to you.”

Charlie said with a smile: “What’s the point of that? This kind of combination of interests does not have any love factor in itself. A girl from a big family is willing to marry someone she doesn’t like? Or just want to be herself Is your life under the command and control of your family?”

Warnia naturally said: “Of course! Any big family has always been particularly strict with the girls in the family. For example, you must go to a very top aristocratic school, not to learn knowledge, but to learn aristocratic social etiquette. For another example, if we are under a certain age or timing, the family strictly forbids us from contacting the opposite s3x, and never allows us to fall in love on our own.

“Really?” Charlie asked surprised: “This is the 21st century. How come you big families are more feudal than those in the ancient feudal society of our country?”

“This is not feudal.” Warnia said earnestly: “This is the survival rule of the upper family.”

“Law of survival?” Charlie asked curiously: “How to say?”

Warnia said seriously: “We need to cooperate, bind, and exchange resources with other families. Therefore, one of the family mottos of our Song family is very important: All direct members of the family must obey the family when talking about marriage.”

“In the feudal society, the requirement of the Song family to intermarriage was that the marriage must be between the cousins, that is, the previous cousin married the cousin, this cousin married that cousin, this is to prevent wealth dilution or outflow, but now the country prohibits three generations blood relatives to married, but even abroad, many cousins ​​still get married.”

“Later, our family motto was gradually relaxed. We did not require marriage with a cousin, but we had to intermarry with other large families. The other side’s family power can be higher than our own, but it must not be too much lower than ours.”

Speaking of this, Warnia sighed and continued: “The family believes that a family has the value of cooperation, and it will find ways to let the men of the family marry the women of the other family, or marry the women of the family into the other family. All family members must focus on family interests and must not disobey any arrangements made by the family, especially major marriages.”

Charlie sighed, and said, “It seems that this big family also has the distress of the big family. The richer, the more greedy for money.”

When speaking, Charlie also sighed inwardly. It seemed that if he returned to the Wade family, the Wade family would absolutely have to exercise the same control over him, and might even look down on the Willson family and force him to divorce Claire. , And then introduce him to a wealthy daughter from another big family.

It seemed that the Wade family really couldn’t return.

Thinking in his heart, Charlie asked: “By the way, I think Miss Song you are also at the age of marrying. I wonder if your family has arranged a good marriage partner for you?”

Warnia shook her head and said, “It was originally planned. First, my cousin Honor’s marriage was decided. His fiancee was the daughter of a northern family designated by my grandfather. When it was my turn, my grandfather was seriously ill. So I didn’t care about this matter anymore, but now my grandpa is healed from illness, I guess he will start planning my marriage soon.”