Amazing Love  91-95

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Chapter 91
Charlie asked them to drag all these five people up, and said coldly: “Today, I spared you five dogs, but if any of you dare to disclose everything that happened today, I will kill his whole family and understand?”

The five immediately nodded frantically.

It is a blessing in misfortune to be able to pick up life at this time, how dare to disobey Charlie’s meaning!


Seeing that these five people were completely convinced by his own treatment, Charlie nodded in satisfaction and said to Lili’s father and Yuesheng: “If you cheat my brother, you will have to pay the price. You will change the restaurant to my brother’s name tomorrow, yourself. Get out of the restaurant with your daughter, do you understand?”

Yuesheng nodded like garlic: “I understand, I’ll get out of here tomorrow!”

Charlie said to Zhaodong’s father, Zhao Haifeng: “Your son cuckolded my brother and severely injured my brother. You will pay my brother two million in damages tomorrow. One point less will not work. Do you understand? “

Zhao Haifeng also hurriedly said: “Mr. Charlie, I will call you to take the money tomorrow!”

Charlie was only satisfied, and said to Orvel’s men: “Okay, you throw all the garbage out!”


A group of people immediately took the five people out.

After they were taken away, Charlie said to Biao, “Biao, you did a good job this time.”

Biao smiled and hurriedly said, “Mr. Charlie, this is what I should do!”

Charlie said lightly: “I will ask someone to transfer two million to your account as a reward for you.”

Biao was immediately ecstatic and bowed: “Thank you, Mr. Charlie!”

Although he has made a lot of money with Orvel, Mr. Orvel is really not so generous, and he can give two million for every shot.

Charlie directly sent a text message to Issac, asking him to help transfer money to Biao. Although he has a lot of money in his card, it is not convenient to operate now.

A minute later, the money went to Biao’s account.

Biao was so excited that he kept bowing to Charlie.

Charlie said to Orvel again: “Mr. Orvel, you must not look down on these two million.”

Mr. Orvel said hurriedly, “Mr. Charlie, it is my honor to share your worries for you.”

Charlie gave a hum, and said, “I will remember this favor, and I will give you a chance to rise above and beyond.”

Hearing this, Orvel immediately knelt on the ground, banged his head at Charlie.

For Mr. Orvel, what he wants is not money, but a higher level.

However, for a person like him, it’s hard to climb to the next level.

Issac was the object he had always wanted to fawn on, but Issac never looked down on him because his background was too low and dirty.

Now, with a word from Charlie, it is very likely that Issac will lead him so that in the future, he will really be able to take it to the next level!

After discussing the merits, Charlie turned around and said to Darren, “Are you satisfied with today’s affairs?”

Darren was extremely shocked.

He really didn’t understand why Charlie had become so powerful.

Even the underground emperor of Aurous Hill must kneel in front of him!

He froze for a long time before he came back to his senses, and hurriedly said: “Satisfied! Satisfied!”

Charlie said, “I’m returning you to the restaurant. I will also get you two million for the loss. The rest of the future will depend on you!”

Darren said immediately: “Charlie, I will definitely be a cow and a horse for you in the future, and repay your kindness! No matter what you ask me to do, I will say nothing!”

Chapter 92
Charlie nodded and said, “You should heal your injury first, and if you recover from your injury, run the restaurant well. If there is anything you need to do, I will tell you then.

Darren repeatedly said: “I will listen to your instructions at any time!”

Charlie said again: “Oh, right, about today you must not tell anyone about this matter. I don’t want others to know my identity, understand?”

Darren hurriedly nodded and said: “I understand, don’t worry, even if I die, I won’t say anything!”

Charlie gave a hum and said, “I will arrange two nurses for you to take care of you. Take care of yourself. I will leave now.”

Back home, Charlie did not tell his wife Claire what happened today.

He still doesn’t want to let his wife know too much. For her, the less she knows, the safer.

The next day, when he was out shopping for groceries, he suddenly received a call. He picked it up and saw that it was actually from Warnia, the boss of Jiqingtang and the daughter of the Song family.

Charlie couldn’t help but wonder, what would Warnia have to do with him?

After picking it up, Warnia’s voice came, “Mr. Charlie, I’m really sorry, I take the liberty to interrupt, please forgive me.”

Charlie asked subconsciously, “Is there something wrong with the Yuhuchun bottle after I repaired it?”

Warnia quickly replied: “That’s not the case. I called Mr. Charlie because of other things.”

Charlie gave a hum and said, “say it.”

Warnia said: “The thing is, I have recently fancied something, but I am a little bit uncertain. You have a lot of knowledge in antiques, so I would like to ask you to come and help me with it?”

Charlie didn’t actually have any interest in appreciating antiques, but now he also has some treasures that contain spiritual energy, so he continued to ask: “Can you tell me what it is?”

Warnia replied: “It’s an ancient jade. According to the seller, after wearing it, it has the effect of peace of mind and good luck and avoiding evil.”

Charlie’s mind suddenly turned.

The Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures that he got accidentally seemed to record some spiritual things.

That kind of treasure that contains spiritual energy is of great benefit to people. He wanted to know if such a treasure could really be found in the world, so he agreed and said: “Okay, I can accompany you.”

Warnia said, “Thank you, Mr. Charlie, I will pick you up at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning.”

“it is good.”

After hanging up the phone, Charlie also thought to himself.

Regal feng shui, this kind of antiques that can calm the nerves and seek good fortune and avoid evil is highly praised by the rich. You can contact them more in the future to see if there is any chance.

Early the next morning.

Warnia drove to pick up Charlie on time.

After Charlie got in the car, Warnia said: “Mr. Charlie, I’m going to buy this ancient jade today, as well as a few other people in Aurous Hill are interested. I am afraid the competition will be very fierce.”

Charlie nodded and said lightly: “It doesn’t matter if there are many people or few people. The main thing is to see how things are. If things are good, you shouldn’t be afraid of people. I believe in Miss Song’s strength. If you really want to get a treasure, don’t stop yourself.”

Warnia smiled slightly and said, “Mr. Charlie, as the saying goes, there are mountains outside the mountains, and people outside the mountains. Just in Aurous Hill, this one-third of acres will hide dragons and crouching tigers. I don’t know how many people are better than me.”

Charlie pretended to be surprised and asked: “No? Isn’t the Song family the largest family in Aurous Hill?”

Warnia smiled and said, “That’s just the surface, let’s not talk about anything else. Take the new chairman of the Emgrand Group as an example. The Emgrand Group will top our entire Song family. The strength of this person is truly unfathomable.”

While talking, Warnia sighed again: “I actually want to make friends with this big man, but it’s a pity that this person is too mysterious to find any breakthrough.”

Chapter 93
Warnia spoke the truth.

She does feel that the new chairman of Emgrand Group is unfathomable.

You can buy a group of hundreds of billions at will without showing up. It can be seen that their industry is by no means just an Emgrand group.

In contrast, the Song family is indeed a little less interesting.

However, she didn’t know that the chairman of the Emgrand Group she had always wanted to make friends with was sitting next to her at this time.

Charlie was naturally also very low-key, and casually echoed a few sentences, but never revealed any information.

Warnia’s car drove fast and steady.

Soon, the car drove to a small courtyard by the river.

This small courtyard is secluded and elegant, with a simple and unpretentious appearance, but inside it is a huge water town.

Small bridges and flowing water, elegant gardens, pavilions, row upon row.

After parking, someone specially greeted the two to enter the door.

Go through the yard and into the lobby.

In the Chinese-style decorated hall, there is a mahogany round table, beside the table are several grandmaster chairs.

Seeing the two coming in, a white-haired Old Master stood up and said hello to Warnia: “Miss, you are here.”

Warnia looked a little embarrassed and nodded and said, “Old Qi, why are you here too.”

The Old Master smiled slightly and said, “I heard that you are coming, so I am here to take care of it.”

Warnia nodded and introduced to Charlie: “Qi is always the appraiser of our Song family. He is sent by the family, so he should be afraid of making mistakes.”

Charlie nodded. She was too young, and the Song family was not worried.

Old Qi glanced at Charlie, his face was a little disdainful, and said, “This is the appraiser invited by the eldest? Is so young, have you learned appraisal?”

Next to him, a middle-aged man with a blue complexion sneered and said, “Looking for such a hairy boy to hold his hands? Is there no one in the Song family? Would you like me to lend you some appraiser? Hahahaha.”

Warnia’s face became cold, and she said, “Tailai Li, this is Aurous Hill, not your Haicheng. It’s not your turn to speak up here.”

Tailai shrugged, and said indifferently: “The little girl from the Song family has a big temper.”

“Okay,” a middle-aged man sitting at the east of the round table frowned. “It’s all for business, not for quarrels, all calm down.”

“And this young man, let’s sit together.”

Warnia snorted before sitting down slowly.

Charlie also took a seat, and then Warnia leaned in his ear and whispered: “The one called Tailai before is the richest man in Haicheng. Next to him is Guo Ming, a very powerful Fengshui master. The one who spoke just now is Qin Gang. , The head of the Qin family in Aurous Hill, their family is the closest”

Charlie only noticed that Tailai was sitting next to an Old Master in a turquoise Thompson suit.

The Old Master was full of silver hair and had a sense of immortality. He kept his eyes closed all over his body, exuding an atmosphere that no one should get close to. He hadn’t even opened his eyes after the two of them arrived.

Speaking of this, Warnia shut up. Although Charlie was a little curious in his heart, he couldn’t ask anymore.

After everyone was seated, sitting on the other side of the table, a fat man dressed in luxurious clothes smiled and said, “Since the quarrel is over, let’s hurry up and see the goods. You are all big families. Stuff, there is no need to struggle for too long.”

Qin Gang snorted coldly, and said, “As long as this thing is really like what you said, it can adjust Feng Shui, calm and concentrate, I really don’t care about the billion self.”

Chapter 94
The fat man glanced at him before placing a simple wooden box on the table.

Inside the box was a piece of red jade glowing with blood, with an old style. As soon as it was taken out, everyone felt that the hall was filled with a warm atmosphere.

The eyes of Qin Gang suddenly lit up.

Warnia turned around and asked Elder Qi, “Old Qi, what do you think of this jade?”

Elder Qi stared for a moment and nodded: “It should be no problem. It is a bloody jade from before the Thompson Dynasty, and at first glance, it can be seen that a good monk has cultivated it for a long time.”

Warnia nodded, then turned to ask Charlie, “What do you think of it Mr. Charlie?”

Charlie curled his mouth in disdain and said: “Fake”

Old Qi snorted and scolded: “You are so young, who gave you the courage to slander in front of so many people!”

The Old Master Guo Ming beside Tailai also opened his eyes, looked, and asked: “Can I get started?”

The fat man sneered disdainfully and said, “Mr. Guo, are you kidding me? You don’t understand jade? Normal jade can’t be passed. My piece is bloody jade from the Zhou Dynasty.

Guo Ming was stunned for a moment before he said, “I was abrupt.”

After all, he also got to the edge of the ancient jade and watched it carefully. After a while, he closed his eyes again, and after a long time, he nodded and said: “If this jade is from the Zhou Dynasty, I don’t know, but it adjusts the Feng Shui and calms the mind. It should be real.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone’s hearts were instantly heated.

For them, it doesn’t really matter what history the jade has. The important thing is what role the jade has.

Old Qi smiled and said, “Old Guo is also a discerning person, not like those who are incapable and pretentious.”

When Warnia heard this, she couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed in Charlie.

It seems that he is still too young. Perhaps he has some accomplishments in the restoration of cultural relics, but he is still far behind these old people in the identification of antiques.

When Charlie saw this, he just shook his head slightly. Since these people are willing to be fooled, there is no need to stop them.

When the fat man saw that everyone had finished the appraisal, he closed the box and said with a smile: “Since the thing has been appraised, guys, is it time to make a price?”

Before he could finish his words, Qin Gang took the lead and said: “I will pay 100 million.”

“One hundred and thirty million.” Tailai also said.

Seeing that Warnia was silent, the fat man asked, “Where is Ms. Song?”

Seeing Warnia hesitated, Mr. Qi hurriedly whispered in her ear: “Miss, this is definitely a treasure. The estimated value should be around 300 million. If it can be won at 200 million, it will be a steady profit.”

Warnia was also a little shaken in her heart. She turned her head and glanced at Charlie, only to see that the other party looked indifferent, not sad or happy, and she couldn’t help but hesitate.

Old Qi glanced at Charlie with a cold look. Knowing that Warnia was affected by Charlie, she didn’t ask for a price. He said, “Just now, Mr. Charlie said that this ancient jade is fake. I really want to know. how he came to the conclusion! Let us also see Mr. Charlie’s methods!”

If Charlie talks nonsense later, Warnia will naturally know that Charlie’s words are false, and then she will feel relieved to bid.

Others contemptuously said:

“He knows what a little boy, don’t be ashamed of coming up”

“Yes, how can it be his turn to speak here?”

“If you don’t want to buy it, don’t waste everyone’s time.”

Listening to everyone’s ridicule, Charlie just stared at Old Qi with interest, and asked indifferently: “Are you sure you want me to tell?”

Chapter 95
“Of course! Just say it!”

Old Qi sneered and said: “I also want to see how you liars usually deceive people.”

Charlie shrugged and said: “I didn’t really want to expose your scam, but I can’t refuse you repeatedly asking for it.”

“A scam? Boy, you mean, did we all miss it?”

Guo Ming, who had been calm, said with a sneer.

Charlie glanced at him and said with a sneer: “You are the most stupid here in particular”

“Boy, you are looking for death!” Guo Ming was furious.

Charlie ignored him and said, “Jade is true jade, you liar have a conscience.”

Then he said: “But this jade is not a bloody jade of the Zhou Dynasty, and there is no good monk who has raised it personally. It is nothing more than a piece of fine topaz from Hetian. It has a good texture, but it has some value. The price is at most 500,000.”

“bulls*it. Can’t you see that the jade is red?” Qi Lao scolded.

Charlie continued: “The red color is due to the erosion of the manganese ore containing submanganate. Don’t you really think it was blood-soaked in the corpse of some eminent monk?”

“Then what about the warm atmosphere we feel?” Qin Gang frowned and asked eagerly.

Charlie shook his head and said, “This thing is even less technical. The grass from Africa, the rhizome is ground into a powder and dissolved in water. Soaking this jade in water for about half a year will naturally have this effect. It’s not a warm atmosphere. It’s a psychedelic effect. It’s easy to remove it. Just burn the piece of jade with fire.”

“Boy! How dare you say crazy words!” Hearing the words, the fat man patted the table and stood up.

Tailai turned dark, looked at the fat man, and said, “Take the jade out for a while?”

The fat man was sweating profusely and said: “What is too hot, this kid is obviously pretending to be a deceit, don’t listen to his nonsense!”

Qin Gang tapped his finger on the desktop and said, “After the fire, if the effect is still there, I will pay for it, but if the effect is gone, the consequences, you know, although our Qin family has recently encountered something, it is not Let others ride on the head!”

Warnia also nodded and said: “If Mr. Charlie is wrong, it doesn’t matter if you go too far. Jade will not burn, but if Mr. Charlie is right, you have to give us an explanation today!”

The fat man suddenly sweated profusely.

Of these three, none of them can be offended by him.

The reason why this round was made was entirely because of Qi Lao inside and outside, wanting to cheat Warnia a sum of money, and then share the spoils.

Unexpectedly, a Charlie would kill it halfway, and all the mysteries in it would be revealed in one word!

Actually, Charlie didn’t know jade before.

The reason for being able to see through this jade at a glance is entirely because of the Nine Profound Heavenly Secrets.

Don’t know why. he just saw this piece of jade, and the answers have already appeared in his brain.

It seems that this identification of antique jade is a skill in the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures.

Seeing that the fat man didn’t speak, Charlie suddenly sneered and said: “Why? Is your heart guilty? Don’t care about talking?”

The fat man’s face was blue and white, but he didn’t say whether he wanted to go too far.