Amazing Love  86-90

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Chapter 86
Charlie then sent a text message to Issac in Shangri-La: “What is the origin of Zhaodong in Aurous Hill?”

Issac quickly replied: “The business at home is mainly engaged in jade shareholders and pawn auctions, so the strength is the same. Did he offend you?”

“Yeah.” Charlie replied with a message: “I have asked Mr. Orvel to come over. Besides, you do something for me.”


Issac hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, please say!”

Charlie said, “I want you to bring Zhaodong’s father to the People’s Hospital, as well as an old guy in Aurous Hill who is engaged in cultural relic identification, named Yuesheng, and bring them to me.”

Issac immediately said: “OK master, I will escort them to see you personally!”

Charlie said: “You don’t need to come forward, just send someone to do it. I don’t want people to know that we know each other.”

“OK Master! Then should I let people teach those two old things?”


Charlie said, “Catch it first, then give it to you.”

“Okay, young master! Everything is up to you, and I will order it!”

Putting away the phone, Charlie looked at Zhaodong and Lili and said coldly: “They say that the son is not a godfather. I will let your Old Master come over later and talk about how they educate the two of you!”

Zhaodong said with a black face: “Boy, I advise you to stop at enough, otherwise when the person I call arrives, you might really be dead!”

Charlie snorted: “Let the person you call come sooner, I can’t wait.”

Zhaodong wanted to insult Charlie. At this time, the door of the ward was kicked open, and a guy with a face full of flesh rushed in with seven or eight men.

When Zhaodong saw him, he immediately pointed to Charlie and said, “Seven brothers, this kid, help me kill him!”

The Brother Qi frowned and said coldly: “You provoke my brother?”

Charlie smiled lightly, nodded, and said: “What? Are you going to stand up for him?”

Brother Qi looked at him suspiciously. This kid was talking face-to-face. He hadn’t seen him before and didn’t know the details, but why was he not afraid of himself at all?

So he tentatively asked: “Boy, where do you come from?”

Charlie said, “This city is my home.”

Zhaodong hurriedly added: “Seven brothers, this is a live-in son-in-law who eats leftovers.”

After speaking, he whispered in his ear again: “Brother Qi, this kid has no background, you can fight to the death without worry, I will carry it if something happens.”

“Eating soft rice?” Brother Qi grinned and said: “Okay, I hack his mouth off his face, I see how he can eat soft rice!”

After speaking, before Charlie could answer, he immediately waved to the men behind him: “d*mn, kill him for me!”

Zhaodong looked at Charlie and sneered: “What are the last words, Mr. Charlie?”

Charlie ignored him, looked at the Brother Qi, and said lightly: “Kneel down, I’ll spare your life.”

Brother Qi was stunned, and drew out his ears, frowned, and asked, “What did you say? Say it again, I promise you will not survive tonight!”

At this moment, a roar suddenly came from outside the door: “Little man, Mr. Charlie asked you to kneel down. Are you deaf?”

Brother Qi’s expression stunned, Orvel unexpectedly came!

Chapter 87
As soon as the voice fell, Orvel rushed in with Biao and dozens of other men.

As soon as he entered the door, he immediately greeted Biao: “Seal the door, no other people are allowed to enter!”

Biao nodded immediately: “I know that master Orvel!”

Brother Qi looked at Orvel dumbfounded, his brain was completely cut off.


The underground emperor of Aurous Hill City!

Brother Qi is just one of the local small bosses, but Orvel is the king of the local roads!

All people on the streets must worship Orvel’s wharf!

He couldn’t even dream that if he came to help Zhaodong deal with a little thing, he would actually alarm Orvel!

Zhaodong didn’t know Orvel. Seeing Brother Qi’s awkward look, he frowned and asked, “Brother Qi, what’s going on? Who is this old guy?”

As soon as these words came out, Brother Qi was trembling in shock.

He grabbed Zhaodong’s hair and slammed his face with a fierce punch, directly breaking his nose, and watching his two nostrils bleed, Brother Qi gritted his teeth and cursed: “You filth, don’t drag me down if you want to die! This is Mr. Orvel!”

“Ah?!” Zhaodong was frightened suddenly!


Underground Emperor of Aurous Hill City?!

Why is he here?!

At this time, Orvel walked over with a black face and kicked Brother Qi’s crotch. The kick made him feel terribly painful, and he knelt on the ground, his face extremely pale.

Orvel stared at him and said coldly, “You dared to provoke Mr. Charlie, have you lived enough?”

After finishing speaking, Orvel immediately said to Charlie, ashamed: “Mr. Charlie, I am late, please forgive me!”

Orvel’s respectful attitude towards Charlie shocked everyone on the scene.

Zhaodong realized what kind of character he had provoked, and he was shaking all over with fright.

Charlie nodded to Mr. Orvel, pointed to Brother Qi, and asked, “Do you know this person?”

Mr. Orvel said: “I know, it’s just a junior, who provokes Mr. Charlie with blind eyes. What should Mr. Charlie want to do? In one word, Mr. Orvel will do it right away!” live.

Charlie nodded and said, “He’s very horrible, and he will destroy me when he enters the house. It is a hazard for such a person to stay in society. Abolish him and make him inseparable from a wheelchair for the rest of his life. “

Brother Qi was scared suddenly!

He just relied on fighting and fighting to eat. If he really becomes a cripple who can’t do without a wheelchair, how can he mess around on the road in the future? Wouldn’t it be over for a lifetime!

He knelt on the ground, climbed up to Charlie on his knees, and cried, “Mr. Charlie, I didn’t know you. Please forgive me. I will never offend you again!”

Charlie said coldly: “I gave you a chance, but you were not sure.”

He still felt that Charlie was looking for death at the time, but now he realized that it was not him who was looking for death, it was himself!

Panicked, he immediately knocked his head to the floor, crying, and said, “Mr. Charlie, please give me another chance and spare my dog’s life!”

Charlie ignored him. Instead, he looked at Mr. Orvel and asked: “Don’t do it yet, what are you waiting for?”

Mr. Orvel’s expression was stunned, and he hurriedly said: “Come here! Break his kneecap to pieces!”

Immediately several younger men rushed up and pressed the big font of Brother Qi to the floor.

Chapter 88
At this time, Biao pulled out an iron rod and strode forward.

Brother Qi wanted to beg for mercy, but Biao gathered the iron rod directly above his head and slammed it down.


Brother Qi’s right kneecap was smashed into powder!

This kind of crushing injury is impossible to cure in this life!

Brother Qi was wailing in pain, but Charlie said at this time: “It’s not enough. Only one leg is made worthless. He can still use crutches. I want him to live in a wheelchair!”

Biao nodded immediately, raised the steel rod, and slammed it on Brother Qi’s left knee.

Brother Qi rolled all over the floor in pain, and his whole body was in shock.

Orvel said to Biao, “Put something in his mouth so as not to disturb Mr. Charlie!”

“OK Master Orvel!”

Immediately afterward, Biao stuffed a few pieces of gauze into Brother Qi’s mouth, and threw him on the ground, curled up like a dead dog.

Zhaodong was already pale with fright, he finally understood what kind of existence he had angered!

Before Charlie took the trouble, he took the initiative to kneel on the ground and kowtowed his head: “Charlie, Mr. Charlie, I was wrong. I shouldn’t be rude to you, please have mercy on me!”

Lili was also shocked, seeing Zhaodong kneeling down and begging for mercy, she also knelt down and kept kowtow apologizing.

Charlie said coldly: “You couple of dogs, do you really think that if you ask for mercy, I will let you go? You are really stupid and naive!”

The two shuddered.

At this time, a few people in black walked in with two middle-aged and elderly people who were tied up.

The two middle-aged and elderly people had been beaten, bruised, and bleeding.

They threw the two middle-aged people to the ground and bowed to Charlie: “Mr. Charlie, the person you want is here!”

Zhaodong and Lili glanced at them, and almost fainted on the spot in shock!

The two middle-aged and elderly people lying on the ground are Zhaodong’s father, Zhao Haifeng, and Lili’s father, Yuesheng!

Charlie asked people to pour cold water on the faces of Zhao Haifeng and Yuesheng, pour them sober, and then questioned Yuesheng: “Mr. Yuesheng, your daughter is provocative and casually cuckolding fiance. Do you know this?”

Yuesheng was frightened. He was beaten up before he came in. Knowing that his daughter had caused stubborn stubbornness this time, he kept shaking his head in order to protect himself: “I don’t know, I don’t know.”

Charlie nodded and said, “You don’t know, do you? You don’t know it’s father’s oversight and negligence! Biao, break his left knee for me! Just like you did to the dead dog just now!”

“Good!” Biao immediately said to the people around him: “Hold him down for me!”

Yuesheng shouted in fright: “No! Help!”

Lili also shouted in shock: “Dad!”

Biao didn’t hesitate, when his subordinates held Yuesheng’s leg, he immediately swung the steel rod and slammed it down.


Yuesheng only felt the pain and wanted to die, his knees had been completely shattered, and she was afraid it would be impossible to recover in this life.

At this time, Charlie asked again: “I’ll ask you again, your daughter is sloppy and cuckolds her fiance casually. Do you know this?”

Yuesheng cried and said, “I know, I know, it’s because I can’t discipline her, I must discipline her well in the future.”

Charlie snorted coldly: “Since you know this, why don’t you stop it? You know your daughter is making mistakes but don’t care about teaching, that’s because your father’s three views are not correct and you are helping you to abuse!”

After finishing speaking, he shouted angrily at Biao: “Biao, give me his other leg!”

Chapter 89
Yuesheng didn’t expect that admitting his mistake would not work, Charlie still didn’t plan to let him go!

The whole person frightened, fell into a coma.

However, Biao’s steel rod made him awakened by severe pain in an instant!


Yuesheng has lived for most of her life. Why did he suffer for such a crime?

He was in tears, crying desperately: “Mr. Charlie, I really know that I was wrong. From now on I will strictly discipline this unfilial girl, and I will never let her do this kind of hurtful things.”

Charlie said disdainfully: “You are quite shirking of responsibility!”

In a word, Yuesheng trembled instantly!

Charlie sternly asked: “Mr. Yuesheng, I ask you! My brother invested 100,000 in your hotel, why didn’t you refund it? Why did you say that my brother did not honor you?”

Yuesheng’s face was pale and hurriedly said, “I was wrong, I was wrong! I was greedy and shameless, I really know I was wrong!”

After he finished speaking, he looked at Darren who was angry on the bed, and blurted out and pleaded: “Darren, it’s me who s lost the mind. Don’t worry, I will pay you back this 100,000 with interest, please follow me. Mr. Charlie said pity, this old bone of mine really can’t stand the tossing.”

Charlie looked at Darren and asked, “Are you going to intercede for him?”

Darren shook his head resolutely, and blurted out: “No! I won’t intercede for any of them!”

“Okay!” Charlie nodded in satisfaction: “You are still a man!”

After finishing speaking, he turned his head to Yuesheng, who was desperate, and said, “Not only do you have no way to teach your son, you are also disrespectful, and you are trying to invade all my brother’s savings over the past few years. What is the difference between you and low-life?”

Yuesheng shivered in fright, crying and wailing: “Mr. Charlie, I’m a b@stard! I’m not a human! I’m damned! forgive me, forgive me, I beg you, I’ll be a cow and a horse for you in the future. From now on I will call you Grandpa, Grandpa Wade, please forgive me!”

Charlie sneered and said, “Spare you? It seems that although you are ugly, you think beautifully!”

After that, he said to Biao: “Take his right hand for me! I think he will dare not snatch other people’s things in the future!”

Yuesheng cried in despair: “No, Mr. Charlie, no.”

Biao simply smashed hard

“Ah, my hand, my hand”

Charlie said to Biao, “Get his mouth and pull it aside!”

“It is good!”

Biao immediately blocked his mouth and threw him together with Brother Qi.

Lili was so scared that she was going crazy.

Zhaodong is the same.

The same goes for Zhaodong’s father, Zhao Haifeng!

He looked at Zhaodong, slapped angrily, and cursed: “Dog b@stard! Who made you mess around outside! You are going to kill me!”

Charlie looked at Zhao Haifeng with a smile, and asked, “What? Your son got together with my brother’s fiancée and gave my brother a cuckold. Don’t you know how to be a father?”

Zhao Haifeng cried with fright.

He didn’t know how to answer.

Because just now Yuesheng’s lessons for the past are there for him to get the idea.

If you say you know, your right leg will be broken;

If you don’t know, your left leg will be broken

Chapter 90
Seeing that he didn’t dare to answer, Charlie said directly to Biao: “This old guy seems to be very shrewd, he thinks he can escape punishment without speaking, Biao, you just scrap his two legs!”

“Yes, Mr. Charlie!”

Charlie looked at Zhao Haifeng who was extremely flustered, and said coldly: “blame your son for harming you!”

Immediately afterward, with two desperate wailings, Zhao Haifeng’s two legs were completely scrapped!

Seeing that his father was smashed into a permanent disability, Zhaodong felt out of control for a while, and immediately afterward, a piece of yellowish smelly liquid leaked out of his crotch.

He was so scared and it was pee!

Charlie smiled coldly: “Okay, it seems that you are really a mess who can’t control that stuff. Today, all of this is caused by your inability to control it. I don’t think you can keep it anymore.”

After finishing speaking, he told Biao: “Let him never be a man!”

Biao’s expression flashed with a little bit of amazement.

The same man, he couldn’t help but tighten his crotch when he heard this command.

Orvel immediately yelled, “What are you doing in a daze? Don’t you hurry up to follow Mr. Charlie’s instructions!”

Biao immediately recovered, and said to the people around him: “Split the b@stard’s legs!”

Zhaodong was desperate and cried loudly: “Mr. Charlie, Mr. Wade, please forgive me! Even if you abolish my hands and feet, let me be a man!”

Charlie smiled: “Do you think this is a question of abolishing hands and feet and abolishing that stuff? You are wrong, this is a double choice question, you can’t escape either!”

Immediately afterward, Biao raised his foot and stepped down suddenly

Zhaodong completely became a eunuch!

However, this is not over yet!

According to Charlie’s request, Biao abolished his hands and feet!

The arrogant Zhaodong who cuckold others and even beat others into the hospital has completely become waste in a double sense, but no one sympathizes with him, and everything he has today is just for himself!

Now, only Lili is left intact.

At this time, Lili was almost insane. She knelt and crawled to the hospital bed, took Darren’s hand, and cried and said: “Husband, I’m sorry, husband, I should not have betrayed you, in fact, I really love you, but I was assaulted once by the Zhaodong. He took a photo of me. I have no choice but to let him at his mercy!”

Zhaodong scolded angrily: “Lili, you dare to slander me! Obviously, it was the pawn shop where you and your dad came to me. You see that my family has the money to hook me up and take the initiative to sleep with me! Otherwise, it won’t have been possible to get together with you!”

As he said, he cried and said to Charlie: “Mr. Charlie, don’t believe in this frame. I have a chat history. She took the initiative to add me to WeChat to confess to me, saying that she fell in love with me at first sight, and she took the initiative to send me several messages. Private photos and close-ups to seduce me! These pictures are in my photo album, you can take out my phone and have a look!”

Lili suddenly paled and scolded, “The Zhaodong, didn’t you promise me to delete the photo after seeing it?”

Zhaodong gritted his teeth and said: “You frame is really snake-hearted! Fortunately, I didn’t listen to you and saved the photo, otherwise, I won’t be killed by you!”

Lili hurriedly said to Darren again: “My husband, I am confused for a while! For the sake of our relationship for so many years, please forgive me!”

Charlie asked Darren: “What do you think?”

Darren glanced at Lili, reached out and pushed her aside, and said, “I don’t know this woman.”

Lili suddenly collapsed and cried!

Charlie said: “If this is the case, then break her legs, and then disfigure her so that she can no longer hook up with men for a while!”

Charlie didn’t have the slightest sympathy for Lili, a b!itch natured sl*tty woman!

Biao immediately broke Lili’s legs and her face according to the instructions, and even cut her hair with medical scissors!

So far, all five people have paid a painful price!