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Philippine Folk Dances | Folk dance, Cultural dance, Philippines culture

The Seedling dance pays homage to the rich history of farming within the culture.

Before the start of this dance, take a round basket in your arms. A wicker or wooden basket best represents the feel of the traditional dance.

  1. Bend your knees as that represents climbing and descending.
  2. Keeping your knees bent, step forward with one foot, then with the order. Go left and right as you do this.
  3. In a fluid motion, lift the basket to the left. Doing the same motion, lift the basket to the right. Keep your steps alternating between stepping to your left and stepping to your right. When you step to your left, coordinate the lifting of the basket to the left. When you step to the right, lift the basket to the right. The fluidity of motion is key to doing the dance correctly.
  4. Repeat step 3 multiple times - the length will depend on the music. You should appear to be effortlessly carrying the basket.
  5. Keeping your movement fluid, sit the basket down in front of you. Step to the left and step to the right around it. Never stop moving. You may improvise in your dance around the basket.
  6. Take the pretend "seeds" from the basket and make tossing movements as you would offer them to Diwata, a dryad-like spirit in Philippine mythology.