Amazing Love 241-245

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Chapter 241
Zhovia was aggrieved for a while, gritted her teeth, and said unconvincedly: “I want to compete with him. If he is really capable, I will apologize to him.

“How long are you going to fool around!” Tianqi blew his beard and stared.

The middle-aged man from the Song family next to him was stunned. No one thought that the strength of Charlie was actually higher than that of Tianqi?

Honor was also a little confused at once. Does this kid really have a few brushes?

How is this possible!

Just rely on him?

Can Tianqi be convinced?

At this moment, Charlie glanced at Zhovia, and saw that her face was full of anger, her small face was flushed, and she looked dissatisfied, amused, and asked: “What are you better than?”

“Of course it’s medical skills!” Zhovia rolled her eyes and suddenly smiled: “The basis of traditional medicine is to see, hear, and ask, we are better! Tell me, everyone in this room, what kind of disease does everyone have? Where is it?”

It may sound simple to tell the patient’s symptoms from the pulse, but it is even more difficult for traditional medicine.

Even Tianqi himself may not be able to see it completely.

However, this is Zhovia’s skill. She has been in her grandfather’s arms since she was one year old, and she has seen at least tens of thousands of patients.

Her memory is amazing, and she can remember almost everyone’s “sickness” and classify them.

Over time, she could see the other party’s condition from their face, and she was almost sure of it.

“Zhovia, aren’t you Mrs. Difficulties?” Tianqi scolded dissatisfiedly.

However, no one expected, Charlie nodded and smiled: “Then it depends on you.”

Seeing Charlie’s promise, Tianqi didn’t say anything anymore, he also wanted to see his details.

“I’ll come first.” Zhovia was overjoyed, and she immediately stepped forward, walked slowly in front of the crowd, staring at the other side carefully.

Ten minutes later, Zhovia smiled and said, “I’m all optimistic! Uncle Song has reddening on his body and horizontal stripes on his forehead. He should be suffering from high blood pressure. He usually has a light diet and avoids big fish.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the middle-aged man of the Song family exclaimed: “The genius doctor Zhovia is really amazing. I do have high blood pressure.”

Zhovia pointed to Honor again and said, “Your eyebrows are red, your eyes are cloudy, you have lung fever, and your condition is almost healed.”

Honor smiled bitterly: “I admire it. I was coughed and caught a lung infection last week. I have almost treated it.”

Zhovia added: “As for Miss Song, sometimes she has irregular menstruation and menstrual cramps, which should be caused by overwork.”

Warnia nodded and said, “You’re right.”

She pointed out the symptoms of several people one by one, and they were all correct.

Everyone was shocked and praised Tianqi for his teaching, and his granddaughter’s young age and her medical skills.

Tianqi also smiled, quite proud.

Finally, Zhovia looked at Charlie again, smiled triumphantly, and said: “Mr. Charlie, your condition is the most serious! You must have a heart attack!”

Charlie smiled and said: “I didn’t expect you to be less than twenty, but the medical skills are so amazing. I also admire it. However, there is a little omission, I will add it for you.”

Chapter 242
After finishing speaking, he pointed to the middle-aged man of the Song family: “In addition to high blood pressure, this gentleman also suffers from diabetes and heart palpitations, especially the ribs of the left chest must have been broken. It is assumed that it should be an old injury ten years ago.

The middle-aged man from the Song family was shocked and said in astonishment, “Mr. Charlie, your medical skills are too strong. Even my diabetes and broken bones can be seen. I did have a car accident 13 years ago and had a rib fracture. “

Charlie smiled and pointed to Honor again: “His lung infection was caused by the invasion of cold after drinking and his insufficient kidney functioning. In addition to lung heat, his biggest problem should be kidney deficiency. First, eradicate the lung heat will to cure the kidney.”

Honor was embarrassed and said, “You’re so f*cking pretending to be a fool, I have a very good kidney!”

A man is said to have kidney deficiency, naturally, he is not convinced.

Moreover, even if the kidney is really weak, it must not be admitted.

Charlie looked at him and said lightly: “Kidney deficiency is just a sign of renal function decline. If you continue like that, your kidney function will get worse and worse. This will not only affect your ability in that area but also make you more likely to suffer from uremia. So don’t be too conceited and take the time to go to the hospital, maybe there is still a rescue, otherwise, you can only wait for the kidney transplant.”

“You” Honor was irritated, and was about to attack, but was stopped by the middle-aged man on the side.

Charlie looked at Warnia again and said lightly: “Miss Song, your body is mainly affected by the effects of the trapped dragon formation before, and there are some sequelae, and you happened to have a menstrual event last midnight, and you were more cloudy. But you can rest assured that when this menstruation passes, all these symptoms will naturally disappear, and future menstruations will be more punctual.”

Warnia looked surprised, and she was a little bit ashamed.

She didn’t know, how could Charlie figure out that she was here, and figure out that she came last night, is this not amazing?

At this time, Zhovia saw Charlie supplement the condition of these people, she was surprised, but even more unconvinced.

She couldn’t see these hidden diseases by looking at the face, but Charlie just glanced at it lightly, but said everything, what is going on? Is he guessing?

Zhovia bit her lip and said, “Mr. Charlie, you have a heart attack, am I right?”

“Really?” Charlie smiled and stretched out his hand in front of Tianqi: “Trouble Tianqi, take my pulse for me.”

Tianqi hesitated, stretched out his hand to put Charlie’s wrist.

After a while, he put down his hand, turned his head and glared at Zhovia, then yelled: “You are a three-legged cat, and you are still making an ax in front of Mr. Charlie. You still don’t apologize to Mr. Charlie!”

Zhovia shouted: “Grandpa, what did I say wrong.”

Tianqi shook his head, sighed, and said: “Take a pulse yourself, Mr. Charlie has a heart attack. You are mistaken.”

“What!” Zhovia couldn’t believe her ears. She had never made any mistakes in her diagnosis for more than ten years, and the characteristics of heart disease were the easiest to see. How could she get it wrong?

She walked in front of Charlie, stretched out her hand to catch his pulse, and was stunned, her face flushed suddenly.

His heart is very good, with no heart disease!

Did he deliberately pretend to have a heart attack just now to make her appear foolish?

If he can do it and easily disguise the characteristics of a certain disease on his own surface, then his body’s control of true qi should have been superb, right?

If you say that, you can really be regarded as a man of God.

Moreover, he saw the hidden illnesses of these people just now, and he didn’t think about it. His medical skills are far above her!

Don’t say you can’t compare, even if it is grandpa, it is absolutely incomparable!

However, he is still so young, how can he have such a strong strength?

Chapter 243
Zhovia finally understood what Charlie meant by “almost mean”.

People still give her face, she doesn’t “almost mean”, but “much worse”!

Tianqi was also shocked.

He saw that Charlie was controlling his internal breath, deliberately letting the true energy flow backward in his body, creating the illusion of “heart disease”, so his granddaughter was fooled.

However, the reverse flow of true Qi in the body can make people extremely painful.

But Charlie can not only control the true Qi flow in his body, but also retract and unwind freely, and his complexion is as usual, without any pain, this cultivation base is probably more than 50 years, at least more than a hundred years of learning! !

Tianqi knew that he had met an expert in the hidden world.

His granddaughter is still dying, constantly provoking him. Fortunately, Charlie is a gentleman. If she angers him, then he and his granddaughter will have to return to the West with only one move, and they will not even have the strength to fight back.

So, he glared at Zhovia, and said, “Mr. Charlie’s cultivation level is extraordinary. You have taken a look at it by yourself and don’t apologize.”

After finishing speaking, Tianqi quickly clasped his fists and arched his hands to Charlie: “The Old Master has no way to discipline his granddaughter. Please master Wade, you must punish her well when you return.”

Zhovia also recovered and understood that the other party’s medical skills were several grades higher than her own, and had to be convinced. She bowed her head and said, “I admit that your medical skills are better than mine.”

Charlie smiled and waved his hand, and said: “Practicing medicine is to save the world and save people. There is nothing strong or not strong. If I encounter some intractable diseases that I haven’t seen, I might have to ask Mr. Tianqi for more advice.”

This speech made Tianqi look ashamed, but he was even more admired.

Obviously, the other party’s medical skills are much higher than his own, but he deliberately gave himself a step-down. This mind is definitely not owned by ordinary people!

Moreover, his medical skills have reached a superb level, so much so that throughout China, there will be no second person to be found like him!

Tianqi arched his hand to Charlie and said with a serious face: “I didn’t expect that in my lifetime, I would meet a master like Mr. Wade, and I will ask Master Wade for advice in the future.”

Charlie held his hand and nodded slightly.

Tianqi was surprised and quickly said, “Thank you, Mr. Wade.”

Seeing the conversation between the two, everyone in the room was shocked.

He was already the number one genius doctor in Aurous Hill, so he condescended to ask Charlie for advice.

Everyone in the room was shocked.

The No. 1 genius doctor in Aurous Hill is highly respected no matter where he goes, and the major hospitals also treat Tianqi as a guest. He actually looks like a pupil in front of Charlie and asks the “master” for advice. This is incredible!

Zhovia was also stunned, but she didn’t dare to ask more.

Charlie glanced at Tianqi and said, “Old Shi, I think you have an internal injury, so you let your granddaughter take care of the illness, right?”

“You actually saw my grandpa’s internal injury?”

A look of surprise flashed across Zhovia’s face.

However, she quickly regained her composure.

With Charlie’s medical skills, it can be seen that it is also normal.

Zhovia said: “My grandfather was in retreat and healed his wounds. This year, he did not treat others anymore. When Honor came to find him, my grandfather also declined. But two days ago, a friend of my grandfather sold him a magical medicine. I heard that magic medicine was obtained in Aurous Hill. My grandfather wanted to come and have a look, so he stopped by to see Mr. Song as well.”

Chapter 244
“What magical medicine?” Charlie was also surprised.

There was even a magical medicine that made Tianqi fascinated, and he didn’t know what rare treasure it was.

Tianqi quickly took out a jade box from his arms, opened it cautiously, and said, “This magical medicine cost me five million, but it’s absolutely worth it! I have taken half of it, and I am refining this half of the medicine. I am carrying it with me, Mr. Wade, please have a look.”

Seeing that this “magic medicine” turned Tianqi into a treasure, the crowd gathered around to see what the “magic medicine” was that fascinated the doctor.

As soon as the jade box was opened, a smell of medicine suddenly popped out.

Seeing half a black traditional medicine pill in the box, Tianqi took a jade knife, carefully cut off a large piece the size of a nail, and handed it to the middle-aged man in the Song family and Honor to let them both try.

The two hesitated and put the medicine slag into their mouths.

The medicine slag melted in the mouth, and the expression of the middle-aged man from the Song family became more and more surprised.

“Old Shi, what kind of medicine is this? I often have a dull pain in the fracture of my left chest, but now the pain is gone!”

Honor was also stunned: “My lungs have always been uncomfortable, but after eating this little medicine residue, I feel better immediately!”

Tianqi smiled and said, “Now you know its efficacy.”

The middle-aged man from the Song family looked surprised and said to Mr. Shi, “This elixir is really amazing. If Mr. Shi can make it, I’d like to spend a lot of money on it!”

Tianqi smiled bitterly: “I have also studied its prescription, but I can’t make it at all. I only know that it is an alchemy that has long been lost. I’m afraid this half-magic medicine is a gem in the world.”

Charlie saw the half pill and was stunned on the spot, followed by a wry smile.

“Old Shi, you bought this medicine for five million?”


Tianqi smiled and said, “Five million is not too much. It is worth 10 million to buy such a long-lost elixir.”

Mr. Wade, you can also see that this pill comes from a good source. My friend said that the person who made this pill was Grand Mr. Yin Shi, who was more than 150 years old. My friend knelt at the gate of Grand Mr.’s residence for three days. It was only three nights that moved Master and bought it for five million pieces. The day after he bought the medicine, the grandmaster left his home and wandered around, I am afraid it will be hard to see him again in this life. “

The middle-aged man of the Song family sighed: “This old master, I am afraid it is an immortal master! Spend five million to buy an elixir, which is really not much.”

Zhovia apologized to Charlie just now, although she was convinced of his medical skills when she thought that his medical skills were better than Grandpa, she was uncomfortable anyway.

Seeing Charlie’s face at this moment weird, as if holding back a smile, she immediately became a little angry and couldn’t help but said: “Hey, what are you laughing. Don’t you even look down on the elixir, you can practice?”

Charlie was stunned for a moment and seeing everyone looking at him, he had to say: “I made this pill, Mr. Shi, you were cheated on by your friend.”

As soon as his voice fell, the whole room was silent.

Dozens of eyes stared at him, everyone was stunned.

Tianqi was stunned on the spot, unable to return to God. After a while, he said in astonishment: “Mr. Wade, you really cultivated these peerless magical medicines?”

Zhovia opened her mouth wide as if her body was frozen.

Charlie nodded and said faintly: “This thing is not a magical medicine, but I got it out and treated my father-in-law for the bruises, and I was afraid that his body would not be able to bear it. I also deliberately reduced the potency of these medicines, which are only semi-finished products. .”

As soon as Charlie finished speaking, the crowd was silent again!

Chapter 245
Tianqi was so shocked by Charlie’s description that he couldn’t even speak.

The whole body, even the white beard, is trembling

He couldn’t believe that he thought it was the magic medicine refined by Grand Master Hidden, but it was actually refined by the young Charlie who was standing in front of him.

And, in his words, this can only be regarded as a semi-finished product?!

The semi-finished products are so powerful, then if the pill is refined for 800, wouldn’t the effect be at least twice as good as the current one?!

The middle-aged man in the Song family was dumbfounded, and suddenly a burst of ecstasy surged in his heart!

He never dreamed that Warnia could find such a great god!

If the Song family could hold such a thigh, it would be a golden thigh!

But what is it that most rich and powerful people are afraid of? It’s death!

No matter how much money, no matter how great the momentum, lifeless enjoyment can only be in vain!

If you know this kind of master who can take out the magic medicine at hand, prolonging your life is not a luxury!

Let Song Lao say, if Song Lao can live for another five years, it will be a blessing to the entire Song family!

Because Song Lao’s face, Song Lao’s foundation, and Song Lao’s contacts are impossible to compare to any descendant in the family!

The Old Master is alive, many people must give face, but if the Old Master is gone, many people will no longer give the Song family any importance.

Therefore, the Song family also hoped that the Old Master could live as many years as possible.

With him protecting the sons of the Song family, they will get twice the result with half the effort!

Honor, who had been looking down upon Charlie, was also shocked at this time.

At the same time, he couldn’t help feeling a little panicked.

Just now, je was desperately ridiculing him, but he didn’t want to know that he is the real hidden master!

Tianqi couldn’t help holding his fists and bowed, begging: “Mr. Wade, the Old Master has been plagued by old injuries. If you can be kind and make a magical medicine, the Old Master would like to give you 10 million in cash!”

The middle-aged man from the Song family couldn’t help but stepped forward to salute, and said with a trembling, “Mr. Wade, if you can refine the magic medicine again, please give me a gift to the Song family. The Song family is also willing to give you ten million in cash! “

Charlie said indifferently: “I don’t lack money, and I can prepare medicine again. It’s not troublesome. Since you are sincere, I will prepare some more in the future. I will give you one at that time.”

“Mr. Wade, you are really a distinguished person from my Song family.” The middle-aged man from the Song family was so excited that he saw Charlie standing, and quickly moved a stool over and wiped it with his sleeve: “Mr. Wade Sit down.”

Honor also hurriedly held a cup of tea and presented it to Charlie respectfully: “Mr. Wade, take a sip of tea.”

Warnia watched silently, shocked in her heart with nothing to add!

She didn’t expect Charlie to have such strength!

Moreover, he is a superfluous son-in-law, and his 20 million cash is unmoved. Why?

Could it be that his own energy is stronger than what she can currently see?

But why should such a powerful person be willing to be a son-in-law?

Tianqi, known as a genius doctor, also sighed from the bottom of his heart at this time: “Mr. Wade, you are really an immortal master! Your strength, your heart, and atmosphere, I am afraid that if I live for a hundred years, I may not be able to catch up with you.”