Amazing Love 361-365

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Romance Book Review: The Amazing Son in Law - The Charismatic Charlie Wade  - Wehear

Chapter 361
After hearing what Zhovia said, Tianqi was dumbfounded in shock!

He was surprised and asked: “You mean, Fredmen offended Mr. Wade?!”

“Yeah!” Zhovia nodded repeatedly, and said, “And the offending seems to be quite terrible. He actually ranted to Mr. Wade’s wife and offered Mr. Wade’s wife 10 million to sleep with him!”

Tianqi was furious, and this Fredmen Willson was guilty of the bear heart and leopard, dare to provoke Mr. Wade?

Mr. Wade has the kindness to reinvent himself. Compared with him, what is Fredmen Willson worth?

Yes, his father helped him back then, but after so many years of helping this family treat illnesses and saving its people, he has already repaid their favors thousands of times!

What’s more, his father is gone, and he doesn’t owe him anything.

If he has simply something wrong with himself, he can save him, and of course, it is his duty to save him!

But if he messes with Mr. Wade, then sorry! The enemy of Mr. Wade is his enemy!

Thinking of this, Tianqi darkened his face and stepped to Fredmen Willson’s face.

Fredmen Willson couldn’t help feeling a little nervous when he saw him coming in with a calm face.

Before he could ask, Tianqi took the lead and asked in a cold tone: “I ask you, did you offend a person named Charlie Wade today?”

Fredmen Willson nodded and said, “Uncle Shi actually knows it too? That smelly rag actually made me embarrassed in public. Sooner or later, I will kill him. He will not be stumbling for a few days. Uncle Shi doesn’t have to worry.”

Tianqi sneered, pointed outside, and shouted: “Get out of here!”

Fredmen Willson was stunned immediately, and said in surprise: “Uncle Shi, what’s the matter?”

Tianqi said in a loud voice: “Don’t call me uncle. From now on, I am cutting off from you and your family, and I will have nothing to do with you!”

Fredmen Willson was frightened. With Tianqi here, he and his family could be said to have lost their lives.

After all, making money is easy, but the life extension is difficult!

If he turned his face with Tianqi and returned to the family, it would not be better!

More importantly, if he turns his face with him, wouldn’t he give himself the half magic medicine?

What about your own roots?

What about the happiness of the lower body and the second half of life? !

So he asked eagerly: “Uncle Shi, what the h*ll is going on? Did you make a mistake?”

Tianqi snorted coldly, and said, “I tell you! Mr. Wade is not only my savior, but also the only true dragon in the world! If you dare to disrespect Mr. Charlie, it is tantamount to hitting me Tianqi in the face! For your father’s face, I won’t clean up you today, so let you go! Don’t show up in front of me in the future!”

Chapter 362
“Mr. Wade? Real dragon?” Fredmen Willson hurriedly said, “Uncle Shi, you too are you always confused and deceived by that smelly rug? What kind of master or real dragon is he? Isn’t he just a son-in-law? a hanging rug? He joined the Willson family, treated me as a guest, and gave me his sister-in-law Wendy to accompany me on the bed. Compared with me, he is a hairy man!”

Speaking of this, Fredmen Willson said again: “Uncle Shi, this kind of smelly rug is worthy of your maintenance, and even the decades of friendship between our two families are ignored?”

b@stard!” Tianqi was furious when he heard this. He picked up the medicine pestle next to him and slammed Fredmen Willson’s head fiercely. He cursed, “You still dare to speak rudely to Mr. Wade! Get out of here! “

Fredmen Willson didn’t escape, but Tianqi smashed his forehead with a pill, grinning in pain, and a big bag instantly popped up.

He grinned and stared and cursed: “Mr. Shi, you are so old-eyed! Don’t worry about believing that kind of liar, even you dare to beat me! I f*cking kill you!”

After speaking, he raised his chair and was about to smash it towards Tianqi.

Although Tianqi is older, he is also a practitioner. After the old wounds in his body were cured by Charlie’s magic medicine, his body was more agile and flexible, which was not comparable to an obese middle-aged person like Fredmen Willson.

As a result, Tianqi dodged dexterously, avoiding the bench that Fredmen Willson smashed over.

Fredmen Willson knocked it down, raised a chair, gritted his teeth, and said: “Surnamed Shi, if you want to survive, you can obediently take out the half of the medicine. Otherwise, I will kill you today!”

“b*stard, do you still want to beat my grandfather? I’ll kill you!”

Zhovia was so angry that she rolled up her sleeves and rushed towards him.

The Aurous Hill family who has really studied traditional medicine for many years has also learned martial arts more or less. This is especially true of the Shi family. The Shi family is not only a master of traditional medicine, but also a family of martial arts. Even the granddaughter Zhovia, who is a foreigner, has also practiced good kung fu. It’s more than enough.

Before Fredmen Willson recovered, he was kicked to the ground by Zhovia. Then, Zhovia put her cloth shoes against his throat and said coldly: “If you don’t roll anymore, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Knowing that he is not Zhovia’s opponent, Fredmen Willson hurriedly escaped from Clinic. Before leaving, he would still curse and threaten: “The surname Shi, you will wait for me. Today’s hatred, I will definitely find you in the future. Remember me!”

b@stard thing!” Tianqi angrily scolded: “Get out of here! Never let me see you again!”

Fredmen Willson escaped from the Clinic in embarrassment, his face full of anger.

Seeing Fredmen Willson coming out, Noah Willson hurriedly greeted him and asked, “Fredmen, how is it? Has the genius doctor Tianqi cured you?”

Fredmen Willson gritted his teeth and said bitterly: “This ungrateful old b@stard actually said that Charlie is his benefactor, and he won’t heal me for life and death, so he f*cked with me and drove me out!”

Noah Willson didn’t expect that Tianqi was also bewitched by Charlie’s stinky rag. He couldn’t help but sighed: “This Charlie is really lingering!”

Fredmen Willson scolded: “It’s all the f*cking waiting for Mr. Wade no matter it is Tianqi or Charlie, there will be no good end! I will definitely make them pay the price of blood!”

Noah Willson also had enough of Charlie’s suffering, but he had never had a chance and was unable to seek revenge from Charlie, so he was very depressed and very angry.

Moreover, he was particularly greedy for the Tomson First-Class villa that Solmon White gave to Charlie!

If this Fredmen Willson could really kill Charlie, then the younger brother Jacob’s family would have nothing to rely on, and wouldn’t he let him kill them then?

In that way, Tomson’s villa is his own!

Thinking of this, he resisted the excitement in his heart, and hurriedly echoed: “Fredmen, what you said is very true! That Charlie is an unfamiliar white-eyed wolf! A beast! He who has lived in our Willson family for so many years, Eating from our Willson family, but repeatedly humiliating our family, and now bullying Fredmen, it is simply a heinous sin, and must be paid with death!”

Chapter 363
Fredmen Willson really had a murderous intent on Charlie.

However, he is also very clear in his heart that there are five words that are right: the Raptors are not the same.

In other words, it is difficult for a strong dragon to crush a local snake.

He couldn’t kill Charlie at all now.

What’s more, this guy’s own strength is very strong, and it seems that he should still be a standard trainer.

As the saying goes, the gangster knows martial arts, and no one can control it. If you want to engage with him, you must find a real master, otherwise, it might be useless!

At the moment, the most important thing is to find a way to cure his own disease, otherwise, life will be worse than death in the future!

Thinking of this, Fredmen Willson hated Tianqi’s teeth!

This old dog day! He obviously has medicine that can cure him, but he doesn’t even use it for on him!

What is even more annoying is that he actually drove him out of his hospital for that Charlie, what a d*mn!

Noah Willson was also worried. If Fredmen Willson’s illness cannot be cured, wouldn’t his daughter be honorably laid off?

In that way, how can he reach the pinnacle of his life?

The Willson family now only got Fredmen Willson’s 10 million investment. Fredmen Willson promised 80 million at the beginning, and 70 million has not been given yet. If he can’t find the ability to be a man, then 70 million is definitely not coming their way!

Thinking of this, he was even more anxious than Fredmen Willson, hoping that Fredmen Willson could regain his power.

So he asked with great concern as he drove: “Chairman Willson, this Shi is so ignorant, do you want me to find some people for you, beat him up, and take his medicine?”

Fredmen Willson waved his hand: “This old dog thief is very strong, and his granddaughter is also very unusual. More importantly, the Old Master has seen a lot of big people and really offended him. Maybe it’s big trouble.”

Tianqi is a master of traditional medicine. In Eastcliff and several other big cities, he has been regarded as a guest by countless big figures and big families. Although Fredmen Willson is also very powerful, he really has to count it. Among the people Tianqi knows, he is even in the top 30. Can’t get in.

Therefore, he dared not offend Tianqi rashly.

To cure the disease, they can only find another way.

But at this time, he suddenly remembered something and said to Noah Willson: “I have a friend who owns a pharmaceutical factory in Aurous Hill. It is one of the largest companies in the country. I will contact him tomorrow.”

Noah Willson breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly said, “That’s really great! I’m really afraid that your body won’t recover.”

Fredmen Willson said: “Go to the roadside drugstore first and buy me some v!agra to try!”

“Okay!” Noah Willson hurriedly parked his car on the side of the road obediently, got off the car and went to the drugstore on the roadside, and bought Fredmen Willson a large box of imported v!agra.

Fredmen Willson couldn’t wait to say: “Go, drive home quickly, let Wendy try it with me!”

Noah Willson was a little embarrassed. He didn’t expect that Fredmen Willson would actually ask his daughter to try the medicine in front of him.

However, since this kind of thing has been done, there is no need to care too much about it, so he didn’t take it seriously anymore, and drove home quickly.

Chapter 364
Tianqi was still angry.

Two people who asked for their own treatment came tonight, and they all offended Mr. Wade!

That Junwei Gao pretended to be forced with Mr. Wade in the ward that day, and finally failed to pretend to be forced. He was thrown directly out of the window on the third floor by Mr. Orvel and broke his leg. He did not expect that he still had the face to come to seek treatment for himself!

And that Fredmen Willson!

The most hateful is him!

He had offended Mr. Wade before, so he almost gave him the medicine, unaware of the story background!

If he really cured him, wouldn’t it mean that he would avenge Mr. Wade En invisible? !

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but sigh with his granddaughter Zhovia: “Zhovia, fortunately, you came in time. If you come late, grandpa would give Fredmen Willson half of the magic medicine!”

Zhovia was also a little scared, and said, “Grandpa, I heard that the reason why Fredmen Willson lost that ability is because of Mr. Wade!”

“That’s it!” Tianqi couldn’t help exclaiming: “Mr. Wade can destroy his nerves invisibly. This is really a great ability! Even if the best surgeon manually removes the nerves, it can’t be so accurate.”

Zhovia said: “He deserves it! Who made him offend Mr. Wade!”

After speaking, Zhovia said again: “Grandpa, I think you should make a stand with the entire Willson family. Otherwise, if Mr. Wade knows that we have a relationship with their family and misunderstands you again, that would be bad! “

“Okay!” Tianqi nodded and said, “I will call the sister-in-law of the Willson family and explain the matter to her.”

After all, Tianqi took out his mobile phone and called Fredmen Willson’s mother, Bihua Willson.

Bihua Willson is eighty-three years old this year. There is a Chinese saying: “Seventy-three, eighty-four, Hades will pick them up.” This means that there are two major obstacles for the elderly, which are seven. At the age of thirteen and eighty-four, the elderly are most likely to get sick and die at these two ages.

The reason for such a saying is closely related to the two great saints in ancient China.

Confucius, the sage of Confucius, lived 73 years old

Mencius Meng Yasheng lived eighty-four years old.

The Chinese people have always admired Confucius and Mencius from ancient times to the present. That’s why there are two big hurdles of seventy-three and eighty-four.

In Bihua Willson’s first hurried year, when he was seventy-three years old, he suffered a serious illness.

At that time, it was Tianqi who rushed all the way to Eastcliff and prescribed nine prescriptions to Bihua Willson before pulling her back from the gate.

Bihua Willson knew in her heart that she was about to reach the second hurdle in her life. This time she was getting older and might be even more dangerous, so she especially hoped that she could invite Tianqi over before her birthday.

So, when she received Tianqi’s call, she cordially said: “Tianqi, I was thinking about calling you! Next month is my 84th birthday on the lunar calendar. Will you have time? If so, what do you think of it when you come to the birthday banquet for the Lady Willson?”

Tianqi knew very well that Bihua Willson was going to have a second hurdle year this year. If it weren’t for what happened today, the Lady Willson would not need to say that he would go there before her birthday and personally treat her body so that she can be safe. Live to be ninety years old.

But now, Fredmen Willson actually provokes Mr. Wade, so, no matter what, he can’t go anymore!

Besides, he has repaid his gratitude for so many years, and that is already repaid enough.

Therefore, he said lightly: “Sister-in-law, I have been treating the Willson family for so many years. The kindness of Brother Willson to me back then can be regarded as the kindness of dripping water and the spring of water, so in the future, we two Don’t have any further contact!”

Chapter 365
When Bihua Willson heard this, she immediately asked nervously: “Tianqi, what’s the matter with you? Our two families have been in friendship for so many years, so how can you stop it?”

Tianqi said earnestly: “Sister-in-law, Big Brother Willson was kind to me back then. I have repaid the Willson family for so many years without asking for anything in return.”

“This is natural!” Bihua Willson hurriedly said, “But, what is the reason for you to break up with our Willson family? If it’s an old woman, where I didn’t do well, you tell me, I will definitely correct it!”

Tianqi said: “Sister-in-law, it is not your problem, but your son Fredmen who is the problem.”

“Fredmen?” Bihua Willson said in surprise: “What’s wrong with him? Did he offend you? But he is in Aurous Hill now!”

“I’m also in Aurous Hill.” Tianqi said earnestly: “I saw Fredmen Willson, but he didn’t offend me much, mainly because he offended my benefactor. This benefactor has the kindness to recreate me, so I am healthy now. The gratitude of the benefactor can only draw a clear line between the Willson family, my sister-in-law forgives me.”

Bihua Willson felt a little in his heart.

His son actually angered Tianqi in Aurous Hill? What a b@stard! Tianqi is a well-known traditional medicine master in China. How many super-big people are ill and demand him to be treated. There is often a saying in the circle of the rich and powerful in Eastcliff, saying: “If the king of Yan made you die for three shifts, and Tianqi can keep you until five shifts!”

The meaning of these words, that is to say, even if the dying person, as long as Tianqi takes the shot, they can live for a while. This is simply a dream for the powerful class!

Macau gambling king Stanley Ho has been using various high-tech methods in the hospital to extend his life in recent years. The money spent in the hospital alone is hundreds of millions each year, but to him, what is the hundreds of millions? No life is more precious!

If life comes to an abrupt end, what if you have billions of wealth? Didn’t it burn out and live in a small wooden box?

Therefore, the more powerful, the more fond of Tianqi.

No one of Eastcliff’s rich and powerful envy the Willson family. The reason is that they are family acquaintances with Tianqi. Others abandon their wealth, and they may not be able to change Tianqi’s treatment once, and because of their friendship with Tianqi, Tianqi goes to Willson almost every year. This makes countless people jealous to death.

Bihua Willson’s husband, Fredmen Willson’s father, had cancer more than ten years ago.

If Tianqi hadn’t done everything possible to sign up for him, how could he live until last year and leave?

When the Old Master left, he was already eighty-six years old, and his life was long enough to make healthy people envy.

Bihua Willson was even more hopeful that Tianqi could live to be over ninety years old, or even over a hundred years old. She did not expect Tianqi to have a break with her family at this time. This made her nervous, and she blurted out and pleaded: “Tianqi, don’t follow Fredmen’s words, after all, he is your junior, some places offended you, please be more tolerant, I will call him when I turn back, scold him, let him come to you and apologize to you immediately… .”

Tianqi said indifferently, “Sister-in-law, no need. If he offends me, I will forgive him, but who he offended is my great benefactor, so you don’t need to talk about it anymore, and I won’t change my mind. I hope you will live a long and healthy life in the future, goodbye!”

After speaking, Tianqi immediately hung up the phone, then turned off the phone directly, and said to Zhovia: “Close the door and go back to the hotel.”


On the other side, Fredmen Willson took Noah Willson’s car and returned to the Willson family villa.

Once back to the villa, he poured a glass of water in the living room on the first floor, took out v!agra directly, looked at the instructions above, and said, “Eat one pill at a time?”

Old Mrs. Willson felt ashamed to see him directly taking out this medicine.

Noah Willson’s wife, Horiyah, was even embarrassed to see.

Although Wendy did not speak, her expression was expectant.

Since Noah Willson lost that ability, his attitude towards her has become very poor.