Amazing Love 401-405

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Romance Book Review: The Amazing Son in Law - The Charismatic Charlie Wade  - Wehear

Chapter 401
The brilliant club has 15 floors.

Except for the lobby on the first floor, the other fourteen floors are used as entertainment venues.

Among them, below the tenth floor are boxes of different sizes and styles. Even the boxes of ordinary members are extremely luxurious, not to mention the high-level VIP boxes, which are simply an emperor’s enjoyment.

As for the tenth floor and above, there are swimming pools, sky gardens, fitness and entertainment facilities.

Among them, the top fifteen floors are the most luxurious.

On the fifteenth floor, Charlie just got out of the elevator, and immediately saw the luxury of the surroundings.

It’s a palace-like splendor, everything is extremely luxurious and elegant, and basically nothing can be faulted.

Warnia walked beside Charlie and introduced, saying, “Mr. Wade, this floor is the most luxurious floor in the entire glorious club. It is also equipped with a semi-outdoor infinity pool, presidential suite, private dining room, and even if you want to listen to music A small concert can be held here. If you like a singer, you can ask him to come over and sing for you on the 15th floor.”

With that, Warnia hurriedly said: “By the way, a very famous girl group is coming to Aurous Hill for a concert recently. One of their members has been very popular recently and is named koi girl. The other’s economic company happens to be Our Song family invested, if you are interested in can be arranged,

Charlie smiled lightly, waved his hand and said: “Forget it, I don’t like the entertainment industry too much.”

Warnia nodded and said, “The entertainment industry is really messed up. If you like more powerful players, I can also help you invite some top singers over and sing for you alone.”

Charlie smiled and said, “If I have this need, I will tell you.”

“Okay.” Warnia smiled and said: “In short, Mr. Wade must not be polite to Warnia. If you have any needs, you can tell me that I will do its best to satisfy you.”

When she said this, Warnia’s face was reddened. This arrogant and indifferent eldest lady was rarely ashamed in front of a man.

In fact, Warnia has always remembered the teachings of her grandpa.

To find a way, to recruite him as the Song Family’s son-in-law.

Moreover, she herself also likes Charlie, a man who has strength and ability, but is very low-key, and she has long been fond of Charlie.

Therefore, these words are not only a heartfelt expression to Charlie, but also a vague expression of love.

It’s just that Charlie didn’t taste the deeper meaning, but smiled slightly, thanked Warnia’s respect, and said: “From a glance, the Feng Shui here is still very good. At that time, I considered the issue of Feng Shui. However, it is required to be careful about it. Therefore, I have to look at each level, otherwise I may not be able to see it.”

After speaking, Charlie said calmly: “Let’s do it, you go ahead and I will just go around.”

Warnia hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, I will stay with you!”

Charlie smiled and said: “No, no, you need to be calm to see Feng Shui more thoroughly. I’ll go and watch it alone. Just wait for me here.”

Warnia didn’t insist on accompanying him anymore, and respectfully said: “Mr. Wade has any needs, just call me directly.”

Charlie nodded slightly to Warnia, did not speak, and walked into the elevator.


Charlie went down from the fifteenth floor and took the elevator floor by floor to look over.

Look at it layer by layer, and finally he reach the only second layer that he hasn’t seen.

Looking at it all day, Charlie felt that the brilliant clubhouse can be said that the decoration of each floor is very luxurious, and the designer’s intentions can be seen.

However, the feng shui here can only be regarded as quite satisfactory.

Chapter 402
Brilliant Feng Shui does have a certain degree of exquisiteness, but in Charlie’s view, there is nothing very profound and unique.

Ordinary people may think that Feng Shui here is very good, but in his opinion, the Feng Shui here is like a glass of boiled water. It has no advantages, no harm, dull and unremarkable.

But now that Warnia had promised, Charlie didn’t mind making a move, raising the entire glorious Feng Shui to the next level.

He thought to himself that combining the Feng Shui mystery in the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures, he soon had a whole set of ideas.

At this moment, a woman’s voice suddenly came from behind him.

“Charlie, why are you Rubbish here?”

Hearing this, Charlie frowned and turned around, and saw Wendy and a man in a white suit walking over.

The man is no one else but the eldest son of the Wei family, Barena Wei.

Barena Wei has loved Wendy since he got her from Fredmen.

He even promised Wendy that she would be a master.

Wendy was unwilling to be sent around like a plaything at first, but seeing that Barena Wei was really sincere to her, she was willing to be his lover.

From Wendy’s point of view, although the Wei family’s strength is not as good as Fredmen’s Future Company Group, it is at least one billion in assets. Compared with the previous Willson family, that is too much.

Therefore, after she approached Barena Wei, she regained her former pride.

Today the brilliant club opened, Barena Wei specially spent 5 million to buy a senior member qualification, and then brought Wendy over to experience it, and meet the world by the way.

After Wendy entered the glorious clubhouse, she was shocked by the luxury here, and suddenly she had the feeling of high society.

But when she was immersed in this feeling, she suddenly saw Charlie who made her hate him.

It’s like when eating the Manchu Feast, suddenly saw a fly.


It’s really disappointing!

She was so disappointed that she just wanted to quickly find a way to get rid of this fly!

Otherwise, the experience of this full-fledged man will instantly fall into the valley!

Of course, it is best to swat this fly to death.

When Barena Wei saw Wendy firing a cannon at a very ordinary guy, he hugged her waist tightly, and asked curiously: “Wendy, this is the smelly live-in son-in-law Charlie you said?”

“It’s him!” Wendy gritted her teeth and looked at Charlie, and said, “This grandson has been a notorious waste since he was in college. I didn’t expect that he would still come to the brilliant club!”

When Barena Wei was lingering with Wendy, he heard Wendy talk about some of the past of the Willson family, so he was very impressed with Charlie.

When he thought that he had just conquered Wendy, in order to make Wendy give up, he naturally wanted to give her a lot of help, so Barena Wei looked at Charlie and sneered: “Boy, is the glorious club a place where you can come?”

Charlie’s face became cold, and he asked, “Why can’t I come?”

“Why can’t you come?” Barena Wei grinned and said, “Because you are not worthy!”

Chapter 403
Charlie couldn’t help laughing when he heard Barena Wei’s words.

He was not angry, but looked at him with a good temper, and asked with a smile: “Come on, tell me, why am I not worthy?”

Barena Wei’s nostrils turned into the sky, and he coldly snorted, “I need to ask? You naturally don’t deserve it! Look at the clothes you wear, sh!t, it’s not as good as the doorman at the door!”

Charlie smiled and said: “What I wear is my freedom. Does Brilliant Club still require guests to wear specific clothes?”

Barena Wei sneered: “Of course, the Brilliant Club does not require clothing, but the membership system is implemented here! No member is absolutely not allowed to enter!”

With that, Barena Wei asked sarcastically, “Are you an ordinary member here?”

Charlie shook his head lightly: “No.”

Barena Wei asked disdainfully: “Then are you a senior member here?”

Charlie also shook his head: “No.”

Barena Wei sneered and said, “Why don’t you want to tell me, are you a VIP member here?”

Charlie spread his hand: “It’s still not.”

Barena Wei couldn’t help laughing: “Hahaha, you smelly rug, wouldn’t you tell me you are a senior VIP member? As far as I know, no more than ten people can get senior VIP members in Aurous Hill!”

Charlie smiled lightly, showing two rows of small white teeth, and said harmlessly, “Neither.”

Barena Wei frowned and snorted coldly: “You or him are not any members. I think you came in while you were unprepared, right?”

Wendy on the side also said sarcastically: “Then I need to ask, how could such a waste son-in-law who was abandoned by our Willson family be a member here? It’s definitely a stinky rag who came in to eat and drink!”

After finishing speaking, she glared at Charlie, gritted her teeth and said: “Charlie, you came to the wrong place today! This is the newly opened brilliant high-end club of the Song family. Today, it is open for trial business. The people who come are all decent characters. You dare to get in and make trouble. Are you not afraid of being killed by security?”

Charlie said innocently: “I am a member here, why would the security beat me?”

Barena Wei sneered and said, “Do you f*cking pretend to me? There are four grades of members here, ordinary member, senior member, VIP member, and senior VIP member. You are none of these four. You still say you are a member?”

Charlie said seriously: “Although I am not a member of these four tiers, I am a supreme VIP member and belong to the fifth tier. Don’t you know?”

“Bah!” Barena Wei said contemptuously: “I can go to your mother to drop it! I didn’t see the hanging introduction in the lobby on the first floor? There are four files in total, and you really know how to edit it. What kind of supreme VIP member? Dan, are you not afraid of offending the Song family?”

Charlie shook his head helplessly and said: “You are so strange, what I told you is the truth, why do you just not believe it?”

“I believe you?” Barena Wei seemed to hear a big joke, and said mockingly: “Just like that, you want to fool me, Barena Wei?”

Charlie asked curiously: “Are you famous? Why haven’t I heard of you?”

Barena Wei sneered: “Have you heard of Wei’s Pharmaceuticals? I’m the general manager of Wei’s Pharmaceuticals.”

Charlie shook his head and said, “I’m sorry, I haven’t heard of it.”

Barena Wei thought that Charlie was deliberately taunting him, and suddenly said with a gloomy face: “Boy, you are having trouble today, and you don’t have a membership, and you dare to enter the brilliant club of the Song family. You also blatantly said that you are a supreme VIP member. Which idiot made up this name for you? It’s a d*mn bluff!”

Charlie shook his head helplessly, took out his membership card, and said, “Here, look, this is my membership card. Does it say Supreme VIP Member?”

Chapter 404
Barena Wei took a look at the membership card and immediately frowned.

Not to mention, the workmanship of this card is so good!

The workmanship is much better than your ordinary membership card!

However,he has never heard of any supreme VIP members of the Glory Club! There are obviously only four gears!

Thinking of this, Barena Wei had an answer in his heart.

This card must be forged like this!

d*mn, this smelly rag is so bold!

He even dares to forge the membership card of the Song Family Club. What is the difference between this and forged bank checks?

So he immediately snorted and said: “Boy, quickly kneel down and apologize to me, and then get out of here! Otherwise, I’ll say hello to Boyu, the housekeeper of the Song family. Do you know that I am talking to Boyu? What’s the relationship? Boyu and my dad, that’s like brother!”

In fact, Barena Wei’s father has nothing to do with Boyu.

The two of them are just fellows, and it coincides that they have known each other for a long time, so they are a bit personal.

Boyu has been in Song family for many years, and his position is detached.

It can be said to be a foreigner with the strongest strength and highest status in addition to the big figures in the Song family.

In terms of status, Boyu is much better than an underground king like Orvel.

Because Orvel couldn’t come to the stage after all, unlike Boyu, he was the spokesperson of the Song family on many occasions.

Therefore, Barena Wei often talked about Boyu when he was outside, which could have the effect of a fake tiger.

When Charlie heard that he knew Boyu, he sneered and said, “I forgot to tell you that the Supreme VIP membership card was given to me by Warnia Song, the eldest of the Song family. Didn’t you just ask, which idiot made up this name? This name was made up by Miss Song.”

“I’m going to your mother!” Barena Wei snorted contemptuously, and said, “Just like you, it’s worth Miss Song to make up a name for you? Do you really think that you don’t need money, you can just blow it? It’s going to kill you if you blow it, you know?”

Charlie asked curiously: “Why is it terrible? Is it toxic?”

“I’m stupid…” Barena Wei exploded and shouted angrily, and said, “Will you f*cking behave with me? Do you know, you are disrespectful to Miss Song, if Miss Song finds out, your dog life can not be saved!”

Charlie smiled and said, “It seems you are disrespectful to Miss Song, right?”

Wendy on the side immediately said to Barena Wei: “Barena, what are you talking about with this kind of rag? Directly call the security guards of the brilliant club to come over and tell them what he just said. Will the security guards let him go? You must say hello to Boyu when that time comes, give this stinky cock a lesson and abolish him so that he can’t be a man!”

Fredmen couldn’t be a man, it seemed that Charlie had used some shameful means, Wendy had always hated this, so now she especially hope that someone can abolish Charlie.

When Barena Wei heard this, she immediately patted Wendy’s hand and said, “Don’t worry, Wendy, I will call the security guard to come and kill him!”

After that, he immediately shouted: “Where is the security? Are they dead? Come here! Someone pretends to be a brilliant member and arranges your eldest lady!”

As soon as the voice fell, a vigorous and solemn voice sounded: “Who is making noise? What’s the matter?”

Charlie looked up, okay, the housekeeper of the Song family, that bad Old Master is here!

Chapter 405
With Boyu’s angry shout, Barena Wei suddenly burst into laughter.

He looked at Charlie with a smile on his face, and mocked: “Haha, man, you are dead this time, and even the gods can’t save you!”

After finishing speaking, he turned his head to look at Boyu, pointed at Charlie and complained: “Boyu, here is a force, not only pretending to be a member of our glorious club, but also daring to be disrespectful to Song Family. You can teach him a lesson right!”

Boyu frowned.

He’s getting older and my eyes are not so good, so he can’t see the face at all from a distance.

But he did recognize Barena Wei who was a little closer to him.

Because he is the son of a fellow villager, he has a lot of contact and is relatively trustworthy, so he sternly said: “Who is so brave? Security, take it for me!”

A few security guards of the top five and three thick will immediately encircle them aggressively.

Wendy was very excited, staring at Charlie with a sneer and sarcastically said: “Charlie, I see how you died today!”

Charlie sneered: “You die eight times, and I can’t die either.”

Wendy stomped: “It’s f*cking hard! Barena, someone will tear his mouth!”

Charlie ignored him, but looked at Boyu, who was approaching, and shouted coldly: “Mr. Boyu, you bad Old Master, you are very powerful! Want to take me down?”

As soon as this sound came out, everyone on the scene was shocked!

d*mn, is this guy not dying fast enough? Calling Boyu a bad Old Master? !

See how Boyu killed him this time!

It is said that Boyu started a fire to death!

However, Boyu hasn’t been angry for many years! This time it is estimated to be blown up by this guy!

However, no one thought that Boyu was shocked by this sound, shaking his whole body!

He listened to his voice like Mr. Wade, and when he looked up, he was indeed Master Wade who even the Song family was respected by!

Seeing Charlie, he shuddered, and the aura just disappeared. He immediately clasped his fists and bowed, “Mr. Wade, I didn’t know it were you. It is really offensive…”

As soon as these words came out, the audience suddenly froze!


What the h*ll is going on? !

The aloof Boyu unexpectedly apologized to a smelly pauper? !

Before everyone knew what was going on, Charlie said coldly: “I heard that you have a very high status in the Song family. No matter how high you are, you shouldn’t be higher than the Song family Old Master?”

Because Barena Wei said that Boyu was his father’s brother, Charlie did not intend to spare Boyu easily.

He doesn’t want to care if Boyu is innocent. Who made others pretend to be forced by him under your name? Then he will ask you to settle the account!

When Boyu heard that Charlie moved out of the Song family directly, he suddenly knew that he was in trouble!