Amazing Love  56-60

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Chapter 56
Many classmates gave gifts one after another. Charlie also took the ancient painting he bought and walked to front closer to Darren and said, “Congratulations Darren, this is a little opening gift from me and Claire.”

Claire also smiled and said, “Darren, congratulations, and wish you a lot of money!”

“Thank you, thank you.” Darren hurriedly thanked him, and then leaned to Charlie’s ear, and said with a smirk: “I think you have a very close relationship with your wife, unlike what the outside world said! When will you have a baby?”


Claire could not help but blush when she heard the two people whispering. Charlie smiled and said: “Don’t gossip like that. When the time comes, I will tell you. You can’t live without the money!”

“That’s true!” Darren nodded repeatedly, and said: “I will wrap my child a big red envelope by then!”

At this time, a woman with heavy makeup and ordinary appearance came to Darren and asked, “Darren, who are these two?”

“This is my college buddy, iron buddy, Charlie! This is our school flower, Claire, and is now Charlie’s wife.”

After Darren introduced the two, he introduced the woman next to him, and said, “This is my fiancee, Lili Liu.”


“Huh? He is the one who eats leftovers?”

Lili blurted out, but soon realized that she was wrong, she quickly changed her words and smiled: “I have been listening to Darren mentioning you, you two are really talented and beautiful!”

Charlie pretended not to hear, and handed the ancient painting to Lili, saying: “This is our little gift.”

Lili smiled and said, “You came here that is more than enough, why bothered bringing a gift!”

As she said, she quickly accepted the gift box.

Charlie said, “You couple should be busy. Let’s find a place to sit first.”

“Okay.” Darren said apologetically: “I’m sorry Charlie, there are too many classmates, so I have to say hello.”

As soon as Charlie and Claire left, Lili hurriedly opened the gift box given by Charlie and found that there was a scroll inside. She frowned and said, “What did your classmate give?”

Darren said, “Can’t you see it? A painting!”

“Cut.” Lili curled her lips in disdain, opened the scroll and took a look, and said: “What a tattered thing, old and rotten, I guess it’s worth one or two hundreds.”

Darren sternly said: “What do you care about how much money it cost, the classmates give it to you, the gift is a symbol of affectionate.”


Lili said: “Come on, let me tell you that in the future, such classmates should be kept at arms length, and two people will give such a little bit of tattered. It is not enough to pay for their meals!”

Darren’s face was gloomy: “Lili, are you just such a snob?”

Lili suddenly became angry: “Darren how do you talk? I am snobbish? I want to be really snobbish, and I will find you a pauper? Don’t forget, my dad invested most of the money in this restaurant!”

Darren’s expression was a bit awkward, but he was also a little speechless at once.

At this time, Gerald walked in front of the two of them. He had recovered a lot from the burning of the car just now, and he began to carry a powerful posture again.

When he came to the two of them, he directly handed a thick red envelope and said lightly: “Darren, your restaurant is open, and I don’t know what to give you, so I just wrap you a big red envelope.”

Lili hurriedly accepted it as she thanked him. She squeezed her hands and knew that there was a 10,000-strong one, and immediately said flatly, “Oh, thank you!”

Gerald waved his hand and asked her, “I think Charlie also came to give gifts just now? What did he give?”

Lili snorted and said, “I don’t know from which second-hand market he brought a painting. It’s probably worth one or two hundreds!”

Gerald sneered and said, “pauper is after all pauper!”

Chapter 57:
Charlie sat down with Claire and Elsa, and Gerald followed and sat beside Elsa.

As soon as he sat down, he smiled and asked Elsa: “Elsa, I heard that you came to Aurous Hill this time to work in the Emgrand Group?”

Elsa nodded: “I just joined the job.”

Gerald smiled and said: “It’s a coincidence. My dad is in the Emgrand Group and is the deputy general manager of a department. Then I will let him take care of you.”

When these words came out, several people on the table exclaimed: “Brother Gerald, is your dad the deputy general manager of the Emgrand Group?”

“Yes.” Gerald nodded and said, “HE was promoted last year.”

Someone hurriedly complimented: “The annual salary of the deputy general manager is several million, right? That’s amazing! No wonder your family is so rich!”

Gerald smiled and said: “Several millions are just wages. My dad has a lot of power and some other income. Now Emgrand Group is working on a hotel project. After this project, my dad can earn at least 10 to 20 million. “

A male student sitting across from him hurriedly asked: “Brother Gerald, I also want to join the Emgrand Group. I have submitted my resume several times and there is no news. Can you tell uncle and see if you can recommend me internally?”

Gerald nodded and said readily, “Okay, turn around and send your resume to me on WeChat. I’ll say hello to him.”

Charlie couldn’t help frowning. He really didn’t know that Gerald’s father turned out to be an executive of the Emgrand Group.

This is a bit interesting. Then he should send a text message to Doris Young later and ask her to fire Gerald’s father.

So he deliberately asked: “Gerald, since your father is so capable in the Emgrand Group, why didn’t he get you in?”

Gerald sneered disdainfully: “You know what a bullsh*t? It doesn’t make much sense for me to join the Emgrand Group. The relationship between father and son can’t be concealed. People will always stared when I enter.”

Gerald said proudly: “So I don’t think about Emgrand Group at all. I have now established a building materials company, and then I will directly cooperate with Emgrand Group through my dad to receive orders from Emgrand Group for building materials.”

“I see!” Someone sighed: “Then you are making a lot of money?”

Gerald snorted: “It’s okay, in a year, I should be able to make a lot of money.”

With that said, he deliberately looked at Charlie and asked: “Charlie, what do you do now? Isn’t it because you have been washing clothes and cooking after you become a parent?”

Everyone on the table laughed.

Charlie said lightly: “In addition to washing clothes and cooking, I also have to take wife to work and massage her back, so life is busy.”

Gerald’s lungs are about to explode. This b@stard has a face that is taken for granted, and his face is really thick!

Controlling his anger, he gritted his teeth and said: “Charlie, I didn’t expect you to eat leftovers with peace of mind!”

“Otherwise?” Charlie said shamelessly: “I didn’t steal it, and I didn’t snatch it. Why don’t I feel comfortable with whatever I getto eat?”

The students around looked silly.

They have seen shameless, but they have never seen such shameless!

The point is, everyone is still envious!

After all, Claire is so beautiful. It is something that many people dream of to eat the soft rice of such a goddess level woman!

Jealousy, envy, and hate ah!

If there is a chance to serve a beauty like Claire, what is it to be a son-in-law? Being a son-in-law is also a winner in life!

Gerald was choked to death.

At this moment, Darren’s wife Lili suddenly stepped onto the stage.

After thanking everyone with a smile on her face, she said: “Thank you for giving us many gifts today. Both Darren and I are very moved. To express our gratitude to everyone, we decided to announce the details of the gifts here. , Thank you all again!”

Since today is the opening ceremony, the link of presenting gifts is naturally indispensable.

Chapter 58:
Originally, Darren didn’t want to do this, but in fact he didn’t have much right to speak, so he could only let Lili do things.

But many classmates are not surprised by this, because people have a psychology of comparison and show off. Everyone can see who gives what next, and can judge how old classmates have mixed up after entering the society.

Subsequently, Lili began to roll the call.

“Thank you Jones Jie for the one thousand red envelope!”

“Thank you White Bei for the pair of gold ingots!”

“Thank you Xu Oouou for the jade brave!”

“Thank you Gerald for the ten thousand red envelope!”

The first few gifts, whether they were red envelopes or gifts, were mostly around 1,000 in market value. Suddenly, when they arrived at Gerald, he gave 10,000 in red envelopes, and the students were shocked.

The opening ceremony is just a red envelope with 10,000. This is too big!

Many people watched Gerald with amazement and praised his greatness.

Gerald also had a smug look on his face. It seemed that he easily took the lead among these classmates.

At this time, Lili said again: “Thank you Charlie and Claire for the old painting!”

Everyone laughed as soon as this was said!

Old painting? Is it worth a hundreds?

Are these two too picky? Darren’s Restaurant opened, Jones Luo’s rich banquet cost hundreds of per person for eating alone. You two come to have a meal and give an old painting? Are you two not afraid of being laughed at?

Gerald also sneered: “Charlie, you can afford a BMW 520, and you can also afford to remodel it. Why then at the opening, you only gave such a tattered thing?”

Charlie smiled faintly: “You don’t know its origin, so why do you say it is tattered?”

Gerald sneered and said: “Don’t think I don’t know what your idea is, just want to buy that tattered fake antique to pretend to be a good thing, so that people can’t figure out how much it is worth!”

Then, he said aggressively: “To be honest, how much did your old painting cost? One hundred or eighty?”

Charlie smiled slightly: “That painting is more valuable than what everyone present today adds up!”

“Hahahaha!” Gerald took the lead and laughed: “You are really bragging not to write drafts! I gave 10,000 red envelopes, and there are more than 20 classmates, each of whom gave 1,000 which must be around 20,000. What do you say? What does it mean to say that your painting is worth more than 30,000?”

Charlie smiled and said, “You said it is less.”

“Ah ha ha!”

Now, the whole class is laughing.

Everyone thinks that this Charlie is really too pretentious!

What is the gift, you dare to come out and provoke me? An old painting worth tens of thousands? Are you fooling someone?

At this time, Lili on the stage was also very contemptuous, and asked curiously: “Mr. Charlie, I don’t know whose ancient painting you gave? Is it worth tens of thousands?”

Charlie said lightly: “A painter from the Qing Dynasty, not very famous.”

Lili laughed and said, “Oh, it’s a coincidence. My dad is a cultural relic appraiser, and he is very authoritative. He is Yuesheng Liu. He knows antiques. He should have heard of his name, right?”

Elsa exclaimed: “Yuesheng? Cultural relic expert Yuesheng? I remember this person, who was on State TV! Is he your father?”

Lili smiled and said, “Yes, it’s my father. He is upstairs now. How about I ask him to come down and appreciate this ancient painting given by classmate Charlie?”

Gerald stood up and said loudly: “Then Lili will let uncle come down to help us appreciate it. If the value of Charlie’s painting really exceeds all the gifts that everyone has today, Gerald, me Gerald, will eat this table on the spot! “

Chapter 59:
When they heard that Lili’s father was a cultural relic appraiser, all the classmates present cast contempt and sympathy at Charlie.

They think Charlie is really unlucky!

He wanted to pretend, but when he meets an expert person on the scene, is this not equal to slapping self in the face?

If Lili’s father, Yuesheng, comes in a while, wouldn’t he be ashamed?

Claire was also a little embarrassed, and whispered to Charlie: “Charlie, so many students are watching, don’t be stubborn, otherwise you will be embarrassed!”

Before coming, Charlie said that he bought a painting, but he said it was not worth a fews, and now he said it was worth tens of thousands. Claire was also a little bit bottomless at once, thinking that Charlie might have said that for the sake of face.

But Charlie didn’t care at all, and said, “Since you don’t believe it, let the professionals appraise it.”

After that, he said again: “By the way, everyone, don’t forget, classmate Gerald has never repented, and he cursed again. This time he wants to eat the table.”

When Gerald thought about the burning of the car just now, he gritted his teeth and cursed: “Charlie, you’re so f*cking arrogant! I was shamed by you for the racing thing just now! I’m willing to lose the bet! This time I am Still willing to bet! If the painting you gave is really worth tens of thousands, I will eat the table on the spot! If it’s not worth it, can you eat it?”

Charlie nodded and said, “Okay, if it’s not worth it, I’ll just eat it.”

Although the painting is not a famous painting, it is indeed the work of Qing Dynasty painter Huang Shen, and the antique shop is also a national chain, with genuine guarantees, and a penalty for fakes, so the paintings are never fake.

Claire wanted to stop Charlie, but he didn’t react at all. Charlie had already agreed. In desperation, she had to sigh secretly.

Elsa was also a little surprised, why is Charlie so sure?

In fact, take a closer look, this person is still very mysterious. In Classic Mansion that day, the famous Orvel nodded and bowed to him. She hadn’t figured out why.

But she can also be sure that Charlie must have a secret!

Gerald felt that he finally had a chance to regain the lost reputation, and immediately blurted out: “Okay, everyone is here to witness, let’s let Lili invite her father to come down to help us identify!”

Lili directly dialed the phone in front of everyone and said, “Dad, come down for a moment, Darren’s classmate has a painting and I want you to appraise it.”

One minute later, an Old Master slowly walked down the stairs from the second floor.

This person is Yuesheng, a famous cultural relic appraiser in Aurous Hill.

Today was the opening ceremony of Yuesheng’s daughter and future son-in-law’s restaurant. He also invited an old friend to gather in the private room upstairs. He heard that there were ancient paintings that needed to be appraised. Soon as his professional habits came up, he hurried down to take a look.

Yuesheng stepped forward and stepped onto the stage. Lili hurriedly handed him the gift box with the painting, and said, “Dad, you can help identify this painting. Some people say it is worth tens of thousands!”

With that said, she looked at Charlie with a look of contempt.

Who believes a rag, leftover eating man can get an ancient painting worth tens of thousands?

No need to guess, the painting must be fake!

Others are just as she thought.

No one believed that Charlie could really give a calligraphy and painting worth tens of thousands.

Yuesheng took the gift box, and under the attention of everyone, he took out the scroll and opened it carefully.

The old paintings are a little yellowish, and they look really inconspicuous. Many of the classmates who like to judge people by appearance one after another said: “Oh, it doesn’t look like a good thing!”

“Yes, I think it’s worth fiftys.”

“It’s estimated that the box is not as valuable? That box is probably worth seven or eighty!”

Yuesheng studied the painting carefully, and after watching it for a few minutes, he smiled and asked, “Is this painting a gift from classmate?”

Chapter 60:
“Yes.” Lili said: “He is still a good buddy from college!”

When she said this, Lili was thinking that Charlie and Darren are good buddies, still he dared to give away a gift worth few hundred, and immediately wanted her father to expose him in front of everyone!

However, no one expected, Yuesheng sighed: “It seems that he is a good buddy! Not even a good buddy would be willing to give such a valuable thing.”

When everyone heard this, they were stunned!

what’s it? precious? Is this crap expensive?

Gerald thought to himself, your mother is precious! I can go to Antique Street to buy fake flowers and pee on them to make them look old. It looks more real than this painting!

At this time, Yuesheng said earnestly: “This is the real work of the Qing Dynasty painter Huang Shen. Although Huang Shen is not a very famous painter, he is also one of the outstanding painters. He is one of the Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou!”

After speaking, Yuesheng said again: “I estimate that the market transaction price of this painting is around 200,000.”

“More than two hundred thousand?!” Lili was stupified, she thought this thing was not worth a hundreds, who would have thought that it was worth more than two hundred thousand!

Darren was dumbfounded, and blurted out: “Oh! Charlie, how can you give me such an expensive thing! This is too expensive”

Charlie said calmly: “Darren, it’s just a matter of heart, don’t care too much about its price.”

Darren was so touched, he didn’t expect that his good buddie in college would be so interesting!

Gerald looked dazed.

what’s the situation? This sh!t is worth more than two hundred thousand?

It’s worth more than 200,000. dmn, isn’t this dmn cheating?

The students were also shocked.

This time, no one dared to look down upon Charlie again!

After all, he is a person who gives gifts of more than two hundred thousand worth paintings at random!

Everyone is envious of Darren!

Really awesome! I received such an expensive gift at the opening, earning blood!

At this time, Lili was also shocked, and immediately changed her opinion of Charlie.

She knew her father’s level very well. Since her father said the painting was worth more than 200,000, it must be worth this number!

God! Darren’s classmates actually gave such an expensive gift, this handwriting is not so big!

Thinking of this, she looked at Charlie’s eyes with stars.

Claire asked puzzledly: “Charlie, how much did you spend on this painting?”

Charlie smiled slightly and said in a low voice, “In fact, it didn’t cost much. The main reason was that the one who sold the painting to me was an acquaintance, and he also collected it from the omission, so he dealt with it at a low price.”

Claire couldn’t help but said: “A painting of two hundred thousand, a few thousand sold to you, is there such a good thing in the world?”

Charlie said indifferently: “Many people don’t take money seriously? Otherwise, I wouldn’t give this painting to Darren.”

Claire nodded lightly. Charlie was right. If money is important, no one would give such expensive things. It seems that although her husband is not very promising, his courage is still beyond ordinary!

At this moment, Charlie stood up, looked at Gerald with a flustered expression, and asked with a smile: “Mr. Gerald, how do you want to eat at this table? Do you eat directly with your mouth or would like it chopped with a knife into pieces for you?”