Lawmaker says teachers need not subsidize needs of students

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Senator Robin “Robinhood ” Padilla on Wednesday (January 25) said it is about time to end the situation of public school teachers who have to pay in advance for the needs of their students, out of their own pockets, which has been a common practice.

He expressed his full support behind proposed measures providing additional benefits and privileges for public school teachers, who he hailed for being "second parents" of young Filipino learners.

This is aside from teachers having to make more sacrifices in fulfilling their duties during elections

"Pambihira, napakapambihira naman po niyan. Ang kanilang puhunan sa buhay nila, paggising pa lang niyan nasa isip niyan ang mga estudyante na niya. Bago matulog yan iniisip niyan estudyante niya. Aba, abonohin pa natin? Pambihira naman, napakapambihira na po niyan (It's quite sad, our teachers think of their students from the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep. And we let them pay in advance for their students' needs out of their own pockets? This should not be the case)," Padilla said in his opening statement during the hearing of the Senate committee on civil service.

At the hearing of Senate Bill No; 849 or Additional Benefits of Teachers and Privileges for Public School Teachers, the senator said the sufferings of the public school teachers must put to an end as he also expressed his full support to the proposed measure.

"Lahat talaga na balakid, huwag na natin hayaang dumapo pa sa balikat ng ating mga guro (Let us not allow our teachers to carry more burdens)," he added.

In seeking added benefits for teachers, Padilla pointed out that no less than the Constitution has decreed that education is the top priority of the government's budget.

"At ako, buong buo ang suporta sa panukalang ito na di po dapat talaga nag-aabono ang ating mga guro (I am throwing my full support behind the bills that will make sure teachers no longer need to pay in advance from their own pockets)," he added.