Amazing Love 116-120

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Chapter 116
In fact, Elsa can probably guess Harold’s intentions, and her self-protection awareness is relatively strong, so she made up her mind not to drink with Harold tonight.

Harold couldn’t help but feel depressed when he saw that he could not persuade her, but he didn’t dare to show it.

Elsa nodded: “Thank you for understanding!”

At this moment, sitting at the table next to them, a young man who looked gentle was staring at Elsa forever.

After Elsa came in, he was attracted by Elsa’s appearance and temperament.

In his opinion, this woman is really too beautiful, and she has an extraordinary temperament, just like a fairy coming to the world!

After observing for a while and discovering that this woman and the man opposite her were not a couple, the young man decided that he should not miss this opportunity.

After a while, the young man stood up, walked to the table of Elsa and Harold, and said to Elsa: “Hey lady, since you entered the hotel, I fell in love with you at first sight. I don’t know if you want to stay. Give me a contact number?”

Elsa was stunned.

She didn’t expect that she would meet someone who strikes up directly.

Harold was also very hot.

dmn, where did the silly fork pop up? Didn’t you see that I was with this girl? You dare to come up and flirt with her, you fuking want to die?

So, before Elsa could speak, he said coldly: “Who are you? What are you doing here at our table?”

The young man said lightly: “What does it have to do with you when I talk to this lady?”

After that, he said to Elsa again: “Lady, I just stared at you for a long time. I didn’t want to take the liberty to disturb you, but I was really moved by you. I came here for fear of missing this opportunity, so please forgive me. “

Harold exploded immediately!

dmn, what kind of dog, dare you fcking steal a woman from me?

So he immediately yelled: “I warn you, it’s best to stay away if you know! If you dare to talk or peek, I will gouge your dog eyes!”

The young man turned to look at Elsa and asked, “Your boyfriend?”

Elsa shook her head.

The young man turned his head to look at Harold, and said, “Since you are not her boyfriend, then I can confess to this beautiful woman, it has nothing to do with you, right?”

Harold sneered and said, “I don’t like you watching her, you can’t watch her!”

The young man frowned and said, “You seem to be awesome?”

Harold sneered: “Boy, I’m from the Willson family, stay away from me, don’t cause trouble to yourself!”

Elsa felt a little disgusted.

She didn’t like this young man’s direct confession.

Secondly, she doesn’t like Harold’s attitude of being the number one in the world.

At this moment, the young man’s face changed suddenly, staring at Harold and said coldly, “What the hll is the Willson family? What the hll are you? I warn you, if you pretend to be so f*cking with me, or I will let see!”

Harold gritted his teeth immediately, and his heart was already extremely angry.

Anyone really dares to pretend to be forceful!

The first time he invited Elsa to dinner, he lost his face once. This time, if he doesn’t give him some color, and then gets embarrassed again in Elsa’s face, it would be even more useless to chase her.

Thinking of this, he said nothing, picked up the wine bottle on the table, and yelled: “What are you talking nonsense here! You are going to die!”

After all, a bottle hit the young man’s head!

With a bang, the other party’s blood flowed!

Chapter 117
The young man was smashed by him, and he was dizzy and almost untenable.

The people around were also taken aback by this sudden use of wine bottle.

Harold stared at the young man with blood on his face and sneered: “If you don’t get out, I will break your leg!”

The young man gritted his teeth, covered his head, and said: “Okay, you have guts, you wait for me!”

After that, the young man clutched his smashed head and ran out in a hurry.

Harold laughed disdainfully, and said, “Fool, dare you to threaten me? I don’t even ask, who is Harold afraid of in this city?”

After speaking, he deliberately said to Elsa with a smug look: “Elsa, there are such flies everywhere, don’t be affected by him, let’s continue to eat and leave him alone.”

Elsa was not in a good mood after being so disturbed, she nodded and did not speak.

During the meal, Harold tried to invigorate the atmosphere several times, but Elsa didn’t catch it.

In her eyes, Harold was not only incapable but also a little too reckless. Such a man couldn’t stay in her eyes.

Harold originally thought that by standing up to that man directly in front of Elsa, should subdue her, but never expected that Elsa seemed to be a little more repulsive and disgusted with him.

This made him feel particularly depressed. He didn’t expect that Elsa didn’t like men who use violence. Isn’t this shooting himself in the foot?

For a meal, Harold was extremely depressed.

He had just finished eating, he originally wanted to chat with Elsa a few more words to increase his relationship.

As a result, Elsa frowned and said: “It’s late, I have to go back, thank you for your hospitality.”

Harold was depressed and said, “Then I will drop you!”

Elsa shook her head: “No, I will just take a taxi.”

At this time Elsa just wanted to quickly draw a line with Harold.

Harold was very angry, and said, “Then I will join you to the car, otherwise.”

Elsa did not refuse, nodded, and got up and walked out.

Harold hurriedly followed.

He suffocated his stomach and wanted to make a romantic date. He took the opportunity to confess to Elsa, but he didn’t expect that b@stard> to ruin everything, there was no chance at all, and he seemed to have left a bad impression on Elsa.

“If I meet him again, I must kill him.” Harold cursed bitterly.

At this moment, Charlie had just finished eating and was clearing the dishes.

Claire said anxiously at this time: “Charlie, there is a supplier quotation document in my bag, have you seen it?”

Charlie shook his head: “I haven’t touched your bag since I came back.”

Claire thought for a while before she patted her forehead and said, “Oh, the documents should have fallen in the meeting room of the Emgrand Group. I have to use them tomorrow morning. Or you can drive me to fetch them!”

Charlie smiled and said: “You are so tired. Take some rest. I’ll get it for you.”

Claire sighed and said, “I am really exhausted, so please do it for me. The document number is gy20191101.”

Charlie waved his hand and said, “It’s not a big deal.”

After that, Charlie drove to the Willson Group.

Here, Harold and Elsa had just left the hotel and came to the roadside.

Elsa was about to take a taxi, and at this moment, three white vans parked on the side of the road, and a dozen strong men suddenly got off and rushed over aggressively.

The dozen or so people are all black cloth masked, holding steel pipes, and they are here to seek revenge!

“Not good!” When Harold saw so many people running towards him, he was half-dead in shock.

Elsa also saw this scene, and her face paled in shock. She guessed that this group of people must be the young man who had just sought revenge. Looking at this posture, she was afraid that they would kill her!

Sure enough, a young man with gauze on his head stood up and shouted: “d*mn, that is the b@stard>!”

As soon as the voice fell, everyone immediately rushed towards Harold with an order.

“I am the young master of the Willson family! You dare to touch me!”

Harold was flustered and yelled pretentiously.

A strong man smiled contemptuously and slammed a steel pipe at him when he came up.

Chapter 118
Harold was so frightened that he almost wet his pants.

At this time, he was shocked and suddenly pushed Elsa out. Elsa uttered an ah, and she pushed him to the other side.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Harold ran to his car, opened the door, and sat in, then started the car and fled the scene without hesitation.

Elsa is about to explode!

This Harold is really a b@stard>!

He caused the trouble himself, but at the critical moment, he, a big man, actually pushed her, a woman, to block the gun and ran away?

In this world, can you find a second sc*m like him?

Seeing Harold run away, the young man cursed.

“This b@stard> dropped the woman and ran by himself. What a waste!”

After all, he stared at Elsa and said coldly: “Beauty, call that b@stard> back to me, otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude to you!”

Elsa blurted out: “I don’t know him well, please don’t involve me in your affairs.”

The young man pointed to his head holding the gauze and said coldly: “d*mn, I have sixteen stitches on my head. I can’t breathe, I can’t eat anything! If he doesn’t come to save you, you can tell me. Going home and letting Mr. cool off for a whole night is the compensation you have to pay!”

Elsa blurted out: “How can you do this! This is illegal!”

“Illegal?” The young man said coldly, “My words are the rule! After I finish you, you will find out what is legal and what is not!”

Elsa felt cold for a while, and her panic and despair almost obliterated her.

She hurriedly said: “I’ll call him now!”

After that, she took out his cell phone and called Harold.

Harold was driving desperately, thinking that the farther he could escape, the better when he suddenly saw Elsa calling him, and his heart shook.

That’s it!

d*mn, what bad luck!

He also said to get in touch with her and build a relationship with the Dong family, so that the family can ascend up.

This is all right, Elsa has been severely offended!

However, how dare he answers the phone at this time?

Answering the phone is nothing more than going back, even fools can guess the next step.

But, do you still have a life when you go back? The gang is aggressive and they also carry steel pipes, even if they don’t take his life, he is afraid he will be disabled for life.

Women are important, but life is more important!

So he decided to continue to escape, regardless of her call!

Elsa couldn’t get through, and she was desperate.

She pleaded to the young man: “I can give you money, please let me go. It’s really none of my business.”

The young man grinned and said: “I don’t want your money! I want your body!”

Elsa was so scared that she knew that if she didn’t do anything, this person would not let her go.

So, while the other party was not on guard, she bit her silver teeth and kicked between the young man’s legs.

The young man didn’t expect that she would dare to resist. He was kicked straight in the crotch, his body moved with a scream of pain, and subconsciously waved his hand, stabbing her with a knife!

Elsa was about to escape, when she felt a sharp pain in her thigh, she screamed and fell to the ground.

A sharp dagger pierced her leg with blood flowing out.

“Smelly lady, you want to run!”

The young man became angry and grabbed her by the hair, and said with a sneer: “Congratulations, your success has angered me. Tonight, my brother and I will take good care of you!”

Elsa shed two lines of tears in despair.

She had declared her death sentence in her heart. She knew that this young man would not let her go, and she was afraid that she would really die in his hands.

In this case, it is impossible for anyone to save her.

She had never noticed that at this time, a black BMW car was gradually approaching. Charlie, who was driving, saw her at a glance, frowning suddenly!

Chapter 119
Elsa suffered severe pain in her leg, desperate in her heart, and tears kept streaming out.

Seeing her beautiful face with rain in pear blossoms, the young man became wicked, swallowed hard, and blurted out: “Get her in the car!”

Someone booed next to him: “Master, when will we come with this beauty again?”

The young man said coldly: “When I’m done, let you come!”

After speaking, he reached out to grab her and get to the car.

At this moment, he suddenly heard several miserable screams from the periphery!


Suddenly, several screams violently sounded.

The young man raised his head angrily and shouted sharply: “What’s the matter?”

But as soon as he looked up, he suddenly felt a strong wind hit the door!

Before he could dodge, he felt a sharp pain in his face, a hammer splashed all over his eyes, the bridge of his nose snapped off, and nosebleeds burst out suddenly.

Like a sledgehammer hitting his head, the young man screamed in pain, his body swayed and fell backward.

Just when he fell, he saw several accomplices behind him, lying on the ground like a dead dog, all motionless.

Elsa raised her head in horror, her beautiful eyes suddenly enlarged.

She saw a person wearing a black mask standing in front of her, his eyes as cold as a knife.

Elsa was surprised and happy, and exclaimed in her heart, who is he? Is he here to save her? Yes, he must be here to save her!

The youth’s face was bloody, and he fell to the ground and couldn’t get up.

This person shot too fast, and in a blink of an eye, the four people were released. The remaining masked people reacted for several seconds, rushing to him while roaring, and calling their comrades.

“You, who are you.” Elsa sat on the ground, looking up at the person in front of her.

This person didn’t answer, but quickly picked her up and ran deep into the alley.

Elsa panted, her heart pounding, she was still in shock.

Behind him came the stern shouts of the brawny men and the roar of motorcycles, clearly pursuing them with all their strength.

The whistling wind blew past her face, Elsa had lost too much blood on her legs, and, coupled with the panic, she could only hug this person weakly.

For some reason, she vaguely felt that the breath of this person seemed a bit familiar.

But she didn’t know that this mysterious man hugging her was the husband of her good girlfriend, Charlie.

Charlie drove past here, but he happened to see Elsa being surrounded.

He was afraid that Elsa would have something serious, so he wore a mask and came to rescue her.

After being transformed by that ray of spiritual energy from the white stone, Charlie’s skills have become extremely good, and the speed was much faster than before.

In addition, there were so many alleys here, Charlie quickly threw away the chasing soldiers.

He hugged Elsa and ran a long distance before coming to the depths of a park before stopping.

It’s getting late and the plants are dense in the depths of the park. Even if the opponent catches up, they can hide their traces.

He put Elsa on the ground and frowned when he saw that her pants had been stained red with blood.

Although Elsa lost too much blood, she managed to stay awake, pale and grateful: “Thank you for saving me. Who are you?”

Chapter 120
Charlie glanced at her but didn’t say a word.

He has never looked down upon her, even if he reveals his true colors, what is the point? It’s just annoying.

Therefore, it is better to hide to the end.

Moreover, he didn’t take special care of Elsa, he only took care of his wife Claire’s face before he tried to save her.

Seeing that Charlie didn’t say a word, Elsa also understood what the other party meant, and knew that the other party must not want to reveal the identity, so she was embarrassed to ask further.

But she has a strong personality, not the kind of woman who clings to men. Since the other party saved her, but she is not grateful for it, she always feels that she owes something in her heart.

Just as Elsa wanted to ask, she heard a hoarse and cold voice in her ears.

“Take off your pants.”

Elsa raised her head in astonishment and saw the masked man’s eyes look on her body, and she was suddenly angry.

Thought to escape the tiger’s mouth, but fell into the wolf den again.

This is a wilderness, and the opponent is so skilled, even if she shouts to the sky, she can’t escape the clutches.

In despair, Elsa gritted her teeth and said sternly: “Don’t touch me, I will never be humiliated! If you dare to do anything to me, I would rather die!”

Charlie was taken aback, deliberately suppressing the voice, pointing to her leg, and said: “Your hamstring has been injured, and the wound is close to the aorta. If it is not treated in time, it may become disabled. Now if the bleeding does not stop, it will send you to a coma. If you say the hospital, it’s definitely too late to get to the hospital, what do you say?”

Elsa looked at him in amazement, her cheeks suddenly hot.

She thought that the other party wanted to be unruly to her, but she didn’t expect

Seeing Elsa staring at him dumbfounded, Charlie sighed in his heart.

Elsa asked him timidly: “Can you help me stop the bleeding?”

Charlie nodded and said, “I have studied traditional medicine and can use acupuncture techniques to stop bleeding and slow down the injury. Then you will have time to go to the hospital for follow-up treatment.”

“Thank you.” Elsa’s face flushed, her voice was as inaudible as a mosquito.

She couldn’t help but glance at her wound, her heart was extremely contradictory.

This injury is impartial, just on the upper thigh, and she has to take off your pants.

But if she took it off, wouldn’t she be seen by the other side?

The Dong family’s upbringing is very strict, and Elsa never interacts with other men, let alone let men touch her body.

Moreover, the Dong family has a family doctor who is a well-known western doctor abroad. She does not believe that only acupuncture can stop bleeding and cure injuries.

Elsa thought for a while, and declined: “Thank you for your kindness, but please send me to the hospital first, I think I can hold it.”

Charlie frowned, how could he not know what the other party was thinking.

Elsa must feel that she is not injured to death now, so she wants to go to the hospital first.

But she knew that the reason she didn’t feel that serious right now was because he secretly injected a trace of spiritual power into her body when he was holding her.

Otherwise, how could she have survived until now, having lost too much blood and died?

Seeing that Charlie didn’t speak, Elsa believed that the injury should not be so serious, so she wanted to stand up.

But as soon as she moved, the wound burst open, and a burst of blood spurted out.

Elsa’s body became soft, she sat on the ground dizzy, her face extremely pale.

Charlie frowned and said, “I just said that if you move around, this leg will definitely be broken. Even if you go to the hospital, there is no way to cure it. Not to mention that you have lost too much blood. It is possible to die in shock without waiting for the ambulance to come. You can choose whether to cure it now or die!”