Amazing Love 166 - 170

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Chapter 166
Charlie said coldly: “This is your lifeline. The Qin family is so cursed that Jinghai uses your life to resolve it! Three days later, this red line extends to your elbow, and then you will be dead! Use the virtues accumulated in your life’s good deeds to change the Qin family’s line and continue.”

When Qin Gang heard this, he was shocked to stay there.

Steven was also in a panic, and quickly looked at everyone present.

All Masters here nodded slightly when they saw this scene. Qin Gang would not live for three days.

Steven knelt on the ground with a thud, and begged Jinghai: “Mr. Jinghai, please, save my Uncle!”

Jinghai looked arrogant and sneered: “The spell is out, how can it be taken back? I used Qin Gang’s life in exchange for your family’s life, you should thank me.”

Aoxue also turned pale, biting her lower lip and entangled for a long time, then she knelt in front of Charlie with a puff, and said: “Please, save my dad”

Charlie glanced at her and said indifferently: “Since your Qin family chooses to believe in Jinghai, then it has nothing to do with me, so why let me do it?”

Aoxue’s eyes were red, and she gritted her teeth and said, “If you can save my dad, I will promise you anything you want.”

Charlie smiled and said, “I have no interest.”

Qin Gang also ran over, knelt in front of Charlie, and cried out: “Mr. Wade, I am blinded by lard, and it is Steven, the sorrowful star, bewitching me.”

While speaking, Qin Gang pulled Steven away, and slapped his face desperately.

Steven dodged again and again.

Aoxue also grabbed Charlie’s leg and cried: “Just save my dad, please.”

Charlie sighed and said, “Okay, all stand up. I scared you just now. Nothing at all. Fortunately, your dad is wearing a frightening talisman, or there is no time to fight Steven now.”

Qin Gang looked suspicious, took out the shocking talisman from his arms, and said, “Is this talisman working?”

Charlie nodded and said, “The red line faded quickly. With Jinghai’s two tricks, it is still a long way from trying to break my talisman.”

Qin Gang looked down at his arm, and saw that the red line had dimmed a lot and was gradually fading. He couldn’t help but be overjoyed and said, “Thank you, Mr. Wade, if it wasn’t for you, I would be dead today.”

Charlie waved his hand and said: “It’s because you are lucky, and you came here with a talisman. Otherwise, I don’t bother to care about you.”

After speaking, Charlie turned his head to look at Jinghai, and said: “Now the result is obvious, don’t you admit defeat?”

Steven finally came over at this time, knelt on the ground, and apologized to Charlie without a word.

Jinghai’s face turned blue, staring at Charlie fiercely, and said: “With some small means, I dare to say that I have won? I wanted to spare your life, who knows you are stubborn and give you a chance at last, Hand over the clams, kneel down and apologize!”

He didn’t want to use the last hole card, but the matter was here, Charlie had already defeated him, making his meditation layout in vain!

Moreover, once he uses his hole cards, even he can’t completely control it. Everyone here might die!

Charlie’s face gradually turned cold, and said, “What if I say no?”

“You forced me!” Jinghai took out a black porcelain altar from the box beside him as soon as he finished speaking.

A few black mosquitoes flew out of the altar, and instantly pounced on the meat and vegetables on the table, chewing them.

Warnia looked weird and said, “Does Jinghai still raise mosquitoes?”

Everyone watched the black mosquitoes pounce on the flesh, and the picture was very strange. The masters present were all inexplicable. They had no idea what was going on and asked each other.

But in a moment, the meat dishes that were eaten by black mosquitoes turned color quickly, and countless smaller black mosquitoes emerged from the meat!

Chapter 167
In less than five minutes, the fresh dishes on the table just now were all rotten and spoiled, and dense mosquitoes emerged.

There is a rooster on the grass in the courtyard, which was raised by the White family.

A few mosquitoes flew to the rooster at an extremely fast speed. After more than ten seconds, the rooster screamed and flapped its wings, fell to the ground and convulsed to death.

From the feathers of the dead chicken, a large black mosquito drilled out and flew into the air.

The black mosquitoes in the air are densely packed, rushing towards the crowd like a whirlwind.

The yard suddenly exploded, and the crowd was in a mess, dodge desperately.

This black mosquito is extremely poisonous, not only biting people, but also getting into the skin from the wound.

Mosquitoes are very small, only the size of sand grains.

And the bitten person will be swollen and painful.

The masters in the field have used their housekeeping skills, throwing amulets and chanting mantras.

Some people even got under the table, and someone jumped into the pool with a plop, screaming constantly.

“What the h*ll is this!” Warnia was scared to death.

“This is a corpse eater!” Fungui Bao was shocked and angry: “This is made from a baby corpse. It originated from southern Xinjiang. I didn’t expect Jinghai to raise this insidious thing.”

Jinghai laughed and said cruelly: “This corpse eater is made from a fetus. It is the most poisonous. If you don’t respect me, none of you can run away.”

Black mosquitoes grew more and more. An Old Master was bitten and swollen all over, vomiting black blood, and fainted to the ground.

The black mosquitoes in the air made the scalp numb, and Warnia was also flustered.

But soon she discovered that there was no mosquito around Charlie!

As soon as those mosquitoes approached Charlie, they turned into black charcoal instantly as if they had encountered something extremely terrifying!

At this moment, Charlie sneered, and walked towards Jinghai slowly without receiving any obstacles, holding a white shell symbol in his hand.

This is the thundering order he refined!

It exudes a faint fluorescent light, with a hint of thunder surrounding it.

Watching this scene, Jinghai muttered: “Why are you doing this? How is this possible?”

Charlie seemed to be bathed in a halo, as if a god came personally, his expression indifferent.

“Impossible! The Corpse spell has been completely destroyed, it is impossible for anyone to deal with it!” Jinghai roared hoarsely.

Charlie looked at Jinghai and sneered, “I dare to call it a waste? Today, I will show you what is real, great supernatural power!”

Immediately afterwards, Charlie yelled: “Here it comes!”

As soon as the voice fell, there was a loud noise!


In an instant, there was a thunderbolt in the sky, and the sky that was still clear just now suddenly piled up black clouds!

In a blink of an eye, the entire sky is already covered with dark clouds!

“This!” Fungui Bao looked up at the sky, shocked to speak.

Everyone, including Warnia, also had the same expression.

Qin Gang murmured: “A miracle, this is a miracle!”

In the next second, a silver snake lightning shot straight down from the air!


An angry lightning hit the mosquitoes, and the mosquitoes immediately turned into coke.

The tables and chairs split, the trees fell, and the air was filled with a strong smell of burnt dryness.

But Charlie stood with his hand held up, staring coldly, and the thunder light around his body flickered!

There was a strong wind in the courtyard, and a torrential rain poured down, washing the whole area clean.

A few seconds later, the crowd recovered and dodged around, fearing being struck by lightning.

Chapter 168
“I’ll go, he, he is not a human! He is a god!”

“Don’t hack me, I will kneel down and admit my mistake to Mr. Wade.”

“Help, I was wrong!”

Several people thumped and knelt down, and kowtow to Charlie.

Qin Gang was also scared to drill down the table, awe in his heart.

However, these few sky thunders, like eyes, only cleaved mosquitoes into dregs, and didn’t hurt anyone.

Jinghai’s expression was extremely shocked and terrified!

He never dreamed that Charlie’s strength would be so terrifying!

Compared with him, he is like an ant!

If the billowing thunder struck him, he wouldn’t be able to keep a whole body!

He panicked, and quickly got up, scrambling to flee outside the courtyard. He just wanted to escape now. He escaped from Aurous Hill and never came back again. He didn’t even think about being a venerable person in Aurous Hill!

“Want to escape?”

Charlie smiled coldly, stretched out his hand and pointed: “Here, come again!”


A sky of thunder smashed its head and smashed Jinghai straight to the ground, breaking the pottery jar in his hand.

His hands were severely painful, he was scared and shivered and screamed.

“Wade, Mr. Wade spare my life”

Charlie looked cold, and walked towards him step by step.

“Using a fetus to refine Gu! It is really damaging to the world, and extremely corrupt!”

“The evil devil said crookedly, he was punishable by the heavens! I am punishing you by thunder today! Do you accept it!”

Jinghai opened his mouth wide, but couldn’t say anything. He watched the thunder and lightning flash in the dark clouds, and he was crying in grief and indignation. It seems that today is his limit.

why! Why is there such a terrifying existence in Aurous Hill? Why do I have to trouble him blindly


It doesn’t mean that Jinghai wants to understand the cause and effect, and several days of thunder are smashed together, and a bunch of smashes are on Jinghai!

Mr. Jinghai, who was also aggressive and arrogant just now, was smashed to the ground before he even screamed.

But the human form is no longer visible, it becomes a piece of burnt “wood”, and a burnt smell permeates the courtyard, which is disgusting.

“Rain harvests, wind rises!”

Charlie waved his hand, the torrential rain stopped miraculously, and a gust of wind blew up on the ground, flying sand and rocks, sweeping away the smell of burnt corpses in the courtyard.

In the gust of wind, Charlie’s face was calm, as if nothing had happened.

But everyone in the courtyard had their mouths open in shock.

Steven trembled all over and didn’t dare to speak. If Charlie struck him with lightning at that time, he would have died long ago. Only then did he understand that Charlie had always put him in his eyes, so he could survive.

“Mr. Wade, you are a god!”

Qin Gang’s voice trembled, and he knelt on the ground with a plop, facing Charlie with his hands together.

Solmon was already so scared that he knelt on the ground, walked a few steps in front of Charlie, and kept kowtowing.

“Mr. Wade spares my life. I am obsessed with my heart. I don’t follow Mr. Jinghai. I follow the gods and sticks! I beg Mr. Wade for my dog life. I am willing to be a bull and a horse for Mr. Wade.

Charlie glanced at him indifferently, and walked past Solmon.

Fungui Bao said respectfully; “I think that the venerable of Nanguang from now on will be Mr. Wade! From the future of Nanguang metaphysics, please give orders Mr. Wade, and I will follow your orders.”

Ordered the entire Nanguang area of ​​the metaphysical community, just now everyone was fighting to death and life, but now no one has any objections, all of them are convinced, and shouted in unison.

“Mr. Wade, please order the Aurous Hill!”

Chapter 169
Everyone was fighting to death just now, but now they are all eager to let Charlie order the entire Aurous Hill, even the entire Nanguang area of ​​metaphysics, and no one has objections to Charlie.

They have never seen a god like Charlie, who can attract heavenly thunder in a word!

This is the realm of metaphysics, a supernatural power that they don’t dare not imagine!

Looking at that Jinghai who was scorched by lightning on the ground, he knew that Charlie’s strength was unfathomable. Letting such a person order everyone, not only was everyone convinced, but they also hoped to get Charlie’s advice.

Charlie frowned slightly, and said to everyone: “I am not a member of metaphysics, and I don’t usually study Feng Shui, and I am not interested in metaphysics. In the future, let Fungui Bao act as an agent for you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the people present opened their mouths in shock.

The sky thunder just now has shocked their minds, Mr. Wade still said that he is not interested in Feng Shui metaphysics? And he is not a person in metaphysics?

Is this just a momentary interest of others, just summoning a few sky thunders to play?


Capital service!

The crowd is silent, he look at them, others look at him.

Fungui Bao glanced at Charlie hesitantly, and said respectfully: “It is an honor to share the worries for Mr. Wade! From now on, I would like to ask you friends to take care of the matters. I will take care of the minor matters by myself, and then come to ask Mr. Wade for advice.”

The dignified atmosphere relaxed a lot. Tailai, the richest man in Haicheng, immediately walked over and said in a respectful voice, “I thank Mr. Wade for this move and would like to offer a cheque for 80 million to show my admiration!”

Guo Ming also stepped forward, ashamed, and said, “Thank you, Mr. Wade, for eliminating the harm! From now on, Guo Ming will listen to any dispatch from Nanguang Supreme leader!”

“Wish to listen!”

When the crowd saw the two men stepping forward to shoot their horses, they were immediately unwilling to be left behind, and they flattered Charlie.

Fungui Bao said: “Today’s banquet, the White family sponsored 150 million. It was originally a bonus for each winner. Now Mr. Wade is the first, this bonus will naturally go to him.”

Solmon still knelt on the ground and did not dare to get up, his forehead was knocked out, and he hurriedly said: “Mr. Wade, a villain with no eyes, almost harmed the heroes of Nanguang, and please forgive me.”

Charlie frowned and said coldly: “Solmon, didn’t you believe in Jinghai before?”

Solmon hurriedly knocked his head and said: “Mr. Wade, the villain is completely blinded by that Jinghai! Now I know that he is nothing more than a bug in front of Mr. Wade. From now on, the villain will keep his eyes open and worship Mr. Wade throughout his life with respect!”

After that, Solmon said again: “Mr. Wade, in order to express the villain’s inner apology, I would like to give Mr. Wade another villa. After I send someone to clean up, I will give you the key and ask Mr. Wade to forgive me my crime!”


Charlie frowned slightly.

For his worth, a villa is nothing.

However, if he buys it himself, it must be inappropriate. After all, there is no way to explain the source of funds to wife.

But if someone wants to give him a set, then why should he be polite?

After all, nowadays the family still lives in the old house, and it really needs to change to a better environment.

As for this Solmon, it is indeed a bit hateful, but it seems that he has a deep remorse attitude and is not guilty of death.

So Charlie nodded and said, “If you are interested, let’s just do this. If it gets into my hands again in the future, I won’t be so good at talking!”

Chapter 170
Solmon was overjoyed and quickly knelt and thanked him: “Thank you Mr. Wade for raising your hand! The villain must reflect on it seriously and there will never be another next time!”


Immediately, he looked at Qin Gang, who was full of horror.

Indifferently asked him: “Qin Gang, does your family think that Charlie cheated you of your money?”

Qin Gang suddenly softened his legs and knelt on the ground with a thump, and said in horror: “I dare not! I was just confused for a while and had a little doubt about Mr. Wade. Now that I am completely convinced that Mr. Wade is the real master of metaphysics. I seek forgiveness!”

After finishing talking, he grabbed Steven who was frightened and silly, and shouted angrily: “b*stard thing, kneel down!”

Steven was already trembling with fright, and Qin Gang yelled, knelt down instantly, and said tremblingly: “Mr. Wade, I was wrong Mr. Wade! Please forgive me, I really didn’t mean to doubt you!”

Qin Gang shook his hand and gave him a big mouth, and then he slapped another one with the backhand, slapped a dozen times in a row, causing Steven’s cheek to swell into a pig’s head.

Steven didn’t dare to move, he knelt on the ground and cried. At this time, being beaten was nothing to him. He was most afraid that Charlie would directly recruit a sky thunder-like Jinghai and smash him to death.

The handsome face of Aoxue next to him turned pale with fright.

She never dreamed that Charlie would turned out to be such a master with great magical powers.

Originally, she was still a little angry with Charlie in her heart, and felt that she had to find a chance to avenge Charlie, a disciple, but now it seems that the other party is so strong that she can only worship!

She was afraid that Charlie would be angry with her younger brother Steven, so she knelt down and begged: “Mr. Wade, my younger brother is still young and ignorant. Please forgive him this time.”

Seeing that the three of the Qin family were kneeling in front of him, Charlie said calmly: “It is good that you have a good attitude to admit your mistakes, so I won’t mention this for the time being, but if there are similar things in the future, don’t blame me for being cruel!”

As soon as the Qin family heard these words, the family hurriedly bowed their heads and thanked him as if they were getting amnesty.

Warnia stood outside the crowd, watching this scene in her eyes, feeling excited and mixed.

Before today, she had always thought that Charlie was just a little accomplished in antiques, but his background and family background were ordinary, so he was not a big man.

Unexpectedly, he turned out to be hiding his strength!

Today’s scene really shocked Warnia to speak. She had never seen such a scene in her entire life.

At this moment, Charlie took a step higher, looked down at the people present, and said coldly: “Listen to me!”

As soon as these words came out, everyone immediately looked up at Charlie, showing full respect, and did not dare to make a sound.

Charlie looked around the crowd and sternly shouted: “Out of this door, no one can mention anything to the outside world about today’s matter. Otherwise, I will let him have a taste of Jinghaii’s fate!”

Everyone’s expressions were stunned, and it seemed that Mr. Wade didn’t want to pass on his identity and strength!

He really is a very low-key master!

Unlike the famous Jinghai, who has a little three-legged cat technique, he will show off publicly everywhere.

Compared with Mr. Wade, he is simply worthless! More than guilty!

As a result, everyone clasped their fists and bowed: “We will follow Mr. Wade’s instructions!”

Charlie nodded in satisfaction at this time, and said, “In that case, we will leave now!”