Amazing Love 206 - 210

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Chapter 206
When Charlie went downstairs, Orvel was sitting in the car and beckoned to him, saying, “Mr. Charlie, get in the car!”

Charlie nodded and walked quickly to get into the car. Orvel hurriedly started the car and drove towards the outskirts of the city.

On the way, Orvel said anxiously: “I heard that a Feng Shui master from Hong Kong is coming soon, Mr. Charlie, you can’t let him steal your limelight!”

As he said, he added, “Miss Song is the eldest daughter of the Song family and will soon take over the entire family affairs. If we can do this beautifully, you and I will benefit infinitely!”

Charlie smiled and said, “Mr. Orvel, you are not kind, you said yesterday that it was to repay your kindness, but now you show the foxtail, so you want to treat Miss Song for this?”

Mr. Orvel said embarrassingly: “Repaying one’s kindness is one aspect, and getting closer to one another is also one aspect! I know that Mr. Charlie has great powers, but to be honest, it is not a bad thing to be able to get closer to Miss Song, Miss Song is young and attractive. Beautiful and with strong family background. If you become friends and join forces in the future, it will be a good thing for you, don’t you think?”

Charlie smiled slightly and said lightly: “If the Feng Shui master from Hong Kong is really good, then I can’t help it.”

Orvel sighed and said, “Let’s go and take a look first. You are a master of metaphysics with real abilities. Then you can see if you can find a suitable opportunity. Let’s just grab the business from that Hong Kong man!”

Charlie didn’t say a word, he was also considering this issue in his heart. If Mr. Lai from Hong Kong is really a descendant of the Lai family, he probably has a few brushes.

He might as well take a look at what Lai’s family does, and perhaps what enlightenment it might have for his next comprehension of the Nine Profound Heavenly Secrets!

Miss Song’s villa is in the most luxurious villa area in the suburbs.

Orvel drove Charlie all the way and stopped in front of a super luxurious villa.

At this time, a man with the appearance of a housekeeper came out. Orvel hurriedly stuck his head out and said, “Boyu, is the eldest lady at home?”

The housekeeper nodded indifferently, and said: “Mr. Orvel, what has brought you here?”

Orvel hurriedly said with a smile: “Boyu, I have invited a master to come over, and I want him to help the young lady, he is a real master of metaphysics!”

The butler glanced at Charlie, who was in the co-driver. He didn’t take the young man seriously, and said coldly: “Mr. Orvel, Mr. Lai from Hong Kong has already come and is showing the elder lady Feng Shui. It is inconvenient to bother him. If there is nothing wrong, you can go back.”

Orvel quickly said: “Boyu, Mr. Charlie is here, why should not let Mr. Charlie have a try? Besides, Mr. Charlie and Missy have friendship!”

Uncle Boyu asked him: “Many people say that they have friendship with Missy, and I can hear the cocoon. Besides, can the person you invite have abilities as good as Mr. Lai from Hong Kong? Mr. Lai is the originator of Feng Shui, Lai Buyi. He spent a lot of effort and traveled all the way to from Hong Kong, so follow along and join in the fun! Let’s go!”

Charlie was a little surprised when he heard that, not at the identity of Mr. Lai, but at the big man who stomped off Aurous Hill’s entire road. As a result, there was even a housekeeper at Warnia’s door. He can’t figure it out.

Not only can’t figure it out, he even has to kneel and lick.

Charlie couldn’t help but slander, this Orvel, in front of Uncle Boyu, is really begging for nothing! If this matter spreads out, it will be despised by people in the whole city!

Chapter 207
Orvel was despised by the butler, but he was not angry at all. On the contrary, the smile on his face accumulated more deeply. He respectfully said: “Look, Boyu, this lady’s problem is so serious. It must be the same for us today. Want to share the worries for her! What if Mr. Lai doesn’t care about Missy’s problem? He is a Hong Kong master, and he may not be able to eat well when he arrives on our mainland!”

Boyu said coldly: “What can’t be eaten, you really think you can find someone to be able to compare to Mr. Lai? Go away, if it interferes with Mr. Lai’s formation, the lady will blame it, you can’t afford it.

Orvel scratched his head anxiously. Unexpectedly, Boyu wouldn’t even let them in the door. How could Charlie show the elder lady Feng Shui?

So he blurted out: “Boyu, have you heard about the fate of that man in Aurous Hill? He was also a master in Hong Kong, that smashing, arrogant, and what was the result? He came to Aurous Hill and pretend to be something in front of Mr. Charlie, Mr. Charlie brought thunder, click it, and hacked him to death!”

After listening to it, Boyu was dumbfounded.

The look in Charlie’s eyes was also a little more in awe.

He had heard about Jinghai.

However, he didn’t know exactly who killed him in the Aurous Hill.

Unexpectedly, it turned out to be the young man in front of him!

In an instant, he had a sense of respect for Charlie.

So, he arched his hand at Charlie and said: “Mr. Charlie is so capable, I have also heard about it, and I admire it!”

After speaking, he hesitated for a moment, and said: “If this is the case, then please come in and have a look, but Mr. Charlie, you must come first and wait. Since Mr. Lai from Hong Kong is here first, please don’t bother him too much before he finishes the Feng Shui. Let’s wait until Mr. Lai finishes reading it. If Mr. Lai solves Missy’s problem, please don’t interfere.”

Charlie nodded, and said indifferently, “No problem.”

Boyu used the remote control to open the door and said to Orvel: “Get the car in.”

Orvel hurriedly drove into the villa and said with a look of exclamation: “Mr. Charlie, you were really awesome just now, except for the Song family, they rarely give outsiders such a face.”

Charlie said indifferently: “Look at your unpromising appearance. The housekeeper of the Song family has to kneel and lick the flattery. I really don’t know how you got into the position of Big Brother on Aurous Hill Road.”

Orvel said with a stern smile: “Mr. Charlie, you don’t know anything, no matter how good we are, isn’t it still a little girl who can’t get on the table? In front of a large family like the Song family , That is, the material for brother!”

After that, he parked the car and said to Charlie: “Mr. Charlie, let’s go to meet Mr. Lai for a while.”

Boyu led the two into the villa, which was decorated extremely luxuriously, almost like the royal family.

When they arrived on the second floor, Boyu directly led them to a room where the door was opened and knocked gently.

Then he took them straight in.

Chapter 208
In the room, a lean middle-aged man in a blue shirt was holding a compass and was looking around, muttering words. Warnia stood with her back to the door and heard three people coming in. She turned around and asked: “Boyu, what’s up?”

Boyu hurriedly said: “Miss, Orvel brought Mr. Charlie over, saying that he wanted to help you take a look at Feng Shui.”

Warnia turned around and saw Charlie, suddenly surprised: “Charlie, why are you here?”

As soon as Charlie saw Warnia, he found that she was a lot more haggard than he had seen a few days ago, and according to the records in the Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures, her hall was darkened and her fortune was out of luck. It seemed that something really went wrong.

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Mr. Orvel said that you are in trouble, so he took me over to see you.”

At this time, the middle-aged man holding the compass spoke in Hong Kong accent, and said, “Miss Song, ordinary people shouldn’t interfere! Otherwise, it will affect the operation of the Feng Shui Array!”

Warnia knew that Charlie knew something about metaphysics, but Feng Shui fortune was somewhat different from metaphysics. She felt that Charlie’s metaphysics was suitable for fighting strong, but Feng Shui was a discipline related to a different realm. Metaphysics is not a number of ways, so in no way Charlie can be compared to Mr. Lai.

So, she said a little apologetically: “I’m sorry Charlie, Mr. Lai is helping me do this. Please sit downstairs for a while, and I will come over to entertain you later, sorry!”

Charlie said: “Miss Song, one more person has one more way. I do see that you have some problems. As a friend, I hope to help you solve the trouble, but you can let the Mr. Lai make a formation first. If he can solve it, then everyone is happy. If he can’t solve it, I will try.”

At this moment, the middle-aged man holding the compass gave a cold snort, and said: “I am a Lai buyi’s 22nd generation successor. How can I be hard to beat by such a trivial matter? I think you are young, Dare to call yourself a Feng Shui Master, I am afraid you are a liar!”

Charlie smiled slightly, seeing a black and red air lingering in the hall of Mr. Lai, with a bloody smell, he said lightly: “Mr. Lai, since you are a Feng Shui master, why didn’t you look at yourself today? Isn’t there a disaster of blood and light?”

Mr. Lai laughed and said, “Say I have a bloody disaster? Boy, you are crazy!”

Charlie shrugged his shoulders and said, “I’m telling the truth. The blackness of your Yintang remains, your eyes are white and swollen, and your pupils are red and open. This is a sign of your fortune. If you don’t pay attention to the remedy, I am afraid The disaster of blood and light cannot be stopped!”

Mr. Lai sneered: “Boy, I’m a descendant of the Lai family from Hong Kong, so don’t behave in front of me!”

Charlie curled his lips: “I’m a big talker? You master from Hong Kong, I don’t think you are the only one. To be honest, they are all pretty watery!”

Mr. Lai immediately cursed: “You bah! Talk about our Hong Kong master water? You’re a sh!t!”

Charlie smiled and said, “Have you heard of someone named Jinghai? Do you know his fate?”

“I don’t know anything about Jinghai!” Mr. Lai snorted coldly, looked at the Song family eldest, and said, “Miss, wait for me to do it right away, to help you reverse your fortune, and let this unobstructed kid have insights. My Hong Kong Lai family’s true Feng Shui mastery cannot be challenged!”

Warnia nodded slightly, glanced at Charlie, and said to Mr. Lai: “Mr., please do it as soon as possible!”

Mr. Lai immediately took out a few pieces of talisman paper, gestured to the void for a while, and shouted with words in his mouth: “All those who are facing the battle are arrayed in front of them, and they are as fast as the law!”

After that, he threw the pieces of talisman paper into the air, observing the direction and speed of the talisman paper scattered, then pointed to a pot of green plants in front of the window and said, “Miss, the problem is found! This window opens to the east. , It is the direction of the purple gas coming from the east, your fortune should flow in from the east, and this pot of green plants just blocked the eye and blocked your fortune!

Chapter 209
When Warnia heard that Mr. Lai had found the key to the problem, she immediately asked with excitement, “Mr. Lai, will my fortune be better by removing the green plants?”


Mr. Lai said with a serious face: “The feng shui formation is an invisible formation. Even if you remove the green plants, you can’t remove its influence on the feng shui pattern. Warnia hurriedly asked, “What should I do? ! “

Mr. Lai said: “You should place the exorcism transporter refined by Masters in the place of the green plants! Only in this way can you completely eradicate your troubles, keep your fortune open, and the purple gas coming from the east!”

Warnia asked: “Then what is the thing that drives away evil spirits?”

Mr. Lai immediately took out an egg-sized stone from his pocket and said earnestly: “Miss, this is Taishan chalcedony. It is the essence of the entire Taishan stone that has been eroded and weathered for tens of millions of years. It is a magical product for exorcising evil and transporting! If you place this piece of Taishan chalcedony in the place of a green plant, all the evil aura will immediately dissipate. When the purple qi comes from the east, it will definitely go back!”

Warnia asked with joy, “Mr. Lai, how much does this Taishan Chalcedony cost? I will buy it!”

Upon hearing this, Mr. Lai’s eyes flashed with excitement!

Immediately, he said with a serious face: “Miss Taishan, if this piece of Taishan Chalcedony is placed in Hong Kong, it will be worth at least 15 million, but I also have a relationship with the young lady. I will sell you this piece of Taishan Chalcedony for only Ten million.”

Warnia nodded and said, “Money is not a problem, as long as it can really help me solve the trouble!”

Mr. Lai said without hesitation: “Miss, don’t worry, if you put Taishan Chalcedony up now, your fortune will be completely changed tomorrow!”

Warnia breathed a sigh of relief immediately. She did not hesitate to bring the checkbook, and with a tender wave of her hand, she wrote a cash check for 10 million and handed it to Mr. Lai: “Mr. Lai, give that Taishan stone to me. Please make your formation!”

Warnia now only wants to solve the current trouble as soon as possible!

Recently, she has been tortured crazy by her own bad luck.

Just last month, just after her 24th birthday, she began to be unlucky.

First, there were various car accidents, and all five cars were damaged to varying degrees;

Not long after, she sprained her ankle again, and she is still in pain.

A few days ago, the relic left by her mother, and also her most cherished jewelry, was lost by her!

That jewelry has been with her for more than ten years, and it is almost her half-life. She offered a reward of several million, but there has been no news.

For this reason, she did not know how many times she cried quietly at night;

Yesterday, the Hong Kong Li family, which the Song family was actively cooperating with, added a lot of blockage to the Song family!

The two originally negotiated cooperation and were about to sign a contract, but the Li family in Hong Kong suddenly introduced a partner. Not only did they stop signing the contract with the Song family, but also revealed from all aspects that they wanted to cooperate with another partner.

For Warnia, this is tantamount to that the duck that brought its food to mouth but was suddenly taken away by someone else.

The loss this brought to the Song family was extremely huge, far more than she could bear!

All kinds of unlucky things continued, and Warnia had long been unable to bear it. At this moment, she just wanted to get in touch with this sad life, so as not to suffer more losses.

Therefore, it is very cost-effective for her to spend 10 million to solve the Feng Shui problem.

Mr. Lai got a check of 10 million, and his hands tremble a little with excitement.

Chapter 210
He hid the check in his body, and immediately took the Taishan chalcedony to the window sill, took down the pot of green plants, placed the stone on it, and kept chanting Taoist mantras.

Charlie looked at all this and sneered secretly.

This Mr. Lai not only doesn’t understand sh!t, but also unknowingly self-defeated and caused a catastrophe!

In fact, he had already seen the weirdness of this house through the Feng Shui mystery in the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures.

He could clearly feel that in this room, a very terrifying formation of trapped dragons in the mystery of Feng Shui was basically formed.

The so-called trapped dragon formation, as the name implies, in this formation, even if it is a dragon, it will be trapped, let alone the fortune of ordinary people.

Therefore, no matter how strong the fortune is, those who live in the trapped dragon will inevitably lose their fortune and continue to have bad luck.

The eldest lady lives in such a room, her own fortune is all trapped, and once a person’s fortune is trapped, naturally one after another will be unlucky.

Fortunately, this trapped dragon formation has only begun to take shape and has not yet been perfected.

If it is really allowed to continue to improve, not only human fortune, but also human fate can be trapped in it.

Then it won’t be bad luck, it is very likely that you will lose your life!

Coincidentally, the only loophole left by this trapped dragon formation is that pot of green plants!

Green plants are wood, representing life and vitality!

With it, it is tantamount to opening the only remaining life for this Array.

There is a student who can barely fight against the gathering of the trapped dragons, keeping the last bit of luck for the young lady.

However, Mr. Lai accidentally picked this place and put his broken stone here.

You know, stone is hard! Represents unbreakably!

Once this stone replaces the green plants, the dragon formation is almost complete!

At this time, Mr. Lai finished chanting the mantra and took a deep breath, saying: “Miss Lai, someone Lai has finished the formation, you can rest assured!”

Warnia hurriedly asked: “Then my future fortune can be restored? Wouldn’t it be so bad?”

“Yes!” Mr. Lai nodded and said, “I rely on someone for his Feng Shui technique, which is famous in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. Even Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing and Macau gambling king Stanley Ho are also the Feng Shui clients of mine. Miss, don’t worry! “

Warnia hurriedly asked: “Mr. Lai, I wonder if you can wish me to find the bracelet my mother left me? If possible, I would pay another 10 million!”

Mr. Lai scratched his head: “This eldest lady, I am good at Feng Shui mystery. Finding things is not my area of ​​expertise.”

Warnia nodded disappointedly: “It’s okay, you reversed the current bad luck, I am very grateful to you, Mr. Lai.”

As soon as she finished speaking, her cell phone rang. On the phone, a woman said hurriedly: “Mr. Song, it’s not good, something has happened!”

Warnia hurriedly asked, “What’s the matter?”

The other party said: “The shipment we exported to the United States was just unloaded in the United States. As a result, the other company said that our product was not up to standard and we had to return it in accordance with the contract and claim triple compensation!”

Warnia suddenly glared, and blurted out in a panic: “The five thousand tons of goods will be returned? This time, I have lost tens of millions of transportation fees and customs declaration fees, plus triple the compensation. Several hundred million!”