Amazing Love 106-110

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Chapter 106
Charlie said coldly, turning around and leaving.

When Steven saw that the other party was about to leave, he thought Charlie wanted to escape, and immediately roared: “Catch him for me! Dare to find my fault, there must be someone behind this kid!”

“Can’t afford to provoke? Haha, in Aurous Hill City, there is no one I can’t afford to provoke!”

“Catch him, break his leg, and ask who it is that dares to trouble my Qin family.”

He believed that Charlie was the person sent by his business rival, otherwise, how could he know exactly what happened to him in the car accident?

Several bodyguards acted immediately and rushed to stand in front of Charlie.

The other two bodyguards strode to Jacob’s face, and violently reached out their hands and grabbed them.

Jacob was so frightened, he didn’t expect to get into this kind of disaster when he went out to buy an antique.

Just when the bodyguard was about to catch Jacob, Charlie’s eyes were cold, and he kicked a brawny man in front of him with one foot, rushed to Jacob in three or two steps, and hit the bodyguard in the face with one punch.


The bodyguard was about to grab Jacob and was hit by a punch in the front. He suddenly spurted his nose and backed away, covering his face.

The other bodyguard saw Charlie start his hand, quickly took out the electric baton, and called Charlie fiercely.

“Ah!” Jacob yelled in fright, “Charlie, get away!”

Before he finished speaking, Charlie shook his body agilely, avoided a stick that flew over, clasped the bodyguard’s left wrist with his backhand, and tried hard.


Before the bodyguard with the electric baton could react, he was thrown to the ground by one over his shoulder, grinning in pain, and could not get up for a long time.

Jacob was speechless, almost didn’t recognize that the young man standing in front of him was his son-in-law.

Why is his skill so good?

Charlie bent down, picked up the electric baton on the ground, squeezed it in his hand, and said, “Who else? Let’s go with the rest.”

The crowd watched silently, their eyes all fixed on Charlie.

Ervin Jones was also dumbfounded, staring at Charlie, and murmured: “Brother, amazing!”

He was fortunate that he didn’t make Charlie angry just now, otherwise, this one fell off his shoulders and his bones would fall apart.

Jacob returned to his senses and asked in shock behind Charlie: “Charlie, where did you learn this skill?”

“This” Charlie smiled and said, “Dad, when I first went to work, I was bored at home watching TV. Isn’t there a show on the ring every morning on TV? I learned all of it from TV.”

In fact, Charlie practiced Wing Chun since he was a child, and it is the most authentic Wing Chun. After all, this man is the descendant of the Wade family branch!

However, in order to hide his identity, he naturally cannot tell the Old Master.

Moreover, what surprised Charlie was that his current strength seemed to have improved a lot!

Combat effectiveness has been improved several times than usual.

It seems that this should be due to the Nine Profound Heaven Classics.

And the pebble full of aura just now, a little bit of aura entered the body, and I felt that the physical fitness of the whole person had improved a lot!

The crowd sounded in awe.

Such a powerful skill is stronger than the skill of a martial artist in the Aurous Hill City Martial Arts Hall. He actually taught himself by watching TV!!

This self-taught talent is simply amazing!

“I learned it from TV!” Ervin Jones’s eyes widened. Such an amazing skill came from watching TV. He quickly admired Charlie and sneered at him: “Big brother, may I ask which channel you are watching? Want to learn.”

Charlie looked at Ervin Jones and said faintly: “CCTV Sports Channel, The Arena!”

Chapter 107
The people present thought that Charlie was telling the truth, all of them were holding back their energy, and they wanted to go home and have a look at the program.

Steven, who was standing silly on the side, finally recovered his senses at this time, his expression extremely ugly.

This is so embarrassing!

The bodyguards that I have paid a lot of money to are all senior martial artists in the martial arts center in the city.

Unexpectedly, they were turned over in the blink of an eye by a hairy boy who watched TV and learned martial arts?

Steven is a layman in martial arts, and he can’t see the level of Charlie, but the bodyguards under him are not stupid.

Experts will know if there is any!

They knew at a glance that Charlie didn’t speak big words, and the other party didn’t even give his full strength.

It is indeed someone they can’t afford to provoke!

Therefore, several bodyguards did not dare to step forward and looked at Charlie with awe.

Jacob watched from the side. He didn’t know anything about martial arts. He thought that Charlie’s tricks were ordinary, that is, pinching his wrists, throwing his shoulders and other things, but it was just a little bit stronger, he didn’t know that this was the real skill.

Charlie smiled slightly at Steven at this time: “Are you coming by yourself or I need to come over?”

“You, don’t come over.”

Steven was so frightened that his head was sweating, and he subconsciously stepped back.

Seeing him so distressed, Charlie snorted coldly and walked towards him.

Steven stared at him in horror, and quickly stepped back.

If I was thrown by him like this, I would definitely have to lie down in the hospital for half a month!

At this moment, a black BMW car drove slowly from the street corner and stopped not far away.

The driver quickly opened the door and asked people to get out of the car.

Steven was overjoyed when he saw this scene and shouted at the other side: “Sister! I was beaten by someone! Come and save me!”

Charlie looked up and saw that the crowd voluntarily gave up the passage, and a woman in black tight-fitting sportswear was walking towards this side.

The tight-fitting sportswear outlines the woman’s figure perfectly, and her face is angry, adding a bit of heroism.

“That’s Steven’s sister, Aoxue Qin!”

Someone in the crowd suddenly shouted in shock, and then the crowd was in an uproar.

Steven exclaimed: “Sister, this kid beat me, you help me beat him fiercely!”

After Aoxue approached, she glanced at the bodyguards lying on the ground, then looked at Charlie coldly: “You beat these people?”

Charlie said flatly: “It’s me, what’s the matter?”

Aoxue sneered and said, “Nothing much, apologize to my brother immediately!”

“What if I say no?”

“Then I will fight until you apologize!”

Before the words came to an end, Aoxue whips her legs and kicked Charlie’s cheek in an instant.

Charlie was a little surprised, this woman’s skill was much better than the previous group of bodyguards.

Her whip kick is full of strength and speed, and she seems to be a serious practitioner!

Steven watched this scene and secretly said, “Look at my sister, she can kill you!”

His sister has practiced martial arts for many years and is proficient in ancient martial arts and Sanda skills. Even some serious martial arts masters are not her equal opponents.

But the next moment, Steven’s eyes widened suddenly.

Chapter 108
“Too weak!”

Following Charlie’s anger, his body flashed to the side in an instant, and then he lifted his leg and kicked Aoxue’s a**, kicking her whole body out.

Steven’s jaw almost fell off, staring at the scene blankly, and whispered, “How is this possible!”

Aoxue was even more embarrassed. Since practicing martial arts, she has never been humiliated so much, and the place where the opponent kicked is too shameful to think of!

She was full of anger, and when she got up, she was about to rush towards Charlie. She decided in her heart that she must make this b@stard> pay the price today!

“Aoxue, stop quickly! Don’t be rude to Mr. Wade!”

At this moment, suddenly a middle-aged man ran up and grabbed Aoxue.

Aoxue had a pretty face of shame and yelled: “Dad, get out of the way, I want to kill him!”

Can you kick my a**? Don’t you know Lianxiangxiyu? My butt is still aching now!

“Shut up!”

The middle-aged man glared at Aoxue and scolded.

Afterward, he walked towards Charlie with a humble expression on his face, took a deep breath, and said respectfully: “Mr. Wade, you have met my ineffective daughter and nephew. I apologize to you. When I return, I will let them think about it.”

Aoxue and Steven froze there, watching this scene in disbelief.

The father is a high-end figure in Aurous City, how could he be so polite to this kid.

Charlie recognized the middle-aged man.

Before, when he went to Appraise with Warnia, he met him. His name is Qin Gang.

So Charlie nodded and said, “Mr. Steven and this lady really should be more disciplined.”

Qin Gang nodded repeatedly, glared at the two, and said: “Come here and apologize to Mr. Wade!”

“I won’t apologize to the b@stard> who kicked my a**!” Aoxue curled her lips with an angry expression on her face.

Qin Gang scolded angrily: “Apologies! Immediately! Now!”

Aoxue was instantly discouraged, biting her teeth in injustice, and whispered: “I’m sorry”

Steven was full of irritation and said, “Uncle, this kid humiliated me at will, and beat my sister. If you don’t clean him, let me apologize? If you can’t clean up, I will find someone. I’ll kill him!”


Qin Gang slapped his face heavily, and said angrily: “b*stard! Kneel down to Mr. Wade!”

Steven was slapped with gold stars in his eyes, and blood dripped from the corners of his mouth. He covered his face in horror. He was completely stunned. He didn’t know how things would turn out to be and let him kneel in public

This simply caused the Qin family’s face to be lost. How can they talk about prestige in Aurous Hill City from now on?

Qin Gang gritted his teeth and shouted, “You b@stard>, do you know that if Mr. Wade finds out about your jade, not only will you be killed, but the entire Qin family will be killed!”

After that, he scolded angrily: “I thought why the Qin family has been in bad luck recently, and various things have happened one after another. It turns out that you, the b@stard>, have caused the evil to descend upon us. If your grandfather knows about it, he’ll feed your legs to dogs!”

Seeing that his uncle was so serious, Steven was frightened, his legs softened, and knelt on the ground.

Qin Gang sternly shouted: “You still didn’t apologize to Mr. Wade!”

“Yes, I’m sorry” Steven was already scared, and apologized to Charlie trembling, his eyes full of horror.

Qin Gang said respectfully to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, I don’t know how to deal with it, are you satisfied?”

Charlie said indifferently: “Forget it since he knelt down, then I won’t care about him.”

Qin Gang felt relieved, and hurriedly asked: “Mr. Wade, I have something else to ask you, after the jade is lost, can my Qin family’s fortune be restored to normal?”

Charlie sneered and said: “You think it’s pretty beautiful! This jade is so powerful that it’s not just on Steven alone. In my opinion, within a year, your Qin family will probably be ruined! “

Chapter 109
Qin Gang was frightened by Charlie’s words.

What do you mean?

This price is too painful, right?

Qin Gang’s face turned pale suddenly, and it took a long time to sigh: “I have never done anything wrong in my life, and I have done good deeds every day. How can I end up like this.”

Charlie smiled and said, “So it seems that you wanted to buy that piece of topaz last time because of this?”

Qin Gang nodded. In the past year, he tried all the methods, but none of them worked until he met Charlie.

Last time, he thought Charlie just knew how to appraise treasures, and didn’t pay much attention.

But today, Charlie actually broke his evil spirit with a word, which made him understand that Charlie is not an ordinary person at all, and the hope of saving the Qin family may lie in Charlie.

Immediately, he hurriedly clasped his fists at Charlie and begged: “Mr. Wade, please help me!”

After speaking, he hurriedly whispered a few words to the assistant beside him, who immediately turned and left.

Charlie smiled faintly and said, “Mr. Qin, you should solve your family’s affairs by yourself.”

He didn’t have much friendship with the Qin family and had a relationship with Qin Gang before.

What’s more, Steven in front of him also offended himself.

The horrified Aoxue next to her was quite pretty. The little girl had a very good figure, with her front convex and backward, and her pungent personality, quite a little chili.

But what does it have to do with yourself if you are beautiful or not? One is not his wife, and the other is not sleeping with himself.

Therefore, Charlie had no reason to help the Qin family.

However, Qin Gang was not willing to give up this excellent opportunity to save the family, he immediately bowed and said: “I beg Mr. to show the way!”

Qin Gang looked at Charlie almost piously, bowed ninety degrees, and assumed an extremely humble posture.

But Charlie remained unmoved.

Seeing that Charlie was indifferent, Qin Gang’s heart slammed and knelt on the ground.

At this moment, Aoxue next to him saw this and knelt down without any hesitation.

She knelt in front of Charlie and pleaded bitterly: “Mr. Wade, I was abrupt and angered you just now. Please don’t take it to your heart. The fate of my Qin family is in your hands. , Please also help!”

After that, she turned her head to look at Steven who was stunned. She slapped her face and slapped, “Steven! You caused this! You brought that weird dirty thing home, and so is the family.” You are dragged down, and even Mr. Wade is offended by you, so please kowtow to Mr. Wade! Please, Mr. Wade!”

Steven was really frightened!

He really didn’t expect that the Qin family’s recent fate was unfavorable, and his blood and light disaster was caused by that piece of jade. Now he can’t escape the blame and angers the only Mr. Wade who can resolve everything. He is really afraid of returning home. , Was beaten to death by the crowd in the family.

So he immediately knelt on the ground and kowtowed to Charlie, begging: “Mr., I’m wrong Mr.! It’s me who has no eyes, I don’t know what’s good or bad, please forgive me and help us by the way. Qin family, I’ll kowtow to you”

After that, Steven knocked his head on the concrete floor, making a bang.

At this time, Qin Gang’s assistant ran back and handed him a gift box.

Qin Gang hurriedly gave it to Charlie, respectfully handing it to Charlie, and said humbly: “Mr. Wade, this is the most expensive jade bracelet. The price is more than six million. Please Mr. Wade accept it!”

Charlie glanced indifferently at the gift in Qin Gang’s hand. It was a fine jadeite old pit ice seed bracelet with an excellent water head and crystal clear like glass.

Although it is not as good as the jade necklace he gave to his wife Claire before, it is almost top-notch!

The people around looked straight. Everyone knows this bracelet. The most expensive bracelet in Rare Earth has a price of six million.

Qin Gang actually asked his assistant to buy it back and give it to Charlie, and still begged Charlie to accept it.

It can be seen how strong he is to cater to Charlie at this moment!

What is Charlie’s identity?

Chapter 110
Charlie’s father-in-law was also dumbfounded, and he had never encountered such an incredible thing in his life.

Charlie looked at the jade bracelet but didn’t accept it. He just looked at Qin Gang with a faint smile, and said: “Ms. Qin, how do you know that I must have a way to resolve this evil spirit?”

Qin Gang said piously: “If Mr. Wade can’t do it, then no one in this world can do it!”

Charlie smiled indifferently, what Qin Gang said was true, he really had a way to resolve it.

The Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures have recorded this kind of evil spirit, and how to break it is also very clearly written there.

Charlie glanced at the jade bracelet and took it casually.

Look at this jade bracelet crystal bracelet, if it is worn on the wrist of his wife Claire, it must be very beautiful.

As for this Qin Gang.

To be honest, not bad guys.

It doesn’t hurt to discipline the descendants of the family, and the crime does not lead to death.

Since he begged himself so piously, it wouldn’t hurt to help him.

So Charlie said: “Well since you are a humble person, I’ll see about it for your sake.”

After that, he put the bracelet down.

Seeing Charlie accept the bracelet, Qin Gang was overjoyed and quickly bowed to him: “Mr. Wade, the Qin family can barely speak in Aurous Hill City. If you can break the evil spirit, Mr. Charlie, this Qin family will never forget your kindness and go all out when you need us.”

The crowd around was in an uproar, and they were all surprised.

The Qin family is willing to go all out!

Charlie thought for a moment, and said: “If this is the case, then I will help you once, and rest is up to your Qin family’s fate.”

Qin Gang immediately squashed his head and said excitedly, “Mr. Wade, please!”

Charlie asked for a piece of yellow paper talisman and cinnabar from the antique shop next to him. He drew a few strokes on the yellow paper and gave it to Qin Gang.

“Put this talisman on the jade plug and take it home to burn incense daily. After the seventy-ninth day, the evil spirit will be completely removed.”

“During these seven or seventy-nine days, the family should avoid killing and blood, and family members should bathe and burn incense every day. Remember.”

“Sir, I’ll be mindful of that!”

Qin Gang took the rune with both hands respectfully, and was extremely grateful to Charlie, carefully pasting the rune on the jade plug and wrapping it into a yellow paper bag.

As soon as it was wrapped up, Steven suddenly felt light in his body, the irritability of his whole body seemed to disappear, and his whole person became refreshed.

Qin Gang also felt the changes in his body, and his psyche was clearer and more comfortable than before!

He knew that Charlie’s method worked!

This made him suddenly ecstatic!

Fortunately, I found Charlie, otherwise, after today, the Qin family will be in desperation!

Ervin Jones looked beside him in amazement, and when he saw Qin Gang finished, he hurriedly moved up with a shy face and bowed to Charlie with a smile.

“Big brother, can you help me? When do you think I can find a beautiful wife?”

Charlie frowned and shook his head: “If you want to marry a beautiful wife, learned to be a man first.”

Aoxue stood by and let out a chuckle.