Amazing Love 291-295

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Chapter 291
The host’s words left everyone stunned.

Both of these are the world’s top luxury cars. It is rare to see them in normal times. There are not even a few in China, so they were bought by the same person in advance?

You know, this level of a luxury car cannot be bought simply by money!

Aston Martin’s one77 is only open to members of the Aston brand, and the buyer must have three or more Aston Martin sports cars worth more than ten million in order to be eligible for purchase.

This is the only way to qualify. This car is limited in the world. There are only 77 cars in more than 200 countries around the world. There is not even one in China!

The Bugatti Veyron Hermès special edition sports car is more difficult to purchase because Bugatti itself serves the world’s top rich, coupled with Hermès joint customization, it is simply expensive!

These two cars were actually bought by the same person, which shows that this person’s identity and status are astonishingly powerful!

However, Charlie’s eyes were not on these two cars.

He was looking for Claire’s figure everywhere in the crowd.

When he repeatedly searched for a long time and couldn’t find her, he suddenly heard a man next to him say: “Claire, come and take a look at these two cars. These two cars are really the best in the world, even I have never seen them. !”

Charlie turned his head when he heard the sound, and saw Claire, a man, and a woman still following her.

The men’s suits and leather shoes looked greasy, while the women’s clothes were cool and slim, but they were far worse than Claire’s.

At this time, Claire was following the person, smiling slightly, and said: “Manager Gao Junwei Junwei, I don’t have much research on cars.”

The person called Mr. Gao Junwei laughed and said: “I have a deep research on cars. After all, our convention and exhibition center often undertakes some auto show activities.”

Seeing that Claire was keeping a normal distance with the other party, and also called the other party’s manager Gao Junwei, he guessed that she might be out to talk about cooperation, and he was suddenly relieved.

Since his wife is here to talk about cooperation, if she finds out at this time, he might be misunderstood by her, so Charlie is ready to take the opportunity to slip away.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Claire raised her head, Claire glanced at him and asked in surprise: “Charlie, why are you here?”

Charlie didn’t expect to be discovered by Claire, and hurriedly said, “I have come to see and meet the world, wife, why are you here?”

Claire nodded and didn’t think much about it. She explained to Charlie, Mr. Gao Junwei beside her, and said, “Charlie, let me introduce to you. This is Mr. Gao Junwei from the Gao family. Aurous Hill Convention and Exhibition Center is theirs. The home industry, they were one of the partners of the Willson Group before, and now their cooperation with the Willson Group has stopped. It just happens that the exhibition hall of the Convention and Exhibition Center will be renovated in two days, so they invited me to talk about cooperation.”

With that, Claire introduced the woman next to Gao Junwei to Charlie again, and said: “By the way, this is Juan Jones, my former high school classmate, now she is the secretary of Mr. Gao.”

At this time, Juan glanced at Charlie, with surprise, and said: “Claire, I heard from our high school classmates that you hired a very useless live-in son-in-law, and it turned out to be him. kind of you.”

Gao Junwei smiled faintly, watching Charlie’s eyes flashed with hostility, but then he hid it well.

Chapter 292
He had always thought about Claire and knew Charlie’s existence, but he had never seen it before.

Knowing that the person in front of him is Claire’s useless husband, Gao Junwei looked at Charlie and asked curiously: “I don’t know where Mr. Charlie is now?”

Charlie said lightly: “I am a vagrant now.”

Juan said in disdain: “Isn’t that just for soft rice?”

Gao Junwei’s eyes also flashed a trace of disdain. When Claire was still in the Willson Group, he had a good impression of Claire. Now he heard that Claire started her own business, so he deliberately found Claire. He threw out an order for the renovation of the exhibition center and invited her over.

Thinking of having to establish an image in front of Claire, he looked at Charlie and smiled slightly: “Charlie, in fact, you shouldn’t be here today. Those who came to participate in the auto show today are all famous figures in Aurous Hill City. You just came here to embarrass Claire?”

Claire’s face immediately became ugly when she heard this. She didn’t expect Gao Junwei to ridicule Charlie, so she was naturally a little unhappy.

However, before Claire could speak, Charlie’s eyes became cold, and he said lightly, “Is this kind of exhibition really awesome? I wouldn’t come if it wasn’t for my car here.”

“Your car is here? You don’t look at your identity?”

Juan yelled contemptuously from the side, and said, “Don’t you know that the luxury cars on display here start at a million? I think you can’t even afford a wheel off them!”

Gao Junwei was even more disdainful of Charlie, and said proudly: “Charlie, I know that your kind of live-in son-in-law’s mind is to eat soft rice? You want to have a little face, so you want Claire to buy it for you. Right?”

Claire said with a cold face: “Manager Gao Junwei, Charlie doesn’t need me to buy a car for him. Charlie bought me the car I drive.”

Gao Junwei was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t expect that Charlie could still afford a car to give it to Claire.

Juan looked at Charlie and laughed disdainfully, then sneered: “Is it possible that you can get off the car?”

After finishing speaking, she turned to Claire and asked, “Claire, what car did your husband give you? Could it be Chery QQ?”

Claire said: “Charlie bought two cars in total, one is the BMW 520 for me and the other is the BMW 530 for my father.”

Juan said in a weird manner: “Yeah, I didn’t expect your husband to have money.”

Gao Junwei shook his head and smiled contemptuously: “BMW 520? This kind of car is driven by a subordinate in our house. How can it be matched with Claire.”

Immediately, he looked at Charlie and said coldly: “Charlie, a BMW 520 is very cheap. If you take a loan, the down payment is only 100,000, but the luxury cars here are all millions. You buy A great luxury car, the BMW 5 Series is not eligible to enter at all. The last time is the BMW 740. Moreover, at this auto show, there are also two top luxury sports cars in the world. You can open your eyes this time.”

Charlie smiled indifferently, pointed to the two top luxury cars on the platform, and asked, “You said that these are all luxury cars that I can’t afford. Then I ask you, these two top luxury sports cars in the world, you can buy them. Are you up?”

Gao Junwei sneered: “In this exhibition hall, except for these two cars, I can afford every other car. What about you? rag like you, I see you go wherever you want, but you can’t afford one!”

Chapter 293
After Gao Junwei disparaged Charlie, he turned around and said to Claire: “Claire, I attach great importance to our cooperation this time. In order to express my sincerity, except for the two in the middle of this auto show, you Pick anyone. It’s time to replace your junk BMW 520. How about the Audi rs8? It’s equipped with nearly two million tops. It’s powerful and it matches you very well!”

Gao Junwei has been coveting Claire for a long time. This time he invited Claire to come over. He wanted to use the money to win Claire in the name of renovating the auto show center.

Juan has always known that Gao Junwei has thoughts about Claire, so she hurriedly said to the side: “Claire, this is what our President Gao thinks of you. You must not refuse.”

Claire quickly refused: “Thank you, Mr. Gao Junwei, for your kindness, but the gift is too expensive, I can’t ask for it.”

Gao Junwei laughed and said: “It is just two million for Audi rs8s. This little money is nothing to me. As long as you like it at first, I will buy it all for you now.”

Charlie looked at Gao Junwei coldly and said lightly: “No, we have a car at home, so you don’t need to buy it. Besides, it won’t be your turn to send it.”

“Only you?” Gao Junwei said disdainfully: “It’s not that I despise you, which car did you say?”

Charlie looked at him playfully, pointed at the two Aston Martin one77s and the limited-edition Bugatti Veyron on the stage, and said with a smile: “How about the two you can’t afford?”

“Grass!” Gao Junwei thought that Charlie deliberately ridiculed that he could not afford such an expensive car, and said coldly: “Boy, don’t be too arrogant, I have already said that, except for these two cars in the exhibition hall today, everything I can send all the cars, can you?!”

Charlie said: “I also said, I will give these two cars if I want to give them away!”

“Hahahaha!” Gao Junwei smiled and blurted out: “Do you know what kind of car it is? Open your mouth and blow it? It’s not that I look down on you, these two cars are guarded by security guards, you can even not touch the wire, let alone buy them!”

Charlie smiled and said, “I don’t think it’s you who can’t really touch it, right?”

Gao Junwei sneered: “The convention and exhibition center belongs to my family. The managers of these two companies have to give me a face. If I want to touch this car, I won’t be able to touch it?”

Charlie shrugged and said, “I think you are no different from me. I can’t touch it, and you can’t touch it. We are actually the same.”

Gao Junwei immediately exploded when he heard this, and gritted his teeth, and said: “Are you worthy of being compared with me?”

Charlie nodded, and said, “Of course I am. I said, there is no difference between us. If you don’t believe me, try it?”

“Okay!” Gao Junwei was about to be imminent by Charlie’s violent general method at this time, and said coldly: “You wait, I will touch it for you!”

After that, he stepped towards the crowd.

Charlie’s expression was a bit chilly at this time.

Qin Gang and Solmon White gave their two cars to him. According to them, they both hired security guards from the cash transport company.

In order to absolutely ensure that no one else is allowed to touch these two cars before Charlie has started.

If Gao Junwei really touched the two cars today, then he would go to the two people to settle the accounts, and at least he would have to punish them for an unfavorable crime!

But what if Gao Junwei touches it? When he touched it and showed himself, he took out his bracelet and sat in to see what his expression would look like when he sees it.

Chapter 294
Gao Junwei stepped away from the crowd in front of the car at this time. Then he went to the security guard and said: “Hey there, I am the deputy general manager of the Aurous Hill Convention and Exhibition Center. I would like to appreciate these two cars?”

“No!” One of the security guards who joined the cash transport company after retiring from the army said very firmly at this time: “Our leader has an order, except for the owner of the car, no one is allowed to approach!”

Gao Junwei’s face couldn’t hold back.

d*mn, I really can’t touch it?

This is too shameless, right? You know this is our showroom!

If I can’t touch these two cars, isn’t it really the same as Charlie’s the stinky rag? !

No, he can’t lose the face if he says anything!

Gao Junwei suppressed the irritation in his heart and said to the security guard in a good voice: “Man, I am also a car lover. Give me convenience. I will not treat you badly in the future.”

After all, the security guard is a veteran with an upright personality, so he sternly refused: “This sir, I will tell you again, if you are not the owner of the car, you are never allowed to approach this car for half a step!”

Seeing that the other party always doesn’t give him face, Gao Junwei immediately became anxious, and gritted his teeth, and threatened: “The entire exhibition center belongs to my house. You, a security guard, dare to confront me, don’t you want to get mixed up?”

The other party said lightly: “I’m sorry, I’m the security guard of Ultimate Banknote Company, not the security guard of Aurous Hill Convention and Exhibition Center. Even if you are the boss of Aurous Hill Convention and Exhibition Center, you have no right to control me!”

“You!” Gao Junwei became angry from embarrassment and said: “You are shameless!”

After that, Gao Junwei immediately yelled: “Believe it or not, I will let you get out of my convention and exhibition center now?”

The other side said blankly: “We have signed a contract with your stadium, and we rented this place today, so you have no right to let me out. Moreover, my job is to protect this car. Do you have any other opinions? You can talk to our leader.”

Charlie walked up to Gao Junwei at this time and smiled and asked, “Oh, Mr. Gao, what’s the matter? Is it because people don’t let you touch it like this? Hey, it’s a shame!”

Gao Junwei glared at Charlie, then glanced at Claire again, blushing like a monkey butt0cks.

He uttered a rant, but now the other security guard really doesn’t give him a bit of face, and he doesn’t even give him the opportunity to touch these two cars. It’s simply a shame!

Seeing Gao Junwei’s frustration, Juan couldn’t help but help him return to Charlie and said, “What are you so stinky with us? Believe it or not, I’ll let the security guard drive you out?”

At this time, a reporter holding a camera said to Gao Junwei: “Hey friend, if people don’t let you touch the cars, please don’t mess around here, we are all affected by you when we take pictures.”

Others also echoed: “Yes, it is such an expensive car, do you think it is easy to touch? Just look at it!”

“I think he just wants to touch it, take a picture and send it to Moments! I have seen a lot of such vain d*cks!”

Gao Junwei’s expression became extremely ugly. If he couldn’t go over and touch these two cars, wouldn’t he, like Charlie, become a stinky thread in everyone’s eyes?

Thinking of this, he darkened his face and said to the security guard: “I’ll give you thirty seconds. If you still block my way, I will drive all of your people and cars out, and you won’t have to do any car shows anymore at my place. Done!”

Chapter 295
At this time, a manager dressed in a suit heard the quarrel here and hurried over.

Behind him followed a group of sturdy guys dressed up as bodyguards, all with stubborn eyes and stubble.

“What happened? Who is making noise here?”

Gao Junwei saw the manager and said arrogantly: “Are you the person in charge here?”

“Yes.” The man nodded and said, “I am the executive manager of the exhibition, Limo, who are you?”

Gao Junwei snorted coldly and said, “I am Gao Junwei from the Convention and Exhibition Center.”

Limo said lightly: “It turned out to be Mr. Gao. I don’t know if Mr. Gao is noisy here, what’s the matter?”

Gao Junwei said coldly: “Your subordinates are too good at doing things. I want to go up and take a closer look at the two cars, but he didn’t let me get on, what does this mean? Isn’t this like looking down on me?”

Limo smiled slightly and said, “Sorry, Mr. Gao Junwei, these two cars have already been bought by customers, and now we are waiting for them to pick up the cars. We also explained that these two cars are too noble. No one except the owner. Can’t touch.”

Gao Junwei frowned and asked, “That’s not giving me face?”

“I’m sorry.” Limo defaulted and said: “It is not about giving a face to anyone, let alone Mr. Gao, even if it is the King of Heaven, he can’t touch these two cars as long as he is not the owner of the car!”

Gao Junwei almost deceived, in front of so many people, especially Claire, who is still here, she can say, he has no respect here, right?

it is good!

Then don’t blame me for being crazy!

So he immediately shouted angrily: “Okay! Since you are so powerful, then the temple of our convention and exhibition center is too small to accommodate you, so I ask you to clear the place and leave!”

Limo said, “Mr. Gao Junwei, this is too much? We have signed the lease contract after all, and we have already paid the money. How can you break the contract?”

“What about breaking the contract?” Gao Junwei said annoyed: “I would rather pay you liquidated damages and drive you dogs out!”

Juan hurried to persuade him at this time and whispered: “Mr. Gao Junwei, if we breach the contract, the penalty will be three times the total amount. If it gets to the chairman, he will definitely be angry.”

At this moment, Gao Junwei was stunned again.

Charlie looked very happy on the side, laughed, and said: “Manager Gao Junwei, in your status, you can’t touch these two cars yet. Is it so difficult to touch them? Oh, being the boss of this Convention and Exhibition Center, what a shame for you!”

Gao Junwei said angrily: “Who the h*ll told you I can’t touch it?”

After finishing speaking, he turned his face and pushed Limo away directly, and said coldly: “I will touch this car today, don’t come over and ask for trouble if you don’t want to die, or I will call someone and immediately kill you!”

Seeing Gao Junwei rush to the Aston Martin limited edition one77, Limo was a little anxious, he hurriedly called the security guard to stop him.

Gao Junwei did not expect that a few smelly security guards would really stop him, and immediately shouted: “The security guards in the exhibition center will come over to me!”

These security guards are all from outside, but there are many security guards in the exhibition center itself, and the number of them is not less than the other party. See who is afraid of whom?

Limo saw a few security guards from the convention and exhibition center running over, and there might be a conflict, so he quickly called Qin Gang.