Amazing Love 376-380

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Romance Book Review: The Amazing Son in Law - The Charismatic Charlie Wade  - Wehear

Chapter 376
As the saying goes, no merit is not rewarded.

He just rejected Junwei Gao and Fredmen. In his opinion, this little thing was completely unworthy of allowing Charlie to give him such a precious magic medicine.

But Charlie didn’t care.

If he want to make this thing himself, he can make thousands of them a day.

The main reason why he doesn’t make so many is that things are rare and expensive.

Therefore, giving one to Tianqi is nothing at all.

So he said lightly: “Old Shi, since you want to stay at my side and share the worries for me, you should know that Charlie always rewards his friends, and I think you do well and deserve rewards, then I will naturally reward you. , And you don’t have to be polite with me. If I reward you, you will accept it.”

Tianqi was excited with tears, and hurriedly lay his hands on the ground, kowtow, and said: “Thank you Mr. Wade! Thank you Mr. Wade!”

Zhovia hurriedly bowed her head respectfully and said, “Thank you, Mr. Wade!”

Charlie looked at Zhovia, smiled slightly, and said, “Zhovia, raise your head.”

Zhovia hurriedly raised her head, looking at Charlie with a flushed face, her eyes a little shy and dodging.

Charlie looked at her and smiled slightly: “In the future, when the time is right, I will also give you a magic medicine. By then, you may be able to take your medical skills further.”

The magic medicine for the elderly is mainly to treat and restore the body function and meridian energy to younger.

After young people take it, it can strengthen the body to a great extent, and even greatly enhance the meridians in the body.

traditional medicine values ​​qi the most. It has higher requirements for the internal qi in the body of the doctor. For example, acupuncture and moxibustion, people with insufficient internal qi, even if they know some acupuncture methods, they can’t get it out, and it won’t be effective.

So this is also the fundamental reason why many famous doctors have a strong body.

As soon as Zhovia heard this, tears flowed out of excitement. Tianqi next to her was also very excited and hurriedly said: “Zhovia, don’t you give thanks to Mr. Wade!”

Zhovia came back to her senses, so she leaned over and kowtows, and choked with excitement in her mouth: “Thank you Mr. Wade!”


When Charlie was in Clinic and gave medicine to Tianqi, Claire just drove to the riverside villa in the suburbs.

After she arrived at the gate of the villa area, she called her mother Elaine and said, “Mom, I have already arrived at the riverside villa, where exactly is your friend?”

Elaine was anxiously waiting for Claire in Junwei Gao’s villa at this time. After receiving a call, she hurriedly said excitedly: “This is a high-end villa area. The management is very strict. No cars are allowed to enter. You should park your car. In the parking lot at the door, Mom will come out to pick you up!”

“Okay.” Claire said: “Then I will wait for you at the door.”

Here, Elaine hung up the phone with excitement, and hurriedly said to Junwei Gao and Junwei Gao’s father Jianjun Gao: “Claire is here, I will pick her up!”

Junwei Gao hurriedly pointed to the heart-shaped roses and candles at the entrance of the gate, and said, “Auntie, don’t let go of your mouth. I hope Claire should come in without knowing my existence. Let her enter the door and see this romantic scene!”

Elaine smiled from ear to ear, and said, “Oh, Junwei, don’t worry, I won’t let it go!”

Chapter 377
Junwei Gao’s father, Jianjun Gao, has not spoken, but looked at Elaine up and down. He felt that although this woman was a little older, she was still very charming, and she was the kind of person who had a better taste among her peers.

Looking at Elaine at this time, his gaze was a bit greedy, and he thought to himself, when Claire arrived, he will immediately tied up these girls. When the time comes, he will taste the taste of Elaine.

If he has time, he can even try that young and beautiful Claire!

Thinking of this, he smiled and said to Elaine: “Oh, Ms. Elaine, if your family can come together with ours, then we will be married in the future too!”

Elaine looked at Jianjun Gao and nodded repeatedly, and flattered: “Mr. Junwei Gao, it is the first blessing of our family to be able to be with you!”

Jianjun Gao smiled and said, “Ms. Arima is in the middle of the match. I think the two children will be able to come together.”

Elaine agreed with him and said: “I have the same views as you! The two children, talented and beautiful, are really perfect match. Don’t worry, I will persuade Claire to divorce Charlie waste!”

After finishing speaking, she hurriedly said to Junwei Gao: “Junwei, don’t think that Claire was married, and you have an opinion on her because of the second marriage. In our family Claire was long married to Charlie’s Rubbish, but she has guarded her body like jade!”

Junwei Gao suddenly became excited.

Guarded her body like jade?

Does Claire still retain her chastity?

God! That’s awesome!

Today, Claire, a famous beauty in Aurous Hill, will be captured by him for the first time!

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help being excited, and wished he could rectify Claire on the spot immediately.

Elaine was thinking of petty gains. She couldn’t understand the viciousness of Junwei Gao’s heart. She didn’t even know that the catastrophe was imminent. Instead, she smiled and said, “Oh, I’m going to take it for the first time. You can wait a while. “

The father and son sent her out, and when they returned to the house, they both had ghosts.

Junwei Gao couldn’t help saying, “Dad, Claire is still a problem. If you kill her at once, it would be too bad, right?”

Jianjun Gao said coldly: “If you kill, you will be a hundred. If she stays alive, problems will happen sooner or later!”

Junwei Gao said: “Let’s kill Elaine and Charlie first, and put Claire under house arrest in the basement. Our villa is so soundproofed and the distance from other homes is so large. No one will be able to find.”

Jianjun Gao’s eyes lit up, and he blurted out: “You mean to keep Claire under house arrest for a long time?”

“That’s right!” Junwei Gao said: “Otherwise, isn’t such a beautiful big beauty a violent thing?”

Jianjun Gao thought about it, and said to Junwei Gao: “Then, let’s bring Charlie to kill first, then put Elaine and Claire on, and then kill Elaine, Claire just as you said. Imprisoned in the basement of the villa, she belongs to you every Monday, three, five and seven, and every week, four and six to me!”

Junwei Gao was stunned. He didn’t expect that his father would still want to get a share of Claire’s affairs.

But it doesn’t matter if you think about it carefully. After all, once he kills Charlie, he must kill Elaine. In that case, Claire must hate him to the bone.

At that time, they have only two choices, either kill her and kill her completely, or imprison her as a plaything.

Since it is a plaything, it doesn’t hurt to have one more person to share the game.

So he nodded and said to Jianjun Gao: “Dad, I listen to you.”

Jianjun Gao immediately raised his eyebrows and said cheerfully, “That’s good!”

Chapter 378
Having said that, he took out a black pistol from his waist, checked it last, and said with a cold face: “After Charlie came, I will just shoot him! I will give you revenge!”


Claire still didn’t know everything at this time.

She waited for a while at the entrance of the riverside villa, and saw her mother Elaine trot out to meet her.

Afterwards, Elaine opened the gate of the community and greeted her: “Claire, come in!”

Claire greeted her hurriedly.

When she came to her mother, Claire couldn’t help asking: “Mom, why haven’t I heard you say that you know friends who live in a riverside villa!”

The Riverside Villa is located on the Yangtze River in Aurous Hill, next to the river view. It is one of the local high-end communities. The people who live here are either rich or expensive, which is obviously beyond Elaine’s normal social scope.

Elaine grinned and said: “I have an old classmate. She recently made a fortune in business. Just bought a villa here. Isn’t this just thinking about renovation? They said, the renovation budget is 8 million! Is it a big deal?”

Claire smiled and said: “Of course, normal home improvement, more than one million is considered a big order.”

Elaine smiled and said: “That’s good! Let’s go there quickly, you can take a look at the layout of the house and give a rough decoration plan.”

“That’s great!”

Soon, Elaine took Claire to the door of Villa 8 and rang the doorbell.

The luxurious door opened, and then Junwei Gao appeared at the door with a warm smile on her face.

As soon as the door opened, Junwei Gao said with a smile: “Claire, long time no see.”

She was taken aback for a moment, her pretty face instantly turned cold, she ignored him, and directly questioned Elaine behind her: “Mom, this friend you are talking about is it him?!”

Elaine said awkwardly: “Claire, don’t worry, Junwei has prepared a surprise for you!”

Junwei Gao nodded hurriedly, flashed around, revealing the rose love on the floor of the entrance hall.

Claire asked Elaine angrily: “Mom, it turns out that you and Junwei Gao joined forces to lie to me?”

Elaine hurriedly said: “Claire, listen to me, Junwei is sincere to you…”

Junwei Gao also hurriedly explained: “Claire, it’s not about Auntie, I asked Auntie to help me invite you over.”

Claire looked at Elaine with a bit of chill expression, and said, “Mom, you really disappointed me!”

After speaking, she turned around to leave.

Elaine hurriedly blocked Claire’s path, and persuaded, “Claire, it’s your mother, I didn’t lie to you. It’s all for your own good. Junwei really has cooperation and wants to talk to you. The villa belongs to him and is about to be decorated.”

Claire frowned and said angrily: “I am not the same with him!”

Elaine glared at her and said, “What are you talking about? In order to apologize to you, Junwei’s attitude is low enough. Look, how nice this kid is! What are you still doing?”

As she said, she urged: “Oh, we are all here, just listen to what Mom said, and communicate with Junwei, even if the matter between you two fails, it’s good to talk about cooperation, isn’t it?”

After finishing talking, she didn’t wait for Claire to react, she pushed Claire directly into the house!

Chapter 379
Where did Elaine know that this push not only pushed her daughter into the fire pit, but also pushed herself into the fire pit.

Now she is full of hope that Claire can clear up her suspicions with Junwei Gao, and then have a good impression of Junwei Gao, the son-in-law who is in her own mind.

In this way, she could divorce Charlie’s Rubbish and then marry Junwei Gao.

As soon as Claire was pushed by her mother, she couldn’t help feeling a little angry.

Mom usually has no morals, no bottom line, and even a love for money, which she can’t bear.

However, she is still thinking about herself now, which makes her really disappointed!

She was about to turn around and go out, but she did not expect Junwei Gao to lock the door directly at this time.

Claire said with a cold face, “Junwei Gao, please let me out!”

“Claire, it’s all here, don’t you go so anxiously! How about going into the house and having a chat?”

Junwei Gao stood in front of Claire, staring at the woman in front of him with fiery eyes, watching her slender and straight legs, slender waist, perfect figure, pretty face, and his heart was excited…

This woman really exudes charm everywhere, which makes his heart hotter and hotter.

Claire looked at him in disgust, and said coldly: “I have nothing to chat with you, please let me go!”

Elaine was still on the sidelines and said stupidly: “Oh, Claire, why is your child’s attitude so bad? Talk to Junwei!”

Claire said coldly: “I have nothing to say to him!”

After finishing speaking, she pointed at Junwei Gao and warned: “Junwei Gao, please get out of the way, I want to go out!”

Junwei Gao looked at Claire with a cold expression, and suddenly laughed!

At the same time, he also changed another face, with a scornful and sinister smile on his face: “Claire, do you really take yourself seriously?! Tell you, I asked you to come, just because I saw it. You, don’t be shameless! Otherwise, you will suffer in the future!”

Claire’s expression changed, and she asked, “Junwei Gao, what do you want to do?”

“What do I want to do?”

Junwei Gao laughed and said in a wretched tone: “Of course I want to f*ck you!”

Hearing this, Claire was shocked, and her heart was terrified, and she immediately ran out.

But before she took a step, Junwei Gao held her wrist tightly and she couldn’t move.

Claire said angrily: “You! let me go!”

Junwei Gao stared at her pretty face and said with a smile: “Claire, you look more and more beautiful! I really want to f*ck you now!”

At this time, he looked at Claire’s beautiful and moving appearance, looked at the face and figure that were so perfect that she was fascinating, his eyes were already terrifyingly hot.

Chapter 380
For him, he dreamed of getting Claire’s body.

Claire is the No. 1 beauty in Aurous Hill, and she definitely deserves this title, it can be said to be the best among the best.

And now, such a nearly perfect woman will soon belong to him, how not excited his heart is!

Hearing this, Elaine, who was next to him, couldn’t believe it.

Didn’t Junwei Gao say to apologize to Claire before confessing to her?

But now, what is going on?

She hurriedly stepped forward and stopped and said, “Junwei, what’s the matter with you? That’s not what you said to auntie!”

“Say a bullsht!” Junwei Gao’s expression changed. He kicked Elaine directly on the ground and sneered: “You really thought I asked you to call your daughter over to confess to her. To be your son-in-law? You are less fcking daydreaming!”

As he said, he continued with an icy expression: “Just like you snob, who is open to money, is also worthy of my future mother-in-law? I tell you, I just want to go inside Claire, not only I want to go to her, My dad wants to go too!”

At this time, Jianjun Gao came over with a pistol and said with a smile: “Son, you are half right. I not only want to be with Claire, I also want to try this Elaine! A charming mature woman of this age, she is my favorite!”

Elaine’s face pale in fright, and blurted out: “You can’t do this…this is illegal!”

“Follow your mother’s law!” Junwei Gao cursed coldly: “Today we not only wanted to f*ck you two, but we also called Charlie over and shot him! A sling waste, dare to fight me, and do it. Broke my leg, I must blow his dog’s head with one shot in front of you two!”

Elaine cried in fright and blurted out: “Junwei, this is your personal grievance with Charlie. It has nothing to do with us. How can you settle accounts with Charlie? We don’t care, but you have to let us go first. Okay!”

“Let you go?” Junwei Gao said contemptuously: “You are simply dreaming! Today neither you nor Claire can leave!”

Elaine cried and said, “Junwei, Auntie believes that you are not a bad boy. The reason why you took this path is because Charlie broke your leg. Auntie begs you. You let Auntie and Claire go on a horse, okay?”

“I’m not a bad boy?” Junwei Gao laughed, squatting directly on the ground, staring at Elaine’s horrified face, and said with a smile: “To tell you the truth, the reason why you and your husband Jacob had a car accident that day was because of me. The arrangement was that I found the driver of a muck truck and gave him 200,000, let him deliberately run a red light, hit Jacob’s BMW, and caused him to be paraplegic in a high position!”

As soon as these words came out, Claire’s heart was extremely angry!

She blurted out: “Junwei Gao! Why did you do this? When did my parents offend you?”

Junwei Gao laughed and said, “Your parents didn’t offend me, but who made me like you? Who made me like you, but you didn’t answer me? I like you, you don’t give me a chance. Then I will create opportunities!”

As he said, Junwei Gao said again: “You said, if I don’t knock your dad into that forceful way, and then let the Doctor Zhongjing treat your dad, how can I win your favor and finally put you to sleep? “

“Hey…” Junwei Gao sighed at this point, gritted his teeth and said: “It’s a pity! Who thought that his sh!t magical medicine would not work at all, and halfway through Charlie Rubbish, otherwise. , Maybe you are my woman now!”

“Blame that d*mn Charlie! He ruined the entire plan! He also told Mr. Orvel to throw me out of the window, causing me to become lame at a young age! This hatred, I must take the original It’s a good report!”

Claire shouted angrily: “Junwei Gao! Are you not afraid of being punished and struck by lightning?!”

“The sky thunders?” Junwei Gao smiled: “Okay, as long as you can be a super beauty of Aurous Hill, even if God really wants to kill me, then I will recognize it! But before that, you let me be well Let’s talk about it again!”