Amazing Love  76-80

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Chapter 76
Darren smiled and said, “She, went to the hairdresser, what’s wrong?”

Charlie sneered: “Doing hair? Did she say that?”

“Yes indeed!”


“You believe what she said?”

Darren asked in a surprised tone: “Charlie, what do you mean? Just say it, don’t go around.”

Charlie gave a hum and said: “Then I’ll tell you the truth. I saw Lili in a BMW 4s store. She was still hugging a man named Zhaodong, and she kept calling that Zhaodong my dear, She might be cuckolded by him.”

“Impossible!” Darren blurted out: “Lili is not that kind of person at all! Could it be you who recognized the wrong person?”

Charlie said confidently: “I can’t be mistaken, it was her.”


“I don’t believe it!” Darren said coldly, “Charlie, we are in a good relationship, but you can’t say bad things about my wife just because we are friends!”

Charlie said coldly: “Darren, wake up! Your wife is already with other men, and that Zhaodong also promised to buy her a BMW x6. Now Lili is going home with him, preparing for the evening. She will break up with you when she comes back! As an old classmate, I advise you to prepare early!”

Without waiting for Darren’s answer, Charlie continued: “You’d better transfer the painting that I sent you out first, and keep that painting. You still have the capital to make a comeback, but if you don’t believe me, then I don’t have any method to save you from the trouble coming up ahead.”

Darren was also anxious and said, “Charlie! Don’t talk nonsense here! Lili is my fiancee, I know her best, she will never betray me! If you frame her again, I will break my relationship with you!”

Charlie frowned and said lightly: “Okay, as a friend, the reminder I should give has been given. If you don’t believe me, then I have nothing to do. Good luck!”

After speaking, Charlie hung up the phone directly.

What an idiot who was dazzled by love, He secretly recorded a video and sent him to see it!

At this time, the manager of the BMW store knocked on the window and asked him: “Sir, are you satisfied with this 530?”

Charlie nodded: “It’s pretty good. Let’s take this one. Get me a new one from the warehouse.”

The manager immediately beamed his eyebrows: “Wait a minute, I will arrange for someone to pick up the car!”


Soon, a black BMW 530 drove over by the salesman stop there. Charlie simply swiped the card to pay and picked up the car, then folded the little e-bike, stuffed it into the trunk, and drove away in a big swing.

On the way back, his father-in-law and mother-in-law called, in turn, to ask him if he was back.

When Charlie arrived downstairs, he realized that they were already waiting downstairs.

Seeing Charlie really bought a BMW 530, the old couple smiled excitedly.

The father-in-law went around the BMW several times and exclaimed: “Good car! Good car! I didn’t expect that I could still drive a BMW!”

Charlie smiled and said, “Dad, you might be able to drive a Rolls Royce in the future.”

The father-in-law laughed and said: “Then it depends on your ability!”

The mother-in-law was also very happy on the sidelines, and her attitude towards Charlie had also changed a lot.

Father-in-law got in the car for a test drive, and after returning, he said, “The car is really good, and it’s comfortable to drive, but the car is too long and not easy to handle. Charlie, you will be the driver for me this afternoon. I just made an appointment with someone to see things.”

Charlie nodded: “OK dad.”

The mother-in-law said with excitement: “When I turn around, I will be a driver and take me to have afternoon tea with my friends! Let them also see that I am also picked up by a BMW when I go out!”

“OK, mom!”

Chapter 77
After lunch, the Old Master, Jacob, was already dressed neatly and urged Charlie to say, “Charlie, hurry up and get ready. Drive-in our new car and follow me to Antique Street. There is a new Thompson Dynasty official kiln vase in a store. , I want to see it.”

Charlie couldn’t help but persuade: “Dad, you’re starting to play antiques again now? We don’t have much money at home. Is it not a bit too extravagant to buy antiques?”


Jacob has no ability to make money, but he has a lot of dreams of getting rich. He likes to go shopping in the antique street when he has nothing to do. He wants to pick up a leak in his dreams, but in the past few years, he has basically been cheated.

It stopped for a while before, but he didn’t expect that not only did it not completely stop, but it was revived.

Seeing that Charlie even dared to point to him, Jacob coldly snorted and said, “Don’t talk so much nonsense, just send me over.”

Charlie had no choice but to go against him, so he had to drive Jacob to Antique Street.

Aurous Hill is a famous historical city. It is located on the antique street outside the scenic spot. It is also well-known in China. Antique dealers and shoppers from all over the country gather here.

The local tourism department also took advantage of the trend and spent a lot of money to renovate the Antique Street and turn it into a tourist attraction.

When he arrived at Antique Street, Jacob came to the door of an antique shop and explained to the receptionist that he had an appointment. It was convenient to invite two people to the VIP room at the back to see the goods.

Charlie was about to follow in, but Jacob turned back and said, “Don’t follow in. You can’t understand it even if you come in. Wait for me at the door of the VIP room!”

Charlie nodded: “I know Dad!”

With his hands on his back, Jacob followed the reception staff into the VIP room, and Charlie sat down in the lounge area.

A few minutes later, Charlie suddenly heard a crisp sound coming from the VIP room.

Later, Charlie saw his old father-in-law coming out in a panic.

He still muttered: “It’s over, it’s over! This is over!”

Charlie hurriedly walked to the front and looked behind Jacob. He saw that a tall and thin ceramic bottle had fallen into two on the ground, and there were still many small ceramic fragments on the ground.

Through the fragments, we can vaguely see that the one that was broken should be a Thompson Dynasty jade pot spring bottle.

He had been in the Wade family since he was a child, and he was also very knowledgeable. You can tell at a glance that this bottle is a genuine antique, and it is not a big problem to sell it up to several million in the market.

It seems that Jacob has caused a major disaster this time.

In the VIP room, a middle-aged man said with a dark face: “Mr. Willson, our jade pot spring bottle at least cost five million. Now you have broken it, you must pay the price!”

This person is Liangyun, the manager of Jiqingtang.

Jacob pulled Charlie over, and said in a panic: “This is my rich son-in-law, do you know how much he has? Don’t say just five million, even fifty million is nothing! It’s nothing for him to pay at once. Talk to him! I have something to do, let’s go now!”

After that, Jacob pushed Charlie in, turned his head, and ran out.

Charlie looked dumbfounded, this Old Master is too shameless, this is a clear plan to let him be a scapegoat!

Liangyun looked at Charlie and asked coldly, “This gentleman, a total of 5.38 million is due, are you swiping your card or transferring money?”

Charlie spread his hands: “I have no money.”

He was not unable to afford it but wanted to teach the Old Master a lesson so that he would not be able to come to Antique Street every day.

“No money?” Liangyun gritted his teeth: “You smashed our most precious thing, do you think you can leave without money, just by hiding your assets?”

Charlie said helplessly: “I didn’t want to hide anything, but I really don’t have any money. Besides, I didn’t smash your bottle. Why should you make me pay?”

Chapter 78:
Liangyun was out of luck: “Isn’t that your father-in-law?”

Charlie nodded: “There you go, it’s my father-in-law, not me. Whoever smashed it, find him to pay for it.?”

Liangyun was annoyed for a while, but what Charlie said also made sense.

He couldn’t help but ask him to pay compensation, otherwise, the signboard of JiQingtang would be ruined.

So he hurriedly blurted out to a few people around him: “You guys, hurry up and get me back that old guy!”

Charlie watched them chasing the Old Master in a hurry, and he laughed and said nothing.

In fact, he could just swipe his card to pay the money, but then, wouldn’t it be cheaper for his shameless Old Master?

Instead of that, it’s better to let this old guy suffer.

Otherwise, if he encounters such a thing again in the future, he will cheat him shamelessly again.

All Jiqingtang’s people were dispatched and they all went to catch Mr. Jacob. Charlie was fine on his own, so he looked at the broken bottle on the ground.

The bottle is about half a meter high, and now it has broken into two halves and a pile of fragments, which is really a pity.

However, he suddenly noticed that something seemed to be hidden at the bottom of the lower half of the bottle.

He hurriedly reached in and took out a small wooden box!

Unexpectedly, there is such a mystery in this bottle!

The shape of the bottle has a small mouth and a big opening. The wooden box is obviously two or three times larger than the mouth of the bottle. It seems that this was not stuffed in the later stage, but when the bottle was made, the wooden box was used directly. The box is made in!

In this way, this wooden box should have been left by the Thompson Dynasty too!

He took the wooden box in his hand and looked at it carefully, then with a little force, he opened the wooden box with a snap.

As the wooden box opened, an extreme fragrance suddenly escaped, and Charlie took a sip, only feeling refreshed.

Take a closer look, inside the wooden box, lies an ancient book that is not as big as a palm!

Charlie picked up this very pocket-sized ancient book and saw four ancient seal characters written on the title page of the Jiuxuantianjing.

“This name is a bit interesting, I don’t know what it is.” Charlie opened the book and looked at it.

The first one is the medical technique, which records a large number of cases and treatment methods.

Charlie frowned slightly. He had also been in contact with traditional medicine and knew some basic theories of traditional medicine, but the content recorded in this book was obviously much better than the methods used in traditional medicine today.

Some methods of diagnosis and treatment are unheard of. Even at the end of the medical technique chapter, Charlie also saw alchemy, the effect of some pills, which is simply beyond the real knowledge of society.

Charlie became interested and sat on the ground, constantly flipping.

Unexpectedly, in the Nine Profound Sky Sutras, there are also the contents of Feng Shui fortune-telling, as well as various magical methods such as treasure inspection and restoration, in addition to many other strange things.

Charlie looked at it for a long time, only to feel that every word in the book was digging into his mind, his heart was like boiling water.

This is a peerless treasure!

Chapter 79:
Charlie was overjoyed and immediately prepared to stuff the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures into his arms.

As a result, the book immediately turned into powder and disappeared.

However, every word in the book was clearly printed in Charlie’s brain.

At this time, Jacob who ran away was brutally escorted back by several big and three rough men.

Seeing the redness and swelling on both sides of his face, it seems that it was a grab for a gasp!

Looking at his embarrassed appearance, Charlie just wanted to laugh.

This old guy, it is outrageous to want to throw the pot at him after getting into trouble! Letting him take a lesson is a punishment.

The Old Master, Jacob, was particularly embarrassed at this time. He ran desperately just now and was exhausted.

But he didn’t have a car key either. He was old and fat, and couldn’t run fast. How could he compete with these young people?

So after a few meetings, he was caught, tied back, and slapped several times. It was really miserable to get home.

Several people caught Jacob back, and manager Liangyun gritted his teeth and said: “Old thing, you want to run after you smashed our bottle? You don’t want to pay Jiqingtang!”

The Old Master in horror said, “I didn’t mean it, it’s because this bottle is too slippery.”

Liangyun said coldly: “Stop talking nonsense with me! I will give you an afternoon to raise money. If you can’t afford it, I will report and warn you of deliberately damaging other people’s property. The case value of more than five million is enough for you to sit in prison. Now!”

Jacob trembled in fright. He looked at Charlie as if he saw a life-saving straw: “Charlie, my good son-in-law! I will die if you don’t save me!”

Charlie said helplessly: “Dad, I don’t have that much money!”

Jacob hurriedly blurted out: “Then you will go to jail instead of me! My family has supported you for so long, and it’s time for you to repay you!”

Charlie thought to himself, why do you have the face to say such things?

Just as he was about to refuse, the middle-aged man took the lead and said: “If you are wronged, you have a debtor, our Jiqingtang is the most trustworthy business. You broke the bottle and you have to pay for it!”

After all, he said to Charlie: “You can go, but it’s best to help him raise enough money, otherwise, after this afternoon, I will send him to the police station!”

Charlie nodded lightly.

Jacob was frightened and cried and said, “Good son-in-law, you can’t go! What should I do if you leave!”

Charlie couldn’t help being amused when he saw him so frightened.

But of course, he can’t laugh on the face.

He was trying to find an excuse to raise money to leave, and let the Old Master stay here to suffer.

But it suddenly occurred to him that there was an ancient method of repairing porcelain artifacts in the shop just now, so he thought, “Manager if I can repair that jade pot spring bottle, can you let him go?”

Liangyun sneered and said, “Who do you think you are, and you need to restore the antiques. To tell you the truth, I have sent the photos to the Aurous Hill cultural relic appraisal experts.”

Charlie shook his head and said: “Your bottle is broken, it’s useless to keep it, I will try it without losing anything.”

Liangyun sneered disdainfully, and said, “Okay, right? Okay! I want to see what you can do!”

Charlie said, “Prepare me a piece of rice paper, a brush, and five eggs. The eggs will be raw.”

Liangyun waited to see what kind of joke Charlie would make, and without hesitation, he quickly found a basket of raw eggs for Charlie.

But he still couldn’t help but ridiculed: “Use eggs to repair cultural relics. I have never seen such a method. I warn you, don’t play tricks. Either you pay compensation or we take your father-in-law to court. Five million is enough for your father-in-law to sit in prison for a lifetime.”

Chapter 80:
Charlie nodded and said, “What if I fix it?”

Liangyun coldly hummed, “If it is verified by professionals and it is repaired and most of the losses can be recovered, then you can go!”

“Okay!” Charlie nodded: “A word is a deal!”

After speaking, he immediately stopped talking to him, picked up the writing brush, and outlined the outline of the Yuhuchun bottle on the rice paper.

Afterward, he knocked the egg in a small mouth, dipped a little egg white with his index finger, wiped it on a fragment of the bottle, pressed it on the paper model, and then picked up a piece and pressed it on. The paper model was gradually being antiqued. The fragments are posted on

Everyone kept silent, for fear of interrupting his repair process.

Soon, half an hour passed.

When Charlie straightened up again, what appeared in front of everyone was a Thompson Dynasty jade pot spring bottle that looked like a new.

He smiled at Liangyun and said, “You can see where there are flaws.”

Liangyun picked up the bottle and looked up and down a few times before he said disdainfully: “Are you teasing me? You f*cking paste it with egg liquid, even if it’s repaired? I will break your leg and paste it with egg liquid. Ok?”

“Don’t mess with that bottle!”

At this moment, a clear and urgent voice suddenly came from the door.

Immediately afterward, a glamorous beauty in a small white casual suit stepped in.

She has a beautiful face, a perfect and tall figure, close to a height of 1.7 meters, exuding a luxurious aura, those beautiful eyes look into the room, her eyes are full of cold and arrogance, like a queen of frost.

The moment Liangyun saw this woman, his face changed drastically, and he quickly lowered his head respectfully and said, “Miss, why are you here?”

The visitor is the actual owner of Jiqingtang, Warnia Song, the eldest of the Song family, the top family of Aurous Hill.

Warnia snorted coldly, and said angrily: “I’m afraid I don’t come, you will ruin all this shop! What’s the matter?”

Liangyun smiled wryly and quickly replied: “A customer accidentally broke the bottle while looking at it. His son-in-law repaired it with an egg. I was about to say that such a repair is worthless, and I want to talk to them about compensation.”

Warnia leaned to the edge of the antique bottle and observed for a while, her complexion suddenly changed!

Then, she immediately turned her head and scolded Liangyun and said, “Quickly let go! Whoever makes you don’t understand, just touch it!”

Liangyun was immediately stunned: “Miss, what are you?”

Warnia said angrily: “This is a cultural relic that has just been restored. Except for the restoration experts, other people can’t touch them with their hands for the time being. Don’t you understand this rule?”

Liangyun hesitated and said, “This is just using egg liquid to paste it again, isn’t it a repair?”

Warnia’s beautiful eyes were angry, and she scolded: “You idiot, after the bottle is repaired, the price will at least double, but because you touch it with your hand, you will lose at least two million! You pack your things and don’t come tomorrow! “

She had seen a porcelain plate in the same period at an auction in Hong Kong.

The history of the porcelain plate is very interesting. It is porcelain of the Thompson Dynasty. It was broken in the Song Dynasty and repaired by skilled craftsmen in the Song Dynasty in the same way.

And because this repair method is extremely rare and has long been lost in history, the final transaction price of the porcelain plate was 13 million, which far exceeded the actual value of the porcelain plate.

Now that this bottle was repaired by Charlie with a lost technique, the value of the bottle will rise!

Liangyun’s face was pale, and he didn’t expect that if he just touched the jade pot spring bottle, he would have caused such a big loss and lost his job.

Warnia then asked, “Where is the man who repaired this jade pot spring bottle? Take me to see him.”