Teachings of Lumawig

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They say that, in every place in this earth, there are stories that tells how a placed was formed. There is always someone who creates and gives teaching about beliefs and cultures they have in a place. The universe has a story too on how it is formed and this is the story from the Bible who told us that this earth is created by god and all the lving and non-living things.


            Lumawig the Great Spirit, came down from the sky and cut many reeds. He divided these into pairs which he placed in different parts of the world. He said to them, “You must speak”. Immediately the reeds became people but every couple couldn’t understand other couples because of the different languages they use. Lumawig commanded each man to marry each woman which they did. As the days goes by, children gradually increase and speak the same language as their parents. In this way, there came to be so many people on earth. They had to struggle producing something for them to live with.Now lumauig saw that there were several things which people on earth needed to use, so he set to work to supply them.

He created salt, and told the inhabitants of one place to boil it down and sell it to their neighbors. But these people could not understand the directions of the Great Spirit. The next time wen he visited them, they had not touch the salt. Then he took it away from them and gave it to the people of a place called Mayinit. They did as he directed them. As a result of being obedient, lumauig told them that they should always be owners of the salt and the other peoples must buy of them.

            Then lumauig came to the people of Bontoc and told them to get clay and make pots. They got the clay but did not understand the molding. As a result, the jars were not well shaped. Because of their failure, Lumawig told them that they would always buy their pots and removes the pottery to Samoki. When he told the people there what to do, they did just as he said and their jars were well shaped and beautiful. On a hillside to the north of the village, they dig a reddish-brown clay which they mixed with a bluish mineral gathered on another hillside. The clays are placed on a board on the ground. The potter is kneeling before it and begins her moldings. Great patience and skill is required to bring the vessel to the desired shaped. When it is completed it is set in the sun to dry for two to three days. The new pots are piled tier above the tier on the ground and blanketed with grass tied into bundles. Then pine bark is burned beneath and around the pile for about an hour, when the ware is sufficiently fire. Then, the Great Spirit saw that they were fit to be the owners of the pottery. He told them that they should always make jars to sell.

            In this way, Lumauig’s teaching had made the people brought the things which they have now. He taught them how to overcome the forces of nature, how to plant, to reap and everything that they know.