Amazing Love 121 - 125

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Chapter 121
Elsa clutched her legs and saw blood leaking from her fingers, she knew Charlie hadn’t lied to her.

However, asking her to take off her pants in front of a strange man, she struggled incomparably.

In the face of life and death, Elsa hesitated for a while and finally compromised.

She didn’t want to die, let alone become disabled.

Elsa’s face was flushed, she raised her head and glanced at Charlie, her heart thumped and her whole body was strange.

Finally, she said softly: “I see, thank you.”

Charlie nodded, knelt down, and grabbed her trousers with both hands and tore it forcefully.

Elsa suffocated her breath, her pretty face was so hot, her heart beat faster, she didn’t dare to look at Charlie when she lowered her head.

Charlie’s eyes were calm, he saw the knife wound on her left leg, put his two fingers together, and pointed at the acupuncture points.

A hint of spiritual energy dipped into the injury from his finger.

Charlie’s eyes were always staring at the wound, and he didn’t even glance at any other place.

He gestured like flying, and after a few fingers went down, the blood in the wound gradually stopped.

According to the medical techniques on the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures, he was able to completely heal Elsa’s injuries, regenerate her tendons, and even recover the wounds on the spot, but Charlie didn’t want to shock her.

He just used fingers as acupuncture to help Elsa stop the bleeding, her muscles and veins healed, and then she stopped. She only needs to bandage the remaining skin wounds in the hospital and she can be discharged from the hospital and heal herself.

Elsa’s heart slammed into confusion, feeling that after Charlie tapped a few fingers, the pain was relieved and the blood stopped, she was shocked.

Unexpectedly, the traditional medicine that her family considers useless is more useful than western medicine!

“Okay.” Charlie said lightly, stood up without squinting, “You stand up and try.”

Elsa tried to stand up, her leg had stopped bleeding, she was surprised and happy.

She blushed and raised her head, and said shyly: “Since you don’t want to be named, give me a chance to thank you?”

“No,” Charlie said coldly, he didn’t want to expose his identity.

“You saved me. If I can’t even thank you, I will be ashamed all my life.”

Elsa said stubbornly, and then took off a necklace from her neck: “This is my coming-of-age ceremony. Grandpa gave me a gift. You save my life and I want to give it to you.”

What she held in her hand was a platinum chain with a crystal clear pink diamond inlaid on the pendant.

Charlie wanted to refuse, but he felt a faint aura on the pink diamond. He took it over with a turn of his mind.

He nodded, took off his jacket, tied it around her waist, and said, “Excuse me, I tore your pants. You can wrap my clothes around. I just used your phone to call I got the emergency number of the nearby hospital. The ambulance will arrive in about a few minutes. You are safe. I have something to do, will leave now.”

After speaking, Charlie turned around without looking back and disappeared into the dense sorghum field as soon as his figure shook.

“Hey, wait,” Elsa yelled, and Charlie had already been lost in front of her eyes.

Outside the park at this time, the sound of the ambulance was heard.

She looked down at the jacket surrounding her body, and then at the direction in which Charlie disappeared, feeling lost.

In the next second, she suddenly felt that the back when the other party left was so familiar.

Elsa recalled for a while, and suddenly remembered that this back figure is exactly the same as the chairman!

“Is it the chairman of the Emgrand Group?” Elsa was moved.

But she didn’t ask the other party’s name, nor did she see the other party’s appearance, and she doesn’t know if the guess is true?

At this moment, Elsa suddenly discovered that a gray pebble had fallen from the place where Charlie had just squatted. The words “peace and wealth” were still written on the stone.

Chapter 122
This stone, accidentally fell out, right?

Elsa immediately grasped it like a treasure.

If she never sees him again, then this stone is the only token he left to her.

After Elsa was taken to the hospital by ambulance, her injuries were not serious after diagnosis.

The doctor who treated didn’t know that she had undergone Charlie’s initial treatment, and was extremely surprised at her injury.

Judging from the stab wound on her leg, it can be seen that the tendon is ruptured, and damaged.

But for Elsa’s skin and flesh injuries, the tendons and veins inside were intact, as if they had been reconnected, the veins and tendons were stronger.

The doctor told her: “You can recover from your injury after a few days of rest. To be honest, this is really incredible. Did you do any special treatment for the wound?”

Elsa thought about the mysterious person, but she said: “I didn’t do anything special.”

The doctor sighed, “That’s amazing!”

Having said that, the doctor said again: “By the way, I have notified the police and they will come soon. You can tell them about the attack.”

Elsa nodded gently.

The police came quickly.

It was the senior executives of the Emgrand Group who took a serious injury.

Among the police officers who came, someone knew the Willson family and knew she was a guest of the Willson family, so they notified the family as well.

At the Willson family villa at this time, a large family is discussing what should be done.

Harold told them that something went wrong with Elsa, but did not say that it was because of him. The Old Mrs. Willson still felt that this was a good opportunity for the Willson family to perform. She must find a way to find Elsa, rescue her, and give Harold an extra Add drama to help him capture Elsa’s heart.

When she heard that she was in the hospital, Lady Willson was immediately disappointed and exclaimed: “If Harold could seize this hero’s chance to save her, it would have been great!”

After speaking, she immediately said to everyone: “Come, let’s go to the hospital and see!”

Harold had no bottom in his heart, but he could only bite the bullet and go to the hospital with his family.

On the way, Harold had already thought about excuses, but he didn’t know if Elsa would buy it.

Upon arriving at the hospital and seeing Elsa, Harold immediately showed a strong surprise on his face, and hurriedly stepped forward: “Elsa, are you okay? I was about to call my dad and take someone to save you.”

“Help me?” A hint of irony flashed across Elsa’s cold face, and said lightly: “I was almost killed by you!”

Harold hurriedly explained: “Elsa, don’t get me wrong. I was trying to attract their attention. After all, the person they were looking for was me, not you. I thought they wouldn’t do anything to you.”

Elsa snorted coldly and was too lazy to speak with Harold, because she had already seen the face of this person thoroughly, only thinking about how to go far away from him in the future.

Seeing that Elsa didn’t blame him anymore, thinking she believed his statement, Harold looked up and down Elsa and saw that she was surrounded by a men’s jacket. He frowned, “Elsa, where are your pants?”

Elsa was full of disgust, didn’t want to talk to him at all, and said coldly: “It has nothing to do with you!”

Old Mrs. Willson’s shrewd eyes swept over Elsa’s body, staring at the men’s jacket on her, and stepped forward and asked: “Elsa, if you have anything, you can tell grandma, that group of people didn’t do anything to you, right?”

Elsa said blankly: “They stabbed me. Fortunately, a young man who passed by saved me. Because I had a leg injury, he helped me treat it. The pants were torn and he took off his jacket. Give it to me, why, there is a problem?”

“Young man?” Old Mrs. Willson was shocked.

A young man rescued Elsa, which is not so good! In case Elsa feels good about the young man, wouldn’t her precious grandson Harold has no chance?

Harold also said jealously at this time: “Elsa, how did the other party treat you? Did he take off your pants and treat you?”

Elsa sneered and said sarcastically, “What does it have to do with you?”

Chapter 123
Harold only felt a “buzz” in his head, and a wave of jealousy hit his forehead.

He didn’t even touch Elsa’s hand, she was undressed by a strange man, and he was still touching and pressing on her thigh.

How the h*ll can this be accepted!

Harold didn’t care at this moment that Elsa was extremely disappointed in him. He gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t think this person wants to save you at all, but wants to take advantage of the fire, and try to insult!”

As soon as Harold’s voice fell, all the eyes of the Willson family were focused on Elsa.

Everyone thought the same as him.

A beautiful and attractive woman lying in front of a strange man with disheveled clothes, letting the other person rub her, the inner feelings of this make people think about it.

Elsa was swaying with anger, extremely disappointed in Harold!

Not only did he escape first, but now he is maliciously speculating about her accident, and in front of so many people, it is not only unscrupulous but shameless!

Elsa said coldly: “Harold, the person who saved me didn’t do anything wrong with me. I took off my own pants! It has nothing to do with you!”

After that, Elsa gritted her teeth and cursed: “It’s you, Harold, everything is caused by you tonight. When the other party brought people to seek revenge, you ran so fast and left me where I was. I was stabbed, and you still say this now? Are you not shameless?”

Harold choked, his face flushed and he was speechless.

Elsa didn’t look at him at all, she immediately got up out of the ward, stopped a car, and returned to the hotel where she was staying.

The Willson family was also stunned. No one thought that the truth of the matter turned out to be this way!

It turned out that Harold caused the trouble and left Elsa again, which caused Elsa to be stabbed.

As soon as Elsa walked away, the Old Mrs. Willson slapped Harold’s face with anger.

Harold was beaten up and Lady Willson scolded: “How do I usually teach you? Let you please treat Elsa, you are good! You leave Elsa to fend for herself, you have done this kind of animal behavior, how could she like it? It is all on you?”

“Grandma, I was wrong.” Harold clutched his hot face and suddenly woke up, regretting it greatly.

Only then did he realize that he and Elsa would never be together!

Charlie returned home and did not tell his wife what happened tonight.

And his wife knew nothing about Elsa’s experience.

After all, Claire’s family has always been rejected by Lady Willson, so they are not qualified to live in Willson’s villa, and naturally, there is nowhere to learn about these things.

The next day, as soon as Claire got up, she received a call from the Lady Willson.

The Lady Willson said to her: “Claire, you go to Tianhao Building Materials Group today, find a way to talk with their boss, see if they can you first credit us with 10 million building materials, and wait until we settle the payment from the Emgrand Group.”

Claire hurriedly said, “Grandma, Tianhao Building Materials Group has done a lot of business, and they have a high right to speak. They have never used credit.”

Lady Willson said: “There is no way. The Willson family has some problems with the capital chain now. We can’t afford to advance so many costs and expenses. It is also very difficult to obtain loans. We can only find a solution from Tianhao Building Materials Group.”

Then, the Lady Willson said again: “Claire, now that the family is suffering from internal and external troubles, your cousin doesn’t give me strength. Now I only rely on you. Think of a way to have a good chat with Zhou Tianhao, the boss of Tianhao Building Materials Group. As long as he nods, we have a chance!”

Claire hesitated for a moment, but reluctantly agreed, and said, “Grandma, let me try.”

“Well, good!” The Old Mrs. Willson breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Grandma believes you can do it!”

Chapter 124
After hanging up the phone, Claire was a little melancholic.

Charlie couldn’t help asking: “What happened?”

Claire probably told Charlie about the matter again.

Charlie nodded and said, “Why don’t you tell the Emgrand Group and let them prepay 20 million for the project?”

Claire hurriedly said: “Well, how can we cooperate with Emgrand Group. We have already climbed high. If we ask someone to pay for the project, we will be looked down upon.”

Charlie wants to say, the Emgrand Group is your husband’s, what is the 20 million? Who dares to look down on you?

But Claire didn’t know.

She said: “Well, let me talk to Mr. Tianhao.”

Charlie said: “Then I will go with you.”

“Inappropriate.” Claire said: “Isn’t it too unprofessional to take husband to discuss business.”

After that, Claire said in a convenient way: “You just stay at home. If you are really bored, go out. There is nothing wrong anyway.”

Seeing her resolute attitude, Charlie didn’t say much.

He knew that his wife had always been independent, and wanted to work hard on her own for many things.

Then he might as well ask her to try, if it doesn’t work, he will come out to help secretly

After breakfast, Claire made an appointment with Zhou Tianhao, the boss of Tianhao Building Materials Group, and drove there alone.

The Tianhao Building Materials Group is one of the largest building materials groups in Aurous Hill and even in Jiangnan. It is mainly engaged in various aluminum alloy building materials and is an indispensable supplier for large-scale real estate projects.

Zhou Tianhao was born in a not so well-off family, but he was lucky enough to get a wife with a strong family, so he took the help of his wife’s house and developed to the present stage.

However, Zhou Tianhao has a strict wife. Although his wife is very ugly, he never dared to mess around outside, so Zhou Tianhao has a good reputation locally, saying that he is a good man who never forgets his wife.

Tianhao Building Materials Group is located on the outskirts of the city, with a large-scale factory with thousands of acres of land alone.

After Claire drove to Tianhao Building Materials Group, she came to the office building.

After stopping the car, Zhou Tianhao had been waiting in the lobby of the office building for a long time.

Seeing her coming, Zhou Tianhao immediately put on an enthusiastic smile, walked to Claire, proactively stretched out his hand, and said, “Oh, Mr. Willson, welcome!”

Claire stretched out her hand, shook it politely, and said with a smile: “Mr. Tianhao, you are too polite.”

After speaking, she wanted to withdraw her hand.

But she found that Zhou Tianhao grabbed her hand and didn’t let go, and he even tightened his grip.

Claire pulled out her hand hard, and said with a wary expression: “Mr. Tianhao, what are you doing?”

Zhou Tianhao hurriedly scratched his head and smiled: “Oh, I’m so sorry. I always heard of you all around and saw you today. I could not hold back. Please forgive me!”

Seeing him, Claire was also frank and was able to apologize directly, a little relieved.

At this time, Zhou Tianhao hurriedly made a gesture of inviting and said with a smile: “Ms. Willson, please come to my office for a chat!”

Chapter 125
Zhou Tianhao took Claire to his office, and the moment the door closed, there was a burst of heat in his eyes.

He quietly locked the door and then invited Claire to sit down on the sofa.

Claire looked cramped and sat opposite him with her hands folded.

Zhou Tianhao smiled and asked, “Ms. Willson, I don’t know if you came to me this time, what cooperation do you want to talk to me about?”

Claire was a little embarrassed and said: “I’m telling you that Mr. Tianhao, our Willson Group’s cash flow is a bit tight recently, so I want to ask you, can you first let us credit a batch of building materials?”

“Account on credit?” Zhou Tianhao said with a look of embarrassment: “As for the situation of our Tianhao Building Materials Group, Ms. Willson, you must be aware of it. We never pay for credit or send out materials first. Get Materials but first release the funds.

“I know.” Claire said apologetically, “I really can’t help it, but you can rest assured that the company we cooperate with is Emgrand Group, which is the largest company in Aurous Hill. They will definitely not default on our projects. As long as the payment is paid back then, we will fill in the material payment for you immediately!”

Zhou Tianhao chuckled and said, “That’s what I said, but Ms. Willson, I’m not targeting you. Do you know why I set the rule that no credit is allowed?”

Claire shook her head: “Why?”

Zhou Tianhao said: “I was also very good at talking before. Customers have to get the goods first, and then settle the settlement later. I also agreed to expand the business and maintain the relationship. All customers said that as long as Party A settles it for them, they will settle the settlement immediately. But what happened? I lost more than 300 million in payment and they haven’t returned it yet!”

“so much?”

Claire was also stunned by this number.

All the assets of the entire Willson Group add up to just over one billion.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Tianhao couldn’t collect more than 300 million in payment for goods alone!

Zhou Tianhao sighed and said: “There is no way. These partners who are reluctant to settle the account using the same rhetoric. They all say that they will give me soon and immediately, but they just don’t in reality.”

Speaking of this, Zhou Tianhao shook his head and said with emotion: “In the end, there is really no way. I cannot stop all credit cooperation channels. You can get the goods. I have more goods here, but you must pay first.”

Claire’s expression was particularly disappointed. It seemed that this matter could not be settled the way she wants.

However, she also knows that since others have this principle, it is not good to tell them to give up the principle, so she stood up and said, “I’m really sorry, Mr. Tianhao. I will go back and talk to my grandmother. I should raise funds as soon as possible. Come to work with you then.”

When Zhou Tianhao saw her getting up to leave, he immediately said: “Oh, oh! Don’t worry, Ms. Willson!”

With that said, Zhou Tianhao hurriedly stood up and continued: “What I said just now was for ordinary partners, but with Ms. Willson, naturally I have to count it separately!”

Claire asked with some puzzlement: “Mr. Tianhao, what do you mean?”

Zhou Tianhao squinted his eyes and looked at Claire greedily.

To be honest, Claire is so beautiful!

The beautiful ones make Zhou Tianhao out of breath!

In all these years, Zhou Tianhao faced the yellow-faced woman at home, and that ugly and shriveled woman was a thousand miles worse than Claire.

Claire looks impeccable, and her figure is even more irritating. Such a woman is simply the best!

Why can’t he have such a blessing?

Why should such a superb woman marry a famous waste in the city?

Is her rubbish husband stronger?

Thinking of this, Zhou Tianhao seemed to have countless ants crawling around some parts of his body.