Amazing Love 406-410

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Romance Book Review: The Amazing Son in Law - The Charismatic Charlie Wade  - Wehear

Chapter 406
Without saying anything, he knelt in front of Charlie with a thud, and said with trepidation and piousness: “Mr. Wade, if there is something wrong with what I did, let me make it clear that I will make all efforts to correct it!”

Charlie nodded, looked down at him, pointed to Barena Wei with a dumb face next to him, and asked, “This man said that you are his father’s brother, is it true?”

Boyu glanced at Barena Wei and immediately said, “Mr. Wade, his father and I are fellow villagers, and can barely be regarded as friends, but we are definitely not brothers.”

“Good.” Charlie nodded. Said: “This kid and his concubine have been using your flag to mock me, threaten me, and kill me. What do you think about this?”

Boyu instantly understood that Charlie’s dissatisfaction with him was completely responsible for Barena Wei in the courtyard.

He yelled at Barena Wei angrily: “b*stard! you offended Mr. Wade, and don’t kneel down!”

Barena Wei hadn’t figured out what was going on.

What is Mr. Wade? Why is it Mr. Wade?

Isn’t it just a smelly rug? Is he confused?

So, he subconsciously said: “Uncle Boyu, isn’t this just a Rubbish and stinky silk? You are such a high figure, kneel down to him? You are the confidant of the Song family! And he offended Miss Song family, you have to Kill him!”

Boyu shivered in anger.

Let him kill Mr. Wade? Is he f*cking crazy!

Who doesn’t know the name of Mr. Wade in the upper class of Aurous Hill?

The Old Master of the Song family relied on Mr. Wade’s magic needle and magic medicine to recover from the beginning!

The Song family went up and down, respecting Charlie and treating Charlie as a god!

No matter how much he has a status, it is also compared to his subordinates. Even the people who are in charge of the Song family are regarded as gods. If you see it yourself, you have to be like a god and kneel down!

The man at the helm of the Song family, Mr. Song, now says the most words at home every day:

“You really don’t know Song family, in what year and month can you get Charlie, the real dragon in the world, the Old Master can’t wait to let him the grandson-in-law…”

Therefore, in Boyu’s heart, Charlie’s status is even higher than that of the Song Family!

Now Barena Wei, a little b@stard, said that he and his father were brothers, and holding his own flag, annoyed Mr. Wade, he was going to kill this pretender!

Thinking of this, he immediately stood up, raised his hand and slapped Barena Wei’s face, and then shouted to the security guard beside him: “Come on, press him down! And the woman next to him! “

Barena Wei didn’t expect that Boyu would raise his hand and hit him. Just about to ask what happened, he felt two strong forces pressed down from his shoulders on both sides, causing him to kneel on the ground uncontrollably.

Wendy was so frightened that she hadn’t recovered when she was pushed to the ground.

At this moment, Uncle Boyu put his hands on the ground, looked up at Charlie, and said with a panic: “Mr. Wade, I made friends accidentally. I didn’t expect my friends to have such a son who doesn’t know good or bad. Please rest assured, Mr. Wade. I will teach him a lesson and let him know the price of rebelling against you!”

Charlie said indifferently: “He is a small person, a little talker, it’s not a big deal. Besides, people know you Old Master Boyu, even if you reach out and hit me, I can only endure it!”

As soon as Boyu heard this, he knew that Charlie was not going to forgive himself this way, so he slammed three heads in a row, and said, “Mr. Wade, if you have any dissatisfaction, please don’t hesitate to say it, even if it’s a waste. Boyu is absolutely unambiguous!”

Charlie waved his hand: “You don’t need to scrap it, I just want to know, if someone offends your eldest lady, what would you do?”

After speaking, Charlie pointed to the Supreme VIP membership card in Barena Wei’s hand, and said to Bo: “This card is given to me by your eldest lady. The title of the Supreme VIP member to show respect. As a result, in this person’s mouth, the Supreme VIP member became a stupid name. I ask you, does this not mean calling your eldest lady a stupid?”

Boyu turned his head, gritted his teeth and waited for Barena Wei. He questioned with a gloomy expression and murderous expression: “You bast@rd Wei, are you living enough??”

Chapter 407
Barena Wei was frightened by Boyu trembling.

He was terrified, but still pretending to be aggrieved: “Boyu, in the information displayed in the lobby on the first floor, there is no such thing as a supreme VIP member. This must be made up by the guy himself. You can’t be fooled by him!”

“That’s it!” Wendy also said life and death, sarcastically: “This kind of person’s shamelessness is really the only thing I have seen in my life. I don’t care if he pretend to be a member. He also specially fabricated a level and even forged a membership card. It’s too bad, you don’t put the Song family in my eyes at all!”

Wendy wanted to kill and punish him, and closely linked Charlie’s behavior with the rebellious Song family.

In this way, the Song family would naturally not let Charlie go.

However, she completely ignored the relationship between Charlie and the Song family.

Even if she didn’t believe in Charlie rag from the beginning to the end, there could be any upper-class resources that could really be respected by the upper-class people, but that was the case.

At this time, Boyu was shivered by these two popular people, and gritted his teeth: “Do you two know that this supreme VIP member is specially set by our eldest lady for Mr. Wade? There is only one person in the world! You! blatantly offended Mr. Wade and offended the eldest lady here. Today I will never forgive you!”

“Ah?!” Barena Wei felt a little bit in her heart, this supreme VIP member turned out to be real? !

Moreover, this level is still set by Miss Song Family?

Didn’t you scold Miss Song Family?

My God…Isn’t this seeking a dead end? !

At this time, Boyu looked at Charlie respectfully and said: “Mr. Wade, these two rubbish offended you, what price do you want them to pay?”

Charlie said lightly: “These two people are extremely low-quality, their mouths are so bad that they are spraying feces. I think I should let them neutralize the breath in their mouths.”

Boyu hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, do you want to pour them a few kilograms of perfume?”

Charlie waved his hand: “Boyu, people must have common sense. Perfume is a high-concentration chemical product. It’s okay to spray a little bit. Drinking a few kilograms will kill you. Although these two people’s mouth is a little bit cheap and smelly, Sin does not die.”

Both Barena Wei and Wendy looked at Charlie in disbelief. They didn’t expect that he would let them go. This really surprised them…

Boyu hurriedly asked: “Then I don’t know what Mr. Wade has to order?”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “If you spray feces on their mouth, just bring some bashful things to neutralize it. Or else, take them to the men’s bathroom and let them lick the men’s bathroom urinals! If they don’t Willing to lick, and then feed them to drink perfume.”

Boyu nodded immediately: “Okay! Now that Mr. Wade has ordered, come here! First invite the guests from the men’s bathroom, temporarily close them, and then take these two sl*ts to the men’s bathroom and let them take everything Licking the urinal clean!”

Barena Wei and Wendy looked at each other, panicking each other to death.

Licking the urinal? How embarrassing and disgusting!

Barena Wei is a man himself, he knows how dirty, bashful and disgusting the urinal is…

Countless people are urinating on it, and their fingers are disgusting to death. Now let himself lick? Isn’t this an insult? !

So he hurriedly begged Boyu: “Boyu, for the sake of my dad’s face, you can spare me this time… The urinal is a place where people can’t lick, it’s too disgusting. ……”

Chapter 408
Boyu said coldly: “Okay, you don’t need to lick it. I will immediately ask the warehouse to bring ten kilograms of concentrated perfume. You have five kilograms each. You can’t leave until you finish drinking it!”

The Glory Club has fifteen floors, with a huge area, and there are very high-class fragrances everywhere, all of which are imported perfumes.

Therefore, the stock of perfume in the brilliant club is extremely large.

When Barena Wei heard that he was going to drink five kilograms of perfume, his liver trembled.

There are at least two and a half kilograms of alcohol in five kilograms of perfume, as well as various chemical additives, musk additives, and antiseptic additives. If he really drinks five kilograms, he will not be able to save it!

In contrast, licking the urinal is a bit disgusting, but at least he can survive…

Seeing him hesitate, Boyu immediately became angry and lost his patience. He said to the security guard beside him: “d*mn, he doesn’t want to lick it. Give me a slap in the face first, and charge me some interest! “


He gave a direct order, and the security guard of the Brilliant Senior Club rushed over and surrounded Barena Wei and Wendy.

The security guards didn’t say anything, and didn’t procrastinate, immediately raised their fists and punched them together.

Before Barena Wei and Wendy could react, they were beaten with fists and kicks. The beatings blossomed all over their faces, their noses and tears were beaten out, and they were miserable.

Barena Wei, who was in pain all over, struggled and pleaded: “Boyu, how can I say that I am also your senior member. I spent 5 million. Don’t say that my dad and you are still friends. Even if they are just ordinary people, since I am Customer here, you shouldn’t call me either!”

When Boyu heard this, his face turned green: “Do you think you are a member here, so you can provoke our supreme VIP member? I tell you that the entire Song family respects Mr. Wade, and you dare to disobey Mr. Wade. What are you? I tell you, tomorrow I will refund your membership fee to you. From now on, the Glory Club will permanently ban you from entering!”

Barena Wei is going crazy, his eyes are red. The senior members bought it for real money, so why do you cancel it?

But at this time, how can he dare to talk to Boyu?

A security guard ran over holding a few large bottles and said respectfully: “Boyu, here’s the perfume.”

Boyu nodded and said: “Okay! Since they don’t want to lick the urinal, then pry open their mouths and pour them in with perfume! Each can fill five kilograms, and one drop must be no less!”

Several security guards immediately stepped forward, pinched Barena Wei and Wendy’s mouths, and asked them to open their mouths.

Immediately afterwards, the two security guards each took a two-pound perfume bottle and directly unscrewed the lid. The strong aroma instantly overflowed, and the smell was so strong that it was even a little choking.

Boyu looked at Barena Wei and Wendy with pale faces, and said coldly: “Drink so many perfumes. It is estimated that you will be able to ensure that your bodies will not rot when you die. Then find a wasteland to dig a pit and bury. Maybe a few hundred years later there will be an unearthed cultural relic!”

When the two heard this, they were shocked.

No one wants to die!

They thought that drinking perfume was just a threat, but they didn’t expect it to be true. In this way, licking the urinal has become the mildest punishment in the world!

So the two said in unison: “Forgive us Boyu! We choose to lick the urinal!”

Chapter 409
Everyone knows that the urinal in the men’s bathroom is irritating, but it will not be fatal if it is licked.

But if the five kilograms of perfume were down, their bodies would not be able to cover it.

Although Barena Wei and Wendy are arrogant, neither of them wants to make fun of their lives.

As long as they survive, licking the urinal is nothing.

It’s not a big deal to rinse your mouth and brush your teeth a few times!

Seeing that they had chosen to lick the urinal, Boyu said: “Come here, drag this pair of dogs to the men’s bathroom, and let them lick the urinal clean. If they dare to leave a stain, they will Hit all the sh!t!”

The security guards dragged Barena Wei and Wendy to the men’s bathroom on the second floor like a dead dog. Boyu respectfully said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, would you like to oversee it?”

Charlie nodded, “Of course I can’t miss such an interesting thing.”

After all, under Boyu’s respectful service, he stepped to the bathroom.

The bathroom on the second floor is very large, and there are two rows of sixteen urinals alone.

Several security guards pushed Barena Wei and Wendy to one of the urinals, and said coldly, “What the h*ll are you doing? Hurry up!”

Barena Wei tremblingly stuck out his tongue, but he never dared to move forward.

Although the bathroom of the Brilliant Clubhouse is quite clean, it is a urinal after all. Usually the bathroom has an aromatherapy effect. You can’t smell anything too irritating and ask, but when you approach the urinal, you can still smell a strong urine smell. This led Barena Wei feel nauseous.

Wendy was also fainted by the disgusting hair. The smell was so violent that she almost fainted.

Seeing that the two were still rubbing together, Boyu said coldly: “If you’re haggling again, I’ll let you lick the toilet!”

The two shuddered in fright. Barena Wei mustered up the courage first, leaned forward to the white porcelain urinal, stuck out his tongue, and licked the tip of his tongue until he clicked on it, and then he retched disgustingly.

Wendy, who was on the side, could only learn something, closed her eyes and gently licked on the urinal.

Barena Wei’s expression was very ugly, black and green, looking at Boyu, begging: “Boyu, we have already licked it, can you let us go?”

Boyu turned his head and looked at Charlie: “Mr. Wade, what do you think?”

Charlie hugged his arms and sneered: “This is too foolish, right? Just stick your tongue? What a joke!”

Boyu hurriedly asked, “Mr. Wade, what do you mean?”

Charlie pointed to the sixteen urinals in two rows, and said, “In this way, let them lick eight of them, and distribute them fairly. No one suffers. Each one must be licked from the inside out. It won’t work!”

Everyone present was stunned…

Mr. Wade is too cruel!

One person licks eight urinals? !

This urinal is an imported Kohler urinal. It is very large and stylish. It is almost one meter high, not to mention licking eight. Even if they lick one, they will have to smash people to death, licking eight…

When Barena Wei heard this, Wendy broke down. Wendy burst into tears and begged Charlie on her knees: “Charlie, anyway, you are also my brother-in-law. For the sake of my youth and ignorance, let me go this time?”

Barena Wei also folded his hands together and kept begging: “Mr. Wade, you have a lot of ways, please give me a way to survive…”

Charlie nodded and said, “I’ve given you a way to survive. I will let you go immediately after licking eight.”

Chapter 410
Barena Wei’s expression was even uglier than his dead father, and he cried and said, “Mr. Wade, eight are too many, and one is so big, no one can stand this stuff…”

“Oh, can’t stand it?” Charlie smiled, and said to Uncle: “Call Mr. Orvel and bring these two people to his dogfighting ring. Like the Hong Kong Mr. Lai, chop up and feed them to dogs!”

Boyu nodded immediately and said, “OK, Mr. Wade!”

At the beginning, the liar from Hong Kong, the Feng Shui master named Lai, was exposed because he lied to the eldest, and was directly fed the dog by Mr. Orvel.

Mr. Orvel didn’t do this kind of thing once or twice. He was already familiar with it.

When Barena Wei and Wendy heard this, they were frightened.

At this time, how dare the two of them bargain?

Barena Wei, who has the strongest desire for survival, blurted out: “I lick! I lick! I will lick!”

After finishing speaking, he immediately rushed to the urinal in front of him, stuck out his tongue and licked it to resist the nausea.

The pungent smell made him vomit while licking, but he didn’t dare to delay any time. For fear of being dragged to feed the dog, he could only bite the bullet and continue to lick.

Wendy was so sad that she cried, holding the urinal and licking it.

Charlie said at this time: “Wendy, this row has been claimed by Barena Wei, you are licking it now to help him, the row you have to lick is behind you.”

Wendy cried loudly. It turned out that it was licked in vain just now, so she could only cry while crawling to the back row, holding the urinal and licking it.

This is really the biggest humiliation she has suffered in her life, and the worst torture she has suffered in her life…

Charlie didn’t want to stay here to appreciate their performance art, and told Boyu: “Remember, you must let them lick clean before letting them go!”

Boyu quickly said, “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, I will look at them personally.”

Charlie nodded, turned directly onto the private elevator, and went to the 18th floor.

Boyu personally sent him off, not daring to be disrespectful.

When Charlie was about to get on the elevator, Boyu said nervously: “Mr. Wade, what happened just now is really because of my impropriety. It must have irritated you, and I hope you can forgive me.”

Charlie said indifferently: “Give me a good look at those two people, as long as they lick carefully and cleanly, then forget about it.”

Boyu hurriedly nodded: “Mr. Wade, please rest assured, even if they dare to miss one spot, I will kill them!”

As he said, he couldn’t help but begged: “Mr. Wade, there is another plea from me…”

Charlie said lightly: “Say it.”

Boyu hurriedly bowed respectfully: “Mr. Wade, what happened just now, please don’t tell Missy, your great kindness, I will remember it for life!”

In the final analysis, Boyu is nothing more than a servant and a courtier of the Song family, and Charlie is a guest of the Song family desperately trying to fudge. If Warnia knows what happened just now, she will definitely punish him and even take his job as a steward. .

Charlie also knew that Boyu himself was not wrong, it was just being used by others. Seeing that his attitude was very correct, he nodded and said: “Okay, I will help you this time for the time being. Anything to do, don’t blame me for being rude to you.”

Boyu immediately thanked him and said, “Mr. Wade, please rest assured that I will definitely draw a clear line with this kind of person in the future. If there is another time, I will break his legs!”

“Yeah.” Charlie nodded faintly, waved his hand, and said: “Okay, you go.”

Only then did Boyu worshipped and said: “Thank you, Mr. Wade!”