Amazing Love  6-10

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Chapter 06 – 10

Chapter 6
Claire’s statement made the entire Willson family stunned!

Everyone felt that Claire must be crazy!

Don’t divide the time to show off! At this moment of being in the limelight, what can be the result besides death?


The Emgrand Group is the largest company in Aurous Hill. How can people look at the Willson family? Whoever talks about it will never succeed!

Harold couldn’t help but sarcastically said: “Claire, do you think you can get the contract from the Emgrand Group?”

Harold’s own sister and Claire’s cousin, Wendy, also sneered at this moment: “Sister Claire, what is your identity, and what is the identity of the Emgrand Group? You go to talk so rashly, don’t shame our Willson family. !”

Someone agreed: “That is, if she is driven out by the Emgrand Group by then, our Willson family will definitely become a laughing stock in Aurous Hill!”

When Claire heard the sound, her cheeks were extremely red, feeling very embarrassed.


Since marrying Charlie, her status in the family has plummeted, becoming less and less important, and almost squeezed out, and even her parents have been ridiculed.

She felt that if she could talk about this project with the Emgrand Group, her position in the family would definitely be consolidated.

The most important thing is that parents can also stand upright.

But at this moment, being ridiculed by so many people, she couldn’t help but retreat.

She gave Charlie a depressed look. Why did she listen to his bewitching words? Won’t get up for this if she knew it

Old Mrs. Willson was very angry when she heard what everyone said.

After asking this question several times, no one dared to take this task. Now Claire took the initiative to stand up, and the group of people began to pour cold water again!

Although the Old Mrs. Willson had always disliked Claire, at this time, she felt that Claire was at least willing to share her worries, unlike other people who only knew to hide in their shells at this moment!

Especially Harold, her beloved grandson, really disappointed her, too much!

Because of this, Mrs. Willson’s attitude towards Claire also changed a lot.

So she immediately said: “Since others dare not agree, don’t talk nonsense! This time we cooperate with Emgrand Group on the project, let Claire talk about it!”

Claire could only bite the bullet and replied, “Don’t worry, grandma, I will definitely go all out.”

At this time, Harold sneered coldly from his nose and said, “What’s the use of going all out? It’s not a shame for the family to fail in the end!”

Charlie asked with a sneer, “Harold, what is your purpose in singing badly? Don’t you think the Willson family is qualified to cooperate with Emgrand Group?”


Harold didn’t expect that Charlie would dare to speak at the family meeting, and he would wear a high hat on himself.

Seeing that Mrs. Willson’s expression was also a little sulky, he immediately explained: “I don’t mean that, I just think it is impossible for Claire to discuss this cooperation!”

Charlie smiled and asked him: “Then what if she can talk about cooperation at first? Shall we make a bet?”

Harold sneered: “Come on, just gamble, I will be afraid of you? Tell me, what are you betting on?”

Charlie said: “If she start to negotiate a contract, you kneel down and knock me three heads in front of the whole family and say you are wrong. If she can’t negotiate at first, I will knock three heads for you and say aloud that I was wrong, what do you think?”

“Hahahaha!” Harold immediately laughed wildly: “You rubbish are really looking for death! Okay, I’ll bet with you!”

Charlie nodded in satisfaction and said: “The whole family is here to witness that if anyone goes back, it will be equivalent to wishing death for father, mother, grandpa, grandma!”

Charlie deliberately said the three words “dead grandma” very seriously, because he was afraid that Harold would back out it when he loses.

As soon as these words came out, Harold never dared to go back, because in that way, wouldn’t it be cursing his grandma, that is, Old Mrs. Willson to die? When the time comes, Mrs. Willson will not let him go!

“Okay!” Harold didn’t know that Charlie had dug a hole for him, but instead felt that it was impossible for him to lose.

So, he laughed and said: “The whole family witnesses, I am waiting for you to kowtow to me!”

Claire was startled, and kept winking at him, but she didn’t expect him to completely ignore it.

Old Mrs. Willson didn’t care about this kind of gambling. Her only concern was whether she could enter the Emgrand Group’s cooperation list this time. If she could, don’t say let Harold kneel to Charlie, even if Harold called Charlie his father, she didn’t care either.

So she said: “Today’s meeting ends here. Claire, you have three days to win the contract and the meeting ends!”

Back home, the father-in-law and mother-in-law immediately attacked Charlie and Claire.

The mother-in-law Elaine Ma was anxiously worried, and blurted out: “Claire, you are crazy, how can you listen to Charlie’s rubbish words, so confused and promised this job!”

Father-in-law Jacob Willson also scolded Charlie and said, “Charlie, Charlie, you rubbish, you have killed my girl!”

Then, his father-in-law said angrily: “If you can’t talk about the Emgrand Group’s cooperation in the first place, you will definitely be squeezed out by the family. You, this rubbish, will also kneel and kowtow to Harold in front of the whole family. Don’t let you lose it?”

Charlie said seriously: “Dad and Mom, as long as the contract can be negotiated at first, everything will be solved?”

“Talk, talk, talk! Talk all bullsh*t!”

The father-in-law scolded: “Do you know how strong the Emgrand Group is? How can they look at the Willson family!”

Charlie smiled and said, “Maybe people can see it? I think it must be fine at first, and she can definitely get the contract down.”

The mother-in-law sneered at the side: “Do you think? Think you are the boss of the Emgrand Group? A rubbish, do you use any a**brain of yours? You are still talking here!”

Chapter 7
Seeing that her parents had been targeting Charlie, Claire sighed and said, “Dad and Mom, this matter has nothing to do with Charlie. I don’t want them to look down on us anymore. Isn’t the grievances we have suffered enough over the years? “

Claire’s mother blurted out: “Then you can’t agree to this errand, don’t talk about you, even if your grandma is gone, people won’t talk to her at Emgrand!”

Charlie looked at the scene in front of him with a wry smile, his snobbish father-in-law and mother-in-law, even if he kills, they couldn’t believe it. He is the boss of the Emgrand Group, right?

At this moment, there was a knock at the door.

“I’m coming”

The mother-in-law Elaine Ma sighed and opened the door.

Charlie looked around, and saw a young man in an Armani suit standing at the door. It could be said that he was a handsome and talented person with a Patek Geraldippe watch, which seemed to be worth at least three to five million.

The mother-in-law said excitedly: “Oh, it’s Wendell! Why are you here?”

This person is Wendell Jones, the son of Jones Family who has been pursuing Claire.

Wendell smiled and said: “Auntie, I heard that Claire has taken over the cooperation of Emgrand Group, so I came here to give her an idea.”

“Oh! You are really the savior of our family!”

Elaine was very excited. The look in Wendell’s eyes was like looking at her son-in-law. She hurriedly welcomed him in and said, “Wendell, do you have a way to help Claire win the Emgrand Group contract?” “

Wendell nodded with a smile, turning a blind eye to Charlie who was standing by, as if looking at the ants on the side of the road. He went straight to Claire and smiled slightly: “Claire, you don’t even tell me about such a big thing. , But you can rest assured that Emgrand Group and my company have a cooperation. I will ask my dad to say hello and I will do my best to help you.”

In fact, Wendell’s father didn’t have that much energy at all. He said this just to pretend to be an something ​​in front of Claire.

Claire always knew that Wendell was interesting in her, so she said coldly: “Wendell, I understand your kindness, and I will find a way.”

Elaine exclaimed in disbelief: “Claire, are you crazy? Mr. Jones kindly came over to help you, how can you talk like that?”

Claire didn’t speak, but Charlie on the side asked Wendell with interest: “Mr. Jones, I’m very curious about what you can do to help Claire? The Emgrand Group is so big, it can’t be controlled by you, right? Emgrand signed a contract with Claire?”

Wendell sneered contemptuously, and said: “What do you know? Our Jones family and Emgrand Group have always been in-depth partners. This time from the Emgrand Group’s 2 billion project, our family can get at least one-third of it! I will let you My dad directly allocated tens of millions from this third to subcontract to Claire. Wouldn’t this help her complete the task?”

Charlie said in surprise: “Oh! I didn’t expect that Mr. Jones’s family has such a deep relationship with the Emgrand Group!”

Wendell snorted coldly and said, “Of course! In Aurous Hill, who doesn’t know that our Jones family works closely with Emgrand Group?”

After finishing speaking, Wendell stared at Charlie and said contemptuously: “Charlie, I advise you to leave Claire as a frog at the bottom of the well. A man like you can’t give her happiness and will only hinder her path to progress.”

Claire said coldly at this time: “I’m sorry Mr. Jones, I don’t need your help, and please don’t speak harshly to my husband!”

Wendell said dumbfounded: “Claire, if I help you like this, you still have to face this rubbish? What is he worthy of your maintenance?”

Claire said seriously: “He is not a waste, he is my husband!”

Wendell was full of gloom and anger, and said angrily: “Okay! Toast and not eat fine wine! I want to see what you can do to solve this trouble! If you can’t figure it out then, don’t blame me for not giving you a chance!”

After speaking, Wendell turned around and slammed the door away.

Elaine wanted to catch up to explain, but Wendell had already gone far.

She slapped her thighs with anger, and pointed to Charlie’s nose and cursed: “You are so mad at me! What else can you do except for your rubbish will drag your legs? Mr. Jones is so kind to help, but you are all Get angry and go!”

Charlie said indifferently: “Mom, he just talked about it. He couldn’t get the cooperation of Emgrand Group himself, so how could he be able to help Claire.”

“You bullsht!” Elaine said angrily: “The Jones family can get one-third of the Emgrand Group’s projects, you know what bullsht!”

Charlie sneered in his heart. I don’t know what Jones Family can do. I only know that my Emgrand Group will never have any cooperation with Jones Family! Even if the Emgrand Group and Jones’s did have a lot of cooperation in the past, from now on, this cooperations will all stop!

Claire didn’t know what Charlie was thinking, and said to her mother: “Mom, don’t blame Charlie. Let’s talk about it when I come back from Emgrand Group!”

“Hey!” Elaine sighed long, only feeling that God was unfair. She married a rubbish husband, but the daughter married a more rubbish man.

What an injustice this is!

Chapter 8
Early the next morning, Claire brought the cooperation plan she had prepared overnight and came to the Emgrand Group with Charlie.

Looking at the 100-story Emgrand Group Building, Claire had no idea at all.

How could a company as large as the Emgrand Group look at the Willson family?

Not to mention that the Willson family wanted to negotiate a share of 30 million.

This is like a beggar who wants to go to a rich man’s house to ask for a reward of 30 million, which is completely idiotic.

However, since she promised my grandma and accepted the task in public, then she have to try something.

Seeing that she was very nervous, Charlie tidied her hair a little distressedly: “Don’t worry, my wife, you can talk, you will succeed.”

Claire said helplessly: “Hope! You are waiting for me here.”

After speaking, Claire took a deep breath and summoned her courage to walk into the door of the Emgrand Group.

Charlie watched behind her, took out her cell phone and called Doris.

“Doris, my wife has already gone up, you should know how to do the rest!”

Doris said immediately: “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, I will definitely satisfy Mrs. Wade.”

Charlie asked again: “By the way, I heard that Emgrand Group has a deep cooperation with Jones Family?”

Doris said: “The cooperation between them and Emgrand was really deep in the past. They also want to cooperate deeply in our new project this time, and are submitting the cooperation application materials to me, but now it depends on what you mean, Mr. Wade.”

Charlie said coldly: “I don’t want to see the Jones family participate in this new project, and I won’t have any cooperation with them in the future.”

Doris hurriedly said: “Don’t worry, I will do it!”

On the other side, Claire walked into the office building of the Emgrand Group and waited for an appointment at the front desk. She didn’t even know whether Doris, the vice chairman of the Emgrand Group, would like to see her.

After a while, a female assistant came over with a graceful posture: “You are Ms. Claire, right? Miss Doris is waiting for you in the office, please follow me.”

Claire nodded. She was still waiting in line to make an appointment, so why she was called indirectly?

Could it be that Doris knew she was coming?

But it doesn’t make sense, how can a famous person like Doris know her?

Although she couldn’t figure it out, Claire also knew that the opportunity was rare, and hurriedly followed the other party.

The female assistant took Claire directly into Doris’s office.

Seeing Claire, Doris quickly got up from the chair and greeted her respectfully: “Hello, Ms. Willson, I am Doris, Vice Chairman of the Emgrand Group.”

Facing the famous Aurous Hill superwoman, Claire felt a little nervous, and said respectfully: “Hello, Mr. Doris, I am here this time to talk to you about the hotel project. Although the overall strength of our Willson family is not good Strong, but we are really working hard in the decoration business, and we have a good reputation!”

As she said, she nervously handed over a piece of information, saying: “Doris, this is the relevant introduction and qualification documents of our Willson Group. Please also check it out.”

Doris smiled, and after receiving the document, she glanced briefly and said directly: “Ms. Willson, I read your information. I think the Willson family and Emgrand can cooperate.”

“What? What you said is true?” Claire couldn’t believe it.

Agreed so soon? How could it be so simple?

Doris smiled and said: “Of course it is true. Although the Willson family’s own conditions do not meet the cooperation standards of the Emgrand Group, our chairman is very optimistic about Ms. Willson and is willing to cooperate with you.”

“Chairman?” Claire exclaimed and asked, “Who is your chairman?”

Doris smiled indifferently and said: “Our chairman is Someone called Wade from the Wade family of Eastcliff.”


Claire frowned and said, “I don’t seem to know anyone named Wade, except for my husband.”

Doris nodded lightly, Charlie had told her not to reveal his identity information, so she could only reveal so much.

Apart from Charlie, Claire did not know anyone with the Wade, but she had never thought that her orphaned husband, who was of no use, was the son of Wades.

At this time, Doris said again: “Ms. Willson, let me see if the share of intention to cooperate in your information is 30 million?”

Claire nodded in a hurry, and asked without a bottom: “Is it too much?”

Doris smiled and said, “Not much, not much, but less.”

Claire became even more confused, and hurriedly asked, “What do you mean?”

Doris smiled and said: “Our chairman explained that he asked me to increase the cooperation share to 60 million.”

While talking, Doris took out a contract and handed it to Claire: “Look, the contract has been drawn up in advance, and the total is 60 million. If you think it’s okay, we can sign it now.”

“Huh? This”

Claire was really dumbfounded.

She didn’t expect that the Emgrand Group, which was unable to reach the Willson family, would take the initiative to prepare a contract for her!

Moreover, the contract amount has doubled!

Grandma’s goal is 30 million, and the contract actually says 60 million!

She suddenly thought that during the meeting last night, her husband Charlie resolutely let her take this task.

Why was he so confident?

And when he was at the door of the Emgrand Group just now, she had no confidence at the time, but he seemed confident.

Did he already know the result?

Who is he?

Chapter 9
At this moment, Claire suddenly had an unbelievable thought in her heart.

Is the Wade in Doris’s mouth just her husband Charlie?

But after another thought, she felt it was too magical to be true.

how could it be!

Charlie is an orphan who grew up in a welfare institution!

However, besides Charlie, who else in this world would treat her so well?

30 million is an extravagant hope, but the other party directly gave 60 million

She couldn’t help but ask Doris: “Ms. Doris, may I ask, is your chairman’s name Charlie?”

Doris sighed in her heart. The young master had ordered not to reveal his identity, and could only say that his surname was Wade to the outside world. If this was guessed by the young lady, wouldn’t she have to go back?

So she hurriedly said: “Ms. Willson don’t ask any more. Our chairman is behind Eastcliff’s famous door. His identity is highly confidential and I have no right to disclose it.”

Claire nodded lightly, and after Doris said the famous Eastcliff family, she suddenly recovered.

Charlie is an orphan, it can’t be some Eastcliff famous door, it seems that she really thinks too much

When she came out of Doris’s office, Claire was still dizzy.

What she held in her hand was the 60 million cooperation agreement between the Willson family and the Emgrand Group.

All this is just like a dream.

At the gate of the Emgrand Group, Claire saw Charlie’s figure and ran up excitedly and said, “Charlie, I actually made it.”

Charlie smiled secretly in his heart, your husband is the boss of the Emgrand Group, how could you fail to talk about it?

However, he pretended to be surprised and said: “You can negotiate such a difficult project. Wife, you are really amazing!”

Claire said: “Oh, this is not my great one, this is simply a gift from the Emgrand Group.”

“What?” Charlie asked deliberately: “Why do you say that?”

Claire was afraid that she would say something about the chairman of the Emgrand Group, and Charlie would be jealous, so she hurriedly said, “Oh, this is a long story. Let’s go to the company now and tell everyone the good news.”

Charlie laughed and said: “Okay! This time, that b@stard Harold, has to abide by the betting contract and kneel and kowtow to me!”

Claire nodded, and said: “He usually has a high-level eye and no one is in the eye, so he should be taught a lesson!”

In fact, Claire also has her own temper. She wants that the people like Harold don’t look down on her and her husband in every possible way. Now that they have negotiated a cooperation, they really want to restrain them in the future.

More than ten minutes later, the two came to the Willson Group.

In the meeting room, everyone in the Willson family looked strange.

They all know that Claire went to the Emgrand Group early in the morning, but everyone didn’t believe that she could handle it, and they were all waiting to see her become a joke.

Unexpectedly, she would come back so soon.

When Claire and Charlie arrived in the meeting room, everyone showed sarcasm.

Harold said unceremoniously: “Oh, Claire, you are back in just half an hour? Did you even fail to enter the door of the Emgrand Group! Hahahaha!”

His sister Wendy also sneered: “Oh, sister Claire, she failed in less than an hour. You also broke the record, right?”

Old Mrs. Willson’s expression also turned gloomy. The Emgrand Group project is indeed extremely difficult. Even if Claire fails to reach a conclusion, she should at least be cautious, right? It really made her angry to give up so quickly.

So, the Old Mrs. Willson stared at her and said coldly, “Claire, you disappointed me too much.”

Charlie frowned immediately when she heard this.

This group is too disgusting, right? Don’t ask about the outcome of the matter, let’s make a mockery first regardless of whether it is indiscriminate or not?

Especially Harold, the tortoise b@stard, what the h*ll are you doing? He will kowtow later!

Claire was originally excited, but at this moment, everyone’s words were undoubtedly pouring cold water. With anger in her heart, she said: “I’m sorry, I disappointed you all. The Emgrand Group’s Doris has already negotiated with me for the Project cooperation!”

“What? You talked about it?”

“Impossible! How is it possible! You can’t even see Doris’s face!”

Everyone was stunned.

“Claire, do you think we will believe it?”

Harold came back to his senses and immediately slapped the table and said angrily: “Doris of the Emgrand Group is a well-known business elite in the city. How could she meet you? What identity do you have?”

Facing everyone’s doubts and accusations, Claire directly took out the contract and handed it to Mrs. Willson: “This is the project contract of the Emgrand Group. Please have a look.”

This contract is like a bomb, causing the atmosphere of these people on the scene to burst suddenly!

Harold still didn’t believe it, and shouted loudly: “This must be her forged contract! I don’t believe that she can handle the Emgrand Group!”

“That’s it!” Wendy also added fuel and jealousy to the side: “How can she win the Emgrand Group’s contract? This is a big project of 30 million! If she is be able to it, I will have negotiated it!”

Claire sneered and said, “Cousin, you are wrong. This contract is not 30 million, but 60 million!”

“Get off!” Wendy grinned and said, “A contract of 60 million? Are you not embarrassed to say it! Are we really fools? You can sign 60 million, and I say I can sign 100 million! “

Harold also said with a cold face: “Claire, you are playing grandma and us as monkeys!”

After he finished speaking, he said to Mrs. Willson: “Grandma! At first this is a big treachery! You can’t spare her!”

The Old Mrs. Willson also gritted her teeth angrily. She felt that 90% of the 30 million was worthless. After half an hour, Claire ran back and told her that she signed 60 million

Isn’t this treating her as a fool in front of so many people?

Really be the head of the family for nothing?

This kind of unscrupulous offspring, if she can’t drive out, how can she stand in the family in the future?

Old Mrs. Willson was anxious, slapped the table, and shouted: “Claire! Go to the personnel department to go through the resignation procedures immediately!”

Claire’s expression was stunned. Are these people crazy? She opened the contract and took a look, can they still not believe?

At this moment, someone suddenly yelled: “f*ck! Emgrand Group’s official statement is released! The 60 million contract is true!”

Chapter 10
With this roar, everyone was shocked.

Afterwards, everyone hurriedly took out their mobile phones and went to the official account of Emgrand Group!


The official service account of Emgrand Group released a push!

The Emgrand Group’s 2 billion hotel project signed the first partner. The group’s vice chairman Doris and Aurous Hill Willson’s representative Claire signed a 60 million decoration contract!

Seeing this title, everyone is crazy!

Claire actually talked about the project! And the amount doubled!

It has only been more than half an hour!

How could it be so easy? !

This is totally illogical!

Harold was shocked and regretted!

Before today, Claire was incomparable with himself in terms of status and identity.

If he accepted this task yesterday, no matter if he had negotiated it or not, he would not give Claire a chance to show her face!

In the end, he turned down because he was afraid of failure!

It doesn’t matter if he refuse it, the key is that Claire actually made it!

This is simply slapped in the face!

Mrs. Willson immediately picked up the contract excitedly, read it carefully, and laughed excitedly: “Okay! Good! Good! Good! Claire, you really made a great contribution!”

After speaking, she asked: “How did you do it?”

Claire said: “Thanks to Ms. Doris, Deputy Doris, she is very optimistic about our Willson family.”

In fact, Claire wanted to tell the truth, but after thinking about it carefully, she didn’t know who the chairman of the Emgrand Group was, and no one might believe it, she ditched the idea.

Upon hearing this, Harold felt even more uncomfortable and wanted to die!

No wonder Claire can win the contract!

It turns out that Doris of the Emgrand Group is very optimistic about the Willson family!

Wouldn’t anyone go?

He really missed a great opportunity!

At this time, Charlie spoke: “Harold, do you remember our gambling appointment?”

Harold’s expression was as ugly as if he had eaten sh!t.

How could he not remember the bet, and if he loses, he has to knock three heads in public.

Claire got the contract and made it clear that he had lost

No way!

How can he kowtow to this kind of garbage!

Never possible!

So he immediately gritted his teeth and said, “Charlie, what are you? It’s just a rubbish who enters our house and eats leftovers every day. You want me to kneel and kowtow to you?”

Charlie said calmly: “I am indeed a waste, but we swore yesterday, if anyone retreats, death, death, death, grandpa, death to grandma!”

Charlie deliberately said the three words “death to grandma” very hard.


Mrs. Willson’s expression immediately became extremely ugly!

She stared at Harold, and asked him in a cold voice, “What? Do you want me to die?”

Harold panicked and blurted out: “Grandma, you can’t be fooled by Charlie! He wants to make your grandson’s face and your face lost!”

Charlie said indifferently at this time: “Harold, don’t fool grandma here, don’t forget that you have taken a poisonous oath, if you retreat, your oath will be condemned by God, do you want to curse grandma?”

Harold was horrified, and blurted out: “Grandma, you can’t make a joke!”

Old Mrs. Willson said with a cold face: “You know that I believed in Buddhism during my life and swear to heaven, how dare you break your promise?!”


Harold really panicked, because he could see that grandma was really angry!

The Old Mrs. Willson saw that Harold even violated the vow linked to her life and death for the sake of his own prestige. She slammed the table and shouted angrily: “Are you determined to violate the oath?”

“Grandma I” Harold froze, and immediately made a calculation in his heart.

If he abides by the gambling agreement and kowtows to Charlie to admit his mistake, then he has lost face.

But if he doesn’t abide by the gambling agreement and angers his grandma, then he will lose everything he has in the Willson family!

Thinking of this, even though he was 10,000 times unwilling in his heart, he could only grit his teeth and said: “Okay! I am willing to do it!”

Charlie looked at him with a smile, and said nothing, just waiting for him to kneel and kowtow.

Harold felt that his legs were filled with lead and moved to Charlie with difficulty step by step.

He was trembling with hatred and gritted his teeth, but his legs softened and he knelt on the ground.


Those in attendance even took out their phones quietly.

Harold lowered his head and said in a trembling voice, “I was wrong!”

After finishing speaking, he leaned down and dropped his head.

Charlie said: “What did you say, I didn’t hear clearly, speak louder.”

Harold endured the humiliation and kowtow again: “I was wrong!”

Charlie sneered and said: “Oh, it turns out that you were wrong, where did you go wrong?”

Harold’s heart for killing Charlie was all there, but there was one last head that didn’t knock.

So he just gritted his teeth and said: “I shouldn’t doubt Claire’s ability to be wrong.”

After speaking, he kowtowed again!

Charlie felt very comfortable!

He could not bear this Harold for a long time, and this time he seized the opportunity to let him kneel and kowtow. It feels really cool!

Claire looked at all this in surprise, and felt that her husband was suddenly different from before!

Where the specifics are different, she will not be able to tell for a while.

But, thinking back to the way that her husband had a bet with Harold yesterday, it seems that he had long expected that he would win?

Why does he have such a strong self-confidence?