The role of Media and Information in Effective Communication

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Most households have television, cars have radios, many take their morning coffee with a newspaper, everybody has a smartphone, and computers are everywhere. Indeed, the media has become a constant in the lives of everyone. It is not surprising that because of this, media and information plays a vital role in effective communication.

  • It makes the world a smaller place

Today, at any given point in time, a person can be connected to anyone else in the world. Communication between two parties from the opposite sides of the world is now possible. Social media platforms brought people from different locations, background, culture, and race together. Dating websites have even made love possible cross continents. Apart from direct communication, today’s media created bridges between countries. If one needs information about a place they’ve never been to, all he or she needs to do is look it up on the web. Even news channels are now broadcasting internationally. Disney had it right when they wrote the song “It’s a small world.” Thanks to media, this has become more factual than just some cute tunes for children.

  • It makes communication convenient

Gone are the years where people send telegrams and snail mails to one another. Now two people communicate with another without the long wait for replies or the worry that their messages won’t be received in a timely manner. With the existence of email and various messaging sites and apps, communication has become faster and easier.

  • It shapes public opinion

This is perfectly illustrated in surveys conducted before elections. When a TV network broadcasts the results of recent survey, they do more than just inform the public where their candidates currently stand. They also affect the decision-making process of their listeners in the upcoming elections.


The Media and Information Producers and Users

Various headhunter websites describe Media Producers as someone who overseas projects (e.g. films, TV shows) from conception to completion and may also be involved in the marketing and distribution processes. In recent years, however, media producers now include those who contribute intellectual or creative content in both the traditional media platforms (print, radio, and TV) and new media (internet). Media users refer to the audience or consumers of media. They are the receivers of information disseminated by media producers. The producer and user can alternatively act as both in the process of communication.

Producers and users of media and information may have the following purpose:

1. To inform

2. To educate

3. To Entertain

4. To advocate

5. To promote business

6. To increase network


The Media Habits, Lifestyles, and Preferences

Users consume media according to their habits, lifestyles and preferences. These three determine the types and forms of media that an individual is likely to patronize. Individual’s choice of media platform, use of the platform, and frequency of usage determine his or her media persona.

A person’s normal use of media pertains to media habits. For instance, most people regularly grab and read newspaper every morning to get the latest information on the happenings in the country.

Media lifestyle, on the other hand, refers to a person’s use of media based on his r her lifestyle. This includes the styles, interests, and attitudes of individuals. For example, sport active individuals may use The Internet to find to search for the fashion and entertainment updates. Moreover, media preference pertains to a person’s choice of media platform. The media preference of an individual may be affected by the accessibility, availability, affordability, and convenience of media platform. For example, everyone needs to be informed on the daily news. And there are many media platforms that can be sources of news. However, some people prefer newspaper because it can inexpensively availed just at the corner of the street r delivered straight from the doorstep of the users.